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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nanach: The Pillar Of Royalty

Duvid Hamelech brought us Tehilim. Tehilim were part of Klal Yisroel way before Duvid Hamelech, except Duvid Hamelech being the King of Israel with all eyes on him, with a complete solid powerful nation behind him and everyone looking up to him, really made Tehilim a recognized fundamental avoda (they did not know at the time that Tehilim is gematria Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, that was revealed thousands of years later by a great descendant of Duvid Hamelech, Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, himself!). Duvid Hamelech, whom the Zohar and Gemura state merited that the halacha is always like him, and who revealed the inner core understanding of the discussions of the sages (גלי מסכתא), dedicated his time primarily to hisbodudus, conversing with his soul and heart - speaking to G-d Almighty. The leading Rabbi's of the time were very disturbed by this, for they understood that the whole nation emulated Duvid Hamelech, and they feared that the people would begin to follow the ways of their King, and start dedicating their time and efforts to connecting with the One Holy and Blessed is He, and thereby forgo the primary attention to the study of the Holy Tora. Duvid Hamelech attributed all his success and his very life; the beating of his heart and coursing of his blood, his triumph's over his internal and external enemies, and everything in the whole creation, to his conversations with G-d, Duvid Hamelech viewed the Tora, as G-d's word answering him and speaking to him guiding him and leading him to closer intimacy. The Rabbi's, especially Achitophel and Mipheeboshes, felt that it was very dangerous for the people to actually study the holy Tora in such a personal way, they had achieved great levels of knowledge and glory by enslaving themselves (and as the talmud says regarding one of these sages, he would hold himself back from going to the bathroom (thus of course contaminating and distorting the holy lessons he was learning) to Talmudic style of pilpul, mastering it (to the extant that they could choose whether to consider something pure or impure, kosher or treiph, and prove whichever side they desired). They wanted to make sure that the Jewish Nation would follow their servitude and reject the Pure Holy Devotion of Dovid Hamelech, where one forms a personal relationship with the One who loves him unconditionaly. In order to achieve their goals, the sages began to publicly embarrass Duvid Hamelech. Whenever Duvid Hamelech would come the Beis Hamedrash (study hall) they would make fun of his ways, saying how can one know the Tora if he 'wastes' so much time outside the Beis Medrash (in truth it does waste the time, allowing one to elevated himself above time). So the sages would tear apart everything Duvid Hamelech would say, mocking him and his learning. The sages searched for any way they could undermine Duvid Hamelech and his holy ways of devotion. When Duvid Hamelech sinned with Bat Sheva, a sin the Talmud says can barely be considered as a sin, only so much as it was necessary for Duvid Hamelech to show and reveal a new amazing way of serving G-d even for a sinner, a way of repentance very precious to G-d. The sages however pounced at the opportunity to publicly condemn Duvid Hamelech, stating that he was an evil sinner G-d forbid. To this day, especially the gentiles speak of Duvid Hamelech (even on his holy tomb) disrespectfully because of those sages. [The Meshech Chuchma says that if not for those sages no one would even have know anything about what had happened, thus taking out the main brunt of what had done, but those rabbis were michallel hashem, desecrated G-d's name by publicizing their version of what had happened]. The fact remains, that the Written Torah, the Zohar and the Talmud all proclaim the righteousness and correctness of Duvid Hamelech, and completely vilify the sages who opposed him.
So let us examine how Duvid Hamelech promoted his true way of devotion. It could not be in promoted in debates conducted in the Beis Medrash, for the Rabbi's there were not interested in the truth, on the contrary they were just looking to ridicule anything Duvid Hamelech said. Duvid Hamelech's main claim and promotion is delivered in the Tehilim where he beseeches: טעמו וראו כי טוב, taste it and you'll see that it's good. He didn't fight or argue, he just proclaimed that the truth is self evidence, and that anyone that begins to follow the correct path till know for himself it's validity. Lies and falsehood do not have endurance, but the truth is enduring, it is the signature of G-d. Yaakov Uvinu is the representation of truth, he is called תמים, which has the same numrerical value as Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. His countenance is engraved on the Merkava.
Rabbi Nachman, a great descendant of Duvid Hamelech, and the Father of the Mushiach (as R"N said that Mushiach will born from his posterity), also endured the hardships and travails of Duvid Hamelech. Rabbi Nachman showed and proved to the world that it is necessary for us to follow a new way of devotion to G-d, a way that is entirely new, yet in fact the old way. A way that is new to us every day, and hopefully every minute and second. This is a way that is so true and so real that it unites a person to G-d exactly in his or her juxtaposition at any given moment. Understandably all the opposition that G-d included in creation are threatened by such true devotion, and in fact they become part of the devotion, as taught by Our Master Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.
