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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Leshem Yichud to Recite Before Watching A Movie

Leshem Yichud to Recite Before Watching A Movie

Please print and hang in your Shul and on your TV

I am herby willingly and readily preparing to bind myself to the Sita Acher. To give power and strengthen the klipot and the forces of evil that reside in the world, with the movie that I am about to watch. And may it be, that for the next two and a half hours I will unite myself totally and completely with the movie and bind myself to it in total concentration.

I am herby ready and prepared to be Pogem Anayim and gaze at immodestly dressed women for the next two and a half hours. I am fully prepared to be over on the Lav Doraysa of “Lo sasuro achary levavchem vachari anachem” I am also willing to transgress the Lav of “Heshumer Mkal Dvar Ra”. I am ready and prepared to be over a Deraysa of looking and thinking about women as brought down by all the Poskim, including but not limited to the Ramban, Rambam, Rabbanue Yonah, and Shulchan Aruch. I am also more then ready to be over on “Vehyisem Kedoshim” and “Kidoshim Tihyo”. I am also ready and prepared to look at the face of Reshaim even though the Holy Kabbalah warns that it is very damaging to the soul.

I am ready and prepared to funnel impure thoughts into my mind that will cause me to heaven forbid be Pogem Habris. If that will not happen, then I am fully prepared and ready to see Keri while I sleep. I am fully ready to contaminate my mind day and night with impure thoughts and recollections from the movie that I am about to watch. I am ready and prepared to spend countless Shmoni Esrehs, spaced out from beginning to end having the impurity of the movie overtake my mind. I am ready and prepared to have hiruray Znus with my Tefilin on.

I am herby making myself a vessel to fully receive and absorb all the impure essence of the defiled actors and producers that created the movie. I am ready for it to be integrated and impressed upon my body, soul and emotions. I am ready to absorb all the non Jewish culture and the bad traits of the seventy nations. I am willing and ready to bring into my mind confusion and Kfirot, I will confound my mind with wicked philosophy until I will start not believing in Hashem and the Tzadikim. I am ready and prepared to start uttering the vulgarity and slang that I will hear throughout the movie and fully plan on integrating it into my daily conversations. I am prepared and ready to adore and idolize the wicked Reshaim in the movie who wish to destroy Yisroel and whose ancestors committed gross murderous acts against our nation. I am ready to totally bind myself to their fake impure and empty culture and commit to live it, myself and my family.

I am fully ready and prepared to cause great damage and destruction in the Spiritual words. I am ready to cause great flaws in many of the various Holy Shemot. I am fully ready to create great havoc, in the worlds of Azilut, Briah, Yitzirah and Asiyah. I am ready to damage and mutilate all parts of my soul composed of the Nefesh, Ruch, Neshamah. I am ready to delay the arrival of Moshiach and to bring much suffering and poverty to the world.

I am ready to waste the next hours funneling impurity into my soul instead of spending the time studying Torah and doing Avodas Hashem. I am ready to lose all sensation and awareness of Kedusha as well as nullify my Emunah in Hashem and the Tzadikim. I am ready to strongly lower my ability to concentrate and learn Torah as well as damage my memory for all things Holy. I am also giving the Chitzinim a permanent share of all the Torah and Mitzvot that I do until the point when I do Teshuvah. I am ready to create demons and other negative entities that will steal all my substance. I am ready to further away my ability to find my Zivug and make her completely opposed and rebellious to me if I do find her. If I am married then I am willing to have my children considered semi Mamzarim since I will not be able to control my thoughts.

I will do all of the above willingly and gleefully sitting
relaxed in the sofa and enjoying myself to the utmost.

Posting Just to Post

Hey! I'm here at MosheNaNach's place. Crazy Hafatza story. Last week, yom shlishi, was a hot day. I was wandering around Mea Shearim after davening and I saw an older addition of Ebay HaNachal that Saba himself published. It was sitting outside a store on a bookshelf of used books for 10 shek. The store was closed and I didn't even have 10 shek, so I just figured I'll come back later. A little later I went in the store, showed them the book, and said in Hebrew, "This book is worth over a million dollars. I got 2 shekels. do a mitzvah." he opened the book to the page of Saba's picture. gives it back to me and says that it's a deal. so i'm very happy. to make a long story short, i talked to many people that day, yet none of them merited to the sefer. I prayed to hashem. i was like, "Hashem! I want to give the true light of Sabba to this world, but this world is so full of sheker. Is there anyone out there that really wants this book?" Throughout the day this sefer came with me to many places. Somehow I ended up at a wedding at Armon Hanetziv. I put down the book for a moment and when I turn back around I see somebody has picked up the book and was reading it over the phone to his son. when he finished talking. I greet him and tell him that I bought this book with the intention of giving it to someone. He was very happy to receive. On one hand I was happy to find a good home for the Ebay Hanachal. Still, I really liked it and was missing it already. After the wedding, I went over here to Moshe NaNach's place to crash. I hadn't been here for a while. I told him about the story and he thought it was great. Then he shows me that he has about 20 of that same exact edition that he purchased for hafatza. so he gave me a few more and the saga continues. praise the lord.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pray For Our New Na Nach Van!

