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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Na Nach Kabbalah Talk Smashing Success

Gives thanks to G-d for giving us success in the Kabbalah talk to the Litvak group. The Rosh Hashiva looked a little uncomfortable during the talk just because it was a little different then what was expected. But the delivery was smooth and we covered all the major points. I spoke a little bit about my life and how I came to convert to Judiasm and how I came to Breslov, then I read the hamlatza of Rabbi Moshe Fienstien where it says that Saba is a great Kabbalist and then got into the Zohar about the song and Hashem's Name and then explained Rebbi Nachman and what he says about the name of the Tzadik. I told a couple of stories. One about Saba's father in law and Rabbi Israel and the beard etc. and the other one the turkey prince. (Na Nach is for everyone.) We gave out Tikune Ha Klalis and flyers to everyone. The guys were great, listened well and I heard that they really loved it. (They even clapped on the end) Every one of those boys are really precious to Hashem and all their efforts toward the truth should be hansomley rewarded. I taught the swipe and left on a very good note with all of them. I pray that they all draw closer to the Rebbi Na Nach nachma Nachman MeUman and we all draw in this long awaited for Final redemption speedily and in our days...TT J J :-)

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