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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tour Guides in Tzfat Hopping Na Nach!

Today when I walked out of me door this tour guide asked me to explain Na Nach the the group of about 30 younge americans, I told them there was a big world party comming up and that everyone is invited. Explained the shir pashut caphul etc..etc.. they were all very receptive I found some of them doing the swipe that Shmuel ( my Hafatza partner) showed them. After I went to Gedalia's to do Hafatz at his busta and lo and behold another tour guide is saying to a group of middle class americans " If you say Na Nach.... you bring alot of light into the world, If you say it loud then even more light, If you dance and say it even more light.." I could not believe my eyes and ears. Thank G-d we had flyers for both groups and we gave them out. Both groups were very receptive, the second group even got rid of some of their money into our coopa! Don't give up good times are comming.

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