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Monday, June 16, 2008

Sichos HaRan 21

On Rosh HaShanah one must act wisely and only think good thoughts. One should only keep in mind that G-d will be good to us.

One must be happy on Rosh HaShanah, and yet one must cry

On the first day of Rosh HaShanah, one must speak as little as possible. The Rebbe said that a great leader must be even more careful about this.

The Rebbe himself would not even say most of the Piyut on Rosh HaShanah. He only said that which was written by Rabbi Eliezer Kalir. He would omit the rest, because as a leader, he was extremely careful not to say a single unnecessary word.


Monsey Na Nach said...

ive asked how far we are from each other may with in the next couple of weeks we could make a na nach gathering and be in tikun olam i think its some sort of obligation in bechinah land at leat just tell me what u think ? and off the record the colarado rockies and in canada ,alberta rockies they are connected? they just have the same name? keep in touch and the great work love yall never give up always be happy na nach nachma nachman meuman brooooooooooooooothers ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shalom Achi,
The canadian Rockies are a continuation of a chain of mountain ranges that start in Mexico and travel through the states up into Montana and then Alberta. I live in the foothills of the Alberta chain. I think that we should coordinate and make a point to get together in Uman for RH. Its obvious that Rabbanu has sent us to were we are because we have major tikunim to do in those places ie. Hafatza, and our Avoda bchallious /Protious. Please feel free to vist me any time out here in Calgary. Stay strong, and keep sending out all the good vibes from Saba and Na Nach Nachman Meuman .......

NaaNaach said...

what's the picture of?
The most valuable thing to say on Rosh Hashana and anytime for that matter is Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, this is the song of Emuna of the true tzadik which rectifies the chalal punoy place even though it is a place requiring silence.

rockymountainnanach said...

The picture says to me - shofar, moicin degadlus, vasikin, roimim , uman , rabanu , three heads - rosh shel yuidi, rosh hasana, rosh beni israel (rebbi) Na nach;

Arguably saying na nach is higher than speach, its geulla , malcut - bechina of kol sofar ..

NaaNaach said...

wow, you'd probably ace the ink blot test!!!
Come to think of it, they should a special Nanach ink blot test, maybe we should patent the idea.