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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nanach: The Pillar Of Royalty

Duvid Hamelech brought us Tehilim. Tehilim were part of Klal Yisroel way before Duvid Hamelech, except Duvid Hamelech being the King of Israel with all eyes on him, with a complete solid powerful nation behind him and everyone looking up to him, really made Tehilim a recognized fundamental avoda (they did not know at the time that Tehilim is gematria Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, that was revealed thousands of years later by a great descendant of Duvid Hamelech, Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, himself!). Duvid Hamelech, whom the Zohar and Gemura state merited that the halacha is always like him, and who revealed the inner core understanding of the discussions of the sages (גלי מסכתא), dedicated his time primarily to hisbodudus, conversing with his soul and heart - speaking to G-d Almighty. The leading Rabbi's of the time were very disturbed by this, for they understood that the whole nation emulated Duvid Hamelech, and they feared that the people would begin to follow the ways of their King, and start dedicating their time and efforts to connecting with the One Holy and Blessed is He, and thereby forgo the primary attention to the study of the Holy Tora. Duvid Hamelech attributed all his success and his very life; the beating of his heart and coursing of his blood, his triumph's over his internal and external enemies, and everything in the whole creation, to his conversations with G-d, Duvid Hamelech viewed the Tora, as G-d's word answering him and speaking to him guiding him and leading him to closer intimacy. The Rabbi's, especially Achitophel and Mipheeboshes, felt that it was very dangerous for the people to actually study the holy Tora in such a personal way, they had achieved great levels of knowledge and glory by enslaving themselves (and as the talmud says regarding one of these sages, he would hold himself back from going to the bathroom (thus of course contaminating and distorting the holy lessons he was learning) to Talmudic style of pilpul, mastering it (to the extant that they could choose whether to consider something pure or impure, kosher or treiph, and prove whichever side they desired). They wanted to make sure that the Jewish Nation would follow their servitude and reject the Pure Holy Devotion of Dovid Hamelech, where one forms a personal relationship with the One who loves him unconditionaly. In order to achieve their goals, the sages began to publicly embarrass Duvid Hamelech. Whenever Duvid Hamelech would come the Beis Hamedrash (study hall) they would make fun of his ways, saying how can one know the Tora if he 'wastes' so much time outside the Beis Medrash (in truth it does waste the time, allowing one to elevated himself above time). So the sages would tear apart everything Duvid Hamelech would say, mocking him and his learning. The sages searched for any way they could undermine Duvid Hamelech and his holy ways of devotion. When Duvid Hamelech sinned with Bat Sheva, a sin the Talmud says can barely be considered as a sin, only so much as it was necessary for Duvid Hamelech to show and reveal a new amazing way of serving G-d even for a sinner, a way of repentance very precious to G-d. The sages however pounced at the opportunity to publicly condemn Duvid Hamelech, stating that he was an evil sinner G-d forbid. To this day, especially the gentiles speak of Duvid Hamelech (even on his holy tomb) disrespectfully because of those sages. [The Meshech Chuchma says that if not for those sages no one would even have know anything about what had happened, thus taking out the main brunt of what had done, but those rabbis were michallel hashem, desecrated G-d's name by publicizing their version of what had happened]. The fact remains, that the Written Torah, the Zohar and the Talmud all proclaim the righteousness and correctness of Duvid Hamelech, and completely vilify the sages who opposed him.
So let us examine how Duvid Hamelech promoted his true way of devotion. It could not be in promoted in debates conducted in the Beis Medrash, for the Rabbi's there were not interested in the truth, on the contrary they were just looking to ridicule anything Duvid Hamelech said. Duvid Hamelech's main claim and promotion is delivered in the Tehilim where he beseeches: טעמו וראו כי טוב, taste it and you'll see that it's good. He didn't fight or argue, he just proclaimed that the truth is self evidence, and that anyone that begins to follow the correct path till know for himself it's validity. Lies and falsehood do not have endurance, but the truth is enduring, it is the signature of G-d. Yaakov Uvinu is the representation of truth, he is called תמים, which has the same numrerical value as Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. His countenance is engraved on the Merkava.
Rabbi Nachman, a great descendant of Duvid Hamelech, and the Father of the Mushiach (as R"N said that Mushiach will born from his posterity), also endured the hardships and travails of Duvid Hamelech. Rabbi Nachman showed and proved to the world that it is necessary for us to follow a new way of devotion to G-d, a way that is entirely new, yet in fact the old way. A way that is new to us every day, and hopefully every minute and second. This is a way that is so true and so real that it unites a person to G-d exactly in his or her juxtaposition at any given moment. Understandably all the opposition that G-d included in creation are threatened by such true devotion, and in fact they become part of the devotion, as taught by Our Master Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.
Duvid Hamelech lives forever, he is the crowned and anointed one of G-d, he wanted everyone in Israel to be a king over themselves. G-d created man in His image, that is that man has free choice to do as he pleases, good or bad. The True leaders of Klal Yisroel, emulated G-d, and taught and let Klal Yisroel in His way. Thus probable the primary teaching of Rabbi Nachman the Main Leader of Klal Yisroel, is that a person must do hisbodudus and make his own personal connection to G-d, a person must seek G-d and the answers to all his questions and quests, on his own!!!! Hashem Yisborach and The Tzadik are most definitely there for you, but they wish you to develop more responsibility, personality, and character, not to unload it under the guise of spiritual sacrifice. People want a living Rabbi, they hire him for x amount of dollars and x amount of honor etc. and in return the Rabbi approves of their pitiful society and answers all their responsibility questions. If people wanted a Rabbi who would give them more responsibility from them and demand from them to arise from society and dedicate themselves completely to the worship of G-d, G-d would send them hidden tzadikim to guide them, just as H"Y sent R' Yisroel Karduner to the Saba.
Rabbi Nachman said clearly, that even in his thing there would arise fake rabbi's. Until this generation no one every was able to pull off such a craziness, to put himself in Rabbi Nachman's place.
There is a story, I think I saw it in ShiAyris Yitzchok, a Jew walked into a Breslov shteibel in Poland, he walked over to one of the holy mispallelim and told him that he was a transgressor who even was violating Shabbos, and now he wanted to repent and was seeking guidance. Imagine someone approaching one of the 'gedolim' with such a request, they would know exactly what to do. This holy Breslover chasid replied that he really had no clue, he was not after all blessed like Rabbi Nachman with the ability to see the man's soul, therefore all that he could advise was for the transgressor to begin following the doctrines of Rabbi Nachman, to discuss his situation alone with G-d and to see how G-d would direct him. Not one person in the shteibel had any other advise, and there were people there who probably could see souls, people who truly were the leaders of the generation, following Rabbi Nachmans ways with complete misiras nefesh, often starving and enduring ridicule and embarrassment hard for us to fathom. They knew that for a person to get on the right track, the person would have to follow Rabbi Nachman and follow it in the way the person understood it for himself.
In our generation we have seen the fulfillment of Rabbi Nachmans warning, as students of the weaker Mesora's of Breslov (elsewhere we have explained the three main mesorahs of Breslov, the primary one being that of the Saba, from R' Yisroel Karduner, from R' Moshe Breslevor, from R' Nussun), one after the other started their own 'breslov' cults. One of my friends got sucked into one such cult, their leader, although professing to be the tzadik of the generation does not even arise for Chatzos (this Shikker is unwilling to go to sleep the first part of the night so he stays up the whole night and goes too sleep around Netz!) one of the most fundamental concerns of a true Breslover Chasid. In any event my friend oggles to me how every day he feels completely new etc.. So I ask him if he's getting up every night for chatzos, and he says that he's not yet holding there, so I tell him how can you truthfully say that your life is so excitingly refreshing when you don't even anticipate the next day by arising to start it at chatzos?! This is but an example of the shekker - falsehood - that is self evident.
These fake rabbis are inhibiting Klal yisroel from achieving their unique status, that each and every one is unique and precious in their own way. In Likutay Moharan we learn that it is often not so much the fault of the rabbi, for they have such a powerful urge and lust for power they practically have no free choice. It is the fault of the people that give them the power. The Saba said, we do not need the Rabbis the people will choose. In our day people are starting to learn and seek their independence, they have lost a lot of the fear of standing out and being different, and have gained a strong desire to be themselves. People are searching for Nanach!!!
The Nanach is completely independent and free to serve G-d how he\she understand for themselves. The word anarchy, is composed of a prefix an, which means no, and arch, meaning king - no king, but in our case we translate the prefix as ani- I, thus stating that the new Jewish Anarchy gives each and every one of us the status of King! That is what real Breslov is about, and anyone that comes to power as a Nanach, knows for himself that this is what G-d had intended for his holy children!

