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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today during hafatza in Brooklyn, across from Shomer Shabos, some guy asked me if Rabbi Nachman danced the way we do. Later, while learning Chok Breslov for today, I learned what it says in Shivchay HuRan:
'He (Rabbi Nachman) would do all sorts of simple devotion, worshiping G-d, without any philosophy, and all with great concealment. And immediately upon going outside he would purposely do all sorts of silly things, all sorts of merriment and jumping and other types of similar things (that are called in yidish, far shaytkeyt), to the extent that it would not be possible for one to consider that he (Rabbi Nachman) wanted to serve G-d!'
Even though it appears that the main intention of Rabbi Nachman in his merriment, was to conceal his inner devotion, it is also very clear that Rabbi Nachman never did anything without understanding the secrets involved, and having many many reasons (tzadikim of far less stature would only do something if they had thousands of reasons. Also see Chayay Moharan, beginning of section 'not to be too insistent on anything, and not to press the time' שלא להתעקש על שום דבר, ואין לדחוק את השעה, where Rabbainu is quoted explicitly saying that for every one of his things he has many reasons). In any case Rabbi Nachman definitely set in motion this wondrous form of worshiping G-d!


saba-noon said...

This is really good to hear. often people ask me the same question. I give them the same answer in general. Here it was good to see it inside.

Anonymous said...

Chaye Moharan brings that Rebbe Nachman would dance to sweeten harsh decrees, i.e. putkin, where young children where supposedly to be taken to the russian army for 35 years. Rebbe Nachman was able to push this decree for 25 years. He said if all the tzaddikim wouldv'e prayed together, it would've annuled the decree. Being Rebbe Nachman was persecuted, the opposers would tell the people rebbe Nachman is wrong. All the decrees and wars that are happening now to the Jewish people is because we do not accept Na Nach.(Last statement I heard from sabba)