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Sunday, June 29, 2008

TS, their loss our gain

At the AYGS chasuna TS was informed that he was rejected from a certain job offer because he was too Nanach. That's where one knows that he's with the Tzadik, when he's sovel-bears the price of being called by the name of the Tzadik. In any event their loss is America's gain, for BH"Y TS will now (next week) be doing hafatza full time.
Anyone who has any ideas or contacts or any information that can help hafatza and save America, the World, the Universe, and of course the fish [because Rabbi Nachman is the Chief Head Fish, as explained in Likutay Moharan], should make them known ASAP.


Anonymous said...

My wife had a job as a cook in a certain American Seminary. One day she brought in a Yisroel Saba. When the Erev Rav administration heard about this they fired her. After this she went through a period of a couple month of unemployment that were very hard on her. However she was happy to suffer for the name of the Tzadik.

Anonymous said...

read the comment on the article about after the aygs wedding!

Shimon kreisel said...

ts dont even worry you'll be zocheh to E"Y through Rabaynu