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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here's how I got to the Catskills. Hanging out by my one of my favorite hangouts - Shomer Shabos of Boro Park, maybe its a bechina of EY, but I really enjoy chilling there with the guys, they have some of the most tripped out people imaginable, so there's a Belzer Dayan named Shimmel or something (supposedly the guys very sick, BH"Y bizchus him hearing Nanach and about Nanach he'll have a complete recovery very soon, and he'll join our happy Nanach ranks) and a bunch of Chasidim looking to get to the mountains and somehow I find myself saying that for $150 I'll take them, and next thing you know it they pack into the van, someone goes to buy us drinks and stuff, people are converging on the van to check out what's going on, and then people see our new NA NACH license plates and their taking pictures, and we can't drive, but eventually, halfway down the block, they gave us enough room to slip away, and then began an over 2 hour brainwashing session - with me screaming in order to be heard over the rushing wind coming in through the non air conditioned Nanach van. They soaked in every word, they got their moneys worth! They got to hear most of the Sipur Hiskarvus and Miracle of the receiving of the Petek. Once I was here I decided to hang out here and I already posted some of the festivities that took place. B"H I just hooked up with an old friend of my father who lives in Bridgeport and would love to have some 'hard core Breslover Chasidim' who need to be in Bridgeport for 'business', over for Shabos, and so we might just take him up on the offer and go chill by the Gathering of the Vibes, tonight, Friday, Saturday night, and Sunday. The real party of course is Shabos Kodesh, we're going to get a real feel for it in Bridgeport. Some of the guys we hooked up with in the Orb are thinking of going, now that we're going, so we might have a full Nanach presence.
Who can imagine, who can fathom, who can contemplate the heavenly uproar us little Nanach are causing in all the worlds?!!!!!!!!!!!
It's good, it's really good, it's great, its gevalllllld, IT'S

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