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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Protest Mishcav Zochar "Marriage" Recognition!

This post has been modified since it is not in spirit of the site...
(It is important to protest but the content of the post was too detailed)

If anyone wants to read it use this link...

New Yorkers: Daven of course but also protest and call the reps, and copy and paste the text of the email below (text also available in link above, i don't know if it will all fit below) and forward it to all N. Yorkers you know.

This comes when "Dozens of Homos Marry in California" is just in the news. We need to send out a California version too.

Remember to BCC: (blind carbon copy) the recipients so that future forwardees don't see all of everyone's email addresses.

I believe this especially is pertinant for us Breslevers to be involved with as it's bechinat Shmirat Habrit. Na Nach


Dear Friends,

The NY Assembly can veto Gov. Paterson's recent motion to recognize mishcav zochaor marriages.
Call or write your representives. March. Protest. Remember Noah's generation and Sodom and Gamorrah.
See a sample letter or statement below.


nissim said...

good news

a law suit countering it was filed.

Interesting, Paterson is being bechinat Ham. Which means we may merit to be bechinat Shem and Yapheth.

Dun Aryeh said...

Sorry Nissim,

I hop you understand why the post had to be modified.

Monsey Na Nach said...

hey whats up nissim u strike me as intelligent u should spend a little less time over here and write a book or something with 1 clear message objective and goal na nach says messiach will be able to tell over what happned in the day of the life of 1 person and he will be my student we all have a spark of that true intelligance real simplicity this site helps us improve that skill so many different types of people in so many different places tellin over a drop in the sea of whats happening is a huge inspiration and enlightenment.i could be dead wrong in certain bechinahs of the great amount of info u provide for every body though i hope to learn a very important lesson from u 1 day and every body on this site.

Anonymous said...

is it really neccessary to post all this info, i personally find it disgusting and not worth to be metama our minds with this stuff. We should focus on Shulchan Orich, Hazot, Hisbodedus,tikun klali, Hafotzah will bring down the malchot harah and not be engaged in this stuff.

NaaNaach said...

quite impressive how the nanach reacted to this post, with the help of G-d everyone concerned is going to stick more to Nanach from now on.