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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Torah Up To The Ceiling

This is a story from the Ben Ish Chi that is brought down in Neflaim Masecha Chapter 15

Once a Rav walked into a Bais Medrash that had many Yeshivah students learning Gemara. The sound of their war in Torah was heard from afar. This student would ask and this student would answer. They were goring themselves with Halacha in great shouts and yells. This student would construct and this one would demolish, this one was yelling from here, this one was yelling from there.

The Rav entered, stood in front of the Beis Midrash and announced to all the students, "I see that this house is completely filled with Torah until the ceiling." When the students heard this they were extremely happy, since they thought that he was singing their praise, that they had filled their entire Beis-Midrash with Torah.

When the Rav saw that they did not understand his intention. He told them that he was giving them rebuke. When a person learns Torah for the sake of heaven, immediately the vapors of Torah that are being emitted by their mouth rise up and ascend to the upper realms. Over there they turn into holy lights that dwell in the higher worlds. However those that learn Torah for ulterior purposes their Torah does not rise up, instead it remains below.

"Therefore, when I saw that your studying was for ulterior reasons, I said that this house is full of Torah. This is because the Torah that you study each day does not rise and remains below in this house. Therefore this place has become filled with the Torah you learn each day. The students were greatly humbled and took his words to heart.

From here we see the severity of those who study Torah not for the sake of heaven. This is especially true for those who learn it to dominate and control. May Hashem save us from them and people like them, and may we merit to study Torah for the sake of heaven. Umen, may it be Hashem's will.

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Tzfat NaNach said...

I was always wondering why most yeshivas have very high ceilings.