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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Viola Park, Monsey, Friday Afternoon

As posted earlier the Nanach were invited by Chaverim to some type of safety affair in Viola Park, Monsey on Friday Erev Shabos K' Parshas Shlach. We found the following video of the event:

From my family I heard that the various safety progams attracted about 10 kids each, and the bulk of the kids new where they would be really safe - with the Nanach!!!


saba-noon said...

Great, Really happy to see your work. Keep it up. nice editing and I really liked the titles. Very inspiring. building a good image for the Tzadik. TT J J :-)

NaaNaach said...

we didn't make this video, we found it on youtube. I think it came from that chasidishe dude you see dancing with us torwards the end. good things are happening, Nanach is catching on!