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Friday, June 27, 2008

Divrey Tora. Find G-d In Your Tora Study. Party.

At the end of shmone esray we say 'psach leebee bisorusecha' פתח לבי בתורתך, this could be interpretted as the following, open the 'bee' בי, in your Tora. The 'bee' בי, refferring to G-d as it says: כי בי ירבו ימיך. That is we are praying that G-d should allow us to find Him in His holy Tora (which is His name). This is a very important pshat-kavana to have, for this is the true intent required when studying the holy Tora.

Rabbi Nachman once asked Rabbi Nussun how his Shabbosim were. So Rabbi Nussun said that sometimes he experienced some fear and awe of G-d. Rabbi Nachman then told Rabbi Nussun that the main thing on Shabbos is to be very happy and joyous. Previously I have already published on a story regarding this (a simple person who hardly even knew he was Jewish, but he would throw a huge party every Shabbos, and Heaven was very pleased with this, equating his devotion to that of the leading holy men of his generation). As we know, Likutay Moharan is the beginning of the redemption, and Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, which is Rabbainu's signature on the seventh line of the Petek, is in itself a complete aspect of redemption, so it therefor understood that the Nanach are living in an aspect of Shabbos. It is thus understood that the Nanach main avoda-devotion, is not to be serious and working on fear, but to be extremely joyous and happy. So party on.

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