Praise be the Lord Almighty The One G-d, G-d of Israel, who has helped us buy a Na Nach van. Much work is still necessary, we need a rear view miror, inspection, insurance, registration, nanach paint job, sound system, amongst other things, but an enormous step for mankind has been accomplished. Daven for us.

Shlomo Nanach's compliments

Today Shlomo Nanach visited the site and complimented Dun Aryehs work.

The Na Nachman Breslov Cult

Here in the picture is a member of the Na Nachman cult hugging and kissing the grave of the Na Nachman grand master the "Grandpa".

Warning to Americans keep your kids far away from the Na Nachman Cult since they are known to abduct teenagers on their "year to Israel" and turn them into fanatical Na Nachmans who go around grave yards kissing graves.
wow what a wonderful site. i think that if everyone would say na nach with emunah shlema mashiach would come. i think that everyone should wear a na nach kipa. ifeel good when i say na nach. good luck with the site hashem should bless all the holy mafitzim.keep up the good work!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Na Nach: Special in Yidish Magazine Tzeitshrift

There's a Yidish Magazine, Tzeitshrift that ran a special Na Nach Purim edition, sporting a Na Nach cover (with YL on it wearing his Na Nach beanie). The magazine printed over ten pages about Na Nach with pictures of some of the chaverim, Saba, the Petek, hafatsa, grafiti, and more. Being that unfortunately I'm not so good with Yidish, let alone yidish written in hebrew in a system I'm not famiiar with, it's very hard for me to get a feeling of what they did, but in general my opinion is that if it publicizes Na Nach, that's great. The info on the magazine is: Tzeitshrift, 46 Main St. Suite 704, Monsey NY 10952, tel. 845 751 9249/7, email

Sunday, March 23, 2008

SABA IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!!!!!!

Na Nachs taking over the clubs of L.A.!!!

What a Kiddush Hashem Yitborach!!!!!

Photo Albums

Photo albums removed since it was slowing down the loading of the site to much. Instead we will please a static link there over the next couple days that will take viewers to to the albums.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Emes on puroim

I woill mow piost the emes wich is emes wmertz tzmach gimatriyanh nanach.

the day the petk was reveled yishivqs are nulified.

only Nanach the maiyn thinfg is nanach. To do hafatzah reamove the Sheker.
Na NAch Nachamnnn mumannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Mordichai Hayehudey

The Ben Ish Chi writes that the reason why he was called Yehudey was because he had big fat Breslov payes and he used to walk around very proud that he was Jewish and look Jewish.

We must take a lesson from this and not bend to westernized influences which turned the Jewish image and appearance into a Goy. Instead everyone must grow long Breslov payos and walk around Jewish looking the same way the Jews looked in the age of the Tanach, Mishna and Talmud.

Purim night, or morning, '68

Here we are at 3:05 am Purim morning, B'h we sold 3 canvas posters of the Saba at $20 a head, a few Yisrael Sabas and Blossoms of the Springs, and many Na Nach stickers, we just got back. Arriving at one of the huge homes where people where pulling up to shnor money, we pulled up and we took their son!!!!!!!!!!!! People were going for their money, we were getting their own flesh and blood!!! (remember what Rabbi Nachman told Rabbi Natan to get the big souls, and when Rabbi Natan asked him how to determine, Rabbi Nachman was reproachful, saying very simple whoever has prestige in the world or money or talent etc. well that's what we got the big fish). That's what it was we had 6 guys, a white station wagon all decked out with Na Nach stickers and big pictures of the Saba, a boom box tied to the roof, and people dancing on the roof and the hood. Maybe people made more money, but we stole the show, especially by the younger folks and the children (and that's where it really counts). B"y thank G"d for Na Nach, that's what we kept hearing the whole night!!!!!!!!!!
Bezras Hashem Yisborach tomorrow is going to be even better.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Latest Na Nach Sticker

