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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

ANGER: Sefer Hamedot


1. One who guards himself from anger, his enemies cannot dominate him.

2. Also, he will dwell in his own house, and others will not take his place.

3. Through anger, one is humiliated.

4. Do not lose your temper and you will not sin.

5. One who becomes angry -- his wisdom and prophetic ability leave him. Even if in Heaven greatness is decreed for him, he is brought down from his greatness.

6. The Holy One Blessed be He loves one who does not become angry, and one who is not exacting in recompensation.

7. A hot-tempered person's life is not worth living.

8. Also, all sorts of hell afflict him.

9. And constrictions dominate him.

10. The Divine Presence is not important to him.

11. He forgets his learning.

12. And indulges in foolishness.

13. And it is certain that his sins outweigh his merits.

14. Anger after eating is very damaging.

15. The anger of a woman destroys the house.

16. Through anger one's flesh is (check trans)

17. To avoid anger, it is conducive to eat breakfast with bread.

18. One who does not complain about people will be esteemed in their eyes.

19. Through falsehood comes anger.

20. One with a bad temper, should make a pledge and pay it instantly. Through this he will annul the anger.

21. One who gazes at the face of a liar comes to anger.

22. Through jealousy one comes to anger.

23. Through anger one draws harsh judgments upon oneself.

24. Through anger one sires foolish children.

25. Through anger, one's lifespan is shortened.

26. Casting down the haughty is conducive to dispelling one's anger.

27. When a person is free of anger, he is able with his gaze to subdue the arrogant.

28. One who has a bad temper, it is certain that he loves honor, and even all the commandments he observes, he does it only for honor.

29. One who becomes angered with an honorable pauper, it is as if he angered G-d.

30. Also, he becomes mute.

31. And leprous.

32. One who breaks the attribute of anger merits a good name.

33. Sometimes anger comes through bearing a heavy burden.

34. Through anger comes depression.

35. Anger comes through private discussion with G-d not carried out appropriately.

36. Through being overly exacting, there is no peace.

37. Through eating, anger is banished.

38. Guard yourself from anger on a day in which you experienced a salvation.

39. Through giving charity, anger is annulled.

40. Through anger, a woman has difficulty in childbirth.

41. One's anger frightens him.

42. Anger is damaging to one's eyesight.

Note: Sefer Hamedot- Book of Traits was posted on with the permission of the translator Dovid Nanach. He has already given printing rights to Keren Rebbe Yisroel Ber Odeser. Content is for personal use only. If you wish to reprint or distribute this translation, we can not give you permission. For that you must contact the above parties.