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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Vayyikra and Rabbi Nachman

Behar and Bechoukotecha are the conclusion of Vayyikra .

Vayyikra is a very special book because the beginning marks the birth of Moses, Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi J. and the end is the death of Meir Baal Ha Ness from Tiberias who is buried standing!  Rabbi Meir Baal Ha Ness was a Roman convert and he is not buried according to Halacha because he is supposed to be the first one to stand up and receive the final redemption, he is buried standing.

Tiberias is the place the Petek was found, not coincidentally Rabbi Na Nach was born falling into a well in Tiberias.  Another person who sets the definition for Tzaddik is Josef.  Josef was not born in a well but he was placed there by his brothers for dead and later was taken out and made second to the King.  President Trumps confident and advisor Mike Huckabee was at the tomb of Josef while his boss was at the Wall in Jerusalem.  The date of the visit was Isod che be Isod (foundation in the foundation (of the earth))during the count of the Omer, precisely the moment celebrating the Tzaddik foundation of the earth which is the second son of Rachel who is referred to in the name of Josef itself..."yosef li ben acher" add me a different son.  Rabbi Nachman fits that description better than Josef!

Vayyikra is also considered 3 books by some because smack in the middle is the famous two lines within the two Nounes acting like quotes like this [ ]! It comes amost exactly in the middle of the Torah, no surprise since the beginning and the end are "welded" together through the name Israel Ber - eshit, Israel Ber of fire.  The flame of the 3ed Temple.

None of this is rocket science, it's stuff school kids in Israel can understand well, but they need to hear it at least one time since it has never been written before.

 Vayyikra is called Leviticus because it deals throughout with the laws concerning the use of the Tabernacle and the laws for the Priesthood.  The laws also concern the proper use of the Holy Land with it's special rules, concerning those that dwell on it, be they Jewish or non-Jewish.

Should priests from other nations dwell in the Holy Land?  Of Course!

However they need to respect the laws set by Moses  MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: they need to accept that Rabbi Nachman is the second son or Rachel and this acceptance will have the same effect on their priesthood as Josef had on the priests of Egypt. Before and after Josef they are referred to as Magicians but during the time Pharaoh knew of Josef, they are called priests of Egypt.

Anybody who vandalizes Josefs tomb is no priest he is a Magician at best.  It is obvious to any thinking individual that knows the law of burying in Israel that the remains of Rabbi Nachman need to be brought to Jerusalem (Halacha 363).  Imagine what will happen if the motley crew of North Korea, Russia, Syria, and Iran get their hands on Rabbi Nachman!

The cause of all bloodshed and WAR (except the eradication of Amalek) is due to this mitzvah not being fulfilled and now that we have had Jerusalem for 50 years (50 = Kingship) and the 70th anniversary of the State is scheduled for this year!!

70 is 'eyn' or eye.  Josef is called Ben Pourat ale AYN!  Samson wants the great day of revenge to take place for BOTH his eyes  (Samson also was not born from a father and had an affair) The prayer of Samson has not yet been fulfilled. Rachels prayer has not yet been fulfilled and she is still crying for both her sons, because the wishes of the first can only be completed by the second:

The 70 nations will keep the promise made to the priest: Carry my bones to Jerusalem!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Iran source of terror against secular society

I ran, I Rabbi Nachman, I ran to Israel alone went before you.  If you are together I will be with you.  I was born in a well in Tiberias and I am tel;ling you that I am Rabbi Nachman I am the King I am Na Nach Nachma Nachman meuman.  In other words from Uman to Odessa 354 (gematria Na Nach Nachma Nachman) Ber Israel came out of the well.

Israel is the 12th Imam he is the Maddi.

Bring him to Jerusalem and truth will emerge and Peace also.,7

Monday, May 8, 2017

The difference between the Dog and the Lion

You aren't nearly as respectful of a dog as you are of a lion, or are you?

 The first temple sacrifices were consumed by a fire in the shape of a lion while the second temple were in the shape of a dog.

Most people think the second temple was a bigger deal because it was fancier and people followed Halacha...I will even add that they were perfect saints, which we certainly were not in the time of the first temple.  Yet the fire was that of a dog!

The Devil was very active after the Geula of the Benjaminite (wolf), Mordecai, and the Temple was destroyed by the Roman Wolf.  In fact the "wolf" mentality was not the "lion" mentality.  The Mayor of Jerusalem is Mr. Lion! Where is the difference in mentality? both are animals.

When there is no faith and it is all bark, the fear of a stone, fire or even disrespect will melt it's heart.  The Lion on the other hand, is complacent but if he notices any sign of disrespect, you might as well die from trauma rather than experience what comes next.

How could it be that perfect Tzaddikkim following the Halacha deserved only a dog?  These tzaddikkim were listening to the Devil who put sadness into their hearts.  Too much wisdom, too old, too afraid, and therefore the love disappeared.

The second son of Rachel has already arrived, may all those who have fire in their hearts unite around him.  After all Israel Ber (eshit) of fire!  It says on the Petek (which is referred to as the letter by Saba and by Moses at Sinai) On you I said my fire will burn until the arrival of Messiah, the one who sings Na Nach all the time.  There is no beginning and no end only the Tzaddik and his letter.

70 faces the nations may have, but we are one people!  Start saying Na Nach til you understand it's meaning!

