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Monday, July 7, 2008


the ba'al shem tov (besh"t on the torah parsh. emor) says there are three levels of the galus.

they are;

1. the nations despise, scorn, and belittle israel.

2. the unlearned jews despise, scorn, and belittle the learned jews. this is worse.

3. the learned jews who aren't on the high levels of purity, kedushah, and emes despise the holy and simple learned people. this is the worst of all.

this (#3) is also what causes the jews to despise the learned, which in turn causes the goyim to hate the jews.

it was a member of the sanhedrin who slapped the navi yechezkel on the face, and said; you am ha'aretz. the people that saw this responded violently, killing yechezkel.

a true learned jew means a student of the tzaddik (likutei mohara"n, ibei hanacha"l)! all else are others!

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