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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Uman for the receiving of the Tora

Blessed be the Lord the One G-d, the G-d of the Nanach's for bringing me to the Rebbe for Shavuot. EBay is with me here, we estimate there are, maximum, 500, guys here. It's very good to be here, Nanach reigns supreme. B"H the huge Na Nach written on the walls of the tziun still stands proud, unbelievable, I got some guys to take a video of it B"H they'll email it to me and I'll post it.
A little miracle just happened to me, on my way here (on foot) two chasidim offered me a steeming pot of chulent on condition that I take it with out the towel, so I brought it to the tziun and the right guys got their dibs, and while we were eating this chulent in honor of G-d, the Rebbe, the Jewish people, and the holy day, a short rainstorm erupted, so I finished the chulent and headed over.
A bunch of guys showed a keen interest in hafatza in US. They include Sholom Dov (he might be going by an alias nowadays, keep posted), Gili, Oren, Elad (he says he's going to print some english pamphlets in the very near future), that's besides Tzvi S. who's coming back, EBay, and myself.
This guy at the tziun who likes trying to drive me crazy, had the zchus of breaking his hand having it plastered in sparkling white stuff, just to have me draw a very neat Nanach on it, come to think of it I should get a picture B"H, I did make a deal that when he sells it I get a percentage.
Shimon Rapaport played some guitar for me as did Sholom Chason.
This is the place to be, it's only going to get better, especially when we bring Rabbainu to Jerusalem.

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