Friday, May 5, 2017

sent to white house today

The 12th Imam is indeed amongst us,
He was born out of a well in Tiberias.
He Ran from Uman to Tiberias and the name of the Shiite Republic is I Ran or (I Rabbi Nachman).
A precedent which everyone is familiar with:
Josef who was considered inferior by both his brothers and the Egyptians (Arabs) was buried in the Nile, later he came out in the form of Moses and Joshua Ben Nun, his wife who he never married lived 400 years to bury her husband in the appropriate place.
He is a man of Gd and he does not spit on any religion, but wants a Gd fearing Peace, based on Life, Love and the pursuit of Truth.
Uman to Odessa, it will take you 354 Km to accomplish this 7 day journey.
The Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman is 354! You can call that a jubilee to the 3ed power.
Meuman (From Uman) to Odessa (ODESSER)  the sea or BER (well in Hebrew) then you have ISRAEL (the nation or the baby) the first letters of which spell Ebay (fountainhead) of the ever flowing (Ha Nachal) source of wisdom (Ha Nachal novea mekor hochman: Rabbi Nachman).
Josef is the source of all wealth.  The figures on the Israeli Shekel, all four of them participated in the creation of the book Ebay Ha Nachal with the letters written by ISRAEL BER ODESSER (which means 10- the coin).   Tamar and Leviatan were discovered, yet the Israeli Government lost their ability to tax these resources after they changed the figures on the bills.  Even the announcement of changes always caused forest fires and the death of jail keepers, (44 in Haifa and 1 in Kiriat Sefer (city of the book)).
Rabbi Meir Baal Ha Ness from Tiberias is buried right near where Rav Israel was born and where the letter was.  Rabbi Meir is buried standing up so he can be the first one to come out when the Messiah arrives.  He is called Baal Ha Nass because of all the miracles and charities that take place thanks to him.
Rabbi Odesser said about himself: "You don't know who I am, I am Rabbi Nachman, I am the King" this corresponds to Rabbi Nachman's last words: "What are you worried about, I go before you, just be together and I will be with you".  He did arrive, but to bring the bones, we need to be united.
If we are not united, we should worry...
The mission of the Maddi is to make the world believe in Gd again, "truth will grow from the soil of Israel".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump,

President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump,

The job needs getting done and since you have the will and the ability, you have volunteered. With the deepest respect, I submit to you the proposal from what I believe to be the vast majority of the Israeli population and the religious world at large including here the Iranians and the people of Russia and the Ukraine.  Time is very short and I like yourself and so many others, am ready to make big sacrifices for our Lord, the father of creation.  He who loves the father also loves ALL the sons of this father.

The 12th Imam is indeed amongst us, his Name is Rav Israel Ber Odesser.  He was born out of a well in Tiberias.  He Ran from Uman to Tiberias and the name of the Shiite Republic is I Ran or (I Rabbi Nachman).  

This is not crazy at all, there is even a precedent which everyone is familiar with.  

Josef who was considered inferior by both his brothers and the Egyptians (Arabs) was buried in the Nile and later he came out in the form of Moses and Joshua Ben Nun, his wife who he never married lived 400 years to bury her husband in the appropriate place.  

To make a comparison Rabbi Nachman's wife would still be considered young at 220 today, Rabbi Nachman like Josef never actually lived in the same place as she did and never gave her children or even slept with her, but she was willing to marry him,  today we have no such ancient elderly lady of 220 yrs so the similarity stops here.  Yet new elements that did not exist before with Josef come in droves and I will list enough of them here for a critical thinker to be able to draw his conclusion that the 12th Imam exists, he is a man of Gd and he does not spit on any religion, but wants a Gd fearing Peace, based on Life, Love and the pursuit of Truth.

The first step is the most important, and if you start walking from Uman to Odessa in direction of Israel, it will take you 354 Km to accomplish this 7 day journey. The Gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman is 354! You can call that a jubilee to the 3ed power.  Meuman (From Uman) to Odessa (Odesser) then you have the sea or Ber (well in Hebrew) then you have Israel (the nation or the baby) the first letters of which spell Ebay (fountainhead) of the ever flowing (Ha Nachal) source of wisdom (Ha Nachal novea mekor hochman: Rabbi Nachman).  This is the name of the first book of the Israeli Presidency made by the first Minister of Education, President Zalman Shazar in cooperation with Nobel Laureate Dr Shai Agnon.   I myself founded the village by that name and made the 354 km. walk.  This demonstrates one first reason to believe Rabbi Nachman did come out of the well.

A second demonstration that Rabbi Nachman came out of the well is connected to Josef being the source of all wealth.  Indeed before PM Bibi or the BIS decided to change the figures on the Israeli Shekel all four of them had participated in the creation of the book Ebay Ha Nachal with the letters written to President Shazar by Rabbi Odesser (which means 10- the coin).  All the money being coincidentally related to this book until it was signaled to the PM. This seems to be proof enough, but we can go a lot  deeper into this, if you remember, that Tamar and Leviatan were discovered off Rosh Ayn, yet the Israeli Government lost their ability to tax these resources (most Oil nations fund their government through the oil production) after they changed the figures on the bills.  Even the announcement of changes always cause forest fires and the death of jail keepers, (44 in Haifa and 1 in Kiriat Sefer (city of the book)).

A third demonstration that Rabbi Nachman came out of a well in Tiberias is connected to Rabbi Meir Baal Ha Ness whose Hilloula will be next week.  This great Rabbi from Tiberias is buried right near where Rav Israel was born and where he found the letter.  Rabbi Meir is buried standing up so he can be the first one to come out when the Messiah arrives.  He is not buried according to Halacha and he is a convert.  He is called Baal Ha Nass because of all the miracles and charities that take place thanks to him. 

A fourth demonstration that Rabbi Nachman came out of a well is that Rabbi Odesser said about himself: "You don't know who I am, I am Rabbi Nachman, I am the King" this corresponds to Rabbi Nachman's last words: "What are you worried about, I go before you, just be together and I will be with you".  He did arrive, but to bring the bones, we need to be together united. If we are not united, we should worry, because if the bones are not brought her then...(BWEWS might not function, I suggest therefore investing 10% of this deal, remember I spoke to Livni).

The thith demonstration, I should stop here, is that the mission of the Maddi is to make the world believe in Gd again.  I think that's exactly the issue here.  I even think the world has never actually believed in Gd before, but they will now, because "truth will grow from the soil of Israel" and THE Saint is compared to the soil upon which everyone treads, (Likutey Moharan) very likely the village of Ebay which now exists, or the well from which he emerged in Tiberias.

I have focused here on proving that The Maddi is for real, and therefore we have a genuine means of communicating with the Iranians.   There is a similar way to communicate with the Palestinians and the Sunnis, but my favorite is communication with the Alawi.

The Palestinians (PA, Fatach intelligence) have already been informed by me that Pharaoh was before and after Josef a cannibal (until the Ninve episode where he made the 70 nations acquire an attribute of holiness by fasting for three days which corresponds to being charitable, humanity is now charitable).  Bringing Rabbi Nachman's bones to Jerusalem through their initiative will change their magicians into priests like crowning Josef did for the Egyptian Pharaohs.  Before and after the Pharaohs that knew Josef the priests are called magicians (and they mean cannibals).

You now have a way to avoid open violence to eliminate the killers from the streets.  Most predators are eventually extinguished and that is what is in store for the magicians, unless we can change their polarity.

The Alawi have an impressive Monarch in Morocco and a loser optician in Syria.  Almost all Arabs have great respect for the King of Morocco and would desire his form of administration throughout North Africa.  Placing someone from that Monarchy in Syria would connect the Maghreb and make it one single bloc, not through persecution of Jews, but through the recognition of their right to the Mellah, "Israel".  The Arabian Peninsula and the Shiite areas could also become economic and cultural blocs that trade on an equal basis, because slavery has become absolutely unacceptable, and an aberration to real Muslims, there is no War, no slavery, the Jihad is over.  Descendents of Mohamed rule over the Arabs and they have recognized the Maddi to be Rabbi Nachman.

I believe the 70th anniversary of Israel to be the final deadline, but success would be to have him here by Rosh Hashana.  I think a tax from those that have invested in Israel is reasonable, because it would only contribute to increasing their profits anyways.  This is something that can only be done by government.  The most classy way to do all this would be to honor Prince Philip with being the official patron for burying Rabbi Nachman on Mt Zion with King David the King of King.  Prince Philip will want to do this before October, a successful conclusion to his career as Monarch to the Crown of England.  This would boost the economy of Britain immensely as it will all Monarchies in general.  

As the President of the people and not of the bureaucracy, I know you will immediately understand the wisdom of these words.  I send you all my gratitude and blessings from Zion Square in Jerusalem, where my precious friend Mr Sam Ben Chetrit (President of The World Federation of Moroccan Jewry) and I are ready to spring into full action at your service.

There is no Beginning and No end....only...SABA you created

What if there were no beginning and no end?
What if everything were in one single point in space, in time?
Could this really be?

If everything were one, then where is the root and beginning of it all?

Just like a tree emerges from one seed?
Why is it that every form of life in nature has a Y and an X chromosome, but even the sky and earth are split as are the seas the skies, the nations and so on?

The body of a man has likewise two basic parts, the head and the rest, the "life" of the person is in it's head more than in any other individual part.

When 70 books of Torah were written for the nations they began with "The Lords created the Heavens and the Earth in the beginning" (notice how the earth is placed closer to the beginning).

When Moses gave the Torah over to the Hebrews it is different: "In the beginning the Gods created the Heavens and the Earth".  Here the beginning appears closer to the Gds and the Heavens then to the Earth.

Both are wrong!
There is no beginning!

Not the Gds, not the Earth, not even the Heavens.

Israel Ber you made created the Gds the Heavens and the Earth.

Israel is the end of the scroll and Ber is the beginning.

At Simcha Torah the two are united and not separated. It is an ongoing cycle which never started and never ended, It is "nature".  However this was created to accompany the creation of Israel Ber which is "The King" and the Messiach will explain this in detail may he soon be amongst us.

We are not even on a level to question who created Israel Ber, but obviously Gd also exists and everything was created through Israel Ber and let me remind you that this is what Divine Right is all about.

Bringing the bones to Mt Zion is the activity of Kings and I call on all those who owe their allegiance to King David to bring the remains of Rabbi Nachman to Mt Zion.

I am pointing my finger straight at all the Monarchs of this world, because it takes one to know one.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May the second eye of Samson be avenged

Watch the last part!