A New Na Nanach

A new Na Nach has entered the world. Mazal Tov to Shimshon Nanach on his entering the covenvent of Avraham this morning inbetween the kevarim of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochi and his son Rebbe Elezar. may he merit to be truly Shomer Habris and do a lot of Hafatzah of the teachings of Rebbe Nachman.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Likutei Etzot on Purim

1. Through the joy of Purim in clapping and dancing, through this one draws down the aspect of receiving the Torah in the revealed and in the hidden, which is like the wonderful revelation of Mordechai and Esther, and merits to fulfill the mitzvah of Sefirat Ha`Omer properly, and suppresses the shell of Haman-Amaleq, may their names be obliterated, and the pride and idolatry and apostasy are annulled, and great faith is drawn down, and wisdom of holiness and life and length of days, and one sweetens all the judgemnets and all the decrees on Israel are annulled.

2. Purim is preparation for Pesach -- through the mitzvot of Purim one merits to be protected from Chametz on Pesach

Purim Sameach & Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Monday, March 17, 2008

More Pictures

Went down to Tzfat nanach basta to teach AZ chason classes got some nice pictures rest have been added to albums. Also some people search for nanach by typing in "Na Nachman" or "Na Na Nachman" so posters should use them in posts so we can rank high for that.

Getting ready for Purim!

Amazing modern day Purim miracles are taking place! NA NACH NACHMU NACHMUN MAyUMAN!
This morning the AYGS and TS brought over the boys and we were dancing Na Nach and one of the boys posted a large Na Nach sticker on the basketball backboard. Later on discussions developed on purchasing a Na Nach van. Later CDF and myself drove out to Paramus to Uri's mother who brought for us 50 DVDs of the Saba and hafatza as well as a couple dozen stickers of the Saba. She wanted to give us a fridge but we turned it down. Then she offered us a huge enormous speaker, and that was exactly what we needed, hodu lahashem kee tov, B"hy we'll rig it up and we're in Na Nach business, big time! Upon our return I found that someone had wripped down the Na Nach sticker from the backboard and in an ugly fashion wrapped it around my guitar (in and out of the strings... you can imagine, poor soul is suffering greatly). At the same time, the AYGS pulls up with his friend in a sporty infinity (looked brand new to me) all dressed up in Na Nach stickers!!!!!!! They had bought magnets and pasted the stickers on the magnets, what a job! They pulled up just as everyone was outside saying kidush livuna. If only Israel would say kidush livuna once a month it would be sufficient ... and if only a person would say Na Nach ... ... ....
Anyway that's just some of the excitement. We gotta do our best and hold up Na Nach as high as we can, G-d is watching proud!

Just Published: LH Even Haezer - First Halakhah

Laws of Procreation and Laws of Women. Halakhah Alef.

"A Kohen is forbidden to marry a divorcee, promiscuous woman, or challalah... Kohanim, Leviim, and Israelim are permitted to one another, and the child is [a Kohen, Levi or Israel] according to the male parent. Leviim and Israelim and challalim, converts etc. are permitted to one another.”

