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Friday, June 20, 2008

Regarding the Damage Done To The Nanach Van

Baruch Hashem most of our holy brethren are very appreciative of the presence of the holy Nanach van in their midst. Unfortanetly as you have read previously on there are still bad elements amongst us, chiefly those of the n.s. sect who are endurring great suffering from their prediciment and release their anger on the good, the chosen of G-d. They have wripped off the large sticker MayUman from the van, one of the posters of the Saba (just as, far away, CD was contemplating to himself that one poster of the Saba over in that area was sufficient, and now we are considering putting up a Petek in the newly availabe space), and other such damage. They also wripped off the speakers from the roof of the van and smashed them on the road. They also slashed one of the tires. They did so with unabashed venemous hatred of themselves blinding them of the fact that there were many onlookers amazed to see how low they had fallen, and how clumsy was their appeal to Rabbi Nachman to save them, like a drowning man striking the man coming to rescue him.
We hope the general public will respond to this terrible affair, by showing active support to Nanach to get things back together and better than ever. Anyone who would like to make ammends for the acts of our disturbed brethren can do so in many ways, and as Rabbi Nussun said most important to give money to the Tzadik. Donations can be made on the site, there is no cause worthier, for all causes benefit emensely and are in fact completey in the hand of the Tzadik. Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.
Show that you care, Show that you appreciate what Na Nach is doing for you.
Say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!


Tzfat NaNach said...

some people are "SQUARE" in the head and are locked up in a little box.

Tzfat NaNach said...

These guys must be very pugom to have been made to stumble in such an act of disgrace aginst the tzadik.

Anonymous said...

ashreinu that we're doing hafatza in israel and the whole world. may g-d stengthen you there in america! (maybe we come help, we want to)

i got a point to think about for you. i hear that all over the u.s. people love nanach hafatza. what you're fighting is the g-d war. why are you starting the hafatza close to the enemy territory?!

(maybe it's good anyway because the fight builds vessels)