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Friday, July 25, 2008

German TV

Yeah, it was a crew of about three jews and what looked like a righteous goy. The director was turned off to Judaism early in life, for reasons you could imagine. Years now he has been seeing the Na Nach vans around Israel doing the Na nach thing and found it really attractive. He saw us dancing at the Abuhav shul and contacted one of us. They are interested in doing a half hour documentary human interest story. It will end up in Uman and be aired at the end of October in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with an audiance of about 5 to 8 million people, with the possibility of selling the show to other channels. They seem to be sincere and genuinely interested in Na Nach, At the end of the meeting we sold them a set of english books and a Music CD. I am trying to make sure that the focus will be on Na Nach and not so called other "Breslov" groups. They are interested mostly in the aspect of Breslov that is spreading the word and we told them that that is Na Nach!. All in all it looks like the man wants to make Jews look good in the eyes of the goyim and feels that Na Nach is the most positive light to offer the world. Of course we think so too. It seems that we were working on the same page. It appears to me that the age of Na Nach has begun and that the Rebbe is choosing to show himself in the world. Please pray and Na Nach for us that we are able to do our part to convey to the world exactly what the Rebbe wants. So far though it looks really good. Na Nach!


NaaNaach said...

good shabos,

mojo said...

beautiful. i love movies.