Alef. See the [Likutei Moharan Ch. 61] torah on "Chadi Rabbi Shim`on" from beginning to end; take a good look at it. And the rule is – everything is interconnected, and it is all one [thing], for they all belong to one aspect – i.e., through perfection of faith in the Sages, through which the semikhah is as it should be, through which the Israelite writing is as it should be, through which is made the aspect of Eretz Israel and through which are born great souls and the Name is raised up (for it is through perfection of this faith that the aspect of abundance of books is made) – through this all the judgements are sweetened by the Written Torah being made complete by the Oral Torah and it receives from the Upper Wisdom, the sekhel hakollel [All-Inclusive Intelligence], the Holy of Holies, and through this all the constrictions and judgements are sweetened, whether it be sweetening each constriction and judgement through the particular Intelligence pertaining to it, which needs to be drawn down from the Upper Wisdom to this Intelligence so that it will have power to sweeten, or whether it be sweetening through the Upper Wisdom all of the constrictions and judgements from whatever aspect of intellect. And when the Torah has completion, they are all sweetened in general and in particular through the aspect of the Upper Wisdom, as mentioned above, through which is made the aspect of happiness via the inclusion, for all of them are included inside the aspect of Holy of Holies, the Even Shetiyah, the Upper Wisdom mentioned above. Take a good look at it.
And behold it is all one theme, for this sweetening corresponds to writing which corresponds to semikhah mentioned above, for the sweetening is through receiving the constrictions from the Upper Wisdom, and is like the writing, for the letters of the writing are like constrictions, for each and every letter has a particular intellect clothed in its image and the constrictions, as mentioned there in the above chapter, and all these constrictions and intellects which are the letters which are like the Lower Wisdom, Dominion, need to receive from the Upper Wisdom, the General Intellect which is the brain which is like the Upper Wisdom, and when one writes in the fashion of Israelite writing in completion, then he draws the Upper Intellect into the letters that he writes and the Upper Wisdom in the mind is joined with the Lower Wisdom in the letters which are the constrictions, and through this all the judgements that hold them are sweetened through receiving from the Upper Wisdom as mentioned above, and therefore the writing receives power from the semikhah, for the semikhah that a Rav ordains a student is also in this fashion, for a Rav and student are like the Upper Wisdom and Lower Wisdom, Upper Intellect and Lower Intellect, as mentioned in the beginning of the essay “Mishra D’Sakina” (Likutei Moharan 30) and therefore through the semikhah when a student receives wisdom from the Rav., i.e. like the Lower Wisdom from the Upper Wisdom, through this the power of the writing which is also in this fashion also receives, and therefore through this is made the aspect of Eretz Israel as is written there, see there. I.e. the impure air of the foreign lands is driven out and sweetened, and the aspect of the holiness of Eretz Israel is drawn down and all this is through the writing and the semikhah as is written there. For through this is made the sweetening that all the judgements are sweetened that hold on to the constrictions of the letters as mentioned above, and through this the aspect of the Land is sweetened which is like dominion, as is brought down, and all the evil is sweetened and chosen out from there, until the air outside the land is clarified and is made like Eretz Israel through the sweetening of the writing as mentioned above, and the purpose of all the sweetenings is that holy souls should be born, for birth is the main sweetening as is brought down, and all this is done through faith in the Sages, for faith is like Dominion, Lower Wisdom, and when faith in the Sages is complete then the Lower Wisdom receives faith from the Upper Wisdom through believing in the Sages, and therefore through this is made the aspect of semikhah as is fit and the aspect of the writing and the aspect of Eretz Israel, and through this all the judgements are sweetened through the constrictions (which are like the Lower Wisdom, Dominion, like the letters as mentioned above) receiving the aspect of the Upper Wisdom as mentioned above, and this is like birth, that great souls are born which are like sweetening as mentioned above, and this is like marriage, for marriage is a sweetening through the Lower Wisdom receiving from the aspect of the Upper Wisdom as is brought down, and therefore the main part of the mitzvah is to bear children, which is the main sweetening as mentioned above.

May we merit to true emunat chakhamim.

What is AYGS?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Insidious Venomous Attacks On Na Nach

Here I was giving my attention to this site and to some other Na Nach projects, spreading the light, when I discovered that some two weeks ago I received at two insidious, venomous, and hateful attacks on Na Nach. Well at least B"h the attackers have begun to understand that Na Nach is very powerful force to reckon with. Hopefully this is just the first stage in their cleansing process to get all the hate, aggravation, frustration, misguided troubled chinuch out of there system. Like Rabbainu teaches (Sichot HaRan?) that when you boil water to purify it, first all the impurities come to the surface, and so when a person begins to work on himself and discover the truth, he discovers all types of distortions in himself which he wasn't aware of. Our main job is to stick to our guns, that is Na Nach, the rest will just come around sooner or later.

New Na Nach Pictures

new images in hafatza and na nach wall 2 wall albums

Saturday, March 15, 2008

NaNach Minyon rocks on Shabbos Zachor

Over twenty hard core nanachs gather at kever Rebbe Yosi Banah for Kabbalas Shabbos and Mariv Shabbos Zachor. At least 4 times during the prayers the minyan begins wild dancing and fanatical canting of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman for periods of over ten minutes.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcoming the AYGS back to America

Wow, the AYGS is back in America loaded with Na Nach stuff! Special thanks to all that helped, especialy YAL. We got bags of stickers, books, and posters. Uri sent us DVDs which we still have to pick up BH. The arsenal is coming together. BH Purim its all going to go.
Its almost Shabos so I'll wish everbody

You need a zechus to have breslov payos

So I went to the barber and I tell him I want him to leave me Breslov Payos.
Then I tell him Breslov Payos
Breslov Payos
Breslov Payos

and I show him what Breslov Payos are just to make sure he know (I mean the guy lives in Tzfas).
When he is finished I look in the mirror and the Breslov Payos are gone only some long thin watered down chasidish payos.
I guess I did not have the Zechos, there goes 4 months of work.
Maybee in anothe 4 months there will be better mazal.

