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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fireworks Hafatza Tonight!

With the help of the All Merciful One G-d we will be doing major Nanach hafatza tonight at the RCC fireworks occasion. We will be launching our hafatza from a nearby backyard. Bezras Hashem Yisburach its going to be good.


Anonymous said...

what time and where?

Anonymous said...

SO are we sapposed to go Uman for rosh hashanah or to the saba? whats the psak? Also, what happened at that meeting of Reb Shlomo and the holy Saba?

Anonymous said...

using hafatsa to take over the world... interesting

NaaNaach said...

Rabbi Nussun once said that after his passing on he would go straight to Rabbainu, and that's where he could be found, so I would imagine that the Saba can be found there too.
There is a short recording of Shlomo Carlbach being interviewed on the radio about Nanach, in the background you can hear the Sabba anouncing Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. Bezras Hashem Y' we will make this clip available on in the very near future.
In addition there is the already famous song of the Petek and Nanach song by Shlomo which he composed and song upon meeting the Saba and hearing first hand about the Petek and Nanach.