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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Nanach day

Monday Parshas Shlach saw some famous litvaks from Bnay Brak at the Holy Tzion of Our Master Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. One name I remember – Lebowitz, allegedly had giluy eliyahu, there was also a R' Dovid Chaim who allegedly was visited in his suca about 8 years ago by Rabbainu who instructed him how to conduct himself. There was also some sfardish guy that everyone was kissing his hand (he put on what seemed to me to be Sheemusha Raba tifilin, and the Shel Yad in my humble opinion was completely out of place). One of the followers kept calling me meshuga and kept telling me to leave the tzion, once he even removed my sforim from the tzion. The guy had his son with him, a little boy- his son was really tripping on Nanach, poor father.
My flight was Tuesday and I only found one person that was going to be on the flight, and that person seemed to be from Shin Beit H”Y, but I was still willing to try to work out going with him to airport. He told me that he wanted to first go to the Magid of Mezritch and R' Zusia and I could go with him. Monday I think he went to Breslov, and I didn't see or hear from him, so I started working on other ways of getting to the airport, finaly RT supplied me with the name of a Russian that was going to the airport, exactly at the time I needed, to pick people up from the airport. Maybe I should have been more stingy on money could have been spent on Nanach but I agreed to give the guy $20 to take me (of course he asked for a lot more.... supposedly the going rate nowadays is $150, Gabi told me that it costs about 70 just for the gas, so make you can bring them down to 100, it used to be 80). When I got to shacharis the Netz minyan was well in progress and I saw the Shin Bais guy there. After I finished praying I no longer so the Shin Bais guy, I has wanted to invite him to join me for free or a little contribution, and save him over $100, had he had the courtesy of honoring what he told me that I could accompany him, he would have saved himself the money. It wouldn't surprise me if flew 1st class, I saw him hanging out somewhere around there. In JFK I spotted him and started walking over I wanted to rub in his loss. However he ignored my approach and turned and walked away. So I let it go, then I thought he probably doesn't value the money anyways.
While waiting to board the plane I took out my guitar and played a little, this is in practice with what many Nanach feel that the time has come out to reach out to one and all, even goyim, obviously our main concern and energy are the jews, but ultimately Rabbainu is going to mesakain everyone, and we are in place and equipped to get involved in this now. There were a couple of comments on the stickers of the Saba on my guitar.
Sitting next to me on the plane was a guy that at first glance seemed to be really not up to par, he was wearing pants that were longer than shorts but not quite pants, and he had color tattoos on his arm, he was listening to an ipod and watching the movies. After the 2nd movie he took out mac bookmark laptop, and slowly it became clear that he was at least somewhat educated and on par. In any event I had a strong urge to give him some of my songs to listen to, so I got his okay to insert my recorder into his laptop, and then we began shmoozing for the next few hours. (First he heard part of my new hit reggae song which of course he acknowledged its excellence). It turns out that my new friend John was a professional rock singer for ten years. During that time he was forced many times to spend alone in contemplation. He had wanted to make a positive impact on the world, especially with the songs he was writing, but after ten years in the business he didn't think that he could, so he started studying diplomacy he feels that maybe in that field he could actually make a difference. So I told him a little about Nanach, and time did seem to fly until right before landing we hit some turbulence, which at one point John said was unnerving, so I told him to just say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman and everything will be OK, this is in fact what Shlomo Carlbach used to do, as he said on the radio.
We arrived at JFK sometime before 5pm, and I was so busy on the phone to properly understand that I should have taken up on a ride to Lakewood, and all my other potential rides didn't pull through. It appeared to me that I was pretty exhausted and getting pretty sick, my voice was 70% gone. So I considered my options of forcefully getting myself elsewhere, but I strengthened my Emuna in H”Y that He only does to us what is absolutely the best, and therefor I figured that it was for very good reason that I should remain in the airport, I figured it had to do with the arriving flight from Israel {almost a week later I realized I forgot something very important on the plane, B"H they found it, if I has only davened a little more, maybe a little more... maybe I was being given the chance of saving a second trip to the airport}. So after I thought I was wiped out I did solid hafatza (mostly on the new nanach flier designed by YS) from around 9 till after 11, during which 2 planes arrived from Israel. So somewhere around 12 when things had quited down, I reanalyzed my situation and B”H after a few little attempts, I held out, and went to sleep write there. BH”Y I woke up sometime around chatzot (the Arizal revealed that one of the things that can give a person the merit to get up at chatzot is kiruv) and was zoche to pray and meditate. Judging my health I decided to sleep a little before Shacharit, and as I got into the process, this black girl, dressed real tzanua, approached me and offered me – soup. Well, I told her, it was most kind, but being that I'm Nanach it is my practice to only imbibe kosher things, and the fancy cup she had procured from the local vendor didn't seem to fit the bill, so she tells me that the soup is Kosher, she brought it from Israel (now there is a different issue, R' Chaim Vital brings a story from chazal of a certain amora who after drinking water heated by a gentile, ceased to be visited by Eliyahu). The azus dikedusha for a frum, tznius, girl to approach a jew lying in the airport to offer him hot soup was most impressive, in the merit of this good deed and trait may she merit to marry her true zivvug very soon, and may she merit to have shalom bayis and raise healthy holy Nanach children.
After Shacharis I did hafatza on another plane that arrived from Israel. H”y then sent me a ride to where I wanted to go, the guys name is Kurtz, he didn't want to take my Likutay Nanach so I stashed a nanach sticker into one of the pockets of his fancy car.
Today I spent a few hours trying to catch up with all the new nanach movies and posts on And finally I got around to get this post up. There's still a lot of things I gotto catch up on and get going, including getting my music available on
Great blessings of One to all,
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman

Tumid bi


Anonymous said...

Great blog, great story !
Hey can you send me some good bresluver nigunim and some Na Nach music ?

NaaNaach said... is working on music, we need a way of doing it - something like youtube for music, BH"Y in the near future we'll find something and get it going.
There are alot of great discs available, most people really like the 6-7 discs of 'Hazamir', you can get a copy of 'shakua birabainu' from me for $5. If you want my stuff (most of which is just with one guitar, and recorded somewhat decently on a pocket digital recorder) give me an email.
Other music that I really like are: Yair Gadassi's first and third disc. Shivi Keller, all 3 (it's more mello and some of it takes time to develop). There's also this disc I think its called back to you, the guys name is on the tip of my tongue, his first disk (think it was call Dabair Ailuv) was not good to say the least, my distributer convinced me to give the second one a chance, it's amazing, people told me the guys almost Nanach (he sings on the disc about dancing on the street, and Tora's from Rabbainu).

Anonymous said...

I take pride in operating the website with the utmost of tznius (modesty). When people post a dress for sale or rent, I will remove the hands and face. Call me crazy, but this is a crazy world and you've got to fit in.

NaaNaach said...

are you the girl that I mentioned in the post that offered me soup?

tznius-lady said...

no, but that was nice of her. I just posted on my blog: Modern Brides Wearing Modest Wedding Gowns
I welcome your feedback on this topic.