Zayin Adar

With the Hillula of Moshe Rabbanue the tzadik Yesod Olam hiting on Na Nachs world wide storm to the diffrent Kivray Tzadikim. Run to your local tzadik if you are in the nort go to Rebbe Shimon or the Ari Hakadosh. Yerusalim pack into the Kosel and the Sabba. for those in Europe the Bal Shem Tov or Rebbe Nachhman.

what's happenin'

seventh of adar at Chatzor home of Choni HaMa'agel, and, yes, it's raining. We are invited here annualy to dance with the kids at the school in honor of the comming of Purim. Not much time right now erev shabbos. just wanted to sieze the opportunity to make my first post. well, much love to all. the geulah is very near. na nach.... a gud shabbos!

Live Nanach Webcam

Bezras Hashem Yisburach we're going to try a live Na Nach webcam with paltalk.

There are major drawbacks, such as, only paying members can view the webcam, but they can participate verbaly and textualy.
If anyone knows of a better way to begin to broadcast live, interactive, Na Nach for free please let us know.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Prayer to out Merciful Father in Heaven!!!

Terachem Abba!!!

Please Merciful Father have pity on Your children Klal Yisroel! Bring NO MORE WARS! Let the murdering of these boys be the last war before the coming of Your Moshiach! Let us dance and sing in Your holy presence with the Bais Hamikdosh now!
Z'man HaGeulah Karov Meod!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hafatza in Miami

With the help of G"y I'll be flying to Miami tommorrow. Anyone that knows who I could hook up with etc. please let me know.

Aquasition of NANACH.ORG

In a press release early last evening the official spokesperson for IFNWD (International Federation of Nanach World Domination) announced that the IFNWD had recently acquired the domain name NANACH.ORG. The IFNWD would not reveal their full intentions for purchasing the domain but said that for now it would be redirected at the official IFNWD website

Celebrate Shushon Purim

Check out the sefer Tovot Zichronot page 117 for the whole story, the bottom line is that even in chutz luuretz(not to mention an unwalled city in Israel) Rabainu, Rabbi Nachman, made it clear that Shushan Purim is considered as Purim to be celebrated joyously the whole day!! We should be zoche...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Photos of the Saba

Sabba Photo Album or on the side of the site

Friday, March 7, 2008

Danger giving advice other than Na nach.

This is the second time I'm writing this so it's going to be condensed. Today we learned in Likutay Eitzos (30) that it is very dangerous to lead people and tell them what to do, not to mention if the person taking the leadership is on worthy etc. but even real true tzadikim are in sever danger when giving over advice or saying 'tora' in public. They can be guilty of stealing, molesting, and killing, may the Holy Merciful One save us.
There is no doubt that we must go out and publicize the message of Rabbi Nachman, who told his chasidim that he wanted them to make special trips just to go speak to people. Certainly the only real chasidim, not to mention Bresluver Chasidim, are the Na nach, so it is upon us to spread the holy light of Rabbi Nachman, and we can only do it the way we know how. Therefore we must do our utmost to follow the way of Saba who completely negated his opinion, mind, and body to accept Rabbi Nachman's. We must try to give over only what we believe is true to Rabbi Nachman.
Rabbi Nachman himself avoided telling people what to do, leaving them the final decision, certainly we shouldn't (except in the case of friends, in which we find Rabbi Nussun strengthening himself with his friend to do exactly what had to be done, this is what we find in Uvos that in some aspects a friend is more important than a rebbe, thus it teaches make for yourself a rebbe but you should be buy a friend (even though there are other explanations to this mishna, definitely according to many of the simple interpretations the mishna is teaching this) however it is clear that the advice is coming from a friend, if it is a friend, and its advice to strengthen oneself in the tzadik, go for it). We must just dish out the Rebbes tora. One of the good things about Na Nach is that you can't go wrong. It is always applicable and always the right thing to say. So we should be zoche to do a lot of Na nach!

Careful about giving advice - only Na Nach!

Rimnitzer Rebetzin wears a NaNach Kumea and says the Petek daily!

The Rimnitzer Rebetzin of Monsey, two weeks ago on Shabos Kodesh, showed me her nanach kumea hanging around her neck, she then took out a wad of papers which she said are the tifilos she says everyday, and she fished out from amongst them the Petek, she told me she says it every day!
We should all learn from her, and be mischazek to say the Petek more frequently.
May Hashem shine the light of Na Nach into the hearts of all speedily in our days!