Fireworks at RCC

We are exticising in our praises to the One Eternal one for allowing us the merit of performing incrdible hafatza last night. We started off beginning a seudas mitzva, a sheva brochos party for AYGS and his Bride. Then when our hearts were good we continued by parking the Nanach van in CD back yard so that it faced the multitudes that had gathered in RCC to waste their life, for they did not know that Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman has not given up on them! We parked CD's car in a way that allowed us to illuminate the Nanach van with the car's headlight brights. We were dancing, yeah we were dancing alright. TS delivered from the roof. Being that are music system has sustained damage by the square, we rigged up our amp. to what we now call 'the freezer' it's a huge speaker (much more powerful than our other one, likayem ma shenemar, when one goes down we get back stronger, which reminds me we had a special hisorurus at the seuda for a Saba-noon production of the Kamia, for I have fallen but I will get back up, or however it went) and the whole time we pumped out this trance with the Saba proclaiming Nanach to the whole world. Besides the general effect we had, we were joined by a bunch of boys and bochurim who were drawn in by Nanach. The party went till about 12.30, when the Nanach van drove Chaim, Shakua, and TS home.
Tonight Bezras Hashem there will be another party (Monsey), anyone interested can track me down. Hashem Y' really likes us, especially Nanach, so he's giving us alot of Nanach parties.

Donation Needed

We need $45 to launch our new Na Nach Music site

Anyone who can should donate to this great cause.

NaNachs dancing at Hamaspik in the winter

Breslov - The Piller of Chasidus

It is very interesting that many groups of todays chasidim look at Breslov as some new upstart when you have the following information....

1 - If you look at the history of Chasidim there was the Bal Shem Tov, there are no Bal Shem Chasidim today. Then there was the Magid of Mezrich, there are no Mezricher chasidim today. Then there was Rabbi Shneur Zalmen, Rebbi Lavi Yitzchok, Rabbi Aroan, and Rebbi Shmuel Shmelka. So there is Chabad and Karlin. No real Nikolisberg chasidim or Bardichever chasidim.
Rebbe Nachman was the same generation. It comes out that Breslov originated way before Satmer, Belz, Visnitz, Stulin, Ger........

2 - Breslov is the only chasidos that can be traced back hereditary to the Bal Shem Tov. Rebbe Nachman was the great grandson of the Bal Shem Tov. There are no Buroch Mezbetser chasidim or Rebbe Efraim chasidim. Rebbe Nachman himself stated that in order to attain high levels there is no need for Yichos and he himself used his ancestors merit only once in his life when he was about to drown at sea. Nevertheless the other chasidk groups that worship Yechus, should bow down to Rebbe Nachman.

3 - All other chasidik groups had other Rebbes after their group founder. As Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan writes very good "There was a tendency towards institutionalization, and it sometimes happened that the older generation ofTzadikim were succeeded by sons and grandsons who maintained the outer forms of Chassidic leadership while lacking the spiritual levels of their predecessors." It comes out that even if the original teachings of the founders of the Chasidos were based on the teachings of the Bal Shem Tov, they easily could have been corrupted over the years by Mefursamim shel Sheker that took the position as Rebbe of the group over the years. This is not true by Breslov which had no leaders since Rebbe Nachman. We therefore have the true and original teachings still intact.

How to Light Candles for the Righteous

a tutorial of a simple ritual that can have very powerful repercussions in a persons life. It is a way to elevate ourselves, purify our souls and to gain extra protection from all sorts of harm.

How to Light Candles for the Righteous

Rasta Na Nach

Na Nach is the most spiritual and easy going movement in the world today. It is the Mighty Lion of Judah on the rise. It is good dance music. The music in the background of this video is a Na Nach take on a Bob Marley song. The Rebbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is reaching out to all the Jewish Rastas to chant his Holy Name.

Rasta Na Nach

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fireworks Hafatza Tonight!

With the help of the All Merciful One G-d we will be doing major Nanach hafatza tonight at the RCC fireworks occasion. We will be launching our hafatza from a nearby backyard. Bezras Hashem Yisburach its going to be good.


this is one of the only important internet sites.
there must be millions of sites full of garbage.
here is one useful one to make a bissel nachas.
na nach nachma nachman meuman


At the Hillulah of the holy Tana Yonason ben Uziel, I said Tikkun Haklali by the Tzion in the merit of all the single Na Naches getting married.

New On Saba Page

New on Saba Page

Transcript of Sabba Video

Pictures of the Saba

TS, their loss our gain

At the AYGS chasuna TS was informed that he was rejected from a certain job offer because he was too Nanach. That's where one knows that he's with the Tzadik, when he's sovel-bears the price of being called by the name of the Tzadik. In any event their loss is America's gain, for BH"Y TS will now (next week) be doing hafatza full time.
Anyone who has any ideas or contacts or any information that can help hafatza and save America, the World, the Universe, and of course the fish [because Rabbi Nachman is the Chief Head Fish, as explained in Likutay Moharan], should make them known ASAP.

Na Nach office

na nach love

seen in gevuros shimshon.

one purim r' shimshon barski had the chevre over to drink and party. r' yisrael karduner, saba's teacher, was there. r' yisrael kept the mitzvos like a man should and drank until he didn't know- anything. he through up everywhere; on the floor, and on the people too!

everyone had to leave because of the great smell emanating frome everywhere including themselves. But r' shimshon, though a finicky guy by nature, had no problem with the smell. his great love for r' yisrael made the smell like roses! he cleaned up without being the least bit annoyed, and they enjoyed the rest of purim.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Na Nach Kabbalah Talk Smashing Success

Gives thanks to G-d for giving us success in the Kabbalah talk to the Litvak group. The Rosh Hashiva looked a little uncomfortable during the talk just because it was a little different then what was expected. But the delivery was smooth and we covered all the major points. I spoke a little bit about my life and how I came to convert to Judiasm and how I came to Breslov, then I read the hamlatza of Rabbi Moshe Fienstien where it says that Saba is a great Kabbalist and then got into the Zohar about the song and Hashem's Name and then explained Rebbi Nachman and what he says about the name of the Tzadik. I told a couple of stories. One about Saba's father in law and Rabbi Israel and the beard etc. and the other one the turkey prince. (Na Nach is for everyone.) We gave out Tikune Ha Klalis and flyers to everyone. The guys were great, listened well and I heard that they really loved it. (They even clapped on the end) Every one of those boys are really precious to Hashem and all their efforts toward the truth should be hansomley rewarded. I taught the swipe and left on a very good note with all of them. I pray that they all draw closer to the Rebbi Na Nach nachma Nachman MeUman and we all draw in this long awaited for Final redemption speedily and in our days...TT J J :-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

After the AYGS wedding

After the AYGS wedding, which we should write more about, especially the huge Nanach Kipot given out, the appearance of Tzvi Levin and Yaakov Shurun (just as the band started to play his fathers - zuchrainee nu) and Nissim, our dancing with the banner we made for the parade, CD's dancing on the roof of the Nanach van, and other givalts, anyways afterwards Pretter went off with Levin and a whole chevra to party all night, I think by 7-11 and then to Lazer's father's Michels, and I headed off by myself, as I passed the library I decided to check in on, while I did so 4 chasidishe bochurim came begging me to take them to do hisbodidus by a lake, they contributed for the gas and eventually we found the placed. They did their thing, and I played the guitar a little and got a drop of sleep, then we went dunken in the lake, and headed back for Vasikin.

Divrey Tora. Find G-d In Your Tora Study. Party.

At the end of shmone esray we say 'psach leebee bisorusecha' פתח לבי בתורתך, this could be interpretted as the following, open the 'bee' בי, in your Tora. The 'bee' בי, refferring to G-d as it says: כי בי ירבו ימיך. That is we are praying that G-d should allow us to find Him in His holy Tora (which is His name). This is a very important pshat-kavana to have, for this is the true intent required when studying the holy Tora.

Rabbi Nachman once asked Rabbi Nussun how his Shabbosim were. So Rabbi Nussun said that sometimes he experienced some fear and awe of G-d. Rabbi Nachman then told Rabbi Nussun that the main thing on Shabbos is to be very happy and joyous. Previously I have already published on a story regarding this (a simple person who hardly even knew he was Jewish, but he would throw a huge party every Shabbos, and Heaven was very pleased with this, equating his devotion to that of the leading holy men of his generation). As we know, Likutay Moharan is the beginning of the redemption, and Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, which is Rabbainu's signature on the seventh line of the Petek, is in itself a complete aspect of redemption, so it therefor understood that the Nanach are living in an aspect of Shabbos. It is thus understood that the Nanach main avoda-devotion, is not to be serious and working on fear, but to be extremely joyous and happy. So party on.

Song by the Tzion

Na Nach Robot

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Torah Up To The Ceiling

This is a story from the Ben Ish Chi that is brought down in Neflaim Masecha Chapter 15

Once a Rav walked into a Bais Medrash that had many Yeshivah students learning Gemara. The sound of their war in Torah was heard from afar. This student would ask and this student would answer. They were goring themselves with Halacha in great shouts and yells. This student would construct and this one would demolish, this one was yelling from here, this one was yelling from there.

The Rav entered, stood in front of the Beis Midrash and announced to all the students, "I see that this house is completely filled with Torah until the ceiling." When the students heard this they were extremely happy, since they thought that he was singing their praise, that they had filled their entire Beis-Midrash with Torah.

