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Monday, September 16, 2019

The two Wartime trees

Ki titze speaks about two types of trees in time of War.

This is a regular war as opposed to the holy war against Amalekites, which can only be fought in time of Peace.

The fruit tree, like the Tamar is compared to the saint who draws his nourishment from the fruits that fall at his feet (fruits are Torah novelties or new revelations).  The words Tam-mar in Hebrew mean datepalm, palm but also bitter taste.  The tall and straight date palm like the saint must have a bitter life to grow as he does.  Ki titze also mentions eating the eggs or hatchlings after chasing the mother bird... but the Gemara explains that the blessing from this mitsvah is usually more like a curse in apparence and is very controversial. The cruel act is training for the saint who accepts that he will endure the loss of his children, his home, his vineyard etc... but the blessing is that they will go to a higher purpose.

What about the tree that can be used for War?  This is like the cedar of Lebanon, it too grows strong and tall, bearing no fruit and not so straight, but well watered in the houses of Gd!
This is the fate of the faithful that study and raise families without suffering the bitterness and cruelty of the mitsva done on the Gd given special road the Tzaddik accepts upon himself and his soulmate and offspring.

Before going to War one seeks Peace to do this one must offer “new fruits” or innovations which can solve the existing problems through peaceful means. Hence there is a blessing for new fruits which bring about a new time.  The fruit tree must not be cut, his suffering in peace time can prevent the War which will require the cutting of the other trees.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

3 Generation to convert Ishmael or kidding?

Why do we need to wait 3 generations to convert a son of Esav or a son of Ishmael to Israel. In both cases they are said to have merit and should they not be converted faster than others?

Why does the Shabbat kidush say that it took Gd six days to create the heavens and the earth when they are the fourth and fifth WORDS in the Torah?

How are these two issues related?

Before answering the question I point out another related fact:
If you look at the last word on the fifth line of the letter from will notice the Latin word Bis which in Yiddish/German means also contains a small 1 with a large 7 after it (for Latins) and a small 7 after it for Arabs. 17 is Gemayria Q or Good.  We say in the full Hallel (psalm 115) those that fear God the small and the big ones.  This can be seen as those that celebrate the 7th day be it Friday or Sunday.

Two places fasted for three miraculous fast days, first Ninve and then Shushan. The large non-Israélite city and the city of Israelite exile, birthplace of the Jews and Judaism.  

The main honor of Shabbat is the food.  This food has the value of six days of fasting,.the Shabbat lights are called the Shabbat light (one not two). So the two fasts are needed to make up the six days necessary for the Shabbat food to be holy.

Ishmaelites, Arabs make Friday their seventh day.  Esavites, Gentiles make Sunday their seventh day. For all of us the food is the main honor of Gd on that day.  

When it says three generations are needed for Ishmael or Esav to convert, it means that they have already been in the process for three generations.

Here is precisely how this works:

The first word is the word “in the beginning” a word is itself the beginning. The the artist placed his work as second in line of importance, then he himself.... then the heavens and the earth his witnesses, long before he created the first day or the seventh.  The words which any man uses are no less than the breath that Gd places into a clump of clay on the sixth day.  Gd gave words to man which have more importance to the creator than either creation, himself or the two witnesses.  

Have you noticed that it is harder to speak when fasting?  The food you eat in honor of Gd on the 7th day is on the level of Israel and peace (the word that appears last in the Torah preceding the repetition from the beginning).  Shabbat is Universal and according to me, he who observes the 7th day of Peace, for 3 generations, is Israel.

I think that like in Shushan becoming a Jew has to do with the War against Amalekites.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Judges and policemen

Judges and policemen

This parasha is all about the war on evil.  Normally you would not need frighting policemen to patrol Israel, the holy people, but you do.  These policemen frighten four categories of the population not to go to battle! Those that have not inaugurated their new home, those who are engaged and not married yet, those that have planted an orchard and haven’t reaped, those that are afraid to go to battle (some turn out to be heroic under fire).  What kind of tough police is that?

An Israeli man has neither lust for women or money and preventing him from going to a fight against the enemies of Gd is not an easy chore.  The cases above all need to bear fruit before risking their lives.

The tree that has no fruit but produces wood can be used in an offensive war.  Like students that follow Halacha and learn but do not produce “new Torah”.  New Torah can produce Peace and a peace delegation is sent to an evil place before it is attacked... they might be able to turn the hearts of the population.

The Levite is mentioned just before the witchcraft and sorcerers.  This is to indicate that THE ONLY guarantee against black magic is the presence of Levite’s. Good idea to pay tithes!

