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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sod Bal Hasadeh Part 3

One of the main Shemos for Shmiras Habris is the Shem Ches Bais Vav which is extracted from the pusok יל בלע ויקאנו

We will now show how the name of the Tzadik is alluded to in this very verse


חיל = 48 = מח
This takes care of the MEM and CHES from Nachman

What remains now are two NUNs
A NUN is a wide stretched mouth
It is very easy to see how the letter KAF
symbolizes a mouth
The letter NUN then that is not proportional but rather is much longer then wider would be a mouth stretched wide open
The two times when the mouth is spread wide open is
swallowing בלע
vomiting ויקאנו

The two remaining NUNs are therfore sybolized by the two remaining words in the verse.

Now when the klipot vomit they give up the sparks of holliness which was the source of thier energy which disfigures them and bistroyes them from being a containing vessle
the נ
therefore turns in to an end nun which is a vessel that can no longer hold anything

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