When the Rav saw that they did not understand his intention. He told them that he was giving them rebuke. When a person learns Torah for the sake of heaven, immediately the vapors of Torah that are being emitted by their mouth rise up and ascend to the upper realms. Over there they turn into holy lights that dwell in the higher worlds. However those that learn Torah for ulterior purposes their Torah does not rise up, instead it remains below.

"Therefore, when I saw that your studying was for ulterior reasons, I said that this house is full of Torah. This is because the Torah that you study each day does not rise and remains below in this house. Therefore this place has become filled with the Torah you learn each day. The students were greatly humbled and took his words to heart.

From here we see the severity of those who study Torah not for the sake of heaven. This is especially true for those who learn it to dominate and control. May Hashem save us from them and people like them, and may we merit to study Torah for the sake of heaven. Umen, may it be Hashem's will.

Tour Guides in Tzfat Hopping Na Nach!

Today when I walked out of me door this tour guide asked me to explain Na Nach the the group of about 30 younge americans, I told them there was a big world party comming up and that everyone is invited. Explained the shir pashut caphul etc..etc.. they were all very receptive I found some of them doing the swipe that Shmuel ( my Hafatza partner) showed them. After I went to Gedalia's to do Hafatz at his busta and lo and behold another tour guide is saying to a group of middle class americans " If you say Na Nach.... you bring alot of light into the world, If you say it loud then even more light, If you dance and say it even more light.." I could not believe my eyes and ears. Thank G-d we had flyers for both groups and we gave them out. Both groups were very receptive, the second group even got rid of some of their money into our coopa! Don't give up good times are comming.

More Hafatza in Monsey

Yesterday was BH"Y extremely successful, we did hafatza in front of Lishkas hasofer, Ebay TS and myself. CD has donated a table for hafatza so we were out in full force B"H. We also visited Shaarei Tora where we spent some time brainwashing some bochurim. Then we went to Ohel Tora, one of the boys got up and danced on the roof which made all of them very excited, and then their Rosh Yeshiva came, he looked like he was having a hard time, in Yiddish they must call it something like tzufloygen, and he asked us to leave. Today the bochurim called me up to apologize, they said their Rosh is really Nanach material, its just that he's having a hard time - TIME WILL TELL. At R' Rottenbergs shul we met this guy who mamash was michazak us by ranting against certain misnagdim and even defending a certain outbreak of passion conducted by a visiting Nanach. We also chilled with the dira on Kill the Lime street, we watched the Nanach DVD had some veal and jammed on all types of guitars. In the evening Yosef Fisher made a chanukas habayis honoring our Chason, and we really had an awesome party (CD, TS, Ebay, AYGS, FISHER, fishers kid - he got a complimentary spin in the Nanach van when everything was over sometime before 1 in the morning, and myself).

Na Nach Fries

Na Nach Kabbalah Lecture To Be Given to Litvak Buchurim

A tremendous opportunity has been given to us to meforsam the Holy Name of the Tzadik. Hashem has arranged for me to give a lecture about Kabbalah for an hour and a half to a group of 60 Litvak Yeshiva Buchurim this coming Shabbas here in Tzfat at some fancy hotel. Of course I will talk about the Holy Name of the Tzadik Yesod Olam Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman (though they don't know it yet). I am very nervous about this but very confident also. I am asking all the Holy Na Nach brothers in Tzfat to join me at my house at 5 O'clock in the afternoon this coming Shabbas to walk over to the hotel to give me support. It would be much more powerful if we can show ourselves as a group. I am also asking all the holy Na Nachers everywhere to please say a lot of Na Nach's for me that I bittle myself to the Tzadik and say exactly what we all need to hear so as to open our hearts to the wonderful light of redemption that is currently being revealed in the world. The Love that I have for every Na Nacher is beyond description. Hashem should bless everyone of you for all your prayers, your faith in the Holy Tzadik and in his name and for every action however small in Meforsaming his name and hastening the final redemption. They also want to hear a story about Tzfat (everyone loves a story), I don't know any Na Nach stories about Tzfat if someone can please help me they will take part in this great Mitzvah of Mefitzing the Daas of the Tazdik. Bless you all Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

BBq at Hamaspik with the NaNachs

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NaNAch morning chill

Welcoming Ebay to Monsey

Tuesday morning Ebay joined us in Monsey (Ebays is the acronym Yisroel Ber Odesser, and his last name is the exact gematria of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, so that should give you some idea of who we're talking about). We spent some time brainwashing his family, and we visited R' Radinsky's yeshiva where one of the magiday shiurim is on his way B"H"Y in the right direction. Later we picked up TS and AYGS. We visited Shaarei Torah and did a whole bunch of other hafatza, selling a bunch of books, stickers, music, and dvd. We then attended a Seudas Praida (Pretter)a BBQ at Hamaspik, for AYGS, where we were joined by CDF, it was a great party. After we hooked up with Moshe Shaikeridge, and chilled and did major hafatza. Returning Ebay to visit his gf found us CDF and Shakua Birabainu, and then I learnt that I was still not accepted at that place, there is great suffering there but they still refuse to acknowledge Nanach. After I went to Or Tora and did some more hafatza, some litvish bochur bought a bunch of stickers for his guitar and we did a song together.
Na Nach.

Viola Park, Monsey, Friday Afternoon

As posted earlier the Nanach were invited by Chaverim to some type of safety affair in Viola Park, Monsey on Friday Erev Shabos K' Parshas Shlach. We found the following video of the event:

From my family I heard that the various safety progams attracted about 10 kids each, and the bulk of the kids new where they would be really safe - with the Nanach!!!

Mazel Tov to AYGS

Everybody is invited to me wedding ,Thursday 26 june, 7:30 chuppah, at Ateres Charna,790 north main st (rt.45) Spring Valley N.Y. 10977 Mazal Tov! Bring your NaNach kippot

New Na Nach Type Graphic

Check this out. Two capital letter T's  and a Capital letter " J " and a space and another Capital letter " J " in english spell Na Nach in Hebrew.
           "  TTJ J  "            strange how Na Nach is just popping up everywhere.
 Have a  Na Nach Day!    TTJ  J    :-) 

Punk Rock Na Nach

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Trino (C) has donated another $20 for the spread of nanach.
Others should follow this example as well.

One Page Story of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

Story of the miricle of the petek in English condensed to one page. In Saba's own words. Well written and perfectly edited. check it, copy it, distribute it in hafatzah, share with friend. It's under links - the Saba.
so rabbi nachman rveald that now ther is a nachel novia mkor chochma we all know the frist letters spell nachman.but what do u do with the rest of the letters count them in to numbers with the 4 kol it comes out to =na nach nachma nachman meuman

Three Na Nach Dudes

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nanach partying by the holy Tzion

Taken In Uman After Shavuos 68 At Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman

Easy Dancing 491

The Numerical value of "Na Nach Nachma Nachman MayUman" is 491 as is known. This is also the numerical value of the words "Rikudim Kal" which can be translated as "Easy" or "Light" Dancing. resh=200. Quoph=100 Vav=6 Dalet=4 yud=10 Mem=40. 200+100+6+4+10+40=360 and "Kal" is Quoph=100 Lamed=30, 100+30=130, 360+130 =490 plus one for the dancer himself is 491. This is the secret of Na Nach Dancing. Peace and Love

Video From Uman, after Shavuos 68

fixing the monsey nanach van, creating a stage for all the Bnei Aliya to rise on the great platform of Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mayuman

Spending time with Rebbe Nachman

enjoying sunday mourning in the monsey nanach van with simcha h, tzvi s ,and with (aygs)
shimon k

Doctor Na Nach

chling with the van at a hassid school

giving out stickers, dancing, getting the swipe around and mainly spreading REBBI NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN MAYUMAN

Sunday, June 22, 2008

tzvi scheinerman and aygs visiting a handicap boy

His name is Yechial ben Chaya Rivka he's a true nanach

tour of the monsey (simcha h) van with tzvi s and aygs

The "Horrible" Na Nachman Cult

Here is a letter that I sent to a site that had a negative article about nanach calling it a cult and even going as far to say that it was better for teens to remain non religious then to become nanach.


I am a member of the Na Nach cult and would like to tell you and your readers that we have an active campaign for abducting American teenagers on their "year in Israel" and turning them into fanatical members of our cult.

We have already brainwashed a number of students from prominent yeshivas and initiated them into our fanatical nanach cult. We plan on continuing and there is really nothing you can do to stop us.

Here are some of our cult practices.

We wake up in middle of the night, dip in freezing rivers then go alone into the woods and scream for hours.

We shave our heads besides for leaving two dreadlocks from the side. This is to separate our members from society and bind them to our cult. We let our beards grow loose and wild resembling the ancient Judean tribes. We walk around with blue fringes hanging out of the side of our cloths and wear large white skull caps embedded with our cult mantra. On the seventh day of the week we wear white and gather for lengthy rituals of screaming yelling and dancing.

