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Saturday, June 7, 2008


I would like to point out one or three things 1. Someone who believes in Sabba and the Holy letter without a beard or peyote even on the Omer IS Na Nach Year round opposite someone whom doesnt believe and has grown up with Peyote and a Beard. I have met people in and on my way from Uman and also at Sabba even a garbage man who had such words of faith that I will always remember them where others have been lacking. Somone very close to Sabba who lived in the forest for many years and still does told me that sabba worned some from being liars and frauds and others he worned to gaurd themselves from liars and frauds, Rebbe Nachman once walked into a Shteeble and converced with a Jew who was accustomed to cutting his Beard and Peyote and after he finished before the prayer Reb Nattan questioned him how he could do such a thing. Rebbe Nachmans answer was what do you think he has no beard ? he does his hairs are just shorter, he still had a beard and peyote accordind to the Rebbe which is what matters since his followers aren't the ones doing the searching of the length and breadth of hell to pull people out by their peyote. 2. People constantly question people whlo believe in Sabba about not having a living teacher to follow and ask questions of when they come to contradictions or difficulties and so forth in their life and or learning, and it recently came to me that maybe this is why Rebbe Nachman uses the word Bechina/accpect/concept etc... in his teachings as much as he does, because all these things are in our own lives we can find every teaching in our daily lives as the first Breslovers did as you'll find written in the book Ya'Alas Chen, there it states that the original Breslovers would learn a certain Torah in depth according to th Rebbes wishes and would go through their whole day with one another linking all that happend to them in that day to the Torah that They were learning, this use of Bechinah isn't just for somone to link one concept to another in books but to realise that The Rebbe is there with them in their day to day and gain a deeper understanding of what he means and meant, for them and everyone around them. 3. Rebbe Nattan brings in Likutie Hallachote that Adam Ha'Rishon by means of his sin defiled faith in the sages, he then asks what how could this be he and Chava were the only ones so who did he defile faith in, he then answers that he defiled the faith in himself to believe in oneself is to believe in the sages and vice versa. Sabba says that faith in oneself now means to believe that God loves me and wants me to make a complete repentance.
Chag Sameyach ,
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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Tzfat NaNach said...

It is very good to have a beard and payos.