Above is the link for the CNN about Na Nach

What I want to add is 1) We are the tribe of Josef; 2) Mankind can bring Shabbas to the world through Tzeddsakka; 3) The Tribe of Josef needs to unite, the other 70 nations need to bring the bones.

All current events actually DO revolve around this only.

1) We are already free of the three animalistic traps (Money, Sex, Food)_ so in the words of Korach we are all Saints, that wasn't true then, but it is now, except for one thing.

3 days in Egypt, no one touched the gold they sawe
3 days at Sinai, no one touched the sex
3 days on Purim in 127 countries, no one touched food or drink

so what is the one thing missing?

Unity and it can only be achieved through the love that comes from holy joy and how can we do that when it the the number one occupation of the Devil? (look at question 3)

Being born from tears like Josef, today the Jewish Nation has become the tribe of Josef.

2) Mankind can bring Shabbas Peace to the world through Tzeddakka:

3 days of fast were the idea of the King of Ninve.. the Pharaoh that survived the crossing of the sea of reeds. In fact 3 days of fast by the goyim and three by us make up six days of fast, or six days of Tzeddakka which amount to the importance of Shabbas eating.  Therefore light number 7 and light number 8 work together and consider themselves ONE LIGHT.

3) Pakod Pakodeti made Josef promise his 70 guests.  Well Moses and Yehoshua that came out of the nile and grew up in the Palace as well as Serach Bat Asher that did not marry her husband but was able to bury him at over 400 yrs is not like the 70 keeping the promise.  So today only the 70 nations can make this happen, it is not relevant for Israel to do this.

HOWEVER:  Rabbi Nachman said:  "what are you worried about I go before you, just be together and I will be with you"

AND: (and this can be proven why) Na Nach said "I am Rabbi Nachman"

THEREFORE: By being together the tribe of Josef can pull Josef out even though they cannot keep the promise themselves.

May we merit to see the second eye of Samson avenged soon.

Friday, April 28, 2017

without the silver trumpets nothing moves

The holiest time is when the tabernacle moves and Gd following the orders of Moses protects us like the apple of his eye.

The only thing in the way of the Geula is understanding that the Shofar is now available, needed and it can be used by any Human.

As I established earlier we have overcome all three lusts, and additionnaly we are already at peace with the Gentiles who have conquered the lust for food exactly as we have.  We could actually invite them to our shabbas meals already because they also are about to become Israel, all of them!!!  Of course we don't know all of this yet.
The reason we don't know this is that the Devil has intruduced the "drug" of death: "sadness".  His only way to prevent the keeping of the word given to Josef by request of Gd "pakod Pakodeti" is to prevent what has now become the tribe of Josef from uniting and realizing they are the tribe of Josef carrying the blessing of the Gd of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a blessing carried by no other tribe and certainly not available historically until very recently, probably 5566. 28.7  and revealed on the 5th day of Hannukka this year just in time for the final year before the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.
As Rabbi Nachman later become Rav Israel Ber Odesser the 12 Imam of I(ran), the one born from the well, (who ran here from Uman already) said before he died in 1810 on the 4th day of Succoth, the Ushpizin of Moses: "what are you worried about? Since I go before you, just be UNITED and I will be with you"
So if he is here why bring him? Why did the 70 elders listen when Moses said Pakod Pakodeti, and not one in 600 000 x 5 did when they were carrying out the mitszva of observing the gold of Egypt during the pleague of darkess when 80% of their realatives needed burying? How could he not already be with us?  Since he has already arrived?
His bonmes are not yet with us! Just as Josef that came out of the Nile also as Moses and Joshua son of the fish and serach bat asher are all Josef.  They brought the bones.  As the tribe of Josef, we are not supposed to bring the bones, only the 70 nations can do that!!!!
This is not a bilateral issue between Israel and the Ukraine.  Israel has one mission: Uniting through holy joy.  Once we wear out the devil by saying Na Nach and allowing Gd to chase him down, the nations will keep the oath and bring the bones.  In one day Samson will get his revenge for the two eyes that were pierced.
THE SILVER TRUMPET is the song of the redemption because all the people on the money are the ones that brought Ebay Ha Nachal to print.  The single double triple quadruple spells like a shofar meaning a silver trumpet!!!  This is what Moshe made and it is what the priests blow and without it nothing moves and Gd does not protect the nation.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Poroshenko has lost the Dombas!

Fact is that the local steel industry in now operating with Russian coal so all the jobs and power are firmly in Russian hands.  The Ukraine has not received the OK or the help needed to throw out the thugs and they do not have a secret police capable of facing off the KGB.

So what does Ukraine need if they want to be realistic, because no one wants to start a Nuclear war with crazy mad dictators and the alternative is even worse?

There is a solution for Ukraine, they need to stop relying on those two regions where a large percentage of their economy has been based until today.  These regions are going to be absorbed into the Russian sphere of influence and will begin to rot like all else does in the Russian terror zone.

Ukraine has a good chance at developing the rest of the country and are actually relieved by limiting the thugs associated with steel and coal.  Time for the rest of the Ukraine to develop and time to fortify the borders and seriously strengthen the secret services not least morally and ethically.

