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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mazal Tov on the Publication of New Hard Hard Core Nanach Book

Our Israeli Nanach Brother - Micha - currently working in Swan Lake for Bubov, has just published a book which he compiled from some of the most hard core diburim of Rabbi Nachman, Rabbi Nusson, Saba and other Breslover Chasidim. The book is 310 pages, I haven't seen it yet, but I am looking forward. Micha gave out the book to many of the Bubovers - you can or maybe you can not imagine their reactions.



Here's how I got to the Catskills. Hanging out by my one of my favorite hangouts - Shomer Shabos of Boro Park, maybe its a bechina of EY, but I really enjoy chilling there with the guys, they have some of the most tripped out people imaginable, so there's a Belzer Dayan named Shimmel or something (supposedly the guys very sick, BH"Y bizchus him hearing Nanach and about Nanach he'll have a complete recovery very soon, and he'll join our happy Nanach ranks) and a bunch of Chasidim looking to get to the mountains and somehow I find myself saying that for $150 I'll take them, and next thing you know it they pack into the van, someone goes to buy us drinks and stuff, people are converging on the van to check out what's going on, and then people see our new NA NACH license plates and their taking pictures, and we can't drive, but eventually, halfway down the block, they gave us enough room to slip away, and then began an over 2 hour brainwashing session - with me screaming in order to be heard over the rushing wind coming in through the non air conditioned Nanach van. They soaked in every word, they got their moneys worth! They got to hear most of the Sipur Hiskarvus and Miracle of the receiving of the Petek. Once I was here I decided to hang out here and I already posted some of the festivities that took place. B"H I just hooked up with an old friend of my father who lives in Bridgeport and would love to have some 'hard core Breslover Chasidim' who need to be in Bridgeport for 'business', over for Shabos, and so we might just take him up on the offer and go chill by the Gathering of the Vibes, tonight, Friday, Saturday night, and Sunday. The real party of course is Shabos Kodesh, we're going to get a real feel for it in Bridgeport. Some of the guys we hooked up with in the Orb are thinking of going, now that we're going, so we might have a full Nanach presence.
Who can imagine, who can fathom, who can contemplate the heavenly uproar us little Nanach are causing in all the worlds?!!!!!!!!!!!
It's good, it's really good, it's great, its gevalllllld, IT'S

Hashem puts us exactly where we gutto be

Here I was about to post some of the hafatza I was zoche to do, I found this quite library and was settling down to get down as much of it as I can. Along comes this guy and gets hours and hours of brainwashing, and so this post will have to wait. BH"Y we will post new footage of the bochurim of South Falsburg rejoicing and getting into Nanach. If you go back to the post about the party we made on Isru Chag HaPetek you can see a video of part of the party.
There probably will be a big party this Shabos in Monsey, anyone without anywhere else to go who would like to join should contact me asap. There is a chance we will go to the Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport, Ct.

Here's some footage of the South Fallsburg Yeshiva dancing, rejoicing, and celebrating Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman:

Harbinger Of Nanach!!!
From the worst and lowest to Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!

I Am A Na Nach!!!!!!!!

Chasidus Bresluv and more raw footage of SFY bochurim celebrating Nanach:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Closet Nanach

Last Pesach I was by my Parents home, my Grandfather who was also there was a little skeptical about Na nach the entire time.

After Yom Tov he pulled out his Tefilin bag that had his two names written on the front, one of them being Noach.

"Hay Zaddy I did not know that you had Nach written on your bag, I did not know that you were a closet Nanach"

There was not much room for an answer.


Trino (C) has donated another $5 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Three New Music Tracks

I just uploaded three awesome new Na Nach music tracks. It is amongst the best music I have ever heard of it's type. All of them have Saba talking in the background some of it is dance and some of it is mellow, all of it is inspirational. An absolute must have for every Na Nach enthusiast. I think that it was produced a little while ago, I got permission from the artist to release it for free, barooch Hashem. Please download it right away and get lit up, and tell your friends about it. Go to Na Nach music site to the right. click on Saba-nun. The first three tracks. "willin' don't bogart that joint" "Feats don't Fail Me Now" (My absolute favorite) and "Spanish Moon". All the love and happiness. Na Nach l

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Trino (C) has donated another $10 for the spread of nanach.
Others should follow this example as well.

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Product of Nanach Store

The Nanach store has been lunched with its first product: the Nanach Kipa

Learn Chok. Walk before the Lord with Nanach

The numerical value of Chok (חק) is the same as Nanach (נ נח). So learn Chok!
In todays Chok we learn the following from the Zohar:
פתח רבי יוסי ואמר, המוליכך במדבר הגדול והנורא, בההוא מדברא שלטא סטרא אחרא, ובעל כרחיה אזלו ישראל עליה ותברו חיליה, ארבעין שנין. ואי ישראל ישתכחו זכאין באינון ארבעין שנין, הוה מתעברא ההוא סטרא אחרא מעלמא, ומדקא ארגיזו ליה לקודשא בריך הוא כל אינון זמנין, אתתקף ההוא סטרא, ונפלו כלהו תמן תחות רשותיה, ע"כ.
Rabbi Yossi opened and said, (the verse says,) who has brought you in the large and awesome desert, in the desert which the other side rules, and Israel were forced against there will to to go there and break its power, for forty years. If Israel would have been found righteous in those forty years, the other side would have been removed from the world, and because the angered the Holy Blessed He all those times, that side was strengthened, and they all fell under his rule.

Often we read the trials and tribulations of the Israelites in the desert and we wonder how they could have been so evil to not listen to G-d and to Moshe, but in fact we are in the same prediciment. We are very much in the desert, and to us too it is clear that there is One G-d who created the world and who chooses what is to be done, and there is One Tzadik that was provided to guide us is the service and connection to G-d, yet we keep falling to our temptations and we do not listen properly to what we know and what we are being told.
How do we redeem ourselves and make everything turn out ok? With Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
Even of the condemned Israelites of the generation of the desert it is said: כה אמר ה' זכרתי לך חסד נעוריך אהבת כלולותיך לכתך אחרי במדבר ... so says G-d I have remembered for you the kindness of your youth the love or your enrapture your going after me in the desert etc.. This reveals that the power of Chesed is stronger than the guilt that was incurred. Therefore we must utilize the strongest Chesed existent - the song of Chesed - Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
The Chesed of Nanach is so strong that it will turn everything good. The chesed of the generation of the desert is called 'going after G-d', the chesed of Nanach however is much stronger it is 'going before G-d' (this is a difference pointed out by the commentaries in many places particularly differentiating between the devotion of Noach and Avrohom. In another place I have theorized that this may also have been the supriority of the Besht over the Magid). The rules of Nanach have not been fully determined, there don't seem to be a full set, and everyone is demanded to forge ahead and reveal his unique way of understanding and illuminating G-d - as we prayed in Likutay Tefilos from yesterdays Chok. This is really going before G-d, and it reverses all bad into good, because bad is just fallen into, and when a person goes before G-d, he puts whatever it is that there is in front of Him, because he rises and raises the situation to a beneficial one.

Skateboarding Na Nach!

New Music

BH"Y is now offering nanach music. On the side of the site there's a link to nanach music, and/or a little button that says on it nanach music. Simply click on the link or the button and you can access the music we have made available. So far I have uploaded almost 80 of my own songs. Most of these songs are accompanied by just one guitar, but there are a few exceptions. BH"Y I'll fill the songs with more music, but so far that's all I was zoche to. Enjoy.
Also offered are two tracks from Shlomo Carlbach, one in which he sings the holy Petek repeating the holy name Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman numerous times. The second is a radio interview in which Shlomo asserts his belief in Nanach and recomends others to follow suit.
There is also one song from our very own YS H"Y should bless him and give him more and more blessing, in fact he should be most blessed (a phrase I picked up from him).
BH"y in the near future we will upload the sold out - Shakua Birabainu - from Shlomo.

What's happening

BH"y on Friday, right before Shabos we received a big delivery from E"Y, we still didn't get a chance to check out what's inside, but it's 3 decent size boxes, also a bag of Kipas and stickers. Special thanks to Yonason Shapiro for his mesirat nefesh to bring us the goods, may he be blessed from G-d with all the blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman (he already was rewarded in an unbelievable way, but that's for him to tell).
Shabos Kodesh I spent with TS in Wildwood State Park (in the Hamptons), this was the brainchild of Bria of Staten Island, and hashgacha brought together a bunch of us, some 20 Jews for Chag HaPetek. On Shabos an old time Yeshiva boy pulled his Expedition into our area, just to give you an idea what's going on in the world. [People, smoking, came by to wish us Good Shabbos - so what's so hard to understand why I prefer to great and answer people Nanach?! At least Nanach is a truthful message which will not be misconstrued!]
Today EL made a Seudas Hodah for the birth of his daughter. This was a special indication of the importance of Chag HaPetek which was yesterday (except for a solitary comment on which claims that the Petek was received on the 24th - today, it is interesting to note that there are discussions on Rashi on the Tora, if I remember correctly, as to when Moshe went back up, on the 17th or 18th), making today Isru Chag - which halachicly calls for extra and enlarged meals!
The festivities took place in the Breslov of Flatbush, 1909 New York ave, between J and K, run by Aron Berlin. It was a great party, B"H, and BH"Y we'll post a few videos we took.

The Whole World Is a Nanach Bridge:

Dancing and Rejoicing on Isru Chag HaPetek:

Not So Long Ago The Saba Got A Petek From Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

The Petek Sung to the Tune of Mitzva Gedola:


in the videos i have, saba clearly pronounces the name of our group braslev.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rebbe Nasons Hisbodedute

Many people think that Likkutay Tefilot is a compilation of logically composed prayers. They think that Rebbe Nasson sat there analyzing Rebbe Nachmans toras, extracting the main points then writing them over in prayer format in a series of several drafts.

This however is not true. Likkutay Tefelot is a book of Rebbe Nasons personal Hisbodedute. Very similar to this is Sefer Tehilim that is a book composed of David Hamelechs Hisbodedute sessions.

Now that we know this, if a person has problems speaking to Hashem in Hisbodedute, he should read a lot of Likkutay Tefilot. This will help teach him how to express himself properly. Additionally if a person feels that he can not open his mouth and do Hisbodedute then he should do an hour of Likutay Tifilot instead.

Protection from the Saba

There was a period of time that the Saba lived in Tel Aviv. As he usually did in his path of holiness, the Saba would awaken every night at Chatzot and then recite the Tikun Chatzot in great yells and earth shattering cries. It did not take long for all his neighbors to gather against him. Complaining that he was disturbing their sleep, they caused the Saba enough trouble until he was forced to leave the building.

Immediately after the Saba moved out of the building many strange and terrible problems started to afflict the residents of the building. This continued until the residents of the building were forced to come begging the Saba to return to his apartment and his service of Hashem.

When the Saba returned all the trouble, problems and suffering happening in the building suddenly ceased.

(Chayay Saba page 158)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tikkun Klali #3

Tikkun Haklali #2

Tikkun Haklali

The Tzion Erev Rosh Hashana

German TV

Yeah, it was a crew of about three jews and what looked like a righteous goy. The director was turned off to Judaism early in life, for reasons you could imagine. Years now he has been seeing the Na Nach vans around Israel doing the Na nach thing and found it really attractive. He saw us dancing at the Abuhav shul and contacted one of us. They are interested in doing a half hour documentary human interest story. It will end up in Uman and be aired at the end of October in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with an audiance of about 5 to 8 million people, with the possibility of selling the show to other channels. They seem to be sincere and genuinely interested in Na Nach, At the end of the meeting we sold them a set of english books and a Music CD. I am trying to make sure that the focus will be on Na Nach and not so called other "Breslov" groups. They are interested mostly in the aspect of Breslov that is spreading the word and we told them that that is Na Nach!. All in all it looks like the man wants to make Jews look good in the eyes of the goyim and feels that Na Nach is the most positive light to offer the world. Of course we think so too. It seems that we were working on the same page. It appears to me that the age of Na Nach has begun and that the Rebbe is choosing to show himself in the world. Please pray and Na Nach for us that we are able to do our part to convey to the world exactly what the Rebbe wants. So far though it looks really good. Na Nach!

Interview with German TV

4 reporters from german tv came over yesterday to interview some members of our Na Nach group for the production of their new documentary on Breslov. I myself was not there since I have a personal agenda against gemans, so Yosef or one of the others will have to post the details of the meeting.

More Na Nach Propaganda Fliers

Grant for $130 given for the publication of more Na Nach propaganda fliers. So far there were 10,000 printed in the US and Eretz Yisroel. Our stock in Tzfat has run out and we are printing more to pass out to all tourists and people that come wandering through our city.


Steven (S) has donated another $180 for the spread of nanach.
Others should follow this example as well.

Tikkun Klalis in the US

We had a list that was accumulating over the last couple months of people that requested Tikkun Klalis through the Bris Kodesh site. B"H we were able to send out all those Tikkun Klalis over the past week.

Mazal Tov! In honor of Chag HaPetek!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

His soul will rest in good - Nanach

Today while saying the prayer of tachanun (psalm 25, as is the main halacha, practiced by Bresluv, sfardim, and kabalists) saying the verses: who is a man that fears G-d... his soul will rest in good - מי זה האיש ירא אלקים ... נפשו בטוב תלי"ןI realized that the word rest (with the word itself) is the numerical value of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

The Parable of Yahudosa ben Qardun

The Parable of Yahudosa ben Qardun

Translated by Professor Avraham Chaim Na Nach

The history of Yahudosa ben Qardun is preserved in an anonymous collection of obscure midrashim on the Tanach. He lived in the First Temple period, but all other details are unknown.

The Philistines were once again strengthened,and were threatening the Israelites with the support of the Egyptians and Edomites. The Children of Israel were tired of war and caught in the snare of avoda zara, which was accompanied by promiscuity and a love for money.

But at the same time there was peace, or so it seemed, except for the occasional border clashes. No one wanted to speak out against the weakening of the peoples' faith and the danger that was posed by the growing power of Israel's enemies.

The King and his advisors advocated a policy of peace and conciliation to the Philistines and their allies. The people who had fallen into avoda zara praised the King for his policies for it gave them greater opportunity to build relationships for trade, intermarriage and idolatry.

The sages of this time were content as well. They were given large stipends from the King and awarded great honor in the eyes of the people. And though it was a direct violation of the words of the Torah, they did not protest when the King entered into a treaty with the Philistines. They justified this to themselves saying, “Why should I speak if no one will listen to me?” “Now is not the time.” “If I speak out, I will be killed, and my people need me.”

The King declared a time of peace and in his speeches he said: “Shalom is the name of God, and there is no greater vessel for blessing than peace.” The sages nodded in agreement and the people were pleased.

And so the idolatry continued to spread amongst the people...and the danger from abroad grew.

At this time there lived a young man named Yahudosa ben Qardun. Yahudosa lived far from the city and its politics. He was a student of the prophets and lived with his small circle of students serving Hashem with prayer, meditation and fasting. He was a humble, young man and despite his great learning made himself appear simple to those around him.

One night after a long period of seclusion and fasting, Yahudosa awoke in his cave. He heard a motion and thought someone was stealing from his sacks. It was dark so he lit a lamp but saw nothing. He then rose for his midnight prayers.

Before dawn he went to his sack to put on his tallit and tefilin. He picked up his tallit and as he unfolded it a piece of parchment fell out. He was surprised because he did not leave this parchment with his things. He picked up the parchment and written upon it was the phrase “David Melek Israel, Chai V'Qyam” and some other letters that seemed to be secret names of angels.

