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Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Shabos In Uman

By Rabbi Nachman it just gets better and better! Almost everyone left. This morning shacharis we barely had a minyan, and there was almost no klipa element present. Yisroel Pinto (who tells me he wants to come to America to do some hafatza, maybe in August) was the Chazan, and Alon duchened - at the tzion, B"h this gave back to Alon some of his former Azus Dikidusha, Hashem Yisburach should give him more and more, bizchus Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
TS should have arrived back to US with some goods, B"HY I'll be going Tuesday, and Ebay still has an open ticket, I think.
A week ago someone told me that SOD HUEBAR is gematria Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun, which goes well with the continuation of the Petek Hakadosh: with this I will reveal to you Sod - because Rabbainu says that the main Sod is the Sod HuEebur. This also goes well with the further continuation of the Petek: Vihu Mulay Vigudish Mekav Likav, because the Sod HuEebar is very much involved with the waning and waxing of the moon.
After I heard this interpretation I immediately thought that Nachman ben Simcha (with an additional 3 to include the words themselves) has the gematria - TIKUN!
B"HY I just started to wear, in additional to 2 kumaios of Na Nach, two Na nach bracelets, the white elastic one and a leather one, the white one can stay on in the Mikve!!!!!!!!!!!! (except it doesn't say on it MayUman).
Good Shabbos,
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun
From Uman


saba-noon said...

We just read in Shmuel Horawitz's kuntra "Hiskashrus to the Tzadik" that the Hiskashrus to the Tzadik and ebor neshama are the same bechina. Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is about hiskashrus hence causes an ebur besras Hashem.

saba-noon said...

by the way, be in touch if you need stickers in the future. We are all Na Naching for you! Keep up the good work.

nissim said...

very interesting.
the secret of intercalation.

"And this is like the secret of intercalation, which is given over only to the giants of the generation [see Rashi R.H. 20 & 22 BD”H tehe mesurah. And see PDR”A 85 and in Rambam Hil. Kid. Hachodesh 11:4] who have great souls, for the orbits of the spheres is via the intellects, which are messengers/angels, and each and every sphere has a unique intellect, i.e. an angel by which is it is conducted, and through this is the variation of the orbits of the spheres, that one sphere goes in a month and in this order, and another sphere goes in a year or more, and there is a sphere that needs a great time, several thousands of years until it goes around. And everything is according to variation of the intellects, which vary according to their distance from the Superior, and that is how the spheres behave. And all these intellects, all receive from the General Conductor, which is the General Intellect, which is the soul that all behave according to, like (Job 32): And the soul of the Almighty shall understand them, since the soul pours the intellect into them. And therefore the soul is called "Heavens," for it is the makeup of the spheres, as is written (Ps. 3): He will call to the heavens above -- this is the soul (Sanh. 91). For the soul is the general conductor of all the spheres, as mentioned above, and therefore the soul is called galgalta (the sphere) (O"Ch Shaar A"A P"D), as in the spheres of the firmament which are conducted through it. And therefore these great souls are strong in the secret of the intercalation, for who knows their conduct like the conductor does?"

what's PDR"A?

na nach