When an unidentifiable body is discovered in your field... the head of the Sanhedrin has to make the purification ceremony and the investigation.  The dan ger is imminent to the whole nation because GD hates black magic and people that do not pay tithes leaving the country open to foreign invasions

Sunday, August 25, 2019


40 appears in "ekev" quite a bit: 40 days once 40 days twice, 40 years, (40 day visit, 40 days to repent) in 40 days Rosh Hashana (give or take since Shabbat extends til Tuesday in each direction).

Is there a code being revealed here?

Ekev is about following the law like a shadow follows a body. This is how we merit to inherit the holy land where truth is revealed, the eyes of Gd are upon her. The Levites do not get this reward.

Capital punishment stops at 39 lashes. On the 40th day we fell into the sin of the golden calf. Was it humanly possible not to do so and why was Moses so upset?  After all the Levites who were not to get the land promised, did not fall into sin.  Was Gd putting a guilt trip on us, since the temptation was a result of the reward?

Had we not made fun of Moses' wife? Levites do not know their own family, and do not pass land on to their offspring.  Ahron too was to be punished and Moses chose to save everyone and reject Gds offer to him.  For this he put himself into jeopardy and ended his life 40 years later.

Most revealing is the choice of Ninve to fast for 40 days! What made the King think that all his citizens could do what Moses had done?  The people of Ninve were legal idol worshipers.  Did they want to inherit the land of Israel at any price, even immediate death through starvation?

40 = מ = meme which means "even if".

Gd would be willing to sacrifice all of the children of Jacob in order to
Preserve the sanctity of the holy land.  The King of Ninve made his offer to Gd.  "If we repent give us Israel..."  Gds' response: "I will let you
Share the Shabbas with Israel".  Shabbas can be celebrated all over the world by EATING in Gds honor on any 7th day of the week.  They bless before and not after the meal because they are not making the blessing over the holy land, but only on thanking Gd for the food itself (thanks giving).

It has been 3533 years since Rachel started crying for her second son 467 left until we repent and forgive Josef for being different?

There are 70 ways to read the Torah, the Hebrew word for eye is 70 ע.  Being different should not be a problem at all.., but it has been used as a means to destroy...over and over again.

Unite around a saint like Moses or at least one of his real students  and stop seeking each one for his own personal gains.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Eyes of Israel

when Moses bestows the title of "the eyes of Israel" to tutti, his father in law, these are not empty words.

In fact Gd allows Moses to look at all of Israel and see it all.  Because Miriam was jealous and would not look at her sister in law and see her light, the man who could not protect his daughters without Moses took this one back (it seems).

The story of lot and of the fate of the tribe of Benjamin come to mind.  How do you justify killing a village in Ruven to provide wives for the last 10 remaining Benjaminites?  Probably the founder of that village did not keep his oath to Moses and the later generation paid for this as mentioned in that Parasha.

Making fun of the second half of Moses placed a 40 year curse on the nation and doomed a whole generation, also preventing the successfull entry into Israel.

Monday, July 29, 2019

The breath of Gd

Adam is the only creature made from dust and the breath of Gd.  The Snake crawls in dust, but never attains the breath of Gd does he?

When Amalek is on a losing streak he dissapears in the woodwork. Dangerous.  When Amalek is winning, he raises his head... This is when he is vulnerable.  The women is vulnerable when she fears the snake.  Only when she fears him as Jael and Judith or Princess Beatrice who do not fear him have proven that they can decapitate the snakes.

It's all about speech

Matot: it's all about speech!
Why didn t GD just start with "Bara Elokim" why the word "first".  In civilized countries getting in the bus, people give the right of way...but other places there can be a fight to be first, like at the feeding trough.
Why does "first" come even before the word "create/nature"? (ברה and בריה have only a י (youd) to seperate them.)
Noach 9:17 could solve the riddle...
"And the Lord spoke to Noach this will be the sign of an oath that I rose up between myself and all flesh on the earth"
"And the sons of Noach that came out of the arch...(הטבהה and התבה pronounced exactly the same)..came out of nature..."
Coming out of the arch was the case of all flesh but coming out of nature was probably limited to the sons of Noach and later Moses.
We see that Ruven and Menashe make an oath that causes them to go on a 14 year War defending the private property of others.  Thus the word takes precedence over the material possessions and even other mitsvots like keeping Shabbas and taking care of your family.
When the flood took place the world still had one language, this no longer being the case until Rabbi Nachman wrote the Petek on the day Nelson defeated Napoleon's opportunity to invade England.
Now again the world will have one common language, besides Hebrew the holy tongue, and it will not be the language if Rashi.
An oath made in English binds the parties involved.  An oath made in Hebrew, is as if  immediatly fulfilled and must be implemented or else...divine judgement takes place in heavely court.