“Where did this come from? Did someone enter my cave last night and put this into my tallit sack? But who? I am here all alone and no one knows where I am? Was it an angel?”

Yahudosa looked at the parchment and wondered what it could mean. He read it over and over again and contemplated each of the Hebrew letters in the secret name, and then suddenly a song entered his heart and he began to sing and to dance. In these words he received a prophetic vision of the redemption and the revelation of God's presence. His entire body was filled with inexplicable joy like he had never felt in his life. He began to laugh out loud. He danced and danced until past sundown and into the night.

He returned back to his village and to his fellow students and friends. He wanted to tell them what had happened but he knew that they would not believe him. “Yahudosa received a parchment from an angel? God was doing miracles for him? How ridiculous!”

They would think he was crazy. And anyway, how could he even communicate the vision that he was given. He meditated upon this and concluded that there was no way to speak of these things. The only thing he could do was sing these words and share his happiness and pray that this prophecy would be communicated.

And so he did. He went about his days singing and dancing and laughing with joy: “David Melek Israel, Chai V'Qyam”!! As he continued to sing this song his joy continually increased. People enjoyed it at first but they they began to laugh and make fun of him. They said that he had spent too much time in a cave and had gone mad. This did not bother Yahudosa and he continued to share his song and his joy and laughter with the children and young people who loved him. He saw that the adults were more concerned about their honor and their money, and were not free in their soul like the children and young people to be joyful. He explained to his community that Moshe Our Teacher taught that we must serve God with joy, and that this was the best protection against all harm and would bring us favor in the the eyes of God. Some understood and began to sing his song and follow in his ways.

The King and his advisors began to fear the song. They saw it as a threat to their policies. “Yahudosa is inciting the people against the King and his policies of peace. He is arousing them to the violent ways of war in the name of David ben Yishai.” And so the King and his advisors plotted to kill Yahudosa. They made several attempts but each time they failed. One time they sent their assassin out and he killed another man in the village name Yahudosa, and this caused a great uproar. It seemed that Yahudosa was indeed protected by angels and they began to fear him.

Yahudosa did not fear them at all, and he spoke out directly against the King's policies and the sages that supported him. “The King is a servant of God and he must be given his proper honor. But when his policies go against the Holy Torah of Hashem, we cannot sit quiet. The sages are cowards, concerned only about their honor and money, and our people have fallen into the pit of idolatry. These are simple words of truth. We must not fear any man, only God Himself.”

The sages did not sit by idly but attacked Yahudosa in return calling him a madman and a fool. “Is Yahudosa a sage or a dyan? Is he a son of kings or sages? He is nobody, Who is he but a simple, villiage fool who thinks himself a prophet? And what is his prophecy? The song and dance of a clown for children. He is not to be taken seriously.”

Yahudosa did not care. He continued to sing and to dance and to laugh, and he continued to speak the truth. The children and youth listened and they received the light of his prophecy. They knew in their hearts that he was defending the Torah and the Will of God. The young people were not fooled by images of money and honor. They were pure and they loved truth. The King and the sages could call Yahudosa was a fool and a false prophet, but they knew better. These children grew to become adults and understood that the true prophet is one who stands up for truth, especially when an entire generation is silent. In the time of darkness the true prophet carries the torch of the Torah and its light of joy and purity. Yahudosa passed away but his song was sung louder and louder and it eventually awakened the people of Israel to their mission to serve Hashem, smash the idols of idolatry and defend themselves against their enemies. Na Nach Nachma Nachman m'Uman!

In honor of Chag HaPetek

The Fast of the Seventeenth of Tamuz commemorates many devestating blows the Jewish people suffered, formost the breaking of the first tablets. Saba commiserated with the sad events when he found himself eating on that day.
The Talmud, Tractate Yuma (4: or thereabouts) discusses what it says in the Torah that Moshe Rabbainu went up to the mountain 7 days and the cloud covered him. Where these 7 days part of the 40 days and nights, or an additional seperate 7 days? The Talmud says we can not say that they are seperate, because counting 47 days from the giving of the Tora would mean the Moshe Rabbainu came down from the mountain and broke the tablets on the - 23 of Tamuz....
This is an unbelievable revelation from the Talmud! For it known that the 'suggestions' (הוה אמינא) of the Talmud are higher than the 'conclusions' (מסקנה). For the 'suggestions' come from when all the gates are open and shining, whereas the 'conclusions' are the restrained constricted verdict. Thus the Talmud is revealing here the awsesomeness of the 23 of Tamuz - Chag Hapetek, for according to this suggestion in the Talmud, it is not enough 40 days of preperation for this holy day, an additional 7 days are necessary. It is not for not that the Saba fasted and suffered from the 17 of Tamuz till he recieved the Petek on the 23!!! We too must take advantage of these next few days to prepare for Chag HaPetek!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Gimatria Na Nach Nachma Nachman is 354 plus four for the four groupings of letters is the exact Gimatria of Moshiach. nun=50, nun chet=58, nun chet mem = 98 nun chet mem nun = 148, 50+58+98+148=354 plus 4 = 358. Mem shin yud chet = 354. MeUman = Ha kabel "the receiving" hey, quoph, bet, lamed. So Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is equal to "The receiving of Moshiac"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Trino (C) has donated another $30 for the spread of nanach.
Others should follow this example as well.

Chag HaPetek This Shabos

This Shabos - Parshas Matos - is 23 Tamuz - Chag HaPetek!
The reason we don't say halel (with a bracha), some say is because the singing of the Petek is the halel! - just as we find by Purim, the reading of the Megila is considered the halel.
On Sunday BH"Y EL will IY"H be making a 'kidush' for his daughter in Flatbush at the new Berlin Breslov shul (open only on Shabos) 1909 New York Ave, between J & k.

chilling at camp bisco

first video of Nanach at camp bisco

if your not worried about preetzus you can check out: getting funky at CBVII part one and two

Monday, July 21, 2008

South Fallsburg Yeshiva

About 7 years ago when I was studying Kabala in the Lakewood Yeshiva - Simcha Room, I was sitting amongst a bunch of SF alumni. We got to speaking, I even made an wee-early morning party for them. They explained to me the situation of the Yeshiva in SF, apparently there closest neighbor does real idol worship (which at that time was somewhat rare in our part of the world) and they explained to me the idea of their 2 Rosh Yeshiva which I am not at the liberty to divulge, however this much I can say, that although it goes without saying that no one should be at all envious of any Rosh Yeshiva, for they are misleading the entire world, however R' Elya Ber Wachtfogel has some strong nekudos tovos, probably for this reason he has a son who is considered by many to be a Breslover. R' EBW has a practice to always mention a Zohar or something related in his speeches, and then to make a comment alluding to the fact that the people probably don't posses the book or know nothing about it. The other RY is a guy name Aba, and as his name infers, he's a big guy.... but my friend Miskin from Toronto got engaged to his daughter, I wonder what came out of that. In any event, last week, TS, Yaakov Shurun, and myself pulled up in front of their yeshiva with the Nanach van blasting our stuff, I got out to dance, and the boys started to come out. Then this guy - one of Abba's son in laws, comes out - chest first - ready to show his stuff - he goes straight to the drivers seat - and drives the van - with the back doors open - down the driveway - some 100 meters. Meanwhile I'm conversing with the guys, they tell me to come back at 10 pm, no chance of that because we were on our way to Camp Bisco. So I ask them for their Rosh - R' EB but apparently he wasn't around - a shame - because he really appreciated my book on the Ramchal and from the few times I met with him he seemed to take a keen interest in my findings. So if anyone out there can get a hold of him, don't give up on him - tell him about Nanach - maybe there's a chance. Consider that the yeshiva guys posted on youtube a video of themselves dancing Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. Well Abba and his son in law threatened us that they were going to call the police, and we left them that way in their misery.
This story is dedicated to our dedicated Dun Aryeh who has a strong and healthy hatred and animosity for the Yeshivas, except for his own that he keeps trying to make. He has his own maaseh shehuya, what he did to another Yeshiva head named Abba, and what happened to Abba's chair, it's a good maaseh, maybe he'll tell you about it sometime.

