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Friday, June 20, 2008

Wednesday - Friday with American Nanach

Wednesday AYGS, TS, and myself went to a wedding in Williamsburg. There was maybe more than a 10 piece band, but they just weren't playing the stuff we need, but this didn't stuff TS from steeling the show, he gained about 6 chasidim - the holy children there, who proceeded to follow him and copy his antics. There was a Nanach scarf floating around and it was put to use. One of the oldest children was a girl maybe 5 years old and she presented one end of the scarf to tzvi and they did a little mitzva dance together. May he merit to marry his true zivvug very soon. Somewhere towards the end he chose to eat some ice cream sitting down in middle of the dance floor, and his holy chevra joined him, it was pretty 'cool'. There were a bunch of women who I think got a lot of this on camera, maybe we can get it.
Here's what we did managae to get:

By the way, we are of course always giving out the fliers.
Thursday night saw what is for now considerable Nanach power. Chaim Dovid, AYGS, TS,Yosef Fisher, and myself went to be misamayach chusun vikala at a sheva brachos - bbq. We got there around 9, and drove the van onto the backyard and did our thing, the Nanach thing, especially cool was the dancing effect of dancing in the pitch black in the blare of the bright headlights (which reminds me we gotta get working on strobe lights for the van). Then we chilled with the party. Then Yosef Fisher told over the story of the 5th day of the 7 holy beggars, which we animated, and all the guests took in the whole thing. Then we did the grace a little more dancing and proceeded to pick up Shakua Birabainu. We then proceeded to Breslov on Main St. to pick up Yaakov Shurun. Once there (about 12) we decided to hang out there. So quickly we put a nanach sticker prominently on the Holy Ark and other places, arranged half the tables into a U, with CD sitting in the center, and Shakua led the studies of Likutay Moharan, I think Tora 27 which discusses - peace. During this time the bochurim there were really freaking out. One of them ordered us to leave, threatening to call the police, however we just did our thing, the Nanach thing. The van was parked at the entrance to Breslov, so this bochural tells me that I'm blocking the entrance and I must move it right away. Being that is was so late and I didn't think anybody else was going to pull up, I didn't pay the troubled lad too much attention. He began threatening that if I didn't move it within 5 minutes he was going to call the police. Very shortly after he made his deadline 30 seconds, but I wasn't with him, even though in some way my heart felt for him. But Shakua tells me, why don't I just move the van down to the parking spots, so I say why not, and so I do. Next thing you know there's a cop there. Just one thing before, while we were learning together one of the bochurim turned off the lights, so we lit candles.
The cop comes and and asks us who's our leader, so we tell Rabbi Nachman, Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, so he says, no I mean which one of you is in charge here, so we tell him none of us, where all just here together (givald, givald), so the bochurim are on his case to get him to kick us out so he asks us to leave and a debate ensues. First the cop says that lighting candles is a violation of fire security (or something like that), so CD says to him you mean a partial violation, so the cop says no, it's a direct violation, so CD laughs and says to him, so your going to shut down all the shuls in Monsey, so cop smiles and sort of gives in. Meanwhile YS gets passionately involved greatly disturbing our cop. who tells him to get out of his face or he's going down, this greatly insulted YS and he was greatly discouraged, however later on he had a comeback. The cop says, with this guy (CD) I can talk respectfully. In any event we tell the cop that if they would just turn back on the lights we'll put out their fire, but HuAish Sheli Tukad Ad Bias Hamushiach. So the debate ensued until they woke up some guy Luichtar who saw right away that there wasn't much he could do, he did make a meager attempt at first, he said that its his place he's in charge, so CD tells the cop that's right he's in charge of putting out the coffee and making sure there's milk, and the building was that of the Breslov community which entitled us Nanach to use it freely, and there were was a little more of this type of chit chat, but one of our claims which was the clincher, was the sign on the door, last one out please turn off the lights and lock up (or something like that). So we said, we're going to be the last one's out, and we're going to lock up. So this guy Luichtar he tries to cut his losses, and tells the cop that seeing that it looks like we're not out to do anything terrible we should be aloud to stay for a half hour more, so the cop says how are you for that, we say we want to be here for at least around another hour, and maybe even till chatzos to do the tikun. In any event the other side capitulated, and the cop left asking us not to anything bad. We continued to learn, and then I woke up at about 3 and drove everyone home. Shurun went TS.
Today we were invited by chaverim (who AYGS and TS hooked up with by the maaseh of NS) to do our thing, the Nanach thing, in Viola Park from 1:30 till 3:30, and BH"Y it's gonna be very good.
Nanach it only gets better

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