The number one best step to launch this new perspective is to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and begin the religious cooperation between different sectors of the population.  Ukraine needs to become a society of equal rights and the rule of justice and freedom, RELIGIOUS freedom, not secular LIBERTY.  I believe a good deal can be made with the Israeli Government and a great deal of trade can result form improving relationships with the Jewish and Arab communities which have been very under-developed til this day.  The heavy reliance on China for trade is no decisive step away from Communism.   The fight against terrorism is a good call to arms for Ukrainian servicemen and can become a good source of PR for this country.

Ukraine has incredible potential for rapid and sustained development however old wounds need mending.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How Can the World be saved from a biological suicide bomb ?

How Can the World be saved from a biological suicide bomb in the most populous part of China?
Let's say that those that don't want to believe in Gd are losing and they desperately want to prove that there is no Gd.  Let's say they get so fundamental about it that their own life no longer matters to them.  Scientifically they can disprove the existence of Gd by eradicating mankind period.  Do we have the technology to stop this?  The same scientists are working on both side of the isles and therefore, I regret, but the scientists that don't believe are much more rigorous for obvious reasons.  will Gd step in to save us again?
In the days of Noah he didn't, during the Holocaust he didn't, in the days of Pharaoh he didn't for the Egyptians.  Gd did say he would not bring another flood to the world and the animals and plants would be safe, think the possibility of a pandemic does not break any of his rules.
 So in effect the madmen could bring about the destruction of humankind with the consent of Gd it appears.  They would not have disproved him, but there would be no one left to impress either and Gd would have to go back to recreating everything from the Messiah like he once told Moses he would do.
There is a force which stands in the way of this, it is still Moses himself.
What can we do to make the difference?
Gd actually altered some human populations from their natural state at four occasions and he did so on a permanent basis. this is not even known today.
The first event was during the plague of darkness in Egypt when no one touched the gold of the Egyptians during the three days when it was revealed to Hebrews, man woman and child where ALL the valuable possessions were hidden.  This was NOT a natural way to behave for over 600 000 slaves.
The second event was during the three days preceding the revelation at Mount Sinai. No one touched their wives for three days, not intercourse.  Multiply this by 600 000 and realize this is not natural.
The third happened in the Ancient Persian city of Ninve where after being warned by Yonas, the whole city fasted for three days and Gd had mercy on them.  These people were altered.
The fourth happened in all 127 nations where Jews, man woman and child fasted for the success of Queen Ester's meeting with the King.  These people were altered.
The celebration of the first event is Pessach.
The celebration of the second is Shavuoth.
The celebration of the two last events are Succot! (feast of booths)
On Pessach we do not invite non-jews but on succoth everyone is welcome.  This is because we celebrate freedom from the lust for food.
Fasting is like giving charity.  Fasting for six days is like celebrating Shabbas food.  I don't think it is a coincidence that for a six day miraculous fast you need to include the gentiles of Ninve and the Jews from the 127 nations.
Why is the booth considered the skin of the whale?
Because Jonas came out of a whale.
Why was he protected for one day by a tree that withered on the second day?
Because it represents the booth.
Why is Mordecai related to Succoth?
Because he is the Tzaddik, the 4th day the one in the middle is named after Moses and that is the day that Rabbi Nachman was deceased.
How do we prevent a biological holocaust?
The Jewish nation having been altered on three points from all three "husks" of Egypt have reached the level of purity of Josef.  You can now call them the tribe of Josef.
They are therefore not able to keep the promise given by the 70 Hebrews to Josef, to take his bones to Canaan.  The 70 nations now must keep the promise by bringing the bones of Josef to Israel, and by bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem they are fulfilling this promise, and in doing so they become the tribe of Yehuda, who is a man of his word, this also applies to Benjamin who did not sell his brother.
It will be the 70th birthday of the State of Israel and this is when all life loving people need to celebrate the arrival of Rabbi Nachmans bone in Jerusalem.  Gd will be pleased and no holocaust will occur.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Prikei Avot

My Introduction to Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers). Join us live east Sunday at noon eastern on my Facebook Wall

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017

Formula to UNITE (part 1) ...Am Israel or the whole world

 (for the coming hunting down of the Amalekites (who will be protected by Gd))

I jumped the gun a bit, so you know what the goal is.
Usually the goal is always the first part of any plan (sof ha maase be machava techila).

Why is uniting so important? what about the ten commandments, it doesn't say there that we need to unite?

The ten commandments also don't mention not to lust after food, money and sex.  The Ten Commandments decreed by Gd, not man do not make a fuss about these things however humans have discovered that keeping the ten commandments in our "human condition" requires overcoming these three natural urges (food,sex, money, (drugs)).

What did Gd do to help humans reach his goal?

3 days against money (3 dark days in Egypt during which Jews identified  the location of the Egyptian treasure Gd altered their nature so that none took any Egyptian Gold)
3 days against sex (When Moses took on 3 instead of two days of chastity allowing the Egyptians that had been voluntarily righteous in delivering all their treasure to join the flock and be altered along with the Jews).
3 days against gluttony (When Jews and their friends fasted for 3 days in 127 provinces out of respect for Queen Esther, for the Jews it was easy since Gd "altered them" for the the gentiles this was an incredible feat of will and they also were able to join the flock).


Is this the reason  (Fast of Esther) Saba tells us that Rabbi Nachman said Messiah ben David will be very precise on the rules of washing your hands before eating bread?

Religious people all over the word do/will actually thank the Lord before eating.  The next step is to wash for bread, why is this necessary?