Hafatza at Rebbe Shimon

Me and Emes "G" went to Rebbe Shimon on the 17th of Tammuz and were doing our Na Nach thing when a group of 50 or so Russian teens came in. I think that they were with a Chabad "Rebbe". They noticed that my hat (a Yerushalmi "super") had a giant Rainbow Na Nach on it, each one wanted a picture with me in it and them wearing the hat. I allowed pictures on the condition that they, each one, say Na Nach in full and then learn the swipe. We took pictures with the swipe hand sign and gave out stickers to each one. They were very happy and took a lot more pictures of us dancing and singing Na Nach. All in all Na Nach became the word and I think that we made an impression, we will let the Rebbe do the rest. It was a Na Nach success story.

More about Camp Bisco

There is no question that we pulled off a major feat. This was a 'festival'? At least the Orb (the week before) had a lake, this place.... People travelled from all over to be there, and they payed to get in, just to see some 'meforsam' rock star? (Well also to get drugged up and stoned out, but they didn't have to travel so far for that). So in the midst of this empty sheker, Rabbainu, Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman - made a little appearance, and what he did, that's not something we'll merit to fully comprehend maybe not even in the next world, but he knows what to do and how to do it!!! Our job is not to get in the way. Just bring Na Nach everywhere, and let Rabbainu do his thing, the Na Nach thing!
We connected with some very high and holy souls, we showed alot of people a very good time, and greatly inspired the multitudes. People were especially taken by the 'breakdancing' on the roof of the Nanach van. As soon as I can I'm going to post a little clip of our site there. For the meantime here's a short clip I took on Motzai Shabbos:

Greater Inclination

Most people know what our holy sages have taught, that the greater a person is the stronger his/her evil inclination will be. Many people have questioned me about this, because we know that our holy sages were much much holier and greater than we can even conceptualize, yet they did not have to confront the sheer evils and impurties simple people like us are drowning in, so how can we say that they had a stronger evil inclination?
Until now I understood it as follows. As a person reaches greater spiritual hights he will have to fight and overcome the evil at each stage, when a person is at great heights he will be confronted with the roots of the evil, which for those below don't appear too threatining however they are in fact the roots of the whole thing, and especially for a person on the same level as the root, there will a very serious threat, much more than those suffering just from the blossomed evil. Thus we find, especially in the Zohar, great wars the tzadikim fought against the evil side. The Zohar (especially explained in the beginning of Adir Bamorom by the Ramchal) describes King Dovids battles and those of Moshe Rabbainu. The Zohar also relates how when one of the holy students of the Rashbi who for one second did not think of G-d was immediately attacked by a snake.
Recently G-d has granted me greater clarity and understanding in this issue. The great sages had far greater evil inclination than us, it is just that we are in the midst of the evil. At higher levels it may be (not always, but that's not for now) more apparent what the evil is, however there will be a greater inclination to give in, where as at a lower level the person might not even be clear about how something is evil or not, and the person will find himself tempted to do all sorts of things, the temptation doesn't have to be so strong because the position the person is in allows for the slightest push to cause him to do its desire. The greater the person is, the less he will be entrenched in the evil, and the inclination will have to be much more powerful (a stronger 'ruach' - spirit). When a person lusts, how strong is the lust, is it that he finds himself in such and such an atmosphere so he begins to desire it, or is he overcome by strong forces of lust. Of course everyone thinks that they were forced by strong spirits, but the reality is that the greater the person is the stronger those impulses and forces will be.
The more a person is sunk in this world he will be operating on very low levels of spiritual forces. The more a person detaches himself from this world, especially by sactifying himself, the more his life will be effected by the spiritual forces, he will begin to encounter forces of enormous strength and power, and life will start to get very interesting.
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Turkish Na Nach

Sunday, July 20, 2008

$500 Donation

We would like to thank an Anonymous donor for paying the 3 tickets for the weekend festival.
There was a lot of Hafatza done and it is a great merit.

15,000 Times Nanach

This Shabbos we had almost 2 minyanim at the Na Nach Tzfat Seudah Shlishit. First Dovid Nanach made some zikaron for his grandmother. Later by the third meal many nanaches showed up at the tzion of Rebbe Yosi Banah, including the latest members of the Na Nachman cult, Refal, Ashur and Shimon.

Somewhere along the way it was decided that we had to do the tikkun of reciting Na Nach over 10,000 times. Gidalya has the math worked out, but we had close to 20 Nanaches dancing and singing nanach for a very long time.

Another Good Umon Clip

Note: Turn off the sound because of the 3 weeks.

Saved Because of Hafatza

Putting the clip on the site since it talks about the severity and punishment of Pgam Habris. Also in the end we see that the person was only saved because he did Hafatza on Rebbe Nachmans Sefarim.

Camp Bisco

Thank G-d we got a sponsor to get us into the festival. Friday we went to a private lake to dip in honor of Shabos, we parked the van on the side of the road, while we were dipping the police came, they told us they know the van well. First, from our arrival at Camp Bisco while we were trying to find a spot outside, I was driving kind of crooked trying to get the headlights on the street signs (festivals in the US don't compare to those in Israel, where the Tzadik take over the terrain, in the US a festival can go practically unnoticed) the police pulled us over, they were convinced that they would find drugs, it didn't take them long to find out that although we don't have drugs, we have stuff alot more powerful - Nanach. So the police told us that they had seen us, where we had parked to sleep the night before, so this was their 3rd encounter. Most of Camp Bisco is also quite aware of us. On shabbos I did a little dancing by one of their things, it wasn't long before I had a whole group, and I was awarded with a 'hot' sticker. There are a lot of Jews here, and a whole bunch are even somewhat shomer shabos, a lot of them stopped in our tent, and we had Kidush, cake, chips, etc.. There are also a lot of gentiles who are really tuned in. We gave out our fliers. Before coming to the festival we bought a camera, for various reasons we have very little footage of the festival, there are probably plenty of ways to see what took place, we sufficed with a short clip of how we set up camp. It might take some time till I can post the videos because I still have to buy a cord to connect the camera to my computer, and I also have to figure out how to edit them (nothing major, just cutting). Friday we first played Shivi Keller, a lot people appreciated it. Then after we pitched our tent, and Shurun finished playing his guitar, we put on Rabbi Nachman and I danced on the roof, it was very successful until someone ordered me down, not so bad as it began to rain shortly afterwards. It's not really such a great time to post, but I wanted to at least get some of the basics posted. Basically a lot of people were quite blown away by our appearance and presence which was greatly felt by the majority of the festival. On many of the things that happened we could say it was worth it just for that.
Na Nach!

Noach and Na Nach

Just finished learning torah 67 of Likutey Moharon part two, this is the main point that I got from it. The Righteous one of the generation of Noach was Noach. The main lack in Noach was that he did not spread the word that there was a flood coming to the world. The Na Nach is a fixing of Noach for Na Nach is all about spreading the word. There is a great flood of atheism coming into the world and the way to get saved from it is through the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. The Na Nach is the ark (i.e. the word, "ark" in hebrew is "teva" this hebrew word also means "word") that people can take refuge in and be saved from the flood of atheism. So hurry up and spread the word of Na Nach and help save the world.

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Nanach Stickers From Sharon

Kiruv the Na Nach Way

No Whiskey and Vodka Needed Only A Little Na Nach.

Camp Bisco

Yesterday we started preparing for Camp Bisco. Last night, on the way up we had a little incident which I can't get into details, but the end result was a $100 fine for littering - the police claimed TS threw his pants out the window! BH"Y TS is and was wearing pants.
This morning we pulled into the Munkatch camp in the Catskills, and dipped, prayed, and learned. We were greeted there with Nanach signs all over. Apparently they are having color war, it looks like one side are the Nanach and the other side - neturay karta?! Long live Nanach!
After much travail we finally reached Camp Bisco, and realized that we can not carry out our original plan, there are no nearby parking lots or anything of the sort. So we gotto decide whether to pay $160 a head for 3 Nanachs. Anyone who would like to sponsor this should get in touch with us right away.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

nanach in jerusalem!

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Rav na nach "Be Happy"


Today during hafatza in Brooklyn, across from Shomer Shabos, some guy asked me if Rabbi Nachman danced the way we do. Later, while learning Chok Breslov for today, I learned what it says in Shivchay HuRan:
'He (Rabbi Nachman) would do all sorts of simple devotion, worshiping G-d, without any philosophy, and all with great concealment. And immediately upon going outside he would purposely do all sorts of silly things, all sorts of merriment and jumping and other types of similar things (that are called in yidish, far shaytkeyt), to the extent that it would not be possible for one to consider that he (Rabbi Nachman) wanted to serve G-d!'
Even though it appears that the main intention of Rabbi Nachman in his merriment, was to conceal his inner devotion, it is also very clear that Rabbi Nachman never did anything without understanding the secrets involved, and having many many reasons (tzadikim of far less stature would only do something if they had thousands of reasons. Also see Chayay Moharan, beginning of section 'not to be too insistent on anything, and not to press the time' שלא להתעקש על שום דבר, ואין לדחוק את השעה, where Rabbainu is quoted explicitly saying that for every one of his things he has many reasons). In any case Rabbi Nachman definitely set in motion this wondrous form of worshiping G-d!

Recent Activities

Yesterday, Monday, we endured great hardships (it seems that the GPS we received isn't going to be working so quickly....) however we did manage to make an appointment with a daycamp in Boro Park, pick up a package from JFK – where a prospective shiduch became known, crash a greek festival in Cedarhurst where we hooked up with a lot of the Jewish kids hanging out there, and finaly we made it to the wedding in Williamsburg (on the way I heard this dragging sound, and I looked for it and saw a biker sprawled out on the road, he was hit by a car), and there after partaking of the festivities we spent the remainder of the night, and then early in the morning, before Netz we made our way to Boro Park, there we prayed and studied, and then we did hafatza by Shomer Shabos.
In Cedarhust TS had to appease his mother by meeting, with her, this Mifursam Shel Sheker, he was with me at JFK and I had to take him there and return to JFK, BH”Y not to far from JFK this guy was videoing are van, and upon questioning said he was going to Cedarhurst, so TS got into the guys car and I returned to JFK, where hashgacha had me meet the right person at the right time and place. After when I went to get TS (from 438 Oak) I first put on Talis and Tefilin and was praying Mincha, one of the neighbors (I think 3 houses down, making it 450) got hysterical and called the police and told them I was having a seizure, than she came out and warned me that she called the police and that this neighborhood was not the place for me. So I pulled into the driveway. 3 cop cars came with a paramedics truck, and the women acting very much as if she was having a seizure, continued to insist that I was a scare etc.. She wanted them at least to give me a parking ticket, but they just didn't see it her way, and they apologized to us for the neighbor's behavior.
Later by the Greek thing, TS and I were organizing the speakers considering getting them running, we were straightening out the wires, and the freezer was running, a frum uniformed man got very agitated by this and told us that he never in his whole life saw something to terrible.... he ordered us to leave immediately, we did, and we came back on foot, and succeeding to do a lot of brainwashing!
A bunch of the kids there remembered us from the Israel Day Parade (my old friend Dov Lebovic was there with his wife. There were a lot of Jews there).
We still need to buy a video camera, possibly a GPS.
Tomorrow BH”Y we will be heading to Camp Bisco, reputedly a huge (50,000 people?) music festival. It's kind of expensive to get in (at least $140, or 165 at the gate), and we are pretty much self sufficient BH”Y, so we're considering camping somewhere close to do our Nanach thing. Of course if anyone would like to see us inside, and would like to sponsor us, all the better. We could use sponsors just for the trip.
Sunday, is the day that people say the Saba didn't fast! Which signifies the preparation for Chag Hapetek are underway! 23 of Tamuz – The Holiday of the Petek!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to sell books?

I just came back from a "busta". Business seemed a little slow. As I was observing the scene I thought to myself.. There must be another way. Even though it is a lot of fun seting up tables etc. in the street or at festvals and we should continue doing this, I also thought maybe there might be an aditional tactic to sell the books of Rebbe Nachman. How can we sell millions and millions and millions of Rebbe Nachman books? anyone have any new ideas?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nanach Van Schedule

Today BH"Y we're going to meet with a camp in Boro Park - Hamasbia - free soup kitchen. BH"Y we're going to buy a camera, fix our GPS, and to some other tikunim. Tonight BH"Y we have a wedding in Brooklyn and Williamsburg.

Rebbe Nachman's Way of Studying Torah

Sichos HaRan #76:
(Taken from Anonymous comment)

Many times the Rebbe told us that it is best to study a subject rapidly and not spend time on each detail. Study with speed and simplicity. Understand each thing in its own context and do not confuse yourself with its relation to other subjects. If you do not understand a concept, do not spend too much time on it. Go further, and in most cases, you will eventually comprehend the first thing as well.

The Rebbe said that when you study, you need only read the words aloud and in order. Then you will automatically understand. Do not confuse yourself by trying to understand everything at once. You will have much difficulty and end up understanding nothing.

Concentrate on your studies, read the words in order and with enthusiasm. Understanding will then come of itself. What you do not understand at first, you will comprehend later. Even if there are things you never understand, the quantity outweighs all else.

The Talmud teaches us: "Learn everything and then seek understanding" (Shabbat 63a). You must read the words even if you do not understand them completely. It is written, "My soul broke through with desire" (Psalms 119:20). The Talmud says that the surface must be broken, but the depths need not be explored (Avodah Zarah 19a). One need only read the words, even if he does not understand.

When you study quickly, you will absorb a great quantity. You will be able to review each volume many times. What you do not understand at first will appear simple the second or third time. You will eventually understand all that is possible.

The Rebbe spoke about this so often that everything cannot be recorded. But what we have quoted here is excellent advice. Follow this path and you will complete many volumes. You will have a better comprehension than one who tries to understand everything the first time. A person who is overly precise can become very confused. Often he will abandon his studies completely and end up with nothing.

Accustom yourself to learn quickly, without too much attention to detail. You will then be worthy of learning in quantity. You will be able to complete the Talmud, the Codes, the Bible, the Midrash, the mystical books of the Zohar, the Kabbalah and all the other sacred works.

We have already mentioned that it is good for a person to complete all books concerning the Torah in his lifetime. The Rebbe once reckoned all that one must study each day if he has the time. You should study enough each day so that at the end of a year you will have completed the entire Talmud with the Rif and Rosh, the four large Shulchan Arukhs, all the Midrashim, all the books of the Zohar, Tikuney Zohar, Zohar Chadash and all the Kabbalistic writings of the Ari.

Besides this, you should spend some time each day studying in depth. You should also say the Psalms each day, as well as many additional prayers. Even all this does not exhaust the Rebbe's list.

At that time the Rebbe also spoke at length, telling us to study quickly and eagerly, without confusion and attention to detail. The Rebbe also told us to not review each thing immediately. He advised us to complete each volume as rapidly as possible from beginning to end and then to review the entire work as a whole.

The Rebbe also told us not to be anxious if we could not complete everything he suggested each day. One can be a religious Jew even without that much study.

He also said that one can be a tzaddik even without being a scholar. Deep perception cannot be attained without Talmudic scholarship, but even the simplest Jew can be a tzaddik. "You are not obligated to complete the job, but neither are you not free to desist from it." (Avot 2:16)"


Trino (C) has donated another $10 for the spread of nanach.
Others should take an example from this as well.

Rebbe Nachman and Shulchan Aruch

Sichos HaRan #76:
(Taken from Anonymous comment)

"We heard that the Rebbe once said that he studied all the four sections of the Shulchan Arukh three times. The first time he understood its simple meaning. The second time he was able to trace the Talmudic source of each law. The third time he understood the Kabbalistic significance of each law and its relationship to the transcendental worlds. From the way it was told, we understood that the Rebbe did this in his youth. We knew that he later reviewed the Shulchan Arukh many times.

This was the Rebbe's way. He literally drank in knowledge. This was even true toward the end of his life, when he suffered greatly from tuberculosis. He may have been very active in community affairs. He may have spent hours with us, offering us advice and teaching us how to approach God. His mind may have constantly been soaring in the highest ethereal realms. Still, he would spend considerable time each day in simple study.

With all this, the Rebbe was never pressed for time. He was always calm and relaxed. It is absolutely impossible to describe his unique serenity. Because of it, he had time for all things.

The Rebbe always studied quickly. In a single hour he could go through several pages of the Shulchan Arukh with all its major commentaries. On a page of Orach Chaim he would include the Taz, the Magen Avraham, the Beer HaGolah, the Pri Chadash and the Ateret Zekeinim. He would study their counterparts in the other sections of the Shulchan Arukh.

He once told us that in the morning between the time the congregation began to assemble and the time they began worshipping, he would go through at least four pages of the Shulchan Arukh. This was true of everything the Rebbe studied. Whether it was the Talmud or the codes, the Rebbe literally flew through the pages.

mefursamim part 35

people ask me why the nanach breslovs don't accept the famous rabbis.

why don't the students of these rabbis accept the petek?!

if these people's teachings distance their students from the truth, then i don't want to be counted among the students.

writing this reminds me: r' shmuel horowitz, friend of saba, was asked if he could learn a certain sefer with non-breslov chassidim. he said; why don't they agree to learn likutei mohara"n?

A Great Day!

The Light here in Safat is getting brighter and more stable. It's a big secret this upcoming Final Redemption. A new Na Nach came into the world myself and Emes G were at the Bris at Rebbe Shimon's, we gave out a lot of stickers, chanted Na Nach, danced and rejoiced. Got into a conversation with someone who made light of Saba and in the end he admitted that Saba was the one that really did Rebainu's will by printing all those books and that there is no doubt that Saba is the Rebbe's right hand man. I told him that Saba and Rebbe Nachman love him. Afterwords we all had a good time together and drove to a mayan and back to Safat to another Bris. We gave out more of these new awesome gold petek stickers(I'm happy to send you a fat pack just give me an address) me and Emes G and another Na Nach danced at the Abuhav shul untill the drummers got tired. We continued dancing after the drumming stopped chanting Na Nach and made people happy with the Na Nach Light. Then the drummers continued and so did we for a time. I awoke about midnight time and sat outside my house on the quiet street. A secular looking Israeli walked by he looked a little sad, I didn't know him. I greeted him and said "Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman" (which is a seemingly strange thing to say to someone you don't know) happily he said "Nachman MeUman! Depair does not exsist." and perked up with a new light of hope. It never ceases to amaze me how happy Na Nach makes people. Anyway I thought about all of you Na Nachs and the dedication that each one of you have to finding the Na Nach in the Torah and Mitzvot and in all of life and I wanted to say "Be strong and couragous in your service" you are mamesh saving the world. Thank you so much.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Eat don't cram

Rabbainu says in Likutay Moharan (Tora 277: ודע שעקר כבוד שבת היא האכילה, כמו שכתוב: אכלוהו היום, כי אכילת שבת יקרה מאד, כי הוא כלו אלהות, כלו קדש, וכמבאר, ועל כן מצוה גדולה להרבות בסעדת שבת, והוא תקון לחלול שבת, כי מחלול שבת אי אשפר לזהר, כי בקל אפשר להכשל בחלול שבת, חס ושלום. והתקון הוא על ידי האכילה של שבת) 'Know that the main way of honoring the Shabbos is eating etc. and eating is a rectification of the violation of Shabbos, because it is impossible to be vigilant from profaning Shabbos, because quite easily it is possible to blunder in violating Shabbos - heaven forbid. So the rectification is accomplished by the eating'.
These words are mamash givald, contrast them to what is being said in the litvish circles, that if a person isn't completely knowledgeable in all the rule of Shabbos he will forsure violate the Shabbos therefore one must learn and study the laws of Shabbos constantly and vigilantly or else heaven forbid he will be held responsible for the violation of the Shabbos.
Rabbainu doesn't agree to their 'chuchmos' and philosophies. Rabbainu says that matter isn't based on how much you know or how accountable you are, it is just a given that it is almost impossible for the Shabbos not to be violated in some form, and G-d compensated for this by lending His G-dliness to the eating of Shabbos, which fully glorifies the Shabbos and repairs any harm that was done from any invariant violation. Rabbainu's adherence to Halacha is known, and which Nanach does not follow Rabbainu's dictate to study at least two Halachos a day, however the solution is not to cram information and study assiduously (erroneously) and become overcome by stringencies and the like, but to look past the details and realize G-d who is behind them.
This, in my humble opinion, is a recurring way taught by our Master Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. One must do what he can, but never G-d forbid to get caught up in what it is he's doing, rather to exticize in the knowledge that all is in the Good hands of G-d. Like the story of the fixer, who did his fixing part of the day, and then he would party each night.
The main thing is to say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Time To Sing and Dance

It's interesting to note that the day the Orb music festival started the Daf Yomi was learning the second to last page of Tractate Sota which discusses the evils of singing after the destruction of the Temple, it paints a pretty nasty picture. However what do we know how to understand the Gemura, on the same day the Nanach learned in Chok Breslov, Likutay Eitzos (Simcha, 12) that dancing for a mitzva and becoming intoxicated - in a controlled measure - for the sake of heaven, to merit the happiness of a Jew, to be joyous in the Name of the Blessed One who chose us from all the nations etc., and to arouse happiness until the joy reaches the feet, causing dance induced from the happiness, this banishes the 'outsiders' (evil forces) which grasp the feet, and this sweetens and nullifies all the harsh judgements, and brings merit to recieve all the blessings. This enthusiasm of dancing is an offering of fragrance to G-d!!!!
Baruch Hashem we were zoche to Na Nach, [by the way, we have just been notified that the license Nanach is available, and we will BH"Y get it for the Nanach van] so that we can really rejoice and sing and dance with G-d, and this is the true awesome holy fragrance which nurtures the souls in the Garden of G-d.

Na Nach and Riboy Ohr

There are people out there that claim that Na Nach is Riboy Ohr.

Lets work with their claims for a minute. Lets for a moment that they are correct and that Na Nach is Riboy Ohr. Lets say it is, so why is that so bad?

Just the opposite it is a very good thing. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan for example, made many people religious through the use of Riboy Ohr. There are many people that are religious today only because he Riboy Ohred them into Judaism.

So lets say Na Nach is Riboy Ohr, it is still making more people religious now then any other group out there.

Givald, Givald, Givald!!!!!

We just finished the Orb Festival! We arrived there at about 4 am Friday morning, and urged to go in ASAP because we had music and their system wasn't up yet! TS knew the guys running the place, that also helped. Most of Friday we played the Saba trance from Hazamir's Yesh Tzadik, the last track, because this was a strictly trance/electronic music festival. We got alot of fan fare. A bunch of people told us that our music was the best trance they heard, and one guy said our system (we had 'the freezer' going with one side of our standard box) was better than that of the festival! Late Friday afternoon we made a run to Liberty to pick up the Kamayas and Nanach leather bracelets, we asked around for a place to crash but all we got was some kugel (and we sold a kamaya). So we made a dash back for the Orb, arriving about 20 minutes before shkia. One of our neighbors put up our tent for us as we rushed to get everything in order. Shabas is and will always be Shabas, and unbelievable things happened. People really started getting into Nanach, not just with the three fingers ISONN (international symble of Nanach) but saying it and tripping on it, and becoming very well aware of the Nanach presence. Motzai Shabos, Aron Blanket Statementstien played (he was the only band at the festival) so we went to give him a little support, he put the Saba trance on for about a minute, long enough for the Saba to tell everyone who he is and laugh. Sunday we set up shop in our tent manned by TS, and I was in the van pumping out the Morrocon Tikun Haklali that conquered Israel. We sold about 7 kumayas ($18 each) and a couple of bracelets, and did a lot of brainwashing. We spent a couple of hours chilling with a gentile girl engaged to a Jewish boy, Rabbainu has a say in the matter. Other great and crazy-insane things happened but can't write everything....
We just located a short video of our hafatza at the Orb, due to some of the content we can not post the video here and advise viewer dicretion, the video can be found on the youtube as 'Dancing hasidim at Orb'.
We got an invite to a wedding Tuesday night in Williamsburg, and a little info about upcoming festivals, also next Sunday starts the three weeks, and then of course there's Chag HaPetek on 23 Tamuz.

Messiah Israel/Uman

one could also say ben DOVID ben YOSEPH but still there is only ONE Master Na Nach Nachmah Nachman Me'Uman which is both of the wills of the ONE True Servant of THE TRUE MUSIC

Sunday, July 13, 2008

new sticker

Maybe Tzfas needs a new sticker: Kashe L'hiyot Breslov, Kef L'hiyot Na Nach :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Na Nachman Cult Letter of Rebellion

I recently heard that it is a practice amongst cults to have their members send a letter of heresy to the church where they were baptised and to their pasteur declaring their rebellion against their system.

From now on all new applicants to the Na Nachman Cult will have to send the following letter to their former yeshiva before they can join our cult.

Dear Mefursamim Shel Sheker who hide the name of the Tzadik in order to attain money and honor,

I would like to declare that I have no part with the Erev Rav or their system of Sheker. From now on I am bound only to the true Tzadik Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman.

May Hashem forgive me for wasting time in your yeshiva,
[Name of the new applicant to the Na Nachman Cult]

Why Kids Go Off the Derech

Each year there are more and more children from religious families that are 'Going off the Derech'. This percentage is increasing by the year.

All the Rabbis and Askonim are constantly making useless gatherings, creating useless programs and writing useless articles that are all far from in any way solving this problem.

We would like to make it clear that the one and only reason why religious kids try to leave Torah and Mitzvot is:
Pgam Habris
There is not one kid who 'Went off the Derech', that his fall did not originate from Pgam Habris.

As far as the kids themselves go, who can blame them since they were only shown an empty watered down Judaism and are surrounded by fake rabbis.

The reason why the Yeshivas do not talk about Shmiras Habris is very simple:
They have no solution for it.

The only solution for this is:
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

If you are a religious kid that 'went off the derech', you should know that there is a lot more light and energy in Judaism. You were never shown true Judaism, if you want to see what it is really about go 'On the Derech' with the path of Rebbe Nachman.

If you are a parent who's precious innocent children have started rebelling against your system, do not be fooled by the fake promises of the Rabbanim and the Askonim. They can do nothing to help your children. All their meetings, programs and articles are in vain. Only Rebbe Nachman of Breslov can help your child. Accept this our loose your child to the other side.

Surfing Na Nach!

World's first NOT Na Nach Sticker!

Na Nach history was made today. It's a famous saying "There is no such thing as negative publicity." Rebbe Nachman says that "Hashem is always with the pursued." The sticker was posted all over and around one of our Hafatza stands here in Safat. As well as other places I suppose. The sticker read "Na Nach ze lo Breslev bishvil lehiot 'Breslever' tzirik l'Ovod Kashe" which translates as "Na Nach is not Breslev because to be a 'Breslever' one needs to work hard." Every Na Nacher that saw this sticker here in Safat was very happy to to see it. We all sensed that the "Opposers" are now officially getting scared, and that we were now being pursued and hence that Hashem is with us.

Orbiting to the ORB

TS and myself are on our way to the ORB BH"Y. An hour out of Lakewood we recieved a message that the kumayas and bracelets were in Lakewood the whole time, the upstairs family had them, and they were so gracious as to tell us, an hour too late. BH"Y we will send them up to the mountains, and pick them up.
We picked up a poster of the Saba from the Florshimers along with some fresh - hot from the oven - baked organic oatmeal cookies. We had some other tikunim, and will proceed BH"Y to pick up 2 Israel Sabas from the mailbox of the Asher Yutzar family, and maybe borrow a talmud from the Lomdus guy. After that BHY its clear sailing for about 2.5 hours to the ORB.
TS's mother told him he should get new pants, so he said I did, and he's now sporting beautiful white linen pants - so Yakov Shurun doesn't have to worry any more. His mothers friends told her that they were at the Reisman chasuna and a bunch of Nanach came, so she asked them if they said hello to Tzvi, that freeked them out, "you mean Tzvi was one of them?!!!!"
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nanachs talking with Nanachs

Sichas Chaverim

The Three Nanachs and Another Nanach

Nachman Dovid Back In Eretz Yisroel

Nachman Dovid Nanach just arrived back in Tzfat after having been in the US for almost half a year.

Sabba was a the wedding

Moshe Na nach thanks everyone that participated in his wedding last night. Those who were not able to come I felt them here with me. The chupah was on the rooftop of the rova looking over the floor of the Har Habayit (May Rabbenu come soon and the binyan har hashem in our days amen).

Wednesday Parshat Buluk

BH"Y today we recieved a donation towards a video camera, and a brand new GPS on condition that we can get it to work, from: FOUR CORNERS bagels in Lakewood, on the corner of Squankom and County Line. TS and myself then did some GIVALD hafatza there, after we proceeded to some yeshiva (at the end of Park) where we were dancing and had the yeshiva boys dancing until one of their Rabbi's got a drift on what was happening, and he quickly flew into a rage and kicked us out. We then headed for a water park, doing many tikunim along the way, we got to the park too late to partake, but we did a little music, the guyim got into it, and then some of the yeshivishe couslors went balistik telling us that we were making a chilul Hashem and how the guyim were complaining and we were ruining it for them, and in general threatening us. So I asked the nearest goy, what she thought of what was going on, and she said she thinks we're great and we should continue, the goyim that came to dance and took flyers seemed to me to be pretty impressed, but the truth is the main chilul hashem is amongst jews, and the counslors were embarassing themselves in from of their campers, so I guess it was a chilul Hashem. If only they would have be open to Nanach.....
Tomorrow BH"Y there's a Bris Mila, we also have to wait for the Kamayas and bracelets which hopefully will come, and then it over 4 hours to the Festival, and many tikunim along the way.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Parshas Buluk

BH"Y last night we had six Nanachs at the Reisman chasuna, EL, TS, Yosef Fisher, Ebay, Yakov Shurun, and myself. We recieved a token donation for our partying.
BH"Y TS is with me at the van in Lakewood. BH"Y we will be buying a camera [thanking all the sponsors from and HN]. BH"Y we will be going to the ORB 4 day music festival - tomorrow!!! [thanking all the sponsors from, and thanks to ABS]. Ebay is in Staten Island and possibly will join us, he's planning on going to Uman next week.


Trino (C) has donated another $10 for the spread of nanach.

And Steven (S) has given another contribution of $360

May they both merit to much Na Nach and Hafatza

Others should follow their example as well.

The NaNach.Net New Music Site

We still have many songs to add, and are working to improve the quality but here is what we have so far.

Moshe na nach gets married


moshe na nach gets married tonight

at the rova, jerusalem.

