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Thursday, June 19, 2008


A friend called me from his litvish Yeshiva in somewhat of a panic, "i don't know what to do, i have been having the craziest dreams for the past 2 weeks, i wake up suddenly in great fear, and it seems to me there are demons in my room". I have suggested in the past that this friend wear a Na Nach kameya, but this piece of advice was never recieved, so i suggessted it again now, "No, he said, it's too weird". Then it occured to me, just to hang it in his room. He didn't object, and subsequently had his first peaceful sleep in weeks.
Na Nach.


Anonymous said...

He should also place Nanach stickers on all four walls of the room and the ceiling.

NaaNaach said...

may he merit to see the Saba in his dreams, and may he merit to dream to see Saba. Not to mention Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.