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Saturday, April 12, 2008

More hafatza in Monsey with new van

Baruch Hashem we did amazing hafatza in Monsey. We visited a Yeshiva and spent hours brainwashing the masmidim, very big inroads were made. We also had major rikudim at Hamaspik home of 3 (including our new couple) nanach, all the kids were dancing and one of the girls went ballistic running/dancing around the parking lot. We had guys dancing on the roof, and we had great vantage over the neighboring highway.
This Shabos we're going to have BH"Y big Nanach seudos, it only gets better with Nanach!!
There's a lot more but it's almost Shabos, So Na nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman.
Once again we request from one and all to send us Nanach beanies, stickers, kameas, cds, sforim, we were unable to get ahold of the guys in Uman who are coming to the US so if you can let them know to bring us as much as they can.

Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!!!


Spiritual Dan said...

I don't understand.. why do you make fun of cults? Cults are not funny. they hurt people and remove them from Yiras Shemayim. A girl running around? Why is she not with her mother, learning how to prepare a shabbos home? what are you guys doing?

Anonymous said...

It is a cult that rebels against the sheker of fake american jewishnes.