Mordecai Vrs Haman (Ha = Have Man= Manna)

The source of the Manna is Moses and the source of the wheat is Nachman/Josef this is Messiah Ben Yosef or Kingdom of Saul. Code number: 17/tov.  Symbol: the Bull/Prosperity.

Keeping the covenant of thanking the Lord before and after eating is a great mitsvah (the oath from above, that which comes out of the mouth as opposed to the sex).

Gentiles have not experienced the alteration that took place at Sinai.  Does it make them any less worthy?

Would Gd not let them have a chance to be as good as possible?

The oath from above takes more effort than the oath from below. Josef born from Rachels tears (20 YEARS) had absolutely no carnal lusts and could not understand the behavior of his own brothers.  What was impressive was that the lustful Yehuda was ready to humiliate himself in order to save the only offspring that could promote the word of Gd to the world.  The mission was everything to Yehuda in spite of his very "human" qualities.  Therefore Yehuda's word became sacred (Esav's head is buried in Hebron, but not his body).

Josef born perfect had to be made to suffer his way to an even higher level.
Yehuda who was not born this way and was very accepted by all had to humiliate himself in order to reach the truth and become the true leader that could unite and bring peace and kindness to the world.

Michal looks (AT) the window and doesn't understand that David is dancing for Gd to open up her womb (because of that dance she would have had quite a prince), all she sees is that she is not worthy, but she projects this on him.  Michal needs to look at David in a new light.  He is the King, she is only the queen.  He is the one that can make her have children, and if she is not ready and willing to see what everyone else does, that King David loves Gd and is teaching Torah to everyone because we are all the children of Gd and children of King David, then Moses and Mordechai will point out that Queen Esther and Grandma Rachel have many worthy children, that will be ready to confront Gd himself in order to fulfill the commandment of wiping out Amalek.  Gd will laugh and say "my children have defeated me".


when we say Na Nach Nachma Nachman or Please rest in Peace Nachman.  When we wake up at midnight and lose sleep over this.  When we take our violins and offer the bird sacrifice (each violin has the name of a bird) every night and take the oath to be happy all day and share our joy with others!! Like our father and King, David.  Then old King Shaul will admit that this is the only way to defeat Amalek and he will admit he is wrong probably as happily as Gd is to be defeated by his children, now united again.

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Super Hiddush! More Proof we are already the tribe of Josef, even those NOT following Rabbi Nachman:

Three days without women at Mt Sinai,
three days without food in 127 countries during the fast of Esther and
three days no one touched the money of the Egyptians during the plague of Darkness!

 So what about the Golden Calf?

The calf is the son of the bull (Josef) who is the source of wealth (even at wall street).  A replacement for Josef was not possible if Moses didn't come down because who would carry the bones?  Anyhow we did not and are not required to carry the bones because the 70 that promised are the sons of Jacob but not of Josef!!!

However there is a part of the population that didn't participate in the plague of Darkness and are not rid of their lust for money...the Erev Rav.

Besides the Erev rav only 2/3 Jewish, is there a danger to our status of "above nature"?

Yes, the Halachas of the shofar.  It is allowed to play the shofar on shabbas, but we don't do it because it is not allowed to carry it outside the private in every shul there are at least 4 shofars...why not play them, they have not moved!  That is if the Eruve doesn't solve your problem.
The fear is serious, perhaps one person at any time in history will break the laws of Shabbas regarding the shofar!  That would mean disproving that 600 000 miraculously abided by any of the three day miracles stated above.  Here regarding the Shofar, we too are abiding by the perfect shabbas rule.  As you know the shofar is Na Nach, which we will ALL be saying...and on that very day the NATIONS will unite and all 70 will keep the oath given to Josef with Messiah ben Jehuda (David) leading them.  What if a person blows it?  Must have followed a false Rabbi and there is a way to merit heaven even after having had such a life.

Since we are the tribe of Josef our only remaining challenge is to unite.  This tribe has a tendency to want to keep the Torah to themselves, but Rabbi Nachman says that is the cause of all brotherly feuds and disagreements.  These disagreements in turn prevent the 70 nations from bringing the bones.(just be together and I will be with you).

The two remedies are: 1)singing Na Nach and erasing the sadness and feud from our hearts. (He who has sadness should give a gift to the returning Tzaddik (sefer ha middot)).  2) To reveal torah to the nations and this way the cause of the conflict disappears (nothing left to hide).

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New Translation of Meshivas Nefesh in English - Free Download

The Chavarim were working on this for around 5 years. Now B"H it is done and available for free download.



(recorded conversations dating to before these people were on the Shekel banknotes)

