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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

BRAZENNESS: Sefer Hamedot


1. One who is brazen, it is certain that he transgressed in order to anger.

2. Brazenness comes through anger.

3. Through brazenness, one will not accept moral chastisement.

4. Through brazenness, one becomes (transl), and it is also certain that he still has not repaired the sins of his forefathers.

5. One who is brazen, his repair is to don tefillin (phylacteries) that had been on the head of a tzaddik.

6. When an evildoer acts brazenly before an upright man, this is only so that the upright one will examine his deeds.

7. One who is brazen, it is certain that he is not satisfied with what he has.

8. The Torah is a repair for brazenness.

9. Through brazenness, the rains are withheld. Also, it is certain that a brazen person has stumbled in a sin, and in the end he will stumble in more sin. It is permitted to call him "wicked", and to hate him, and it is certain that he is from one of the 974 generations that preceded the Creation.

(Note: This is according to a Midrash (Rabbinic legend), claiming there was an earlier Creation which preceded the one described in the Torah.)

10. Arrogance, even against Heaven, is effective, but it is considered kingship without a crown (without legitimacy).


1. When it happens that the world responds arrogantly against a Torah sage, it is certain that great wars will be aroused against the nation that responded so.

2. Headaches come upon one who responds arrogantly against the seed of King David.

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