Arab terrorists Ymach Shemam Vzerchram Lad

Check out these flash clips about the Arab terrorist
reshaim Ymach shemam vzichram

Na Nach

Baruch dayan emet, rest in peace our slain brothers at Mossad Harav.
Let God arise and slay those who seek to slay us.

On a happier note, I am so happy to read these joyful Toralach.

I would like to also publicize some new Breslev translations and audio files available at:
There you can find some Likutei Halakhot in English and some other unique Breslev and Torah media. And excerpt:

Likutei Halakhot Alef. Hashkamat Haboqer. 1.1 Because it says in the words of Rabbeinu Z"L [Our Teacher, of blessed memory] (Likutei Moharan (LM) 282) that when a man begins to seek himself and sees that he is very far from the Lord, blessed-be-He. And that he is full of sins and numerous faults. And it seems to him that he is far from good, then he must seek and ask and find in himself some good, how is it possible that he did not do some good in all his days? And though he see that even the little good that he did is full of wounds. For it is mixed in much waste. Even so, it is impossible that it has not some good point anyway. And so shall he seek and find in himself some more good. And though this good also be mixed with much waste. Even so, anyway it has some good point. And so shall he seek and find in himself some more good points. And through this, that he judges himself to the pan of merit and finds in himself good points yet, even though he did what he did and blemished what he blemished. Through this he actually goes out from the pan of guilt and actually enters into the pan of merit, and through this he can merit to teshuvah (return, repentance). And this is like (Ps. 37) And yet a little – and the wicked one is no more etc. Through that yet little thing, in which he is not wicked, through this and the meditation etc. [he is transformed to a good guy] see there. And by this he can make himself happy...


Welcome the Asher Yutzar guys son to Israel!

We'd like to welcome the Asher Yutzar guy's son (the son of the guy that distributes the illustrated asher yutzar poster which features a guy dieing from a heart attack, they give it out in different languages all over the world, and maybe in that zchus they/we were zoche that their son is doing unbelievable stuff for Na Nach) to the Holy Land for an 8 day visit. All who can assist him should do so. Bezras Hashem his mission should be a success and will help save thousands of people in America.
Please load him up to the gills with all the Na Nach stuff you can, especially the designer white Na Nach beenees with the tassle pompom. Chayay Yisroel Saba, Yisroel Saba hebrew and english, Blossoms of the Spring, stickers of every sort, type, and size, he especially wants the mega 3 meter Na Nach sticker, na nach posters and whatever else you can think of. This is hatzulas nifushos mamash! We're talking not about saving one or two souls, but all our brethren in the empty land (am"reika).
Our best wishes to you AYGS, keep up the good work. NA NACH NACHMU NACHMUN MAyUMAN!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rabeinu is the only one!

I have come to the realization and understanding BAruch Hashem Hamevorach le olam Vaed, that: Numero uno, America is klipa like youve never seen. Temptation Island.
Number two: All of (Un) Hollywood is run by the other side
Number three: Without Rabeinu I would have sold my likfe away to the devil
Number four: Rabeinu saved my life
Number five: Dont ever move to America.
Number six: Rabeinu did miracles for me, that I dont even comprehend , He took me out of the depths of Hell
Number seven: I wish I had the power to be a true Breslover Chasid!!

p.s. all of you in ISrael are the luckiest people in the world. Dont you EVER forget it. Not for a second.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Na Nach Takes over MSN

With the power of the Tzadik Hemes even Microsoft can do Teshuvah

MSN has so far given our nanach blog the best rankings out of all search engines.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman #4
Na Nach #4
NaNach #1

So we therefore say to all those computer people
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Mumon

#3 for nanach

Our nanach blog now comes up number three in google for the search nanach.
Everyone keep on posting links and adding content.
This blog is big time hafatzah for the name of the Tzadik.

New Na Nach Minyan in Tzfas

New Na Nach minyan in Tzfas under the Tzadik Halavan for Kabbalas Shabbos and Mariv.

Happy Surprise!!!

Imagine showing up in some remote hick town, and one of the locals greets you: "Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!" you would be completely amazed and thrilled. Well basicly, just infinite times more, that's the reaction in heaven every time you say "Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman"!!!!
Now you can understand quite simply why even just saying Na Nach can do the trick, because if that local would just say Na Nach it would also get you very excited!!! So keep up the good work.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

did you know?

