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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

CLOTHES: Sefer Hamedot


1. The clothes of a man hint at his character traits.

2. One who goes barefoot, it is certain that he is a sinner.

3. As a result of brazenness, and false oaths, one is punished through his clothes.

4. One who does not take care not to look at his father's nakedness, in the end his children will go naked and barefoot.

5. One who eats before prayer is punished through his clothes.

6. Due to arrogance, one is punished through his clothes.

7. One who tempts his friend from the right path to the wrong one will consequently not have enough clothing to wear.

8. One who testifies in favor of non-Jews is punished through his clothing.

9. In the future, the Holy One Blessed be He will be avenged on those who dressed in the clothing of non-Jews.

10. Someone who goes in torn clothing due to poverty, his repair is to weep before the Blessed L-rd.

11. All who treat clothes with disrespect, in the end they will not benefit from them.

12. One who makes a garment for a poor person will be saved from humiliations.

13. One who is wary not to embarrass any man, merits garments.


1. Through stories of the Righteous, the light of the Mashiach is drawn into the world, and much darkness and troubles are dispelled from the world, and one also merits to attractive clothing.

2. One who is accustomed to cursing others will not have clothes for Shabbat.

3. One who always beautifies his legs with fine garments, for example, very beautiful shoes or pants, comes to deceive others.

4. One who is negligent in the commandment of tzitzit does not merit to be buried.

5. One who makes clothing for another can change the will of the other in any way he wants, both materially and spiritually.

6. When a man dresses in the clothes of his father, it is easy for him to live by the traits of his father.

7. (Translate this accurately, Mishlei 9:5) -- the initials spell Lulav (palm branch). "With wine" (including the count of the letters), comes to the same Gematria as the initials of Etrog, Hadas, Arava ( , myrtle, willow). "Masachti (translate) -- the aspect of Sukkot. Through the commandment of taking the Four Species and through the Sukkah, a man merits to food, drink and clothing, and also that his soul will receive life-force. Through the sukkah one merits to clothing, as in the passage "Fragrant clouds are His garment (Iyov 38:9)". Through the willow one merits to drink, through the myrtle one merits to give life to the soul, and through the lulav and the etrog one merits to eating, for they have fruits, which are a form of food.

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