Adams white lie was a problem.  Saba said that the world will be full of simple people, in other words no more lies.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

What is pakod pakodeti, the promise from before?

What is the promise from before?
When Sam Ben Chetrit fell by the grave of the drowned Jewish children from El Hacima, Gd told him "Pakod Yfkodeti", and his life changed into a divine mission.  The mission started with the completion of the task of reburying these Jews in Israel.  Today, courtesy of King of Morocco Hassan II, President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Isaac Rabin, you can find all 22 martyred remains at Har Hertzel.
The original Pakod Pakodeti was the signal Moses was meant to give to Pharoe, the promise by the 70 family members of Jacob to their brother Josef.  The promise to take his mortal remains out of Egypt with them for burial at Sheschem (where they had sold him into Egyptian bondage).  Josef was the first of his brothers to die, but the brothers were in no hurry to leave Egypt, could the excuse of holding this promise have nullified the 400 years Gd mentionned to Abraham? Of course! All bad prophesies are meant to be broken and can be! This prophesy was over split animal carcasses and Rabbi Nachman says: be together and I will be with you!
But the story goes much, much deeper!
Jacob is known for being the man of truth.  More than either Abraham or Isaac his word was true.  Juda shows the power of words of truth when he repents in front of Josef, thinking Josef is an Egyptian (to his father he was disshonest and his father no longer trusted him, actually going blind).  Keeping an oath or keeping you word is a very important and serious thing...but just how important is it?
The first word is "in the beginning" it comes before the work of Gd (creating) and Gd himself which are both before the heavens and the earth.
Gd hit Mr Ben Chetrit with Pakod Pakodeti which is "the earliest promise" requested from man.  These were the words the elders were meant to understand and repent about.
May we soon have the merit to participate and witness the mending of the hearts of the Jews into one unified tribe and of Israel into one nation of Jacob true to their word.

17 Tammuz They'll say you're not fasting Chag haPetek Literal Fulfillment on Shabbat

Said R' Elazar: Whoever has De`ah/Knowledge is like the Holy Temple was built in his days. (Sanh. 92a)
Whoever recognizes the True Tzadik Na Nach Nachma Nachman is like the Temple is built today.

Also LM #30 Meishra deSakina, a Bed of Knives, with what is it cut? With Karna DeChamra/A Donkey's Horn.  But does a donkey's horn exist?  The Torah explains it's the aspect of the True Rebuker, and like KeShofar Harem Kolekh/ Raise your voice like a horn (Isa. 58:1) Which is the discussed in Torah LM II:8 is Y YK YKW YKWK al pi TZ etc.

So basically Karna is Na Nach Nachma Nachman and the sign is:
QaRNA = 100+200+50+1 = 351+4Kollels = 355 = Na Nach Nachma Nachman + 1KOLLEL

Monday, July 22, 2019

Ambassador Brownback

The 17th of Tammuz, yesterday was a fast day for Jews...for the free world it is a joyful holiday, we all hope it will become one for Jews as well.
In 1776 the 17 of Tammuz fell on the 4th of July (Rabbi Nachman was only 4yrs old).  The year Rabbi Israel did not fast on the 17th of Tammuz 1922, it was Bastille Day the 14th if July.  This year the Right in Israel will win thanks to Ayalet Shaked and in Ukraine President Zelensky is also able to restructure his government on this 17th of Tammuz in the Hebrew year of "gallop".
Building the Wall through love.  United we stand, divided "it" falls.  This day the tablets were broken but the letter in the shape of Gds' hand lives on.  We all forget that the tablets were not carried by Moses, the bones of Josef he alone carried til the age of 120.
The letter explicitly reveals the single double triple quadruple song of the redemption which means "rest in peace nachman".  This is the silver trumpet call that would make the bones rise and gave Moses the power to call upon Gd to rise and chase away our ennemies and haters from before us.
There is no greater mission than carrying these bones to Jerusalem.  This is the main and unavoidable part of the Temple.
Rabbi Nachman said the world will be filled with simple people that speak truth.

Adam the first man was made of simple dust but the breath of Gd came from his lips.  No need to add additional rules, we all pay dearly for that.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Yaef Koach, or Ayef Koach

Some of you may know the Yaef.  It is a type of seagull that circles the whole planet every year and only lands to care for it's young once a year.  It eats fish.

Rabbi Nachman said their is a wisdom which replaces food and drink...could have been useful for Saba...the same way the Yaef apparently does not sleep or need to, and he does fly all the way around the world each year!!!

From dust?

From dust?
Adam is the only creature made from dust and the breath of Gd.  The Snake crawls in dust, but never attains the breath of Gd does he?

When Amalek is on a losing streak he dissapears in the woodwork. Dangerous.  When Amalek is winning, he raises his head... This is when he is vulnerable.  The women is vulnerable when she fears the snake.  Only when she fears him as Jael and Judith or Princess Beatrice who do not fear him have proven that they can decapitate the snakes.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

What a catch I had this Shabbat!

Let s start with mom's birthday which I celebrated on Motse Shabbat by inviting the ladies of the Ishuv to a privat party with the elderly Dame.  Turns out they celebrated the 14th of July (Bastille Day, Hebrew version) since it was her birthday and a way to remember her dad who died fighting in Normandy for General Foche, making her an orphan at 4.  In all fairness he was in the Interpreter division and worked bringing the wounded to the American nurses...especially dangerous since the Luftwaffe wanted to destroy ambulances to keep the allies depressed and bogged down with the wounded.

Mom asked why the Parasha was named after Balaak who was a Rasha, and I added and why not name it Bilaam who was an even greater Rasha?

Balaak actually saved the Jewish people in more than two ways and he deserves to be remembered for that and that he had the merit of being from the family of the wife of Moses, Zippora, who our great leaders had insulted, rising the wrath of Gd.

The elders of Moav and Midian were trembling in fear when surrounded by the victorious tribes of Israel who had obliviated two powerful Kings that had survived the FLOOD no less than Noah!
One had held on to the Tzaddik, at a distance, the other had decided to enter the holy land to survive, even it it meant he had to admit that Gd was the almighty.  The Nation of Israel was now more powerful and outnumbered their ennemies...but wait, we had no intention of attacking these people and if we did it would have put Gd against us because Gd is ALWAYS on the side of the persecuted even if a tzaddik is persecuting a Rasha.  Their fear was we would have destroyed them just like a bull eats grass, not through War but through simple attrition.. (Like the US versus Spanish Mexico).
The real reason for the War was that we needed to destroy Bilaam, because Moses would not be allowed to enter Israel and if Bilaam or the other two Kings had survived, they would have destroyed Israel.  Balaak sends for Bilaam and in so doing, he becomes the attacker and places Gd on the side of Israel.  The victory becomes even more interesting when the Satan saves Bilaams ass in order for Bilaam to continue his services.  Bilaam then gets the priviledge to speak divine words like his ass-friend and Pinchas is able to finish him off in the merit of Moses.  Now Moses can pass away, the three stooges are dead and Yehoshua is the World Champion.
Notice how hard it was to eliminate Bilaam!  Not only Balaak, but also Satan had to be tricked.  The spiritual battle cost Israel the lives of 24 000 men, and their reputation.  Now Pinchas and Joshua were ready to lead Israel.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019

חוקים. 1) They settled. 2) take your stick and speak, 3) Why worry?

And they settled, take the stick and speak to their hearts...why are you worried? I go before you just be together and I will be with you.

1) If the only place in the desert where they settled is the place where Moses died than the meaning is clear.  Gd didn t say "They will go in and settle the land without you..." Gd says: You will not go in with them to settle the land! Obviously like a body that relains located where the head is, so is the nation of Israel!

2) Why take a stick, and speak to the hearts? No it is not about carrying a big stick so people will listen.  Here Gd intended to reward the children of Israel with miracle water.  He told Moses to use the stick "those that show up will get the water they requested...(sounds dangerous if you remember the episode of the quails)...  Moses uses the stick to gather.  Speaking to the heart would be telling them that this time it was Gd who wanted to give them water, a better kind than usual, it was not because they had made a request to Moses...but because Gd had made them pray for it in order to reward them with it.

3) We are the priestly nation and even if Rabbi Nachman is already here and we ourselves are safe, we need to join Rachel in her prayers for Rabbi Nachmans bones to be brought to Jerusalem and for the children of Jacob to be saved.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Northeaster discovers the Shamir and this Declaration of the Potomac!