We walk around the streets and woods talking to "ourselves" (G-D). We spend a lot of time going around to graves, kissing and hugging them. We do daily meditations with our cult mantra Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman. Before prayers we bind ourselves to our cult master Rebbe Nachman. We go on weekend retreats to graves of Ancient Talmudic personalities and sit there for hours muttering old texts.

We have cult vans that roam the streets of Israel with scores of our cult members dancing and distributing our propaganda. We wear holy amulets with copies of the name Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman inside.

Everyday we spend time studying all the various ancient Jewish texts especially the Grand Code Book of Law that Rebbe Nachman said had to be studied every day. We also dedicate a large amount of time to studying the various texts of Breslov.

At least once a year every member of our cult must make the pilgrimage to the grave of our Grand Master Rebbe Nachman in Uman, Ukraine as well as to the grave of the "Holy Grandpa" Rabbi Yisroel Odeser.

Male members of our cult will not look at and talk to women. We do arranged marriges and our wives wear rags on their heads.

We will not subject ourselves to any fake rabbis who chase money and power, simply because they have a white beard and memorized a little Gomorrah. We completely and totally separate ourselves from fake erev rav American westernized watered down Judaism and declare that it has no say or influence on our lives.

Warning to all American parents, keep your children far away from the Nanach cult, that is if you can.

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We have finished tagging and labeling all the posts on they are now available categorized by topic on the right side of the site.

We will be labeling all the posts around once a month. We ask all posters to refrain from tagging and labeling their posts (most posters have not done so until now so this does not even apply) since this will be done by the site administrators.


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Na Nach

Spelling is Sheker

Rav na nach's Fire

Friday, June 20, 2008

one of the first of many

A great erev Shabbos. When I was 13 in year 2000 I went to summer camp in Eretz Yisroel. Meron was the spot to show the young adult a kosher party. Kippot stickers we got it all. 8 years latter I was Zocheh to NaNach and right before i went on my trip to E"Y me and a friend put up a 3 foot NaNach beauty that totally zapped Monsey and Spring Valley. Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mayuman

Wednesday - Friday with American Nanach

Wednesday AYGS, TS, and myself went to a wedding in Williamsburg. There was maybe more than a 10 piece band, but they just weren't playing the stuff we need, but this didn't stuff TS from steeling the show, he gained about 6 chasidim - the holy children there, who proceeded to follow him and copy his antics. There was a Nanach scarf floating around and it was put to use. One of the oldest children was a girl maybe 5 years old and she presented one end of the scarf to tzvi and they did a little mitzva dance together. May he merit to marry his true zivvug very soon. Somewhere towards the end he chose to eat some ice cream sitting down in middle of the dance floor, and his holy chevra joined him, it was pretty 'cool'. There were a bunch of women who I think got a lot of this on camera, maybe we can get it.
Here's what we did managae to get:

By the way, we are of course always giving out the fliers.
Thursday night saw what is for now considerable Nanach power. Chaim Dovid, AYGS, TS,Yosef Fisher, and myself went to be misamayach chusun vikala at a sheva brachos - bbq. We got there around 9, and drove the van onto the backyard and did our thing, the Nanach thing, especially cool was the dancing effect of dancing in the pitch black in the blare of the bright headlights (which reminds me we gotta get working on strobe lights for the van). Then we chilled with the party. Then Yosef Fisher told over the story of the 5th day of the 7 holy beggars, which we animated, and all the guests took in the whole thing. Then we did the grace a little more dancing and proceeded to pick up Shakua Birabainu. We then proceeded to Breslov on Main St. to pick up Yaakov Shurun. Once there (about 12) we decided to hang out there. So quickly we put a nanach sticker prominently on the Holy Ark and other places, arranged half the tables into a U, with CD sitting in the center, and Shakua led the studies of Likutay Moharan, I think Tora 27 which discusses - peace. During this time the bochurim there were really freaking out. One of them ordered us to leave, threatening to call the police, however we just did our thing, the Nanach thing. The van was parked at the entrance to Breslov, so this bochural tells me that I'm blocking the entrance and I must move it right away. Being that is was so late and I didn't think anybody else was going to pull up, I didn't pay the troubled lad too much attention. He began threatening that if I didn't move it within 5 minutes he was going to call the police. Very shortly after he made his deadline 30 seconds, but I wasn't with him, even though in some way my heart felt for him. But Shakua tells me, why don't I just move the van down to the parking spots, so I say why not, and so I do. Next thing you know there's a cop there. Just one thing before, while we were learning together one of the bochurim turned off the lights, so we lit candles.
The cop comes and and asks us who's our leader, so we tell Rabbi Nachman, Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, so he says, no I mean which one of you is in charge here, so we tell him none of us, where all just here together (givald, givald), so the bochurim are on his case to get him to kick us out so he asks us to leave and a debate ensues. First the cop says that lighting candles is a violation of fire security (or something like that), so CD says to him you mean a partial violation, so the cop says no, it's a direct violation, so CD laughs and says to him, so your going to shut down all the shuls in Monsey, so cop smiles and sort of gives in. Meanwhile YS gets passionately involved greatly disturbing our cop. who tells him to get out of his face or he's going down, this greatly insulted YS and he was greatly discouraged, however later on he had a comeback. The cop says, with this guy (CD) I can talk respectfully. In any event we tell the cop that if they would just turn back on the lights we'll put out their fire, but HuAish Sheli Tukad Ad Bias Hamushiach. So the debate ensued until they woke up some guy Luichtar who saw right away that there wasn't much he could do, he did make a meager attempt at first, he said that its his place he's in charge, so CD tells the cop that's right he's in charge of putting out the coffee and making sure there's milk, and the building was that of the Breslov community which entitled us Nanach to use it freely, and there were was a little more of this type of chit chat, but one of our claims which was the clincher, was the sign on the door, last one out please turn off the lights and lock up (or something like that). So we said, we're going to be the last one's out, and we're going to lock up. So this guy Luichtar he tries to cut his losses, and tells the cop that seeing that it looks like we're not out to do anything terrible we should be aloud to stay for a half hour more, so the cop says how are you for that, we say we want to be here for at least around another hour, and maybe even till chatzos to do the tikun. In any event the other side capitulated, and the cop left asking us not to anything bad. We continued to learn, and then I woke up at about 3 and drove everyone home. Shurun went TS.
Today we were invited by chaverim (who AYGS and TS hooked up with by the maaseh of NS) to do our thing, the Nanach thing, in Viola Park from 1:30 till 3:30, and BH"Y it's gonna be very good.
Nanach it only gets better

Regarding the Damage Done To The Nanach Van

Baruch Hashem most of our holy brethren are very appreciative of the presence of the holy Nanach van in their midst. Unfortanetly as you have read previously on there are still bad elements amongst us, chiefly those of the n.s. sect who are endurring great suffering from their prediciment and release their anger on the good, the chosen of G-d. They have wripped off the large sticker MayUman from the van, one of the posters of the Saba (just as, far away, CD was contemplating to himself that one poster of the Saba over in that area was sufficient, and now we are considering putting up a Petek in the newly availabe space), and other such damage. They also wripped off the speakers from the roof of the van and smashed them on the road. They also slashed one of the tires. They did so with unabashed venemous hatred of themselves blinding them of the fact that there were many onlookers amazed to see how low they had fallen, and how clumsy was their appeal to Rabbi Nachman to save them, like a drowning man striking the man coming to rescue him.
We hope the general public will respond to this terrible affair, by showing active support to Nanach to get things back together and better than ever. Anyone who would like to make ammends for the acts of our disturbed brethren can do so in many ways, and as Rabbi Nussun said most important to give money to the Tzadik. Donations can be made on the site, there is no cause worthier, for all causes benefit emensely and are in fact completey in the hand of the Tzadik. Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.
Show that you care, Show that you appreciate what Na Nach is doing for you.
Say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

T"RShT Na Nach

Returning from a Sheva Brachot stuck on a road not moving,
I said Na Nach in T"RShT and we moved!
It was like this:
Na - Long like Tekiah
Nach - Three times like like teRuah
Nachma - Several times quickly like Shevarim
Nachman - Long like Tekiah
Shabbat Shalom and Na Nach

Flame of Na Nach

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nanach hits elite litvak yeshiva Stamford Ct

