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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chag HaPetek This Shabos

This Shabos - Parshas Matos - is 23 Tamuz - Chag HaPetek!
The reason we don't say halel (with a bracha), some say is because the singing of the Petek is the halel! - just as we find by Purim, the reading of the Megila is considered the halel.
On Sunday BH"Y EL will IY"H be making a 'kidush' for his daughter in Flatbush at the new Berlin Breslov shul (open only on Shabos) 1909 New York Ave, between J & k.


Anonymous said...

It is also the Hillulah of the Ramak

rabbinachman said...

how do you know what day saba found the petek

NaaNaach said...

In one of the conversations of the Saba it says straight out that it was the 23rd. Also the Saba recounted many times that after eating on the seventeenth he lay on a bench for 6 days, and then he received the Petek and danced the whole night. That means that he lay on the 17,18,19,20,21.22 received the Petek and danced the whole night of 23 (in Judiasm, for most things, the night precedes the day).
May we all merit to dance and rejoice forever!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Anonymous said...

the kiddush is called for 12:00

Anonymous said...

saba also says that the six days started from friday the 18th of tammuz, and says he got the petek on wed. night, the 24th of tammuz