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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here's what I wanted to post about last Shabbos in Uman

Shabos Parsha Bihaaloscha in Uman, there were about 30-40 men. At the Netz minyan instead of giving the first aliyah to Alon (who is a Cohen), it was given to someone else (a ger, at the time I had a theory about this, but I can't remember it), which made me the eligible recipient of the second aliyah – Levi. The second aliyah does in fact discuss how the special status of firstborns in the service of G-d was taken from them and given to the Leviites, which strongly promotes the status of the Nanach, as it has been said that perhaps when Mushiach comes the Nanach will be proclaimed priests.
There were a bunch of interesting things I learned on Shabbos. Someone showed me that in the Daf Yomi, tractate Sota daf 21a where the talmud discusses the supremacy of learning Tora above the fulfillment of all the other commandments, it is clear from the commentary of Rashi that the talmud is referring to study of Sod – the secrets of the Tora (the Talmud brings the verse, great waters can not extinguish the love, and Rashi says that this is Sod), this is truth consistent with Rashi in tractates Sanhedrin and Shabos where he explains that the study of Tora Lishma means that the study is with the intent of reaching the secrets of the Tora.
Another thought that occurred to me on that holy day was that the Tora's telling over of Moshe's wife being a Kushis, and in the writings of the Arizal here it is brought down from The great rabbi Klunimus that because of this even Moshe's bones didn't merit to be buried in Israel, this maybe a hint that America is going to have a black president.
Also in the same piece from the Arizal it says that Moshe didn't enter Israel because he was on a higher spiritual level, this needs clarification, for certainly Israel is holier than outside of Israel and certainly more holy than where Moshe was buried. Furthermore if Moshe was so much holier than Israel why did he desire so much to enter? It could be that the explanation is similar to what we find that the recital of the Shma – the ultimate unification of G-d is said in the section of the prayers which correspond to the world of Briah, whereas the Shmone Esray which is only a Rabbinic ordinance is said in the world of Atzilus, this is because we do not have the power to completely unify G-d in Atzilus. In this way we can say that Moshe would have been unable to live his part in Israel. Rabbi Nachman, who possessed the soul of Moshe, did merit to enter Israel, and he prepared us for Mushiach.
Also in the writings of the Arizal, on the verse, לא כן עבדי משה בכל ביתי נאמן הוא, the significance of נאמן – loyal , is explained. The word starts with a bent nun and ends with a staight nun, encompassing the Malchus of Ruchel and Layuh. This is what we find with נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן!


Anonymous said...

take you for your chidushim , chazak vematz ... may Hashem bless us with more torah's na nach

Anonymous said...

The Miznefes will then have Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman written on them.

Everyone will have a nanach miznefes. That will be the reward for walking openly with a na nach kipah while in gulus.

Torah said...

YOU SAID: At the Netz minyan instead of giving the first aliyah to Alon (who is a Cohen), it was given to someone else (a ger, at the time I had a theory about this, but I can't remember it)


NaaNaach said...

The reason that Alon wasn't given the aliya of cohen was because the Tora reading was conducted at the holy burial site of Rabbi Nachman ZTVKL"L therefore there are many who believe no Cohen should be aloud to be present, conforming to Law of the Holy Tora that a Cohen is forbidden to impurify himself by visiting a grave. However the opinion of many others is that the grave of a Huge and True Tzadik does not impure one G-d forbid, and therefore it is permissable for a Cohen to visit. There are also other factors involved, e.g. the Chasam Sofer (I have not seen this inside yet, and it must be further researched) paskens that in the Ukraine since there is such heavy rainful, withing a certain amount of years one can be certain that the bones were washed away. Another factor is that even the Cohening today are not certain they are really Cohanim, and that together with the fact that there are Rishonim who hold that a Cohen who is already impure (which is the case of all cohenim today) is not forbidden to go to a grave because he is not impurifying himself (what I have wrote is just to give the reader an idea of some of the factors involved but I wrote them very quickly from memory and can not vouch for them %100, whoever is interested can prove their authenticity for themselves).
In any event the so called normal Breslovers, who usually take control of the Tzion do not recognise that a Cohen can visit the actual Tzion, and therefore they do not honor the Cohen with the aliya that is his due, in fact I don't think they would give him any aliya, so this story was just an exhibit of more of their....
Now that we have explained why the Cohen wasn't given the first aliya we will adress the other issue, how can a convert get the first aliya, and the answer is that there is no restriction whatsoever from honoring a convert with the first aliya. The only thing is that the halacha is that first the honor goes to a Cohen or Talmud Chacham, but if the aliya is not going to a Cohen, so a convert is just a eligable as anyone else.

Torah said...

But would not a Levi be called before a ger? And if no Levi present then most certainly a ger.

thanks for your anwers

NaaNaach said...

according the halacha, if a cohen was not called for the first aliya, a levi should not be called, neither for the first or the second aliya, however there are those that do so. In any event, when the Ger is a Nanach, even if a Cohen is present, there is substantial halachic credence to give the aliya to the Nanach, however in our case the cohen was also nanach, so then obviously the aliya would go to the cohen, if not for the bad elements present. The halacha specificly states that even a mamzer who is a Talmid Chacham - which today can be defined as Nanach - has a din of Kedima.

Anonymous said...

WOW! You guys are REALLY screwed up!!!! You're all on Crack and your Torah is as CRUM as it gets!!!

Tzfat NaNach said...

"Anonymous" - by the language you use one can tell that you are severely pagum, therefore all your Torah if you do learn any goes directly to the sitra acher.

Unknown said...

>> according the halacha,
>> if a cohen was not called for
>> the first aliya, a levi should
>> not be called, neither for the
>> first or the second aliya,
>> however there are those that do >> so.
Please provide citation for those who do and those who don't. I never heard of bypassing a Levite because a Cohen was not present.

NaaNaach said...

off hand, as I'm living now in my Nanach van and it's hard for me to look things up, I think you'll find the info in a Mishna in the 5th Chapter of Meseches Gitin (Hanizoken) where the Mishna says we call the cohen first because of Darkey Shalom - see the Rav - Bartenura there who explicitly writes this halacha.

Binyamingavriel said...

halachically speaking if there is no kohain present the aliya can go to either a levi or yisroel. And if there's only one yisroelin a minyan of kohanim then he gets the first aliya