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Friday, February 29, 2008

Ask What Na Nach Can Do For You!!!

Recently there has been some discussion about the following statement: "ask not what Na Nach can do for you, but what can I do for Na Nach", my opinion is that it is completely o.k. to ask what Na Nach can do for you. However when you find yourself asking what you can do for Na Nach, that's a definite sign that you're on the right track!
When people say they want to get close to G-d or to attach themselves to the Tzadik, what do they mean. G-d is everywhere, and his Chief Ambassador, Rabbi Nachman is also presiding in all the worlds, as Rabbi Nussun says of Rabbi Nachman, there is no place devoid of him. So everyone is already 'close'.
This question in other words is how to diferentiate things that are above time and space, what brings them together?
The holy books explains that it is the function (tzura) which is the deciding factor. The more two things are doing the same thing the more together they are, even above time and space.
G-d and His Tora are One, also our Rabbi's teach that G-d keeps the Tora. So the more one fullfills the Tora the more one take on how G-d functions in this world and thus gets closer and unites with G-d.
Every soul had its' particular desire and mission, the Tzadik cultivates and oversees the growth and developement of all the souls. The whole world was created for the Tzadik, because G-d created the world to make known his name and image, and there is noway of knowing G-d only in the most very real way possable, to experience Him yourself, and the experience has to be as explained that there is a unity of the Tzura, so the Tzadik runs the world with G-d! Everyone has this opportunity to take on G-ds' attrabutes, everytime one does a kindness etc. he's gaining the infinite identification with G-d, this is what it says that all of Israel are considered Tzadikim. The Tzadik completely mastered this. Thus the Tzadik is the key to putting everything and everyone together.
Some people look at the Tzadikim simply as role models to gain encouragement from. The truth is that the Tzadik is everything (Kul). A person must recognise his place in the world. A person must work under the Tzadik. If a person gains the unity with the Tzadik, he will gain additional souls, that is, desires and functions of the Tzadik. Everything I'm writing needs to be explained at great length.
Everything G-d created was completely necessary. Every soul has something to do which only it can do, otherwise it wouldn't have been created. Rabbi Nussun writes in Likutay Halachos that sometimes a Tzadik is unable to defile himself to submerge himself in certain areas, so he sends one of his followers. This seems to be the predominant theme of todays time, when each and every one know what they are suffering, and yet as we sink we set the clamps of the Tzadik enable him to reverse everything to good.
To sum up all of the above: We have the awesome opportunity of spreading Na Nach!!! There is nothing higher or more productive and effective as spreading Na Nach!!! G-d Blessed Be His Holy Name created the world for this sole reason, that the whole creation, even those that are seemingly the core of evil, will sing this divine song: Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!!
Then the whole world will know, and recognise (real recognition) that G-d is One and His Name is One!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Check out this NaNach music:
Also check out (in the playlist) what Shlomo Carlbach said about Na Nach on a live Radio Interview!!! if you listen closely you can hear the Saba in the background saying Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman. Note that also available (not from here at this point of time) is Shlomo Carlbach singing the entire Petek in English, and adding that the Geula, final redemption is dependant on the Saba spreading these teachings of Rabbi Nachman!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Customizing blog

B"H the layout of the blog will be refined and completely nanached out in the next couple days.
they will reach joy and the misery will flee. SIMCHA!

ש- shulchan orech
מ- mikveh
ח-chatzos lyla
ה- Hisbodidus!

a Breslover amiti.
Our mouths will be filled with laughter, and our toungs with song (psalm-126)

"Ani Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman (the song) HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA" (the laughter)- Sabba yisrael

when you spread the name of the Tzadik HaEMET, you spread the name of HaShem! -likutey maharan torah chet.

And this is the new Song of Redemption, The song of Kindness, the Song of all Songs....."נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן"

Monday, February 25, 2008


With the help of G-d blessed be His name, and His true tzadikim, particularly Rabainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, of blessed memory, I will begin to write some of the truth I merited to percieve. Until I am able to write things in an organized fashion, I will write whatever matters come to mind.
- Someone who is really trying to serve G-d and be a proper person will forsure be under great pressures and stress by the evil inclination, this is cleary stated in the Gemura, that everyday a persons evil inclination overpowers him, and if not for the help of the Holy One B"h, a person would not be able to overcome the onslaught. Rabbi Nachman say that the reason for this is so that the person will be forced to turn to G-d for everything (this is also taught in other holy books, the Ishbitzer (one of the main mentors of Shlomo Carlbach, and Teacher and Master of R' Tzadok Hacohen (who authored notes to Sefer Hamidos)) in May Hasheloach Likutim puts it quite beautifuly, that a person trying to guard the covenant (especially that of his body along with the thoughts attached) will have huge ups and downs, often chancing upon wonderous solutions only to fall again afterwoods etc.. All of this, the Ishbitzer says, is because G-d desires that the person should speak to him, and he will suffer trials and tribulations until he begins this holy practice of constantly speaking and conversing with G-d). Therefor it is obvious that such a person, upon hearing about anything that can help him in his struggle, will not mock it or discount, just like a drowning man will not examine something being extended to him to save him. Only after trying the offered help will any criticism be in order. So all those out there, upon hearing about Na Nach are given an opportunity to pull themselves out of the mess they are in, and their reaction will be based on how much they care about their plight.
By: NaaNaach

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rabbeinu Nachman teaches, that even bad things happen only for the greater good. Everything is for the greater good.

Fear doesn't exist in the world, we only make ourselves afraid.
Despair doesn't exist in the world, we only make ourselves despair.
V' beg Hashem to allow us to be close to the Tzadik Haemet.
And Shelo Ledaber Al Eizeh MiYisroel, Chas V'shalom!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!
We are singing the song of the Geulah!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Becha Rabeinu Nagilah Becha Rabeinu Nesmicha!!!!

What a Rebbe we have, the Rebbe of the whole world, the Rebbe of Am Yisrael.
He takes us from the lowest pits of gehenim and fixes us and rectifies us and brings us to HaShem as His Chasidim with a Lev Basar, A Breslover. He himself said that he has all the rectifications and all the healings, He is The Nachal Novea Mikor Chochmah...all the wisdom in the world flows in through him, The Tzadik. and he gives us all the advice and his books has all the healings and all secrets, how to Return to HaShem in EMES! He didnt leave anything out each one on his on level can understand. thats what Rabeinu said that even just his stories can reach the lowest and highest levels. only Rabeinu revealed these awesome secrets and his fire will Burn till the days of Mashiach and rectify all of us and break our heart and then repair them.
the main thing is to be bsimcha
and never give up!
Na NACH Nachma Nachman Me'uman!