In whatyear did you know Breslev?
70 years ago, at that time there was a big prejudice against Breslev, no one wanted to approach Breslev books!
I learned that Rabbi Kook also studied Breslev books.
Yes, I also am aware of that!  I saw him and spoke to him.
Saba, I heard that also the Hafets Haim in Poland had a student, Matetiaou Cohen, and during his trip to Uman, the Hafets Haiim helped him to carry his suitcases to the train.
Did the Rav Tsvi Yehuda Kook also know aboput the Petek?
No, I only showed the Petek to Shazar who told me the following thing:  "keep this paper preciously because a day will come when it will conquer the world!"
Shazar said that?
Yes! Shazar was not at all religious, he did nothing, not even Shabbas... thanks to Rabbenu he did Tchouva.  Before that he traveled each Shabbas from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv for the meetings with the Histadrout (Central Syndicate).  As soon as he knew Rabenu, he interrupted his trips, and he ceased to desecrate SHabbas.  He started praying each day with Tallit and Tefiillin.  But he had many conflicts with his family,  because his wife was opposed to his return to Judaism...
What other famous people did you return to the path?
Agnon.  A very tight connection was created between us!  I also met Martin Buber.  He was not religious and had a very sick heart.  But it was Agnon that completely erased himself before me!
Agnon did tchouva?
Yes, I would visit him at home.  He loved hearing the words of Rabenu and everything related to Breslev! He was a terrifying figurehe nullified himself without any concern for his honor!  Once I met him in Tel Aviv.  Seeing me he felt a great joy, something completely unusual! Other famous people approached Rabbenu like for example Hilen Tsilin.  Like Shazar he was a heretic but as soon as he merited to hear the words of Rabbenu, then...He was a very talented person a real Jewish heart...we would call him the religious philosopher!
Did you know Bialik?
I already saw him.
Did you know him well?
No, but there were others...There was someone very famous in Russia and Poland....
I could go to the home of (President Zalman Shazar) when I wanted to...Shazar told me "I have a real friend, he is called Israel Ber Odesser!  of the whole Parlement, I am his only friend!"  Someone who wants to come to me must take an invitation.  He said in front of all the members of the parliamentary assembly that I am his most precious friend... and everyone looked at me with a disapproving look  "Israel Ber is coming from Tiberias to say hello to President Shazar" ... He then took a decision to say hello but silently and discreetly.
I was the only friend of President Shazar.  It was at least what he declared.  His other friends were Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharet, the minister of Foreign Affairs.   Sharet asked the President: "Who is he?" and he answered, "He is my best friend."
He gave the name to the book "Ebay Ha Nachal" whose initials are Israel Ber Odesser.  Do you have this book?  Try to get the book "Ebay Ha Nachal", then you will be a Breslever Hassid! Get the book "Ebay Ha Nachal"... with the letters I wrote to the President Shazar.
The book "Ebay Ha Nachal" and the letters to Shazar, you have also given to President Hertzog?
Yes! He would go read them with President Ben Tsvi, each letter that I sent him.  In these letters was written "the main thing is Rabbi Nachman".  They were in agreement with all my letters and they had a great impact on them.  They were very impressed by these letters and it is a mitsvah to publish them! (the largest zionist press in Israel is the Maon Zalman Shazar they have rejected my request they publish this book). Shazar and Ben Tsvi were intimate friends.  While Ben Tsvi was president, Shazar would go in to him each day to show him the letters.  As for me, I was in Tiberias and one day at the Hotel of Tiberias, I gave him this gift, the book "likoutey Halachot".
Concerning the letters both believed this was already the geula (redemption).
Did President Hertzog also write letters to you?
Yes. Have you seen these letters?
He writes that it is very very...
"These letters unite the people of Israel.   It is a big thing that this book Ebay Ha Nachal exists"(Hertzog)
President Shazar had to keep the closeness of our relationship secret or he would have been thrown out of the Jewish Agency.

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Saintliness is not predetermined but based on effort and honest work

A case for the Gentile who had the red Heifer

The Red Heifer, purifies by flipping a situation on it's head.  The story goes that the stone of Benjamin had been lost from the Urim of the Cohen Ha Gadol.  Everyone knew where such a stone estimated at 100 gold pieces could be found.  The Goy who lived in Ashkelon and had this stone was very pleased to sell it but his sleeping father held the key in his hands so he refused to priestly delegation to give them the stone. The price rapidly rose to 1000,- (priests are not good businessmen) to no avail, not at the normal price or at any price.  The priests left and really didn't know what to do next, soon this goy came running after them and told them they could have the stone.  They would have paid anything for it by this time but he wanted only 100 pieces and to their amazement he told them he had only been waiting for his father to wake up.

When ashes of a red heifer were needed this goy experienced a miracle, a red heifer was born to his flock!!!  The value of a red Heifer is it's weight in gold!~

Esav respected his father.  Benjamin (the wolf) was the right arm of his father and had no mother!

The father is the one who dispenses teaching, so a Hassid is the "child" of his teacher!

When a Gentile respects the teachings of his father and patiently waits for him to wake up to the reality of who the tribe of Josef really is and that Rabbi Nachman is the one that even Moses knew we had to wait for, the Bull himself and the opposite of the Golden Calf, the one without which we can never experience the final redemption (or splitting of the sea of falsehood).

That Gentile will merit to purify all of Israel including the tribe of ROME, by bringing to them the teachings of the BULL, that Gentile the one that will keep the word of his father and of Juda will become the leader of the tribe of the LION and the 70 nations will rally and surge up behind him, bringing peace to this and other planets.

United we will pursue and destroy the Amalekites and Gd will test our resolve by actually being on the side of the Amalekites hoping his sons will defeat him and fulfill his will!  STAR WARS FOR REAL

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Why I intend to call my son Donald Yehuda!

Last leg before ...either or...

I plan on calling my kid, Donald Yehuda here is why:

It is not the job of Israelis to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and put him on Temple Mount, it is the Job of the Gentiles!

Not Really.

At Mount Sinai, when Gd prevented us from breaking the personal commandment of Moses for three days, he gave us all a Brit Mila from below... how else could 600 000 people not sleep with their wives for 3 days? not even Korach!

Similarly, even though the elders all followed Moses when he announced Pakod Pakodeti "meaning we are about to take Josef out" not one in 600 000 did what Moses requested and the legend goes that he asked personally every single Hebrew for help.  This is very strange, why wouldn't one p[person help the very prestigious Moses.

The Hebrews could not fulfill this command because we were destined to become the tribe of JOSEF at Mt Sinai and get the blessing of the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

What about the gentiles?  The 70 nations?

Those 70 nations correspond to the 70 people that made the pakod pakodeti promise.
Those children of Israel that are NOT from the tribe of Josef.

Who is the one to lead them?

Why does he lead them?

Josef was very kosher and pure with the brit from below, but Yehuda, about to lose his 4th child failed to the cause of Gd admitted his guilt and failure and in doing so proved that he was a man of his word.  The Brit from above (mila means word).  Be it Britain or The lands of the Brit (USA) or Brit ha Moatsa (USSR!!!) the 70 nations are not expected to act like nuns and monks, they are expected however to make good on the promise and that would be bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.

How Rabbi Nachman is the real second son of Rachel and not Benyamin as everyone thinks is another lesson, but I have already explained this on this blog.

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The primary essence of exile is lack of belief

Josef can't bring Josef, but Yehuda can!

The blessing of the Gd of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob goes ONLY to the children born to Josef AFTER Efraim and Menashe.  This tribe could not exist until Rachel had a second Rachel-milk drinking son (not a wolf/pig-milk drinking son).

Yehud would turn in his grave until Narchon jumped in the sea, because getting Josef out was a promise he knew he had to keep, like the promise he made to Tamar when he thought she was a hooker.  Like Esav, Yehuda tried to influence the Canaanites, unsuccessfully...but when he was about to lose his only chance at continuing the mission he repented and was willing to lose his honor by admitting the truth.  Obviously the mission DID mean something to him.

The Nation of Israel was born at Mt Sinai when we spent 3 days away from women all 600 000 of us, diue to Moses successfully guessing Gd wanted a three day abstention not a 2 day abstention like he had ordered Moses.  This miracle turned us into the TRIBE OF JOSEF.

70 for fathers had made the promise to take Josefs' bones out of Egypt.  Gd didn't let this happen! Although the elders all went together with Moses when he mentionned the "pakadpakadeti" oath, not one in 600 000 was ready to assist Moses to find the bones.  Except Serach bat Asher and she should have married Josef, was a convert and lived longer than any woman so she could bury her HUSBAND in the proper place,. Serach, Moses and Yehoshua are all from Josef since the two last were born in the water where Josef was buried.  Josef took himself out of Egypt!  The Promise still has not been kept.

Yehuda is a man of his word.  Yehuda will fulfill the mitsvah!  It is when Yehuda brings Rabbi Nachman that the cure to the tainted milk will be evident and the laws will be improoved.  Kind David is the king of Kindness and of the oath three nations have the word oath in their name.  USA ENGLAND AND SOVIET UNION (not Rasha).  Here we can find the reason why Israel can only accept Rabbi Nachman but not BRING HIM.

The Israeli Government needs to ask for him.  This was done by President Hertzog, and Leonid Kravtchuk the founder of Ukraine gave his approval to the project.  Since these promises were made and not kept, the status of UKRAINE as one of the 70 nations is is at stake!  THEY MUST KEEP THEIR WORD,  even if Gd forbid, evil people inside the Israeli government try to prevent this.

The Arabs will most likely welcome Rabbi Nachman on Temple Mount, and if they don't AGAIN this is work of the magicians.  No one needs to pay attention to them.

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Why and how are Jews different?

The way a Jewish slave goes into servitude and a non Jewish slave does are different.
You might disagree with Moses, but you would then be forming a new religion.
Jews are not the same according to the old book.

Why is a Jewish slave told to leave his master and be free after he has paid his sentence and what good reason would he have not to do so?

If you were the slave of the Rambam, would you want to leave? If you were serving Moses, would you want to leave?  If you were a very close disciple of Rabbi Nachman?  Maybe even Eliezer of Damascus... was circumbsized or not?  The slave of Rambam had his ear pierced!

Why do this, by the door post, really what a crazy idea for Jews to do this?  The only mutilation that can be done is the brit at 8 days.

The Mezuza has the name of Gd on it and it was Gd himself that passed by the doorposts in Egypt, not an angel!

Our calendar starts with the creation not the anniversary of a saint, not even Moses.  We are buried with only Jewish dates on our tombstones.

In Aushwitz they wrote "never again" thinking of the massacre you could tend to think to never let this horror again, therefore "never forget", but how can we stop the will of Gd or does it mean there is no Gd and it is up to us to prevent this by remembering that Gd did not step in (apparently).


His name is on the Mezuza, he watches over every Jewish home for it is a temple to HIM and not to an angel.  Every Jew must have HIS temple!  His HALF A SHEKEL stays put. He and his wife will never be slaves of men.

I suggest strongly that the Malchut Chessed start using the JEWISH calendar which is in fact the calendar of the Gd of all creation. Because the Malchut Hessed is the Kingdom of David and of the revealed Torah and it is Yehuda that keeps his promises and will bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.

Giving charity opens gates