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Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Hafatza in Monsey

Yesterday was BH"Y extremely successful, we did hafatza in front of Lishkas hasofer, Ebay TS and myself. CD has donated a table for hafatza so we were out in full force B"H. We also visited Shaarei Tora where we spent some time brainwashing some bochurim. Then we went to Ohel Tora, one of the boys got up and danced on the roof which made all of them very excited, and then their Rosh Yeshiva came, he looked like he was having a hard time, in Yiddish they must call it something like tzufloygen, and he asked us to leave. Today the bochurim called me up to apologize, they said their Rosh is really Nanach material, its just that he's having a hard time - TIME WILL TELL. At R' Rottenbergs shul we met this guy who mamash was michazak us by ranting against certain misnagdim and even defending a certain outbreak of passion conducted by a visiting Nanach. We also chilled with the dira on Kill the Lime street, we watched the Nanach DVD had some veal and jammed on all types of guitars. In the evening Yosef Fisher made a chanukas habayis honoring our Chason, and we really had an awesome party (CD, TS, Ebay, AYGS, FISHER, fishers kid - he got a complimentary spin in the Nanach van when everything was over sometime before 1 in the morning, and myself).


Anonymous said...

The poor rosh yishiva must have been terrified at the thought of his students becoming nanach and not listening to him. The poor guy would loose some of his kavod.

saba-noon said...

everyone has a Na Nach point in them. We must search out and find that Na Nach point and make it grow in everyone. Everything will be revealed.

NaaNaach said...

forgot to mention that we stopped by at Lazer's father's restaurant - Michels, and we met Chaim Yerushalayim there, and the glasses store fixed my glasses for free but turned down nanach stickers, may he still be zoche to them.