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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hafatza In BoroPark

Early in the week a great hafatza we spearheaded a new major hafatza thrust in Lakewood which hopefully you'll hear more about.
Tuesday the new Na Nach van hit Boro Park! We went to get our Nanach there, but his building had some type of gas scare and the police had the whole area cordoned off. So we started on 17th then we went to 13th where we danced and sold stickers etc.. Eventually enough people called the police, and the lady officer spoke to our man from Lakewood, who told us she was reluctant and embarrassed to be a party pooper, in any event we moved to 16th where we added a huge sticker to the left side of the van, we didn't do the best job but it's still incredible. Many people videoed the proceedings. Wednesday we picked up a box of 100 plus little Lilkutay Moharans which we can give out for a small donation. Then the van made its way to Monsey where it was received by the local Nanach with great excitement!
Meanwhile the NaNach's in Monsey where doing some serious hafatza in New Square and in a 711 in Monsey.
Alot of people where asking us for the music we were playing and for Nanach beanies, we also need sforim and stickers.
Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu nachmun MayUman!!!

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Anonymous said...

This will destroy the SHEKER of the city of 'we worship MONcEY'.