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Monday, July 14, 2008

Givald, Givald, Givald!!!!!

We just finished the Orb Festival! We arrived there at about 4 am Friday morning, and urged to go in ASAP because we had music and their system wasn't up yet! TS knew the guys running the place, that also helped. Most of Friday we played the Saba trance from Hazamir's Yesh Tzadik, the last track, because this was a strictly trance/electronic music festival. We got alot of fan fare. A bunch of people told us that our music was the best trance they heard, and one guy said our system (we had 'the freezer' going with one side of our standard box) was better than that of the festival! Late Friday afternoon we made a run to Liberty to pick up the Kamayas and Nanach leather bracelets, we asked around for a place to crash but all we got was some kugel (and we sold a kamaya). So we made a dash back for the Orb, arriving about 20 minutes before shkia. One of our neighbors put up our tent for us as we rushed to get everything in order. Shabas is and will always be Shabas, and unbelievable things happened. People really started getting into Nanach, not just with the three fingers ISONN (international symble of Nanach) but saying it and tripping on it, and becoming very well aware of the Nanach presence. Motzai Shabos, Aron Blanket Statementstien played (he was the only band at the festival) so we went to give him a little support, he put the Saba trance on for about a minute, long enough for the Saba to tell everyone who he is and laugh. Sunday we set up shop in our tent manned by TS, and I was in the van pumping out the Morrocon Tikun Haklali that conquered Israel. We sold about 7 kumayas ($18 each) and a couple of bracelets, and did a lot of brainwashing. We spent a couple of hours chilling with a gentile girl engaged to a Jewish boy, Rabbainu has a say in the matter. Other great and crazy-insane things happened but can't write everything....
We just located a short video of our hafatza at the Orb, due to some of the content we can not post the video here and advise viewer dicretion, the video can be found on the youtube as 'Dancing hasidim at Orb'.
We got an invite to a wedding Tuesday night in Williamsburg, and a little info about upcoming festivals, also next Sunday starts the three weeks, and then of course there's Chag HaPetek on 23 Tamuz.

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Unknown said...

you guys really rocked. thanks for joining in the dancing. it felt holly. your presence on shabbas made me feel wonderful. one of our group made sure that all of us greeted each other with the hand sign Na Nach.

Tamid Basimcha