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Tuesday, August 1, 2006



1. One who chastises must give his reproof by connecting his speech to its root, and through this his words will be accepted.

2. Do not chastise a Jew who adopts a foreign religion, for it will be of no avail.

3. Through not accepting chastisement, one's home is destroyed.

4. One who chastises the world without wisdom, causes a great exile, G-d forbid, and increases the severity with which the world relates to the Jews.

5. A person should never exclude himself from the universal standards.

6. Due to the punishment for the lack of chastisement, G-d retracts from the good He had resolved to do (literally, the good that issued from His mouth).

7. When you know that people will not accept your chastisement, let them be.

8. One who fears chastising others, in the end G-d breaks him in front of them.

9. Someone who is in a position to warn and does not, his friend's punishment also comes upon him.

10. Through giving charity, one merits to receive moral edification.

11. One who does not accept moral edification is judged with a death sentence.

12. Through the chastisement one gives, he merits to rest in the grave without the pains of Hell, and merits Heaven.

13. It is permitted to push away with both hands, one who did not accept chastisement from you.

14. As long as there is chastisement in the world, satisfaction, good and blessing come to the world.

15. Through chastisement, judgments are sweetened, and kindness is drawn down.


1. One who has not reached a high level of righteousness, and also does not have ancestral merit, yet wants to draw people to the service of G-d, should guard himself from tests, and especially that the wicked should not envy him.

2. One who draws people to the service of G-d, blessings are entrusted in his hand.

3. One who listens to chastisement and does not accept it, he should know that he will need to borrow from others. A sign for this is: "A slave will not be influenced by words (Mishlei 29:19)" and "A borrower becomes a slave to the one who lent to him (Mishlei 22:7)".

4. It is impossible to throw words (of chastisement) at another from a distance. One must bring the other into the aspect of "pregnancy" first.

5. When people come out to honor an important man, the ten sentences with which the world was created are aroused. This is done also through drawing the far close to G-d.

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