Rabbi Nachman says that one can be a tzadik without having alot of torah knowledge.Rabbi Nachman also says that being a Talmid Chocham does not make one a tzadik,further more one can be a lamdan and still be a Rasha.

we have enough rabbis, all we need now is more simple jews.

more Jews wanted, less Rabbis needed

Rebbe Nachman says that one can be a Tzadik without having alot of Torah knowledge.Rebbe nachman also brings down that being a Talmid Chocham does not make one a Tzadik,furthermore, one can be a Lamdan and still be a Rasha.GOD desires the heart.Knowing alot of Gemarah means just that, that you know alot of gemarah.

Be Smart Don't Work

Now it is very misappropriate to say that Na Nachs have a philosophy, because that word is a no no, however this is probably as close as your going to get.
Everyone knows Rabbi Nachman always stresses that the amount of work a person does is considered folly as the Zohar says shutu huam etc. etc. Here I just want to share with you a Gemura that we learned yesterday in Chok Liyisroel (Pikuday, Monday, Miseches Shabos 153): Even King Solomon said in his wisdom (koheles 9) at all times your clothes should be white and the oil on your head should not be withheld, Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakai said a parable to a king who invited his servants to a party and didn't set a time, the intelligent ones adorned themselves and sat at the entrance of the house of the king, they said: is there anything lacking at the kings house. The foolish ones went to their work, they said: is it possible to have a party without toil. Suddenly the king requested his servants, the intelligent ones entered before him, adorned. The foolish ones entered before him as they were - dirty. The king greeted the intelligent with rejoicing, and the foolish with anger. He said these that adorned themselves for the party will sit and eat and drink, these that did not adorn themselves for the party will stand and observe. The soninlaw of Rabbi Meir said in the name of Rabbi Meir, even then they appear to be helping out, the correct version is that both will sit, these will eat and these will starve, these will drink and these will thirst, as it says in the Issiah (65) So says Hashem Behold my servants will eat and you will starve, behold my servants will drink and you will thirst, behold my servants will rejoice from good heart and you will scream from heart pain.
The last words I'm sure will be greatly appreciated by Dun and others.
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Drinking on Purim

In Parsha Ki Sisa (32:32) Moshe Rabainu tells Hashem Yisborach that if He doesn't forgive Klal Yisroel etc. Vi-eem Ayin Michaynee Nu Meesifrichu, which many already know, if read from left to right, reads, Ani Nachman, and the acronym is MayUman. This was a huge madraiga of Moshe Rabainu to sacrafice his very existence, his name in the Tora, for the sake of Klal Yisroel. The Ariza"l says that the letters of michaynee nu can spell out may noach, because Noach did not have this self sacrafice for his generation, and thus Moshe Rabainu brought tremendous rectification of the problems of the Generation of the Flood.
Our Rabbis teach that since Moshe Rabainu told Hashem to take his name out of the Tora, even though he said it conditionaly, his name is not mentioned in Parshas Titzaveh, why Titzave wil Bez"h be discussed. This is a huge advancement for Moshe in which he is given qualities of the hiddeness and concealement of Hashem, just as Hashem is unseen and it is forbidden to just say His name, so to in Parshas Titzave Moshe Rabainu remains unseen and unmentioned (this is also the case in the Hagada Shel Pesach, but there the main reason is that tradition says that the Hagada was authored by Eliyahu Hanuvee, who is considered to be the voice of Moshe, therefore Moshe's name isn't mentioned, because he's doing the talking. This is because the whole idea of the Seder is to comemerate that night in Egypt when Moshe brought all the Jews together and began to take them out of Egypt. So the most integral part of the Seder is to be with Moshe Rabainu. That is why the Na Nach's capatalize on this Awsome occasion to sing and dance Na Nach, to make clear our loyalty with our redeamer, nishmas moshe, and to make clear our belief that Na Nach is in actuality freedom from all slavery and bondage!).
Parshas Titzave discusses the clothing of the Kohanim and other topics of the building and functioning of the mishkan. The mishkan was a testimony to G-d having forgiven the sin of the golden calf. In actuallity every jew is a microcosm of the mishkan which is a microcosm of creation, if not for the sin of the golden calf this would have been the working reality. Moshe Rabainu, is the daas of Klal Yisroel, and he would have been completely connected to each and everyones personal mikdash. Because of the sin they were unworthy, but because of Moshe's great devotion to G-d and Klal Yisroel he remains available to conduct the utopian way, so that in Parshas Titzave when there is discussion to the secondary mode, of how the Kohanim are going to do the service, Moshe isn't mentioned.
At the end of Parshas Titzave there is an allusion to the deaths of Nuduv and Avihu (29:43 Rashi) who died because they drank wine prior to entering the mishkan. Why did these tzadikim, who were in certain aspects greater than Moshe Rabainu, conduct themselves in such a seemingly impropiate manner? Our Rabbi's say that nowadays if one wants to bring wine libations on the alter how can he do so? He should bring wine to the throats of the Tzadikim. This is the concept that the Tzadikim are in themselves the mishkan. Therefore Nuduv and Avihu were operating on a level of devotion to G-d that they would drink the wine themselves, and this was higher than for them to bring it on the alter. The problem was that they wanted to bring the Kitores in the mishkan to elevate all of Klal Yisroel to their level, but that was uncalled for, and it was ruling before their master Moshe Rabainu who's in charge of Klal Yisroel.
Purim, our Rabbis teach is the utopia of the secondary, Yom Hakeepurim, which literaly means the day that is like Purim. On Yom Kipur the Kohen Gadol would enter the Holy of Holiest. On Purim we reach the level where each and everyone of us is the mikdash, so we drink the wine ourselves, but it forbiden for us to bring the incence (those who understand...) we must negate ourselve to accept the true daas of our Master Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!! This is the final tikun of Noah, because Noah saw the whole world disobeying G-d and he saw the holocaust and complete anhilation of the world, can one imagine what his sentiments were?! Noah didn't withstand the ordeal and he got drunk etc.. Rabainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman knows the whole deal and even still holds steadfast in complete belief and faith in the goodness and oneness of G-d. Thus it is through him that we can succeed in restoring the Kingdom Of G-d in such a way that every jew is a Mikdash, and we will drink to this until we know of no other way!
[The acronym of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman has a numerical value of 240, Rabbi Nachman taught that the last letters of Sheva Yepol Tzadik Vikum spell out Amulaik, however this can not be the complete tikun because the verse says Raishis Guyim Amulaik, the complete tikun and obliteration of amulaik therefore is in the raishis, the first letters of Na Nach which have a numerical value equivalent to Amulaik].

It's all in the numbers. Over the counter.

The Zohar Hakodesh on this weeks parsha (brought in Chok Liyisroel for Sunday) Pikuday notes the importance of counting and measuring all the donations to the Mishkan, even though in general counting is derogatory (because it brings limit to what is being counted and makes it more vunerable to the evil eye), by the donations, by announcing the sums and the rejoicing of the rememberance of their philanthropy, the divine spirit is drawn into the mishkan.
Today there are counters on many things, e.g. sites. Besides the damage caused by what one sees and gets dirty from visiting a site from the other side, there is also the counter that goes up, that the other side counts one more power to their side. Until little by little the other side boasts of thousands and millions of people that are patronizing them. When someone does not visit or log on to their sites, this is in itself an action of combat not allowing the other side to gain that extra vote.
Now we can see the tremendous importance of every visit and log on to a na nach site, that besides for the infinite gains of touching base with the Kingdom of G-d, their is the great joy to see the numbers growing on our side, and this draws the holy spirit into our work.

Rebbe Nachman's Stories

Rebbe Nachman's Stories wake those in slumber. Each story is another holy world! These stories save lives. Better than any other entertainment out there, and for sure a huge tikkun, rectification for reading any unholy material.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where Is My Holiness?! Where Is Na Nach?!!

This Shabos I read Likutay Halachos on honoring parents. Rabbi Nussun explains that a person is created from what looks like a very disgusting ordeal, even though, at the same time the creation of a person must be coming from the most highest, pure and holy source. Therefore the more one honors his parents the more he is establishing his creation to be of complete purity and holiness, which is deserving of honor, and cleanses himself of the other way of looking at it!
Rabbi Nussus explains that in the highest source of glory of G-d there is complete concealment and the evil forces abound. The only way to succeed in such a place is with the cry of Ayeh (acronym of Im Yirta Hashem), screaming for G-d to shine through.
This is really what life nowadays is about. What is today (which with the help of G-d I will discuss at length, elsewher) never was before (except for the time of the flood, which Rabbi Nussun adresses there). On the one hand we are blessed with considerable affluence and ammenities and on the other hand we are completely swamped by the delusions of imagination. Our only hope is Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!! Scream Na Nach, Yell Na Nach, but most important sing and dance Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman is the Tzadik, who is the song, who goes into the chalal hapunoy (empty space) and build the Kingdom of G-d.
When everything else goes wrong, you can alway rely on this Holy Song!
When your in the wringer and already gave out, you'll know what this is about!
It's good, it's true and it will work for you!