Duvid Hamelech lives forever, he is the crowned and anointed one of G-d, he wanted everyone in Israel to be a king over themselves. G-d created man in His image, that is that man has free choice to do as he pleases, good or bad. The True leaders of Klal Yisroel, emulated G-d, and taught and let Klal Yisroel in His way. Thus probable the primary teaching of Rabbi Nachman the Main Leader of Klal Yisroel, is that a person must do hisbodudus and make his own personal connection to G-d, a person must seek G-d and the answers to all his questions and quests, on his own!!!! Hashem Yisborach and The Tzadik are most definitely there for you, but they wish you to develop more responsibility, personality, and character, not to unload it under the guise of spiritual sacrifice. People want a living Rabbi, they hire him for x amount of dollars and x amount of honor etc. and in return the Rabbi approves of their pitiful society and answers all their responsibility questions. If people wanted a Rabbi who would give them more responsibility from them and demand from them to arise from society and dedicate themselves completely to the worship of G-d, G-d would send them hidden tzadikim to guide them, just as H"Y sent R' Yisroel Karduner to the Saba.
Rabbi Nachman said clearly, that even in his thing there would arise fake rabbi's. Until this generation no one every was able to pull off such a craziness, to put himself in Rabbi Nachman's place.
There is a story, I think I saw it in ShiAyris Yitzchok, a Jew walked into a Breslov shteibel in Poland, he walked over to one of the holy mispallelim and told him that he was a transgressor who even was violating Shabbos, and now he wanted to repent and was seeking guidance. Imagine someone approaching one of the 'gedolim' with such a request, they would know exactly what to do. This holy Breslover chasid replied that he really had no clue, he was not after all blessed like Rabbi Nachman with the ability to see the man's soul, therefore all that he could advise was for the transgressor to begin following the doctrines of Rabbi Nachman, to discuss his situation alone with G-d and to see how G-d would direct him. Not one person in the shteibel had any other advise, and there were people there who probably could see souls, people who truly were the leaders of the generation, following Rabbi Nachmans ways with complete misiras nefesh, often starving and enduring ridicule and embarrassment hard for us to fathom. They knew that for a person to get on the right track, the person would have to follow Rabbi Nachman and follow it in the way the person understood it for himself.
In our generation we have seen the fulfillment of Rabbi Nachmans warning, as students of the weaker Mesora's of Breslov (elsewhere we have explained the three main mesorahs of Breslov, the primary one being that of the Saba, from R' Yisroel Karduner, from R' Moshe Breslevor, from R' Nussun), one after the other started their own 'breslov' cults. One of my friends got sucked into one such cult, their leader, although professing to be the tzadik of the generation does not even arise for Chatzos (this Shikker is unwilling to go to sleep the first part of the night so he stays up the whole night and goes too sleep around Netz!) one of the most fundamental concerns of a true Breslover Chasid. In any event my friend oggles to me how every day he feels completely new etc.. So I ask him if he's getting up every night for chatzos, and he says that he's not yet holding there, so I tell him how can you truthfully say that your life is so excitingly refreshing when you don't even anticipate the next day by arising to start it at chatzos?! This is but an example of the shekker - falsehood - that is self evident.
These fake rabbis are inhibiting Klal yisroel from achieving their unique status, that each and every one is unique and precious in their own way. In Likutay Moharan we learn that it is often not so much the fault of the rabbi, for they have such a powerful urge and lust for power they practically have no free choice. It is the fault of the people that give them the power. The Saba said, we do not need the Rabbis the people will choose. In our day people are starting to learn and seek their independence, they have lost a lot of the fear of standing out and being different, and have gained a strong desire to be themselves. People are searching for Nanach!!!
The Nanach is completely independent and free to serve G-d how he\she understand for themselves. The word anarchy, is composed of a prefix an, which means no, and arch, meaning king - no king, but in our case we translate the prefix as ani- I, thus stating that the new Jewish Anarchy gives each and every one of us the status of King! That is what real Breslov is about, and anyone that comes to power as a Nanach, knows for himself that this is what G-d had intended for his holy children!


Anonymous said...

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman!!

Anonymous said...

shikker sounds like sheker

Anonymous said...

How can a baal teshuva write English like a Hungarian?! As it happens there is no "mesura" other than R. Nosson. Period. Everyone likes to fight over who has the right "mesura", but some of us prefer to stick with the chain from Rabbenu to R. Nosson!

NaaNaach said...

what's the answer to your riddle about a baal teshuva writing english?
It seems pretty clear to me that the three paths of mesora delineated in the post are all going through R' Nussun, it is from him on that they branch out 3 main ways.