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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Great Day!

The Light here in Safat is getting brighter and more stable. It's a big secret this upcoming Final Redemption. A new Na Nach came into the world myself and Emes G were at the Bris at Rebbe Shimon's, we gave out a lot of stickers, chanted Na Nach, danced and rejoiced. Got into a conversation with someone who made light of Saba and in the end he admitted that Saba was the one that really did Rebainu's will by printing all those books and that there is no doubt that Saba is the Rebbe's right hand man. I told him that Saba and Rebbe Nachman love him. Afterwords we all had a good time together and drove to a mayan and back to Safat to another Bris. We gave out more of these new awesome gold petek stickers(I'm happy to send you a fat pack just give me an address) me and Emes G and another Na Nach danced at the Abuhav shul untill the drummers got tired. We continued dancing after the drumming stopped chanting Na Nach and made people happy with the Na Nach Light. Then the drummers continued and so did we for a time. I awoke about midnight time and sat outside my house on the quiet street. A secular looking Israeli walked by he looked a little sad, I didn't know him. I greeted him and said "Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman" (which is a seemingly strange thing to say to someone you don't know) happily he said "Nachman MeUman! Depair does not exsist." and perked up with a new light of hope. It never ceases to amaze me how happy Na Nach makes people. Anyway I thought about all of you Na Nachs and the dedication that each one of you have to finding the Na Nach in the Torah and Mitzvot and in all of life and I wanted to say "Be strong and couragous in your service" you are mamesh saving the world. Thank you so much.

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