It started when I met one of the boys from the yeshiva in Stamford CT (his father is Rosh Yeshiva of a different yeshiva SHU"L) he asked me for Nanach stickers, and I told him it would cost him money. He said he didn't have money. So I recommended to him to utilize the profession of our forefathers - prayer, I told him he should pray to G-d to be zoche to get Nanach stickers, G-d Will understand, G-d knows the supreme need for Nanach stickers. Myself, I am praying all the time for Nanach stickers (by the way we also need stickers, start praying), I am praying for millions and millions of them, because I need a lot of Nanach stickers. So the boy, he is a bright one, immediately begins beseeching G-d in very heartfelt prayer to bequeath him with Nanach stickers, and as he's praying I feel my heart opening and not much longer I find myself , miracle of miracle, offering him a poster size sticker of the Saba with his hands raised up, this was his I told him on condition that he displays it prominently in his room in the yeshiva. Gladly excepting the terms, my friend immediately resumed praying for more Nanach stickers, and it was in that state that I left him.
Upon coming back from Uman I listened to my messages and hear that my friend did indeed post the sticker prominently in his room. One day a very depressed boy, (in the yeshiva they call this, I think, amongst other things, ungizetst, farbittert, tzooshmattad) walked into my friends room and upon seeing the poster of the Saba, was completely blown away and entered extremely high levels of joy and happiness, which he spread through the whole yeshiva. The boys having witnessed what had transpired were awed, and Nanach has become to them - the word. Being that many of these boys are on low budgets, we appeals to you out there to sponsor some Nanach stickers and other vital first aid nanach paraphernalia for these dear lost brothers of our.
Those wishing to contact the yeshiva directly to congratulate them and wish them further success can reach them at this number: 203 252 2473
May they merit to join Rabbainu's Yeshiva, and exticy is divine day an night forever Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!!
Saba said when you do hisbodedus whatever comes out of your mouth you say. rabeinu said what you say in hisbodedus new things every time is ruach hakodesh. i want to apply this to everything and say if your will is to do mitzvos then everything you do is good even when it doesn't seem so. you don't have to be afraid of messing up g-d's will, just do it. he will guide you. CHAZAK VE'EMATZ BA'AVODASCHA!


A friend called me from his litvish Yeshiva in somewhat of a panic, "i don't know what to do, i have been having the craziest dreams for the past 2 weeks, i wake up suddenly in great fear, and it seems to me there are demons in my room". I have suggested in the past that this friend wear a Na Nach kameya, but this piece of advice was never recieved, so i suggessted it again now, "No, he said, it's too weird". Then it occured to me, just to hang it in his room. He didn't object, and subsequently had his first peaceful sleep in weeks.
Na Nach.

English Na Nach Gentlemen

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Nanach day

Monday Parshas Shlach saw some famous litvaks from Bnay Brak at the Holy Tzion of Our Master Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. One name I remember – Lebowitz, allegedly had giluy eliyahu, there was also a R' Dovid Chaim who allegedly was visited in his suca about 8 years ago by Rabbainu who instructed him how to conduct himself. There was also some sfardish guy that everyone was kissing his hand (he put on what seemed to me to be Sheemusha Raba tifilin, and the Shel Yad in my humble opinion was completely out of place). One of the followers kept calling me meshuga and kept telling me to leave the tzion, once he even removed my sforim from the tzion. The guy had his son with him, a little boy- his son was really tripping on Nanach, poor father.
My flight was Tuesday and I only found one person that was going to be on the flight, and that person seemed to be from Shin Beit H”Y, but I was still willing to try to work out going with him to airport. He told me that he wanted to first go to the Magid of Mezritch and R' Zusia and I could go with him. Monday I think he went to Breslov, and I didn't see or hear from him, so I started working on other ways of getting to the airport, finaly RT supplied me with the name of a Russian that was going to the airport, exactly at the time I needed, to pick people up from the airport. Maybe I should have been more stingy on money could have been spent on Nanach but I agreed to give the guy $20 to take me (of course he asked for a lot more.... supposedly the going rate nowadays is $150, Gabi told me that it costs about 70 just for the gas, so make you can bring them down to 100, it used to be 80). When I got to shacharis the Netz minyan was well in progress and I saw the Shin Bais guy there. After I finished praying I no longer so the Shin Bais guy, I has wanted to invite him to join me for free or a little contribution, and save him over $100, had he had the courtesy of honoring what he told me that I could accompany him, he would have saved himself the money. It wouldn't surprise me if flew 1st class, I saw him hanging out somewhere around there. In JFK I spotted him and started walking over I wanted to rub in his loss. However he ignored my approach and turned and walked away. So I let it go, then I thought he probably doesn't value the money anyways.
While waiting to board the plane I took out my guitar and played a little, this is in practice with what many Nanach feel that the time has come out to reach out to one and all, even goyim, obviously our main concern and energy are the jews, but ultimately Rabbainu is going to mesakain everyone, and we are in place and equipped to get involved in this now. There were a couple of comments on the stickers of the Saba on my guitar.
Sitting next to me on the plane was a guy that at first glance seemed to be really not up to par, he was wearing pants that were longer than shorts but not quite pants, and he had color tattoos on his arm, he was listening to an ipod and watching the movies. After the 2nd movie he took out mac bookmark laptop, and slowly it became clear that he was at least somewhat educated and on par. In any event I had a strong urge to give him some of my songs to listen to, so I got his okay to insert my recorder into his laptop, and then we began shmoozing for the next few hours. (First he heard part of my new hit reggae song which of course he acknowledged its excellence). It turns out that my new friend John was a professional rock singer for ten years. During that time he was forced many times to spend alone in contemplation. He had wanted to make a positive impact on the world, especially with the songs he was writing, but after ten years in the business he didn't think that he could, so he started studying diplomacy he feels that maybe in that field he could actually make a difference. So I told him a little about Nanach, and time did seem to fly until right before landing we hit some turbulence, which at one point John said was unnerving, so I told him to just say Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman and everything will be OK, this is in fact what Shlomo Carlbach used to do, as he said on the radio.
We arrived at JFK sometime before 5pm, and I was so busy on the phone to properly understand that I should have taken up on a ride to Lakewood, and all my other potential rides didn't pull through. It appeared to me that I was pretty exhausted and getting pretty sick, my voice was 70% gone. So I considered my options of forcefully getting myself elsewhere, but I strengthened my Emuna in H”Y that He only does to us what is absolutely the best, and therefor I figured that it was for very good reason that I should remain in the airport, I figured it had to do with the arriving flight from Israel {almost a week later I realized I forgot something very important on the plane, B"H they found it, if I has only davened a little more, maybe a little more... maybe I was being given the chance of saving a second trip to the airport}. So after I thought I was wiped out I did solid hafatza (mostly on the new nanach flier designed by YS) from around 9 till after 11, during which 2 planes arrived from Israel. So somewhere around 12 when things had quited down, I reanalyzed my situation and B”H after a few little attempts, I held out, and went to sleep write there. BH”Y I woke up sometime around chatzot (the Arizal revealed that one of the things that can give a person the merit to get up at chatzot is kiruv) and was zoche to pray and meditate. Judging my health I decided to sleep a little before Shacharit, and as I got into the process, this black girl, dressed real tzanua, approached me and offered me – soup. Well, I told her, it was most kind, but being that I'm Nanach it is my practice to only imbibe kosher things, and the fancy cup she had procured from the local vendor didn't seem to fit the bill, so she tells me that the soup is Kosher, she brought it from Israel (now there is a different issue, R' Chaim Vital brings a story from chazal of a certain amora who after drinking water heated by a gentile, ceased to be visited by Eliyahu). The azus dikedusha for a frum, tznius, girl to approach a jew lying in the airport to offer him hot soup was most impressive, in the merit of this good deed and trait may she merit to marry her true zivvug very soon, and may she merit to have shalom bayis and raise healthy holy Nanach children.
After Shacharis I did hafatza on another plane that arrived from Israel. H”y then sent me a ride to where I wanted to go, the guys name is Kurtz, he didn't want to take my Likutay Nanach so I stashed a nanach sticker into one of the pockets of his fancy car.
Today I spent a few hours trying to catch up with all the new nanach movies and posts on And finally I got around to get this post up. There's still a lot of things I gotto catch up on and get going, including getting my music available on
Great blessings of One to all,
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman

Tumid bi

Here's what I wanted to post about last Shabbos in Uman

Shabos Parsha Bihaaloscha in Uman, there were about 30-40 men. At the Netz minyan instead of giving the first aliyah to Alon (who is a Cohen), it was given to someone else (a ger, at the time I had a theory about this, but I can't remember it), which made me the eligible recipient of the second aliyah – Levi. The second aliyah does in fact discuss how the special status of firstborns in the service of G-d was taken from them and given to the Leviites, which strongly promotes the status of the Nanach, as it has been said that perhaps when Mushiach comes the Nanach will be proclaimed priests.
There were a bunch of interesting things I learned on Shabbos. Someone showed me that in the Daf Yomi, tractate Sota daf 21a where the talmud discusses the supremacy of learning Tora above the fulfillment of all the other commandments, it is clear from the commentary of Rashi that the talmud is referring to study of Sod – the secrets of the Tora (the Talmud brings the verse, great waters can not extinguish the love, and Rashi says that this is Sod), this is truth consistent with Rashi in tractates Sanhedrin and Shabos where he explains that the study of Tora Lishma means that the study is with the intent of reaching the secrets of the Tora.
Another thought that occurred to me on that holy day was that the Tora's telling over of Moshe's wife being a Kushis, and in the writings of the Arizal here it is brought down from The great rabbi Klunimus that because of this even Moshe's bones didn't merit to be buried in Israel, this maybe a hint that America is going to have a black president.
Also in the same piece from the Arizal it says that Moshe didn't enter Israel because he was on a higher spiritual level, this needs clarification, for certainly Israel is holier than outside of Israel and certainly more holy than where Moshe was buried. Furthermore if Moshe was so much holier than Israel why did he desire so much to enter? It could be that the explanation is similar to what we find that the recital of the Shma – the ultimate unification of G-d is said in the section of the prayers which correspond to the world of Briah, whereas the Shmone Esray which is only a Rabbinic ordinance is said in the world of Atzilus, this is because we do not have the power to completely unify G-d in Atzilus. In this way we can say that Moshe would have been unable to live his part in Israel. Rabbi Nachman, who possessed the soul of Moshe, did merit to enter Israel, and he prepared us for Mushiach.
Also in the writings of the Arizal, on the verse, לא כן עבדי משה בכל ביתי נאמן הוא, the significance of נאמן – loyal , is explained. The word starts with a bent nun and ends with a staight nun, encompassing the Malchus of Ruchel and Layuh. This is what we find with נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Our Aaron Nanach has donated $50 for the spread of nanach.
Others should follow his example as well.
Simcha (H) Na Nach should be back from Umon so we will discus how the funds should be devided.

