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Friday, June 27, 2008

After the AYGS wedding

After the AYGS wedding, which we should write more about, especially the huge Nanach Kipot given out, the appearance of Tzvi Levin and Yaakov Shurun (just as the band started to play his fathers - zuchrainee nu) and Nissim, our dancing with the banner we made for the parade, CD's dancing on the roof of the Nanach van, and other givalts, anyways afterwards Pretter went off with Levin and a whole chevra to party all night, I think by 7-11 and then to Lazer's father's Michels, and I headed off by myself, as I passed the library I decided to check in on, while I did so 4 chasidishe bochurim came begging me to take them to do hisbodidus by a lake, they contributed for the gas and eventually we found the placed. They did their thing, and I played the guitar a little and got a drop of sleep, then we went dunken in the lake, and headed back for Vasikin.


Anonymous said...

with monsey nanach at its strongest, its crucial that now more than ever you come on strong and take monsey by force(force of hafatza)

Anonymous said...

After the wedding was a time like non other that anything i have experienced; pure kedusha no boosha or kavod purely Hashem, all L'sheim Shomaim!
Even though we got to bed at 4ish; yaakov, Avi, and myself made it for shacharit the next morning then went our separate ways.
I had an idea the following day, to take the k'dusha of the night, of our hour or so in the park and expound on it by perhaps finding a park to spend the entire night in. To do hitbodedut, sing, learn and have a bonfire. If this little idea appeals to any one just reply to this comment and we will work it out.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman