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Friday, June 20, 2008

T"RShT Na Nach

Returning from a Sheva Brachot stuck on a road not moving,
I said Na Nach in T"RShT and we moved!
It was like this:
Na - Long like Tekiah
Nach - Three times like like teRuah
Nachma - Several times quickly like Shevarim
Nachman - Long like Tekiah
Shabbat Shalom and Na Nach


Tzfat NaNach said...

Interesting method never heard anyone use it before. Na Nach..

mojo said...

it's all goddwhen it comes to na nach.

saba-noon said...

The "Na Nach" is he sound of the Shofar of the final redemption

NaaNaach said...

there is some type of tradition that saying the petek 101 times is a segula for kfitzas haderech. Once while hitching from Yerushalayim to the Ramchal, with Gedalya, we tried it, I can't say that it worked miracles, but not to long after Gedalia had enough and took regular transportation and arrived pretty quickly and then made a considerable amount of tzdaka, while I remained and got a tramp with a guy who gave me money to take a cab 'special' straight there.