Hippie Na Nach's

The Na Nach Swipe

Hippie Na Nach's

see newer version

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Another donation just came in from Trino (C) for the amount of $10

Everyone should take an example from this continuous donor and help the Na Nach Efferts

Hafatzah at Rainbow ?

Is any one planning to attend Jerusalem Camp at Rainbow in Wyoming to do Hafatzah? If yes perhaps we can coordinate efforts ...

Rainbow Gathering Wyoming

Drugs are Sheker

The Saba said that drugs are worse then niuf.

Protest Mishcav Zochar "Marriage" Recognition!

This post has been modified since it is not in spirit of the site...
(It is important to protest but the content of the post was too detailed)

If anyone wants to read it use this link...

New Yorkers: Daven of course but also protest and call the reps, and copy and paste the text of the email below (text also available in link above, i don't know if it will all fit below) and forward it to all N. Yorkers you know.

This comes when "Dozens of Homos Marry in California" is just in the news. We need to send out a California version too.

Remember to BCC: (blind carbon copy) the recipients so that future forwardees don't see all of everyone's email addresses.

I believe this especially is pertinant for us Breslevers to be involved with as it's bechinat Shmirat Habrit. Na Nach


Dear Friends,

The NY Assembly can veto Gov. Paterson's recent motion to recognize mishcav zochaor marriages.
Call or write your representives. March. Protest. Remember Noah's generation and Sodom and Gamorrah.
See a sample letter or statement below.

Country Hick Na Nach

Monday, June 16, 2008

return of the 3 week trip

so after 5 years in the holy land the age of 16 till 21even though i thoght i had a couple things figured out and actually found a little truth in this world specificlly in our master and teacher na nach nachma nachman meumans works g d decided to show me other wise .He picked me up dropped me of in america a land void of spirituallity and meaning and said now what
it was my 2nd time in uman rosh hashanah but 3 years of connecton{naturally my first year i had barriers to break and wasnt fully victorious}.succos till chanukah i stay simply balanced so after my 2nd year having gone to uman for chanukah i decided i especially need it this year took off from my afternoon job wich i aqquired and headed out . having gone through all of rabbainu 's works besides all of lekutie halachot and the end of alim letrufahi. im thinking i thought r n light is never ending how come it seems to be for me maybe i have to search for a different mefursom or perhaps quit some evil habits , i cant say i fully beleived or was fully accepting of na nach but i was open for pretty much anything this trip. i got there met lazer and shanni in kiev and joined together to our destination. looking for more americans spotted avi p ,s.a dym and i knew about simcha h . bought a poster and i would by a frame in america for my room . so now i took a peek at the newly translated english israel sabba his begadim and sever panim yaffot and the kerens cool binding priced it for ten $ for me a little steepbut avi told me hell give me his for 8 . kept it with me at all times cause my pintile yid wanted na nach. motze yom tov i build up the azut to also confront s. h. after never being noticed . it went pretty well he gave me elimelech in l towns # i never actually got to meet him till my boro park hafatzah on the seen pesach time. he took my # down i think or just figured out how to get in touch w/me . and when he arrived in monsey he started to get all the few men of a little truth in monsey together by cd's place , ap,s uncles, w/ a little appearence by s. e. and other characters i never would of found .i guess i could say i helped aygs enter the circle a little in the begining but now has grown his own wings its been a huge chizzuk for me and a example for everyone thanks for every thing .[the only way i could describe it is why did in all the world israel karduner end up in tiberias }hamayvin yavin]. aygs trip to israel and the purchase of the gmc pesach time things really started to turn in to gear. now im finally ready for my 3 week trip starting at rashbi inthe holy land for my 6th straight year hodu lashame. and then to my first tikun tou by my chosem mim hachosem trip to na nach for shavout and received a brand new torah.keilim of 5 years was filled up with oros in 3 weeks. what a long strange trip its been . noooooooooooooooooooooooow im back . late thurssday afternoon i got back at night we did hafatzah w/ the van in monsey na nach. shabbos went to my tenth grade haven adelphia na nach. sunday aygs posted a drop in the sea na nach. at night i got in to the biggest machloket w/ my dad na nach. besides the hours of hisbodidut i need to do my point of this blog is for sichot chaverim.thursday night we were blasting music past 12 and promoting w/out a permit the cops showed up not only w/ flying colors did he let us off but chaverim showed upand invited us to viola park tis fridaypermitted to the whole community1 to 3 30 be there . motzie shabbos at alot at the mik found home less tamanie kid gave him a kamaya for freemade his life he told me na nach. alot has to be discussed about ns on sunday. now its monday i walked around w/ a bag full of goods following netz and the morning tikunnim doing 1 was abraham hafatzah a whole different trip . keep up the good work never give up always be happy and na nach nachma nachman _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . i love yall i am strongly anticipating ur response.

Sichos HaRan 21

On Rosh HaShanah one must act wisely and only think good thoughts. One should only keep in mind that G-d will be good to us.

One must be happy on Rosh HaShanah, and yet one must cry

On the first day of Rosh HaShanah, one must speak as little as possible. The Rebbe said that a great leader must be even more careful about this.

The Rebbe himself would not even say most of the Piyut on Rosh HaShanah. He only said that which was written by Rabbi Eliezer Kalir. He would omit the rest, because as a leader, he was extremely careful not to say a single unnecessary word.

Horrible Crime Against Na Nach


today was limala min hateva in nanach history aygs (shimon kreisel)and tzvi shienerman we both went into N---------E sunday afternoon with the simcha hochman na nach van. we work with special needs children so we took Shimshy to his n.s. home.shivi keller was on the speaker system while we rolled in. about 5 min of sitting there and chilling with shimshy (special needs kid) and shivi suddenly a big chevy z71 truck starts yelling at us get out of here I'll give you 2 minutes to leave so i considered leaving in my head. then a car pulled up behind us to block us in and there was originally a car in front of us so we where sandwiched in. then the unthinkable happened a n.s. chasid slashed our back right tire and another chasid ripped down our big yellow mayuman sticker the speaker on the van also got a little damaged. 2 rocks were thrown at tzvi and my left arm got a little broozed by a chasid. the reason i am not writing on the front page is because i never signed up to publish yet. we do have names of the hasids that damaged the tire and the speaker they can get arrested fort there acts further info will be posted. this is a true na nach act being mevazah in public spreading na nach we both thank hashem with our full hearts that we were zochah to a greater hasaga of na nach nachma nachman mayuman note that there were so chasids on our side and n.s. chevarim changed our tire so never give up hashems sees every step and na nach nachma nachman mayuman

Na Nach Aliens

Sunday, June 15, 2008

na nach joke

rabbi nachman and his student were comeing back from isreal and they were on a boat that was drowning the boat was mostly in the water and the student was terified so rabbi nachman told him why you so afraid? wen the yidden were in the water by the red sea the water split. were still on the boat..... na nach nachma nachman meuman brothers

A Solid Uman Clip

Sod Bal Hasadeh Part 9

Many people who oppose the Tzadik falsely claim that Breslevers do not learn Shas and they are not knowledgeable in it.

This is very false since there are a lot of Breslevers that learned large amounts of Shas and have a strong grasp over many of its parts.

In fact one of Rebbe Nachmans teachings is that everyone should study all parts of the Torah on a daily basis, including Shas.

Additionally when Breslevers study Shas it is on a much higher quality then other gorups, since they live their lives according to the teachings of the Tzadik. Since they are pure and holy, when a Breslover studies Shas it helps him with Shmiras Habris. This is unlike other groups who study in impurity and for false reasons that cause studying Shas to bring them to greater impurity. As is brought down in Likutay Maharan that Talmud is Gimatriya Lilis Y"S.

It comes out then when Breslovers study Shas it is worth a lot more then when this is done by others who do not follow the advice of the Tzadik such as Mikva and Hisbodedute.

