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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Support Nanach Activities Worldwide

People will now be given the opportunity to support nanach activities worldwide through the use of the donation page.

Any Nanach worldwide can apply for a grant to sponsor his nanach related activities.

All donations and grants will be listed on our site.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Emes G Gangster Chusid

America update

B"h the radio interview went very well, it will be aired on Olam radio (or something like that) next week. We picked up some stickers and a snake from the Rhodes, they came outside by themselves to deliver the goods, they heard us loud and clear from the inside. YS and myself spent the night at Rubins and made our way to YS's brother, who played the guitar for a new song we made for the occasion, and later were joined with JaMD and jammed on.
This Shabos Beh"y EL is going to be in Flatbush and we're going to join him for a Nanach Seuda.
BeH"y I plan on going to Uman for Shavuos.

very cute

"the satan wants us not to talk about these things. people don't know these things, not even breslovers. " -saba yisroel.

chazak v'ematz (-hapetek)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

'Jewish Forward' Blogs Our Haretz Interview

The Jewish Forward made a post on their official blog about our Nanach Haretz interview.

also new on nanach list: Reuvain Nanach from Har Nof

It's happening!

Blessed be the Lord the One G-d of the Jewish Nation who has bequested us with the New and Holy Song Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.
Yaakov Shurun (son of Dov Shurun) has joined the Nanach van. Last night he recieved a grand welcome at Pathmark Monsey, the AYGS brought a friend (an upcoming nanach) in his Hamaspik van, and Chaim Dovid came with YF, and we did some hafatza. Then we hit the mikveh and spent over an hour parying with a chasidshe yeshiva, and Nanach was The Word. We just finished having breakfast by NL, and BH"Y we'll be on our way to meet EL in Farwalkay for an interview from the radio.
gotta go.
Na Nach!

Importance of Hafatza

It is very obvious that Rebbe Nasson could have done most of the avodos described in Likutay Maharan as well as attained the levels brought down there. However we do not find Rebbe Nason sitting there meditating on Shemos all day. Instead we see him running around day and night in the biggest tizzumim, doing actions of mochin dekatnus just to print and distribute Rabbanues sefarim.

We see from here how important Hafatza and the printing of Rabbanues sefarim is.

new video

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Success of Pundrikisum

I once heard from Shlomo (E) Nanach a nice hasagah.

The reason why the pundriks were so successful was they integrated some very strong and true concepts into their mixture of lies and emptiness. They seized head-on two powerful concepts from Judaism and made into the main part of their religion. These are the concept of Emuna Pshutah and the concept of Tzadik Yesod Olam.


In Boro Park on Shabbat a man appeared dissheveled and drunk and asked me "Amigo can you call 911 for me? I'm not feeling good." I told him to say Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. He said, and got up and walked.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Aquasition of NANACH.INFO

In a press release early last evening the official spokesperson for IFNWD (International Federation of Nanach World Domination) announced that the IFNWD had recently acquired the domain name NANACH.INFO. The IFNWD would not reveal their full intentions for purchasing the domain but said that for now it would be redirected at the official IFNWD website

na nach attack

What is a Na Nach attack? One can either attack or be attacked. When one is attacked they are overcome with an irrisistable desire to chant Na Nach. They are overcome with a desire for the redemption and to be attatched to Rebbi Nachman and Saba and all the Righteous, one then may be overwhemed with an uncontrolable urge to dance.  To onset a Na Nach attack one can do one of many things... Like give out Tikune Haclali's or Na Nach stickers play Na Nach music in the area or one can just say Na Nach many times with the intention to spread the sweet fragrance of the spirit of the Righteous One Rebbi Nachman. be creative.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Haretz Article

Our Interview by the Haretz Newspaper has been published

Philadelphia native-turned-Na Nach Shmuel David Ravitch. (Photo: A. Molner)

Last update - 12:20 25/05/2008
Rolling with the Na Nachs, the most high-spirited and newest Hasidic sect
By Adam Molner
There is no escaping them. They have left their mark everywhere in Israel, in the form of a cryptic mantra painted in bold Hebrew lettering on security fences, sleek skyscrapers, graveyard walls, freeway billboards and sheer mountain cliffs.

Dressed in characteristic woven white skullcaps, adherents perform leaping dances on street corners in the secular bastion of Tel Aviv, to techno-Hassidic music blasting from vans bearing the slogan "Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'uman," which has informally lent its name to the newest of Hasidic sects.

The Na Nachs, as some of the group call themselves, are an offshoot of the Bratslav Hassidim, followers of the late Rebbe Nachman (1772-1810), great-grandson of the founder of Hasidism. But what separates Na Nachs from other Bratslavers is their belief that a mysterious letter found in 1962 by Rabbi Israel Dov Odesser, a Bratslaver Hasid from Tiberias, was a miraculous message from Rebbe Nachman himself, and that the mantra it contained, which mentioned Nachman and his burial place, Uman, Ukraine, was a "Letter from Heaven."

All other Bratslaver groups reject the validity of the letter. But this does not deter Na Nachs from believing it to be "the new song through which all of Israel will be redeemed."

Among them is Shmuel David Ravitch, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania into what he calls a "normal Jewish house." His family was secular, but observed the holidays. In 1990, Ravitcher became religious, ultimately spending 13 years with Chabad. But he came to find the Chabad experience unsatisfying.

Oddly enough, given the uniquely Israeli roots of the Na Nachs, it was in Chicago that Ravitch was first introduced to them. "We met a guy who came to America to meet a girl in Chicago. He was Na Nach, and he started to tell us about Na Nach," Ravitch recalls.

"I already knew, because I was in Uman before, but he told us more. One day at Purim time we saw the guys in the van. We were curious and we ran after the van. And they asked 'Hey, do you want to come with us.' And I did. And that was my education."

For others, the brightly colored vans were their introduction to Na Nach. Adorned in stickers bearing the picture of Rabbi Odesser and covered in large decals of the mantra, the vans have been key to attracting new devotees.

For onetime Eliezer Grunwald, born into a Hasidic family in Monsey, New York, an encounter with a Na Nach van crew played an intrinsic role in his conversion. Grunwald had attended yeshiva, where, he said, he had merely gone through the motions to keep his family happy. He was more interested in partying than Torah.

After a while, he felt like he "was wasting his time in America." All his friends started going to Israel, so he decided to follow suit. In Israel his life soon began to revolve around partying and playing in rock bands. It wasn't long before the novelty began to wear off. His mundane routine wore on and on, until one night when he saw the van.

Grunwald was intrigued by the dancing Na Nachs and decided to start dancing right alongside them. "I saw them every night," Grunwald said. Over time, he began to acquire a large collection of Na Nach literature which he procured from the van. It was the literature that he obtained from the van that would spark the transformation in his life.

After a long night of partying, he returned home drunk and depressed. In desperation, he reached for a random title from his bookshelf and opened it up. He looked at the random passage which said, "you're a sinner, but G-d still loves you." After that, he began to open up, he says, and has been Na Nach ever since. That was six years ago.

He decided to stay in Israel for good and now lives in Safed with his wife.

For secular onlookers, the vans and their broadly smiling crewmen evoke mixed reactions, often negative when the Na Nachs are nowhere in sight.

"They are crazy, they stop in the middle of the highway they put their car in the middle of the highway and get out and start dancing," comments one bystander.

"They are good people, but they are all crazy," concludes another.

When the van is present, however, onlookers' expressed perceptions often tend to be more accepting.

"It's good, they bring the Torah and people to the religion."

"They're the most amazing guys I ever heard about."

"It's just funny, it's just nice."

The vans belong to the Keren, which is the organization that prints the books of Rebbe Nachman and Rabbi Odesser. All gasoline is paid for by the Keren with the money that is made from the books which are sold at cost. The van serves two functions. The first is to spread the message through literature. Na Nachs can be seen regularly on street corners, music blaring, standing next to a table full of books.

The second stated function is to drive around and dance to spread joy to the people. This is the most well known and also the most crowd pleasing. Both types of "missions" are referred to as a haftza, a Hebrew-derived expression denoting "spreading," and participation is strictly on a volunteer basis. In recent observations, the van crews appear to be succeeding in their mission of spreading joy. Many observers who are not Na Nach can often be seen joining in the dancing.

Even when no van is near, public opinion can be in their favor. "They can keep dancing, it's fun," remarks Liron Slonimsky. "They put some life spirit in the streets."

New on Site

Two new Keren Nanach web sites (parts might still be under construction)

The Kemah

Radio Na Nach

New in the find a nanachnear you page

queens - nissim nanach
boro park - micha nanach
wondering nanachs - sholom nanach

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Bar Yochi Song

Bar Yochi Delights at the sound of Na Nach

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Bar Yochi Understands the most frequent visitors to his Tzion

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Bar Yochi Nullifies harsh judgments from those that are happy

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Bar Yochi Applauds those that wake up for Chatzot

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Bar Yochi Rejoices in those that go to the Mikvah

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Bar Yochi Yearns for those that study Shulchan Aruch every day

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Bar Yochi Emancipates those that study Zohar

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Bar Yochi Honers those that do Hisbodedute

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Happy Lag B'Omer

Kitzur Likutei Moharan Ch. 1. DOC link here.

Can be printed on one letter sheet front and back
or on one side by printing two pages per sheet
and easily widespread.
Look it over and let me know what you think.

"Compassion for every member of Israel. What is this? There is already such a Likutei Tefilot in the world, such a Likutei Moharan, and such a Likutei Halakhot and such a Sippurei Ma`asiot, how can we sleep?! .... We need to call a majority assembly... to see what this is. Were there ever before words like this in the world?!... to bring some book to each house ... What does the world think, why was the world created? For money, for cravings?! What is this!" -- Sabba Israel, Sixty Men of Might

Happy Lag and Shabbat Shalom,

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dream Induced MotherInLaw

Here's a story just told to us by the AYGS. Before his engagement on Chol Hamoed Pesach he took upon himself to visit the grave of his future mother in law where he read Likutay Tifelos and Likutay Moharan for about one hour and fifteen minutes every day. A cousin of his Kalla had a dream in which the mother in law came to her and told her that they got a good Chussun. {the father in law is presently trying to get a nice dream as well...]
Mazal Tov to our very own AYGS, may he be zoche to take Nanach with his Kalla all the way forever. Personal thanks for all that he's done for us, and as some of us are frequent to say: Keep up the good work, Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

URGENT: We Need People For THe Parade




Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting ready for the parade

As posted last week the Nanach's have been officially accepted to participate in the Salute parade on June 1 in Manhatan. If anyone has anyone can help in any way please do.
We need a two sentence mission statement asap: all suggestions are welcome, it should probable state something to the tune of uniting Israel and the whole world under Rabbi Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.
We need to make a banner.
It is a great pity that we have a second Nanach van right here (in Elizebeth NJ) that probably won't make it. Apparently the deed to the van is in Israel and I'm sure there are other problems. If any one can get through to the Keren and get them to work on this asap, please do so. If anyone can get me the phone number to Shmuel Horowitz, that's Amram's son, please do asap, people have been suggesting that it would be possible to work with him.
Thank G-d, last Friday the Nanach (after EL pumped in a bunch of money) passed inspection, and as a result the rejection sticker was removed (for better or for worse).
Good things are happening - and it all has to do with - Na NachNachmu Nachmun MayUman!

Sefer Hamedot

Working on uploading Sefer Hamedot
Here is what we have so far...
B"H we will finish it soon

Interesting Story

There was a follower of Rabbi Nachman, Rabbi Dov Chailis, who gave up a respected Rabbinic post in order to give himself entirely to the path of Breslov. He came to live near Rabbi Nachman, and merited to come before him daily. He would relate stories and Torah teachings from ancient books, and Rabbi Nachman would occasionally lift up his hand and declare that a particular teaching truly emanated from divine prophecy.

One time, Rabbi Dov told Rabbeinu a story about a certain head of a yeshiva who married his daughter to one of the students, who was a superlative scholar. He studied day and night, and spent his nights in the study hall. A Torah teacher from Heaven began to come to him, and would study with him the whole night. However, this Teacher was from the Other Side, not from a holy source (for apparently the student had stumbled in some sin, through which the Other Side gained power over him). The student did not tell anyone about this, and was not aware that the Teacher was from the Other Side.

One time, the Teacher began to tempt the student to have relations with his wife during her period of impurity. He proved to him that it was the will of Heaven, and that through this, his wife would conceive the soul of the Mashiach. The student believed him, and began to speak to his wife to convince her of this. He told her of the Teacher that had come to him from the heavens and commanded this, for it was the will of Heaven. However, his wife had a great fear of Heaven, and said she would ask her father first, and did so. Her father was very shocked by this, for he perceived that the Teacher was from the Other Side.

He immediately summoned his son-in-law, and said, "Know that this Teacher is from the Other Side. The sign is, that with a Teacher from the Side of Holiness, the whole alphabet is written on his forehead, and the letters of the four-letter Name of G-d are illuminated. However, with a Teacher from the Other Side, the alphabet is also inscribed, but the letters of the Name are not illuminated. So when the Teacher comes to you, if you see that the letters of the Name on his forehead are darkened, you will know that he is from the Other Side, and beware of him."

That night, the Teacher came to him, and when the student saw that the letters of the Name on his forehead were not illuminated, he knew that he was from the Other Side, and was saved from him.

When Rabbi Nachman heard this story, he was very excited, and said to Rabbi Dov, "But with me, thank G-d, all the letters of the alphabet are illuminated!" Then he immediately commanded his followers to print his alphabetical Book of Traits.

Na Nach Seuda Shlishit Back Again

The Tzfas Na Nach Seudah Shlishit has once again started after a break for Pesach.
The Shabbot third meal is open to any one associated with the tzadik Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman. It is located under the Bet Kneset Hatzadik Halavan in Tzfas and takes place right after Mincha every Shabbos.

Friday, May 16, 2008

True Yidishe Nanach!

It's a pleasure to see our new Nanach site picking up so nicely. The new page featuring find a local Nanach has already scored big time in hooking up Nanach together and bringing more people into the fold.
It's great to have disovered a Nanach in Chicago, and it's wonderful to have him publish on our site, he has good stuff to share.
There's of course a great deal going on, not to mention what we don't know about, but it's almost Shabos and I got to keep it short.
The new Nanach van is still very interested in going to Montreal we are looking for a sponsor. We also are planning on buying a professional movie camera to spice things up.
June 1 is the Israel Day Salute Parade or something like that, I think it goes down 5th ave. in Manhaten. In any event we called them up asking to able to participate and we were told that this year was out, maybe for 2009, but we could donate money and contribute.... (they also told us some other Nanach had already asked). So CDF got on the case and we are now officialy accepted, in fact quite wanted, they started to realize what a valuable asset it would be to have G-d fearing Observant Chasidic Jews at their parade, so they want at least 12 of us, anyone who can make it get in touch with us (call Simcha (H) Nanach) asap. We have to make a huge Nanach banner and some other preperations, it's gonna be good and its getting better!
TS will BH"Y be going to E"Y for Lab BuOmer, and procceeding to Uman for Shavuos, being that I'm barred from the holy land I will IY"H make it to the true Tzion of Our Master Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman for the festival of the giving and recieving of the Tora.
The entire Tora was given to Moshe Rabbainu on Har Sinai. Any private, personal, particular directions of that generation and the succeeding generations until the time of the destruction of the Temple, were directed by Moshe Rabbainu who in this capacity is call Avi Haniviem, the father or teacher of the prophets. That is to say that in that time period the main way of serving G-d was through the ways of prophecy and all guidance was based on prophecy. That means that prophets who lived a thousand years after Moshe Rabbainu such as Chagi Zecharia and Malachi are considered as direct students of Moshe Rabbainu, they followed the particular path of prophecy as mapped out by Moshe Rabbainu.
At the time of the destruction of the Temple prophecy was more or less terminated and thus H"y in his great mercy sent the soul of Moshe Rabbainu into the world with that of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai the master of the Zohar who in fact is called Sinai, that is the location to get the Tora. This means that even though the whole Tora was recieved by Moshe Rabbainu, the only proper way of understanding and actualizing the Tora, would hence be only through the teachings and management of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai who facilitates the soveriegnty of the Tora when prophecy is no longer the way.
The gemora says that after the destruction of the temple there was a decree that the Jews must be in exile for one thousand years, regardless of their rightiousness. Thus for a thousand years the Zohar was hidden and only privy to the very priveleged tzadikim. When it finaly was revealed the gedolay yisroel were expected to follow its dictates. Many gedolim did, and reached huge levels of hasaga - devine perception, reaching out to G-d and revealing His ways. The majority however did not rise to the occasion. Eventually H"y had mercy on His Holy Name and His Holy Nation and once again sent the soul of Moshe Rabbainu with the Arizal who revealed one (of infinite) gate, one approach to understanding and inculcating the teachings and ways of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. The Arizal said that had he staid in the world two more years he would have finished the job, he also attributed his innability to completey rectify the generation due to the strife between his students, but particulary he said that if he had one student who he was fully satisfied with, he would have remained in the world to teach and guide him and do whatever was necessary. The Baal Shem Tov, who was also representing Moshe Rabbainu, rectified these issues, completing the teachings of the Arizal by implicating them into a vibrant way of life dedicated to the service of G-d in the proper way. students loved each other, and also learned a new level of loyalty to their Master the Tzadik.
At this time of history H"Y decided that the ultimate rectification should come from the end not the beginning. Rectification from the beginning means that such great holiness and purity is achieved that all evil is automaticly annulled and abolished. The little evil that was experienced shortly is sufficient for G-d to have shown that evil at any level does not have any real existence, and thus G-d rules supreme in His Unity. The rectification from the end is when evil and plurality is given the license to extend itself to it's fullest, and every type and form of evil is cultivated to its extreme, very much like what we are experiencing now especially on the internet where 'opportunity' is given to every whim and desire to be developed H"Y. When the evil has reached its zenith showing all its colors, this is the point where G-d shows that everything was misconcieved, and He shows His absolute Unity and how everything is He and everything is good (this idea is fully explained by the Ramchal in his Holy Book Adir Bamorom, and Kitzur Kaavanos, if your not busy saying Nanach or reading the Holy Books of Rabbainu, it would be well worth it for you to see this in side).
Obviously the proper way necessary of serving G-d in the arena of the 'end rectification' calls for a tzadik the likes of which was never seen or experienced in history, introducing Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!!
May I be priveleged to continue expounding on this issue.
Wishing everybody a wonderful shabos, sfira, LagBaOmer, Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUmaN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breslov Fact Sheet by Eitan NaNach

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman

Breslov Fact Sheet by Eitan NaNach

Translated by Dovid NaNAch

“Breslov – the more time passes, the more important it becomes. It is increasing and growing. The time has come now for Rabbi Nachman to be revealed already in the world.”

“It will be an entirely new world, a world of truth, a world of faith. As it is sealed in the signature in this Petek (note), ‘Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman’.”

“This needs to be in every place, in every store, in every home, all over the world.” (Words of Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser, Owner of the Petek.)

The following is a short yet direct explanatory pamphlet. It is not encyclopedic, not intending to bring external historical and biographic details. Rather it is a personal, internal account, flowing from inspiration of truth in the heart, of followers connected to the Tzaddik in love, faith and self-sacrifice.


· Simple faith in G-d and attachment to the True, Sole Tzaddik of the Generation, namely Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. One attaches all one’s G-dly service to him, learns his books and teachings, and fulfills them. Most importantly, fulfilling his imperative of doing hitbodedut, a term which refers to speaking and praying to G-d from the heart, aloud, in an isolated place, and pouring out one’s heart with one’s own words, with supplication and warm emotion before G-d.

· Recognizing G-d’s revelation in common daily life, through miracles above nature, particularly in regards to income, health and spiritual battles.

· Breslov is the path for the People of G-d, the Jewish People, to come close to G-d amidst intense darkness, amidst deep descents and immense distance from holiness, the ways of the Torah, one’s Jewish soul identity and soul, in these latter days – through the great Doctor of the Souls, the soul of Moshe-Messiah.

· Breslov is the light and the consciousness of the Complete Final Redemption through the Messiah, a light that descended to the world a relatively short time before the Redemption. The more the Redemption draws near, the more this light will spread and grow and shine, until it bursts out in complete revelation that will be understood by all, very soon, in our days, Amen.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

The Tzaddik, the Foundation of the World, the collective Soul of the Jewish People. The Tzaddik who is appointed over the rectification of the Jewish People and that of the whole world, from the time of his initial coming and revelation, until the coming of the Redemption through the Messiah, and the eternal World to Come.

No words are sufficient to praise him, and there is no praise that can encompass him. We have no grasp of him at all, aside from understanding that the individual rectification of every one of us, and the overall rectification of the entire Jewish People, and of the Creation itself, is dependent on him, and only on him.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman

· The Tzaddik Saba Israel Dov Odesser revealed a special name to the world, four generations after the passing of Rabbi Nachman.

· He received this name from Heaven, in a miraculous manner, written in a note that is entirely a mystery. The Name of G-d is joined with the name of the Tzaddik in a unique form: Single, doubled, tripled and quadrupled.

· It is a name that is a song, the Song of the Redemption, which will arouse the Messiah. The name has saving powers, through saying and singing it, that can effect miracles and bring salvations. Rabbi Israel commanded to publicize it and distribute it to every Jew, in every place in the world. The fire of Rabbi Nachman, the light of the Messiah and the secret of the Redemption are all in his possession.

· He said that he himself is Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman, and hinted that he and Rabbi Nachman are two who are one.

The Controversy

Perhaps it would have been more fitting not to write the following, and to be pleasant and polite, and present a religious pamphlet comparable to those of Christian missionaries and Hari Krishnahs (may we be distinguished from them), which would be swiftly thrown away. However, for the sake of clarifying the truth, and to fight back against the damage that has been done, out of zealous defense of the honor of the Tzaddik and the Truth of G-d, we are obliged to write:

The simple truth written above, which should have been simple and clear to everybody, has received a poor and dishonorable image, due to the confusion and disarray of the understanding of the Jewish People, who are sunken in the foreign culture that has flooded over us, and are preoccupied with personal honor and the cravings of this world, lacking strong inner desire to discard and renounce them. For who wants to be poor, despised and thought of as insane? However, the primary reason is that they do not see the truth in its true image, rather they see the opposite – the controversy of the major rabbis, impressive and honored, who dare to speak against the Tzaddik with arrogance and impudence, or alternatively hide from him, and present themselves as tzaddikim in his place. For they know within, that the Tzaddik does not leave them a place of honor, demanding only their annulment. “But what will be of me and my prestige?!” So they dispute the Tzaddik, and speak against him, or avoid the issue, and thus they hide the name of the Tzaddik, and prevent the People of G-d from drawing close to G-d through the singular Tzaddik, and steal his robes of honor and dress in them, leaving the point of truth naked,

disgraced and ugly – “Abnormal, crazy”.

But the truth is not so!!! The Tzaddik said that the Truth is only one, and the rest is falsehood. The Tzaddik has the power and patience to extract each one of us from the falsehood – with which others deceive us, and with which we deceive ourselves, if we truly want, if we will search in truth, if we will look at the truth with an eye of truth, if we will be willing to relent on ourselves and our personal desires, and cast off this world and our own honor for the sake of the honor of

G-d – which is the honor of the Tzaddik. Rabbi Nachman is the true and singular Tzaddik of the Generation, who has no equal – Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman.

Reciting of “Na Nach”

The holy Saba Israel advised saying and singing the holy name “Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman” simply and with pure faith, to attach and bind oneself to the point of truth in holiness, and to merit rectification, healing, salvation, protection and all good things, and to hasten the coming of the Redemption and the revelation of the Messiah. Following are quotes from Saba about this matter:

“One who recites ‘Na Nach’, he grasps, he enters into the root of the Creation, the root of all the Torah, of all the tzaddikim, he enters into a different world.”

“It is the key to all the healings, all the salvations.”

“It sweetens all the suffering and all the harsh judgments and all the sins.”

“It transforms all the sins, all the apostacy and all the transgressions, and everything not good – it transforms it to good.”

“It opens all the gates, all the gates of mercy, all the gates of prayer, all the gates of repentance, all of the Torah.”

“It is the melody that will be played in the future by our righteous Messiah to rectify the world.”

Tikkun ha Klalli

A compilation of ten specific chapters of the Psalms, to be recited together in the order specified. This is the Tikkun ha Klalli that Rabbi Nachman revealed. With it one merits ‘Rectification of the Covenant’ (refers to repairing damage caused by sexual sins), rectification of all the cravings, and of all the sins. It is the general rectification of the soul, in the merit and strength of Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman me Uman.

Siporay Masiyos

With great thanks to Hashem we announce that a full translation of Sipory Masiyos - Rebbe Nachmans Stories has now been posted on

We still need graphics for the stories. One master graphic for the overall page and then one for each story. Anyone who is interested in creating them please contact us.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

More American Nanaches

Added to find a Nanach near you directory


Tzfat Na Nach Kollel Chatzot every night (Call Gidalya Nanach)

Tzfat Na Nach Seudah Shlishit Every Shabbos
Under Beit Kneset Hatzadik Halavan

Yosef (S) Nanach

Aharon (Z) Nanach

Lazer (G) Nanach


Shmuel Dovid (R) Nanach


Nachman Yehuda Dovid (S) Nanach

Boro Park

Micha (M) Nanach


Elimelech & Sarah (L) Nanach


Chaim D (F) Nanach

A word of Chizuk to the Na Nach's

Saba said "I went slowly and I passed everyone". Remember that every small thing we do, every Na Nach we say and sing, every little dance and laugh, even in our homes or in the field, is another battle won and is adding to the complete Na Nach takeover. When we are doing the big time hafatzah it feels like we are getting somewhere, but it's when we feel like we are not moving that the small things count the most. Chazak V'Ematz Beavodatcha Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun Meuman.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Joy of Na Nach

One of the many brochos we have been given being Na Nachs is joy. We experience what many dream of. We share the joy and happiness of life with our meshpokha and chavers, the joy that comes with being Na Nachs. We even wear our beards and payos in a most happy and outspoken manner. When we walk down the street, payos flopping in the air, and tzitzit swaying, we are telling the world that we are chasids, and depending on the hat or kippa we wear, we tell the world that we are Na Nachs. We are so much more and then some. But let's not lose sight of HaShem. He told us to be separate from the world and not to adopt their ways, practices and customs. We must make sure that in our everyday lives we always keep our eyes, hearts and souls on HaShem. We must never attempt to emulate the world in how we celebrate the joy that HaShem has given us, and in the friendships we make. We must always remember His laws and commandments, especially what Rebbe Nachman taught, which can be pulled from Torah itself: Be Happy. Happiness is not equated with secularism. We Na Nachs, Jews in general, have our own reasons to be happy. Secular happiness isn't really true happiness; it's only temporary and often ends in misery for those outside Judaism. Remember: HaShem gave us Torah. He chose us as His people. These reasons alone should cause us to dance and shout with joy in celebration of this very special gift.

Are Na Nachs Kosher -- Part II

I would like to add to one of my brother's comments about Na Nach taking over the world... I believe that after the world is judged for their sins against HaShem, the dead are resurrected, and we all live in peace and harmony with HaShem, that all Jews will be Na Nachs. I believe we won't be called by that name, necessarily. I do believe that it is the only way to truly live a complete Jewish life, and the only way to know HaShem. I believe that He will teach all Jews the secret and mysteries of Na Nach. There is a reason Rebbe Nachman was called to teach and influence generations of people to turn to Na Nach. We should share the Good News of Na Nach with those who practice stale Judaism. We should introduce them to life and joy through Rebbe Nachman's teachings, and show them how to know HaShem in a most awesome way. Prayer will take on a whole new meaning for our lost brothers.

Tzion Adino Hatzoni Redone

The Tzion of Adino Hatzoni has just been redone. Here is what it looks like now. The old one was better. I still have to publish my thesis on whether or not Adino Hatoni was really Yoav ben Tzuria

Yosef Aryeh's Nanach Video

Clip pulled down due to Pritzut

Nanach Hafatza In Brooklyn - Chol Hamoed Pesach

mefursom bashing

I just want to make a general bash to them all. They cant help you and just the opposite they are like poison to the soul, even Rabbeinu said that two of his close followers were murderers and after his passing they took on positions of authority, which you can also link to what Rabbeinu said that he knows of one mefursom that he has removed 1000 peoples heads who won't be coming back by the ressurection of the dead.


Once somone told me that Sabbah used to walk from jtown to Meron and all over Israel with only a bag and books of Breslov spreading the Light where he could, he also made clear that Sabbah had nothing but love for Am Yisroel in particular and in general, like he said "I'm ready to give over all my life and all my money and everything I have just to give one jew to contemplate repentance even only for one second". We as Na Nachs owe him all we are that is Holy and True because if he wouldn't have gone through the troubles and pains that he did, as even those who oppose him and the Holy Letter admit he suffered starvation and pains beyond anyone else in the generation, we wouldn't have the Lights and Support which he gives us each and everyone in whatever way he sees fit. So I would like to give my thanks to Sabbah, and to tell everyone that feels even just a spark for the smallest second to not give up, and to try and do your best to thank him as best you can.
the time has come for nanach to be revealed. the thing holding us back right now is the same thing that caused the holocaust. CHAREDI JUDAISM IS HOLDING BACK THE GEULAH SHLEIMA! people think they're religious enough; why do they need the Zaddik?

SABA SAID THE REASON THEY LEARN IN YESHIVOS IS TO SHOW THAT THEY DON'T NEED THE TZADDIK! Let's not fall into the trap: charedim are not closer to g-d than na nachs. rebeinu said, it's in hayei moharan, "the smallest of my people is greater than the greatest of anyone else. Saba said, "anyone who goes in the way of rabeinu is greater than any zaddik in history. Chazak ve'emotz.

na nach nachma nachman meuman

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are Na Nachs Kosher???

A great debat has long been raging amoungst the promenant American rosh yishivas if Na Nachs are kosher or not. After all they do many strange and non-jewish things such as waking up for Chatzot, going to the Mikva, talking to Hashem, growing a beard and payos and learning other parts of the Torah besides Gemara. However now there is a Hechsher from the leading American Posek Rabbi Moshe Feinstein Z"L.
You can now get a Na Nach in a store near you.

wheres Nachman Dovid?

Is he ever coming back to Israel, and what happend to Simcha, Shlomoh, and what happend to making Shiduchim?
Kudos to everyone with love,

Monday, May 12, 2008

Noach's Ark Organization At The Nanach Van

Even More American Nanachs

Today Yosef Nanach from Tzfas was added to the list as well as Elimelech Nanach from Lakewood.
On the find a nanach near you page

Check this out

new short video of the new nanach van

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Na Nach Wedding

Dovid Nanach the African American Na Nach Ger is getting married the day after Shevuos in the field of Dovid Hamelech.

Od Yishama Baray Yehudah Kol Sason Vkol Simcha Kol Chason Vkol Kalah Kol Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman.

The couple is very in needs of funds for the wedding. Anyone who can help is asked to contact Yosef Aryeh Nanach in Yerushalaim 050-886-1610.

Even more nanach contacts

Just posted a lot more just take a look

2 new nanach contacts

Contact info for Sholom Aharon Nanach from Yerushalim and Adom Nanach of Tzfas were added today to the find a nanach near you section.

Closing Time

Due to what was posted on Thursday May 8, has been threatened to be closed down (within 24 hrs, now minus about 3) and I have been officially publicly (although I'm not sure halachicly (being that I'm not sure if there were ten observant Jews present, and also there is the issue of 'more halach lifnay rabo', however the general belief is that the people involved really believe in Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman which would mean that they have in fact proven themselves to be free and innocent of such charges)) kicked out of the shul in Monsey, and warned not to come back. So at this point I would like to thank the shul for allowing me to hang out there till now and wish them great success in breaking out of the klipa and achieving freedom with Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, may it be soon.
Being that I don't think we will be closing we must consider retracting what was published, it is alleged to be 'murderous' and other things which I rather not get into. In my opinion the article if anything in innocuous, however I invite any explanation, argument, or reasoning propounding editing the post. Please say your thing in the comments.
Remember that no one ever lost on Nanach, and rememeber Nanach saves lives, the life you save may be your own or someone you love.

Shabos Parshas Emor in Monsey

B"H we had an incredible shabos. Friday night it was just the AYGS Falk and myself, Shabos day at CDF brought in IGP and TS, and after a mikve and all types of other tikunim we celebrated the third meal together with two 15 year olds aspiring Nanachs.
All systems go with Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!

If I forgot to mention in the previous post, while we were in Manhattan last week a guy came over claiming to be a grandson of the Saba, he has his picture taken with the Nanach van. As he was leaving I informed him that a Nanach a day keep the doctor away, and then it was established that a Nanach a day keeps the meforsamim shel sheker away.

We just added some new nanach decorations on the nanach van really cool stuff designed by the AYGS.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Find A Nna Nach Near You

B"H we have implemented this latest feature on our site this will allow people to hook up with nanachs world wide. We are currently adding names to the page so everyone should send in their info. We also added this feature as a sidebar on the right side of our na nach blog.

Some of the things going on

Last friday in Lakewood we, some of the holy children of the town and myself, did the seventy screams of the woman giving birth, first reciting the corresponding word from the psalm Lamnatzaich Mizmor Lidovid Yaancha etc. we all scrame together with all are might concentrating on being reborn in purity and holiness free of the klipa. The children really took to it, and when questioned in the middle by an inquisitive adult a child of about 7 years explained to him at great length the idea as prescribed by our master Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. One of the children did his share right next to my left ear and I concentrated that this should be its complete tikun for anything bad it had heard.
This week I celebrated a cousins bar mitzva in Teaneck and the bar mitzva boys friends really got into Nanach, they practiced dancing independantly with the free ectasy of the unique Nanach dance and they initiated themselves with signing Nanach with their fingers (the international symbol of Nanach uses primarily the thumb and first two fingers). They also checked out the fan and were tripped out by our concave roof which is a result of our crazy Nanach roof dancing. They were also told about the Nanach grafiti in their very home town (in the railroad tunnel). The band was also very receptive and they got into the Nanach spirit playing Ashrainu Sheyaish Lunu Rebbe Kuze etc, and the famous Rabbi Nachman Nachman MayUman! We really had a blast.
Thurday was Chag Haatzamot (the day they were supposed to bring the holy bones of Rabbainu Na Nahc Nachmu Nachmun MayUman to Eretz Yisroel) and we made it to the dance party in Washington Square Park, there was a very poor attendance and we recon that the majority of the people there were undercover security and organizors. Also in recent times we have noticed that most of the participants in the zionist affairs are girls and women. But this didn't prevent us from representing the true leader of Israel, Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. Stringing two cloth Nanach posters of the Saba onto my gartel (which has been said to be a tikun for that of the pope), I danced Nanach to the garbage they were playing. Wow there is still hope, we have Na Nach!!!
Thursday night I visited the chullent hangout and gave the crowd their first Nanach brainwashing, B"H some of it was extremely successful.
The Salute To Israel Parade has refused to let us participate but we might have some protectzia, if anyone has get on the case asap. In any event we have an unbelievable better than fiction contingency plan BH"Y ... wait and see.
This Shabbos we're having a major Nanach get together in Monsey.
Sunday B"HY hafatza in Farwalkay and an internet radio interview.
We are seriously considering a trip with the nanach van to Montreal, more on that later.
Got to run to get ready for the holy wedding day of Shabbos
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Na Nach Van in Boro Park

Here are pictures of the Na Nach van in Boro Park as posted on the Chaptzem Blog -- The One and Only Heimishe News Center.

Cover of Yidish Magazine

Cover of the Moncey yidish magazine mentioned by Naa Naach a while back. Cover displays both Lazer Nanach and Yosef Aryeh Nanach.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

upcoming events with the new nanach van

BH"Y the new nanach van is now planning on hitting Manhattan, particularly the Washington Square Park, where we will be celebrating the acceptance of Rabbi Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman as the sole independent leader of Israel. We are also considering a trip next week to Montreal, there are a group of Nanach there that are really anxious to do some real hard core hafatza there, and in addition there are at least a handful of tagalongs, also the environment there should not be over-righteous about sfira, and there are also other things taken into consideration. Plans are also be made to enroll in the Salute to Israel Parade which will (if we are accepted) take place IY"H June first in Manhattan. We have found out that the title for the Nanach van in Elizabeth is in Israel (thought to be with Eyran) anyone that can should do his utmost to see that it is sent to America As Soon As Possible so that we can bring the van to the parade. Elan Pachter (the son of the famous mid torso surgeoun), after meeting with Shlomo Nanach master of the musical disk Shakua Birabainu and with Shlomo Falk of Kiev-Uman alumni of Rabbi Pinto's yeshiva of Yerushalayim near the Mir, has strengthened his faith in Rabbi Nachman and his true chasidim the Nanach, he has started to really appreciate the Saba and the Petek. May he grow up to be a true Nanach!
We are still hopeful to see the atzmot kedushim of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman brought to their final and proper resting place in Eretz Yisroel.
B'H I have made contact with Raanan from Meron and BH"Y we will producing new music, my plan is to make English lyrics to hit the English speaking populace.
Here in chutz luoretz we are in extra suffering, true the Nanach van is an aspect of Eretz Yisroel as is clearly evidenced by the most frequent response of those that see it and us that it reminds the of Eretz Yisroel and Yerushalayim and Rabbi Shimon, however we are shtupped in this galus and may H"y redeem us very very soon and quickly!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Nanach Purim Party In Tzfas

Na Nach Rules Israel

The only way to overcome gaava is tikun habris

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I hate the US

and happy to be back in Tzfas
Forgot to mention we hit the white shul and the far rockaway mikvas with tikkun klalis as well.
Are you ready to be embarassed?

You better be if you want to know the truth!

Rabenu says the truth is beneath you.
Was Zalman Shazar criticized for his secular policies?

Let's look at the facts. M.K. M P, his name remembered for scorn, fought for charedi? jewry in the knesset. His fights included public Shabbos keeping and taking property away from Saba. There is a connection.

Political garbage aside, the lesson is that Na Nach (Breslov) is about seeking truth as opposed to winning arguments and kavod.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Sfira according to the Ramban Al Hatora is as aspect of Chol Hamoed, as it bridges Pesach and Shavuos. Sfira is the celebration of becoming free, from the inception at Pesach to the culmination at the giving of the Tora. It is during sfira when the power of Rabbi Akiva comes to light. The gemora (Menuchos) says that when Moshe Rabainu was in Heaven and saw Rabbi Akiva, MRU"A asked H"y if there is Rabbi Akiva why does H"y call on him (Moshe). H"y answers MRU"A that the whole Tora, even that of Rabbi Akiva will given only through Moshe and that there are silent thoughts that transcend with the teachings and sanctification of Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva summed up the main import of the entire Tora with the verse, ViUhavta Lirai-acha Kumocha, and his famous dictum etc.. He then ushered into the world his main disciple Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the Master of the Zohar. Rabbi Shimon B"Y has the full aspects of the soul of Moshe Rabainu, as did the Arizal who in todays times is our only way of understanding the teachings of Rabbi SB"Y. The Arizal also stressed the importance of ViUhavta Lirai-acha Kumocha teaching that without fullfilling this it is impossible to accomplish anything. The Baal Shem Tov who was the succeeding Master of Israel brought the concept of Ahavas Yisroel into play. Lag BuOmer is celebrated during Sfira comemerating the Grand Journey Of Rabbi Shimon B'Y to the everlasting life of the world to come. All of Israel celebrates this day with great rejoicing and partying, even simple people who have no conception of the Secrets of the Tora that Rabbi Shimon revealed, for Rabbi Shimon

Beit Lechem...

Okay so this is my first post. As many of you know (of those of you that know me) I'm into Na Nach gematria, and I got a couple of new ones that I'd like to share. I spent last Shabbos (Shvi'ie shel Pesach) in the Old City of Yerushaliyim at Moshe Heizen's with Yisroel Na Nach and Simcha Na Nach, and others. There was this one Holy Yid visiting from shmutz l'aretz who was not religious, and mostly educated in his biblical knowledge by the reform and goyish velt. After listening quietly to a heated debate that Moshe and I were having with a confused, but aspiring, future Na Nach (b'ezrat Hashem, may He save us all from the meforsomim shel "SHEKER") he was inspired by the fire of Na Nach Torah and asked a question that stumped us all. He said " Doesn't it say in the books of Prophets that the Moshiach will be born in Beit Lechem?" We had no idea what to answer him, and it really bothered me. I couldn't get it out of my head for the next 36 hours or so. I had hisbodeduse about it on Isru Chag and Hashem blessed me with the answer. Beit Lechem is gematria 490 plus the kolel (1) equals 491, gematria Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman. Ashreinu!

The next morning I went to shul and ran into the Holy Mafitz, Daniel, from Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet. After Davening we were talking about hafatza, and I was handing out stickers to the kehila over there. I shared my new hasaga with Daniel as I gave him and his friend some stickers that quote Lekutei Halachos about the importance of every Yid being involved in building the Heichal Hakodesh, it came to him to figure out the gematria of Heichal Hakodesh, which is, of course, Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman. May all of Am Yisroel merit to enter into the Heichal Hakadosh of Rabanu Hakadosh, Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'uman!!! Gut Shabbos!