Smoking Na Nach

ten letter song mentioned by previous Breslov elders

1. Was the secret of the ten letter song mentioned by previous Breslov elders? 1. The last discourse in Rebbe Nachman's life (year 1711) is sited in the book Likutey Moharan part two, number eight. There Rebbe Nachman reveals an acronym, the word Kashofar; כשפר, Pashut- one letter, kaful-two letters, shilush—three letters, ribuah-4 letters. Altogether ten letters, which refer to the ten letter song. The one that reveals this can succeed in rebuking and rectifying klal Yisroel. Rebbe Nachman quotes the Tikkunei Zohar page 51b, the Torah, the prayers, and the congregants of Israel will be redeemed through the one who reveals the ten letter song. Citing Exodus, Moshe will sing the song in the future. ישיר, song of yod, yod in Hebrew, is the numerical value of ten; Moshe will sing the ten letter song in the future. Rebbe Nosson writes in Chaye Moharan chapter 340 (Tovot Zicronot edition);"I have a song to sing in the future to come (referring to the days of resurrection)…." Rebbe Nosson says that this referring to the quadruple song…In Likutey Moharan (1, 64) said years earlier, my guess it was the same time Rebbe Nachman spoke about the ten types of praises Tehilim was composed of. Being Tikkunei Zohar page 3, sites the ten praises, the quadruple song (formed with ten letters) and the ten spheres of emanation as one entity. But the statement Rebbe Nachman made after the Torah (sited in Chaye Moharan chapter 267);"I have a song to sing in the future…" Rebbe Nachman did not say the future to come, whereby the future can mean now in our days.Rebbe Nosson, the true heir and disciple of Rebbe Nachman writes a preface to Rebbe Nachman's poems entitled, The Song of Friendship(with The Creator), or another way to translate would be The Song of Partnership (footnote C). Rebbe Nosson writes;"…Kashofar (as a horn Rebbe Nachman) raises his voice in order to sway our hearts in unison to serve the blessed creator…His name is holy (Pashut) …, Kaful (double), and Meshulash (tripled), and Merubah (quadrupled).”The question arises, how Rebbe Nosson knew, the name of Rebbe Nachman is the quadruple song to be revealed in the future? With the compassion of the creator, I understood the answer to this dilemma as follows. In the year 1804 Rebbe Nachman spoke about ten types of songs (or praises) found in ten chapters of Psalms that has the power to rectify any transgression(on condition he does not return to his misdeeds). Rebbe Nachman did not reveal which ten Psalms. Rebbe Nosson walked into Rebbe Nachman's room and saw a note on a dresser citing ten chapters of psalms. Rebbe Nosson writes, due to fear of his Rebbe, struggled (although he had a photographic memory) to forget what he saw. Later in 1808, Rebbe Nachman revealed specifically the ten chapters of Psalms. But there was something else in that note that Rebbe Nosson saw. The quadruple song; Na-Nach-Nachma-Nachman. This is the only way to explain how Rebbe Nosson knew to write in his preface to the Song of partnership, the quadruple song, is Rebbe Nachman's name. We also see in the Compilation of Supplications (Likutey Teffilot), written by Rebbe Nosson, (1, 49), where he beseeches; "…we should merit through our hands to reveal the ten letter song which the Book of Psalms was composed, (specifically the quadruple song)…" Rebbe Nosson understood that his Rebbe intentionally put the note there for him to see. Whereby, Rebbe Nosson can make a premise, just like the ten psalms were revealed years later, so too the quadruple song will be revealed later.To sum up, in the Year 1804 Rebbe Nachman spoke about ten types of praises, which can rectify anything. The Tikkunei Zohar page 3, says, the ten praises and the quadruple song is one entity. Rebbe Nosson walks in Rebbe Nachman's room and see's a note which mentions the ten psalms... There's a statement that Rebbe Nachman says after Torah (1,64), that he has a song to sing in the future. In 1808, Rebbe Nachman reveals the specific ten chapters of psalms that rectifies. In 1812, after Rebbe Nachman's last Torah (2,8), Rebbe Nachman makes a statement, with complete knowledge that he is going to die soon, "I have a song to sing in the future to come" (resurrection). Rebbe Nosson preface to the Song in Partnership, writes Rebbe Nachman's name is the quadruple song. It must be Rebbe Nosson saw this name written on the note together with the ten chapters of Psalms. Rebbe Nosson's book of Supplications (1, 49), which was compiled and published after Rebbe Nachman passed away, prays that the quadruple song be revealed through him. To fulfill, Rebbe Nachman's prior statement; "I have a song to reveal in the future."The rule is, there is not one word from Rebbe Nachman's mouth that is superfluous. If Nachman said the song will be revealed in the future and another statement the song will be revealed in the future to come, both statements will be fulfilled.
July 06, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday with the Nanach Van

Today Elimelech and myself repaired the windshield wipers (broken by YC, not JC), and did hafatza in Tom's River.
Tonight BH"Y we will be going to a wedding in Brooklyn with a bunch of other Nanach, a bunch of them are in Monsey now.
There's a good chance that we will all be participating in a radio interview tommorow.
Thursday I have a bris mila in Lakewood, after which BH"Y we'll be heading out for a musical festival upstate NY.

Rebbe Nachman and Halacha

New Sticker - Gets The Point Across

Na Nach is the heart the heart of the world

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rebbe Nachman born in 5532-He's the heart of the world
In hebrew is the numerical value of lev, heart is 32. If you follow this idea of 32, you will see fascinating things. For example; Exodus (32, 32), where Moses says to hashem to forgive the Israeites for having served the golden calf;,ואם אין מחני נא מספרך –"if not (if you do not atone their sin), than erase me from your book." Being the one who reaches the level of Ayin can atone. Although Moses did not reach this level to atone any transgressions made by the Jewish people. Moses hinted to Hashem to atone for the sake of Rebbe Nachman; מחני נא)אין-spelled backwards reads;אני נחמן-I am Nachman, who was the last reincarnation of Moses that reached, the level of Ein Sof, of Ayin…Who will reveal the Tikkun Hakelali that works together with the shir pashut (the horn, the shofar)... in the future which will rectify all transgressions for those who say the ten Psalms together with Na Nach.

So Moshe Rabbbenu hinted in his prayer, beseeching Hashem to atone for the sake of Na Nach, the Ein sof, Ayin.

English Na Nach Gentlemen Soliloquy

Monday, July 7, 2008

Check out

Didn't think there was anything to check up on, but I did anyway, visiting the new hebrew -, it was well worth it. Sharon has a whole thing going on. Stickers, pictures, jokes, tora.... GEVALD GEVALD!!!

check out, even if hebrew isn't your thing, just check out the pictures!

נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן!!!

trance music/techno/jungle/etc.???

what does everyone else think? I don't know the beats and all the rest are so awesome, I can't decide because there are some tracks that aren't physical/they bring me beyond it(this is my say)when I listen to them.

Everyone else???

Need a Sponsor for Hafatza

This Thursday there is a huge music fesival in upstate NY, many of the participants are Jewish, and on Shabos there will be a minyan with a Sefer Torah. We, the Nanach, would like to attend to do our holy work, however admission is high $120-135 a head, and we need at least two if not more. So anyone who can sponsor this event is asked to do so, and let us know as soon as possible so we can include it in our hafatza plans.


the ba'al shem tov (besh"t on the torah parsh. emor) says there are three levels of the galus.

they are;

1. the nations despise, scorn, and belittle israel.

2. the unlearned jews despise, scorn, and belittle the learned jews. this is worse.

3. the learned jews who aren't on the high levels of purity, kedushah, and emes despise the holy and simple learned people. this is the worst of all.

this (#3) is also what causes the jews to despise the learned, which in turn causes the goyim to hate the jews.

it was a member of the sanhedrin who slapped the navi yechezkel on the face, and said; you am ha'aretz. the people that saw this responded violently, killing yechezkel.

a true learned jew means a student of the tzaddik (likutei mohara"n, ibei hanacha"l)! all else are others!