It therefore works out very good that

רבי נחמן has the same exact gimatriya as ש"ס

LM II:8 translation in progress

finished alef.
refers to the future song.

Likutei Moharan II:8

Blow the horn at the new moon, at the full moon for our feast-day. For it is a statute for Israel, an ordinance of the G-d of Jacob. (Ps. 81)

1. Although rebuke is a great thing, and it is incumbent on every one of Israel to rebuke his friend, when he sees in him that he is not acting in line, as is written (Lev. 19): “You shall surely rebuke your people,” despite this not every man is fit to rebuke, as Rabbi Akiva said (Eruvin 16): “I wonder if there is in this generation anyone who can rebuke.” If Rabbi Akiva said this in his generation, all the more so in this generation of the present.

2. For when the rebuker is not fit to rebuke, then not only does his rebuke not help, but he also causes the smell of their souls to stink up who hear his rebuke, for through his rebuke he awakens the bad smell of the bad deeds and the bad characteristics of the people whom he rebukes. Like when some thing is laid down that has a not-good smell, as long as they do not move the thing, they do not sense the bad smell, but when they start to move that thing, then they wake up the bad smell; likewise through the rebuke of one who is not fit to rebuke, through this they awaken the bad spirit of the bad deeds and the bad characteristics of the people that he rebukes, and therefore he causes their smell to stink up, and through this he weakens their souls, and through this the flow is interrupted from all the worlds that depend on these souls. For the main feeding of the soul is from the smell as our Rabbis of blessed memory said (Berakhot 43): Whence do we learn that we say a blessing on a fragrance? -- for it is said (Ps. 150:6) "Let the whole soul praise Y-h." What is the thing that the soul enjoys from, and the body does not? -- you have to say: This is the fragrance. And therefore through this rebuke, which causes their odor to stink up, through this is weakened the soul, whose feeding is from the smell as mentioned above, and in any case the flow from all the worlds that depend on them is interrupted.

But when the rebuker is fit to rebuke, then on the contrary, he adds and gives a good fragrance to the soul through his rebuke, for the rebuke needs to be in the aspect of the rebuke of Moshe, who rebuked Israel for deed of the Calf, for through his rebuke he gave them a good smell, as in (Song 1) “My spikenard gave forth its fragrance,” which is said about the deed of the Calf. It did not say “left,” but “gave,” as Rashi explained there and as our Rabbis of blessed memory said in the Gemara (Shabbat 85). For through the rebuke of Moshe for the deed of the Calf he added and gave them a good smell, which is like the food of the soul, for the main feeding of the soul is from the smell as mentioned above, for through the voice of the rebuke that is proper, through this he gives a good smell to the spirits, which is like the food of the soul as mentioned above.
For there is food of the soul and food of the body, (Tikkunei Zohar 21) and through physical food the spiritual food is weakened, for through physical food, i.e. through eating and drinking, through this we enlarge the aspect of the heel of the Other Side, like (Ps. 41): “The one who eats my bread grew the heel upon me.” For through eating the heels and legs are strengthened, as in (Shabbat 152): “Chew well with your teeth, and you will find it in your steps.” And then when, God forbid, the heel of the Other Side grows, through this is weakened, God forbid, the aspect of the heel of holiness, which is like (Prov. 22): “The reward of humility [`eqev `anawah] is the fear of the Lord,” which is like fragrance (ReYaCh) , like (Isa. 11): “And He shall imbue him (wehaRICho) with the awe of the Lord,” which is the food of the soul.
And the remedy for this is through the aspect of voice, for the aspect of voice waters the Garden, where all the fragrances and awes grow, like (Gen. 2: “And a river goes out from Eden to water the Garden.” “And a river goes out from Eden” etc. – this is like voice, like (Ps. 93) “Rivers raised up their voices; and this is like (Gen. 3): “I heard Your voice in the Garden and I feared,” for this voice waters the Garden, through which all the fragrances grow, which are the aspect of awe as mentioned above, which this is the idea of trhe food of the soul as mentioned above, for through this voice the aspect of the heel of the Other Side is suppressed, for this voice is like (there 27): “The voice is the voice of Ya`akov;” and therefore Yaakov merited to the aspect of fragrance, like (there): (See, the fragrance of my son is like the smell of the field,” which was said regarding Ya`akov, and he suppresses the heel of the Other Side, like (there 25): “And his hand held on to the heel of Esau.” This voice is the aspect of the proper rebuker, like (Isa. 58): “Raise your voice like a shofar and tell My people their iniquities" etc.; for the rebuker, who wants to rebuke Israel and tell them their iniquities and sins, he needs this voice, in order to not cause their smell to stink up through awakening their sins as mentioned above. Therefore he needs this voice, for via this voice he adds and gives them a good smell, for via this voice all the fragrances grow, for this voice waters the garden etc. as mentioned above.
And this is [the meaning of]: "Raise your voice like a shofar" -- like a shofar specifically, for this voice waters the Garden, which is like: "And a river goes out from Eden," which is like the voice of the melody of the song that will be awoken in the future, when He renews His world, which is like the simple, double, triple, quadruple song (Tikkunei Zohar 21), and this is [the meaning of] "like a shofar" (KeShoPhaR) being an acronym for: simple, double, triple, quadruple [Pashut' Kaful, Shalush, Rabu`a], which is like the future song, which is like the voice that waters the Garden, for via this voice specifically he can rebuke. And this is: "Raise your voice like a shofar" -- like a shofar specifically, as mentioned above.

And this is like: "They draw upon him a cord of benevolence," which is said about the proper rebuker, as our Rabbis of blessed memory said (Tamid 28): One who rebukes his friend for the sake of Heaven, they draw upon him a cord of benevolence," for it is said [Prov. 28:23]: "One who rebukes a man, afterwards finds grace." For the cord of benevolence is like a cord being braided and interwoven from the strings, upon which strings (which are called strineis) this melody and song of the future shall be played, and which are the 72 strings, corresponding to the name Y YH YHW YHWH which is like the simple double etc. song, as brought in the Tikkunim (T. 21), which adds up in its entirety to 72, and on these strings this song shall be played that is for the future when He renews His world, like (Ps. 89): "A world of benevolence shall be built," when the simple etc. song will be awoken. And this is like the cord of generosity mentioned above, which was said regarding the proper rebuker, i.e. the aspect of the cord made from the stings as mentioned above, opon which this song shall be played when world will be renewed, like: "A world of benevolence will be built," as mentioned above. And this is (the meaning of): "They draw upon him a cord of benevolence" -- this is the aspect of drawing, for they draw out and lay out the strings in order to play upon them the song as mentioned above. Hence, through the voice of the proper rebuker, he gives them a good fragrance in the soul, as mentioned above.

Kung-Fu Na Nach

Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Shabos In Uman

By Rabbi Nachman it just gets better and better! Almost everyone left. This morning shacharis we barely had a minyan, and there was almost no klipa element present. Yisroel Pinto (who tells me he wants to come to America to do some hafatza, maybe in August) was the Chazan, and Alon duchened - at the tzion, B"h this gave back to Alon some of his former Azus Dikidusha, Hashem Yisburach should give him more and more, bizchus Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
TS should have arrived back to US with some goods, B"HY I'll be going Tuesday, and Ebay still has an open ticket, I think.
A week ago someone told me that SOD HUEBAR is gematria Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun, which goes well with the continuation of the Petek Hakadosh: with this I will reveal to you Sod - because Rabbainu says that the main Sod is the Sod HuEebur. This also goes well with the further continuation of the Petek: Vihu Mulay Vigudish Mekav Likav, because the Sod HuEebar is very much involved with the waning and waxing of the moon.
After I heard this interpretation I immediately thought that Nachman ben Simcha (with an additional 3 to include the words themselves) has the gematria - TIKUN!
B"HY I just started to wear, in additional to 2 kumaios of Na Nach, two Na nach bracelets, the white elastic one and a leather one, the white one can stay on in the Mikve!!!!!!!!!!!! (except it doesn't say on it MayUman).
Good Shabbos,
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun
From Uman

gemorah with Rav Na Nach

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Live From Uman

Thank G-d seems to really doing well. Special thanks to the G. and Sabanoon productions in Tzfas. While I'm in the Thank You mode, special thanks to the AYGS for all that he done and doing, looking forward to the wedding, bishaah tova umutzlachas (by the way there's a 'nanach friendly' yeshiva boy getting married sometime around now, his name is Leibush Braun and he'd really like it if some Nanachs would show up at his wedding, let's see if he's zoche). Thanks to our webmaster Dun. Thanks to EL for his contributions of time, money, and research for us. Thanks to TS for starting to really trip out on Nanach. Thanks to a personal supporter who asks everyone to pray for his health and fortune (which he uses to benefit us guys) his name is Alexander ben Eeda. Which reminds me that today I met Singer at the tzion, I asked him if he wants to help out our hafatza in America, all I got was a hug (as you know I'm not that type), but we gave him one of our new flyers which has on it, so maybe he'll come around, if he's zoche.
There were alot of things I would have liked to comment on, but it's not so easy from here. Also I can't really see the youtube videos properly.
Thank G-d I made up maybe 50 new songs, we're working on getting the music accessible from On the second day of Shavuos, before mincha we pumped out a steady nanach beat, chant which went uninterupted for over an hour, while nanach dominated the tzion. It was interesting to watch the reactions of the miforsumim shel sheker as the walked in to the large crowd singing, banging, and dancing Nanach Nachmu Nachmun Mayuman. (The bag walked in and quickly made his way over to two of his and told them something which got them to laugh right away and the left immediately, so much for his so call belief in Nanach). After yom tov we redid the song with some music. We also made some videos which BH"Y after I get back to America I'll post. Alon has a camera here and BH"y I'm going to try to make use of it.
Coming to the Rebbe is like getting to start from scratch. We get flashes of clarity and conception of the magnitude of G-d and his devine Tzadik the holy song Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.
Today I had a long discussion with SR he suggested that we make a cross country tour etc.. There is a lot of planning needed for the summer, suggestions are welcome, but more important is that all those that can and will be involved and participating should get together and work it out.
Barzel from England (the guy who put Meshech Hanachal out of business making the Nanach's almost the exclusive publishers of Rabbi Nachman's sforim) might have a donor for disco strobe lights for our Nanach van.
While I was writing this a Russian boy got very excited to see me, he started dancing and put his earphone to my head for me to hear his music - Nanach is going to be mesaken even the goyim. The Saba went out of his way to tell over stories of miracles that goyim had by saying Nanach, and even though he said that we don't have what to say to the goyim etc., it seems to me that what the Saba was saying is that there is no doubt the Rabbainu will be misaken the whole world, but we should focus on the Jews.
Blessings of Na nach nachmu nachmun from Uman.

Does anyone know who the artist is?

Tzfat Hafatza

Chinese Na Nach

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shevuos Morning Na Nach Minyan

The American Na Nachs gathered on Moshe Nanachs roof and made a Vasikin minyan Shevuos morning overlooking Har Habayis. After that we made a group nanach chant for the fall of the dome and the rebulding of the Bais Hamikdash.

Some nanachs present were moshe, ahron, shalom ahron, yoni, yosef, asher, simcha........

Sod Bal Hasadeh Part 8

There is a big Machlokes if the word MeUman in the Petek has a Vav or does not have a Vav.
Either it is a Ashrit Alef or script Alef with no Vav or else it is a Rashi Alef with a Vav.
Both ways can be learned out and it is a Ksiv / Kri Drasha.
Without a Vav all you need is a Shurook and it sounds the same.

When you take the Shem Na Nach with out the Vav

נ נח נחמ נחמן מאמן

it equels 485 or תפה

As everyone knows this is the exact gimatriyah of תהלים

It is also the exact gimatriyah of the main Kavanos for Tikkun Haklali
the names Kel Elokim written out אלף למד אלף למד הי יוד מם

which nulify the klipa לילית may her name be erased which also equles 485 with the letters.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Someone finally did it!!!!

Biggest and latest news in Tzfat Ir Hakodesh!
A Mazal Tov to Moshe Na Nach for a new baby boy!!! Baruch Hashem!!!
The Baby's Name, that's right:
NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Na Nach for short! This is no joke! hahahahaha.
The parents will be saying the Tzadik's name all day long!!!
Who's next???
Moshiach Now!!!

Shmuel Levy, Levyatan!!! Cool Rock Star becomes Na Nach

This is the biggest Chiddush ever!!!!
Na Nach Rock N' Roll! Petek Rock N' Roll!!

Everyone has got to hear this!
Shmuel Levy, Levyatan!! Cool Rock Star becomes Na Nach and represents !!!!!
He sings the petek in English!!!
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!!!!

CHECK THIS OUT: look for the "Days of Youth" on his myspace page

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Windshield Hafatzhah

In Boro Park for Yom Tov. I spread KLM1 dafs under my wipers and wrote "Take One" on one. Within a half hour the first was taken.
Na Nach

Uman for the receiving of the Tora

Blessed be the Lord the One G-d, the G-d of the Nanach's for bringing me to the Rebbe for Shavuot. EBay is with me here, we estimate there are, maximum, 500, guys here. It's very good to be here, Nanach reigns supreme. B"H the huge Na Nach written on the walls of the tziun still stands proud, unbelievable, I got some guys to take a video of it B"H they'll email it to me and I'll post it.
A little miracle just happened to me, on my way here (on foot) two chasidim offered me a steeming pot of chulent on condition that I take it with out the towel, so I brought it to the tziun and the right guys got their dibs, and while we were eating this chulent in honor of G-d, the Rebbe, the Jewish people, and the holy day, a short rainstorm erupted, so I finished the chulent and headed over.
A bunch of guys showed a keen interest in hafatza in US. They include Sholom Dov (he might be going by an alias nowadays, keep posted), Gili, Oren, Elad (he says he's going to print some english pamphlets in the very near future), that's besides Tzvi S. who's coming back, EBay, and myself.
This guy at the tziun who likes trying to drive me crazy, had the zchus of breaking his hand having it plastered in sparkling white stuff, just to have me draw a very neat Nanach on it, come to think of it I should get a picture B"H, I did make a deal that when he sells it I get a percentage.
Shimon Rapaport played some guitar for me as did Sholom Chason.
This is the place to be, it's only going to get better, especially when we bring Rabbainu to Jerusalem.

Petek Pic

Looking for a high-quality scan of the Petek.
Best I found was 30K at
Sabba said print them. "The copy is like the original"!
Chag Na Nach

rav na nach

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shabbos Bar Mitzva in Kaditah

Many Na Naches packed into Kadita this Shabbos for the Bar Mitzvah of Zaki Nanach.

All the Na Naches camped out in tents amongst the ruins of the ancient Tanaic city.

This week I had new insight into the opinion of Rebbe Tarfone in Bema Madlikim where he argues against everyone and says you can only use olive oil.

Rebbe Tarfone used to live in Kadita (that is why he is buried there, on his property, as it is known that he was a wealthy land owner). Kadita is filled with olive trees from top to bottom.

Why Na Nach, Where is Hashem???

This is in response to a comment on the last post...

Everyone asks why Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman. What about Hashem? Where is Hashem? Why don't you guys talk about Hashem?

Besides the fact that Breslevers are more into Hashem then any other group. They mention and talk about Hashem more then anyone else. They also do more Avodas Hashem then any other group.

Besides all this it is very funny that there are people who for months have not thought about Hashem, mentioned Hashem or did any act for the sake of Hashem. Yet when they hear someone saying Na Nach, suddenly they jump up and yell "Where is Hashem" "What about Ain Od Melevado" "You guys are Kofrim".

It seems that Na Nach works. It gets these people to mention and think about Hashem when they have not done so for years in their mindless zombi religion.


I would like to point out one or three things 1. Someone who believes in Sabba and the Holy letter without a beard or peyote even on the Omer IS Na Nach Year round opposite someone whom doesnt believe and has grown up with Peyote and a Beard. I have met people in and on my way from Uman and also at Sabba even a garbage man who had such words of faith that I will always remember them where others have been lacking. Somone very close to Sabba who lived in the forest for many years and still does told me that sabba worned some from being liars and frauds and others he worned to gaurd themselves from liars and frauds, Rebbe Nachman once walked into a Shteeble and converced with a Jew who was accustomed to cutting his Beard and Peyote and after he finished before the prayer Reb Nattan questioned him how he could do such a thing. Rebbe Nachmans answer was what do you think he has no beard ? he does his hairs are just shorter, he still had a beard and peyote accordind to the Rebbe which is what matters since his followers aren't the ones doing the searching of the length and breadth of hell to pull people out by their peyote. 2. People constantly question people whlo believe in Sabba about not having a living teacher to follow and ask questions of when they come to contradictions or difficulties and so forth in their life and or learning, and it recently came to me that maybe this is why Rebbe Nachman uses the word Bechina/accpect/concept etc... in his teachings as much as he does, because all these things are in our own lives we can find every teaching in our daily lives as the first Breslovers did as you'll find written in the book Ya'Alas Chen, there it states that the original Breslovers would learn a certain Torah in depth according to th Rebbes wishes and would go through their whole day with one another linking all that happend to them in that day to the Torah that They were learning, this use of Bechinah isn't just for somone to link one concept to another in books but to realise that The Rebbe is there with them in their day to day and gain a deeper understanding of what he means and meant, for them and everyone around them. 3. Rebbe Nattan brings in Likutie Hallachote that Adam Ha'Rishon by means of his sin defiled faith in the sages, he then asks what how could this be he and Chava were the only ones so who did he defile faith in, he then answers that he defiled the faith in himself to believe in oneself is to believe in the sages and vice versa. Sabba says that faith in oneself now means to believe that God loves me and wants me to make a complete repentance.
Chag Sameyach ,
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman