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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Na Nach, Where is Hashem???

This is in response to a comment on the last post...

Everyone asks why Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman. What about Hashem? Where is Hashem? Why don't you guys talk about Hashem?

Besides the fact that Breslevers are more into Hashem then any other group. They mention and talk about Hashem more then anyone else. They also do more Avodas Hashem then any other group.

Besides all this it is very funny that there are people who for months have not thought about Hashem, mentioned Hashem or did any act for the sake of Hashem. Yet when they hear someone saying Na Nach, suddenly they jump up and yell "Where is Hashem" "What about Ain Od Melevado" "You guys are Kofrim".

It seems that Na Nach works. It gets these people to mention and think about Hashem when they have not done so for years in their mindless zombi religion.


Anonymous said...

why are you able to write the name on walls with out r'shous from those who own the walls or even rabbeinu himself??!!

Anonymous said...

what about those who think about Hashem every day and say "why only nanach where is Hashem?" this was nno answer, only an attack to those who dont think about Hashem. You are justifying by using the shortcomings of others.

I see that Nanach is the emes but what some people do to it saddens me!

Anonymous said...

My opinion and I believe that most Nanachs will agree to this is: That you are not allowed to spray paint on personal property.

NaaNaach said...

there are fortunately many Nanach who have unconditional intense love for their fellow jews, they are therefor propelled to help save them at whatever cost, including radicly enhancing their property with the holy, awesome, redeeming, luxurious name of the grand master tzaddik Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. Sometimes they do reflexively - as one would shoot out a hand to catch a falling baby - so fast they do not consider how anyone could react negatively, other times it is done with great consideration of the negative reaction, and the Nanach takes upon himself even to endure the unfathomable hidious turtures of hell in order to take his fellow jews out of it!!! I wish I was on that level, but I have great hope, because I'm Na Nach all the way!!!!!!!!! Thank G-d!!!!!!!!!!! Thank G-d for giving Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, and thank G-d for giving us fellow Nanach whos faith and love are unmatched and unsurpassed!!!!!!!!!!!