Here at L.I.F.E. we can hardly contain our enthusiasm over the marvelous Potomac Declaration adopted last July at the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom hosted by U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo. The gathering drew more than eighty delegations, including dozens of minister-level representatives from around the world. It addressed challenges facing religious freedom, identified concrete means to address persecution of and discrimination against religious groups, and promoted greater respect for religious liberty for all, including a commitment to promote Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which declares:
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance.
Vice President Pence also attended, and announced the creation of the Genocide Recovery and Persecution Response Program to “ensure that religious freedom and religious pluralism prosper across the Middle East as well.” The program will target development in the Nineveh plain in northern Iraq and ensure that U.S. aid is directed toward the minority Christian and Yazidi communities that were the most devastated by the ISIS genocide of recent years. It will balance the misallocation of U.N. aide – mostly supported by the United States – to ensure that the minority religious receive the assistance they need to restore their lives. U.S. Agency for International Development (US AID) Administrator Mark Green explained the troubled history that lead to the Genocide Recovery and Persecution plan in his remarks at the gathering. They offer a useful and poignant lesson in the realities of international relief funding – it’s not the money allocated; it’s how it is spent.
Pompeo also released the Potomac Plan of Action, which sets an ambitions agenda to 1) protect religious liberty, including related parental rights, 2) confront legal limitations on religious liberty, including the repeal of anti-blasphemy laws, 3) advance government advocacy for religious liberty, 4) aggressively respond to anti-religion motivate genocide and mass atrocity, and 5) preserve cultural heritage, and  6) establishing August 3, the first day of ISIS’s Sinjar massacre targeting Yazidis, as a nationally or internationally recognized day of remembrance of survivors of religious persecution.
Read up on these important steps to a more secure international respect for religious liberty. 

Monday, July 1, 2019

04/07/1776 = 17th of Tammuz, so what?

Rabbi Nachman was 4, did he have anything to do with this?

He finished Sefer ha Midot at 6yrs?

He wrote the Petek on 28/7 5566 which is the day Nelson prevented Napoleon from conquering and securalizing the world, also enslaving the world into a pre-Marxist system of Government where blacks and serfs remained slaves.

The Petek was discovered after a fast that took place in 1922 on the 17th of Tammuz which was...."Bastille Day", 14th of July.

The revelation of the "like a trumpet" song "coincides" with all the co-authors of Ebay being on all the Israeli currency (including the "esser") the "like a trumpet" becoming the SILVER TRUMPET heralding the Trump era.

All this is more than set in stone...the letter was alluded to when the tablets were received by this the hand of Gd (he who studies the petek will see and understand this).

Say Na Nach a lot because this more than anything else will unite "nachamo nachamo ami, ishe lo neader".

Monday, June 24, 2019

Seven Beggars Story Day Five Hunchback Beggar: What's it About?

I received this interesting question which helps understand some of the Seven Beggars and its background.
I am sharing the question and my reply.

Q: Hello, I have read the tale of the seven beggars, and I have read the following notes to this tale. In the notes I realized that there was an explanation for the meaning of the "deficiency" of each of the seven beggars but for the hunchback beggar he only made a reference to the tale in which this beggar was the protagonist without elucidating the meaning of being a hunchback and having the ability to help the others to reach the special Tree That is Beyond Space.
Is there no explanation for how the hunchback could help others reach the Tree? It was said in the tale that the hunchback beggar had that which possesses the highest degree "the little that holds the much."
What is the meaning of the hump's power to help others reach the Tree, is it "generosity"? That is, is it that in the terrestrial world what has the highest degree of being "little that contains much" is the characteristic of generosity?
Similarly, in the Third Day, with the beggar with the hindered speech, it says this beggar collects the "true kindnesses" and brings them to the Truly Gracious Man.  In addition, the Heart of the world that gets scorched by the sun gives each day another day to the world's Spring by which time comes to exist so everything can exist because nothing can exist without time.
So, is it through the power of generosity that one lives a situation of the "little that holds the much"?
  - Xxxxx, Brazil
Shalom, Xxxxx!

Generosity is close.. In the Fifth Day, it's the concept of support, as one carries weight on the shoulders and back, and this beggar appears to the world like a hunchback, as if he doesn't have such a great power to support.

From SH (Sichot Haran) #151:

...The rule is that with each story that he told, the story came about via some conversation that he had and spoke with us regarding worldly stories, and in the midst of them he began to tell the story by means of the story having some utterances with relation to the story in his heart. And this was like it`aruta diltata [arousal from below], to draw down perceptions of Godliness that he clothed in that story. And so it was with each and every story...

In this case the background is given in CM (Chayey_Moharan) #64:[#60-66]_Pertaining_to_Sipurei_Ma%60asiyot

CM #64
Pertaining to the Sichot #151 after the words "...loftiness of their level:"
Then on Sunday afternoon we stood before him and he talked with us and during the conversation he spoke some quip which is called a vartil/joke regarding that sect etc. Then he spoke of the concept of wide shoulders. Then from that same conversation it came about that he asked where we are standing in the story and we replied to him: on the Fifth Day; and then he told the story of the Fifth Day and he told it in joy.

So what happened was that one of R' Nachman's followers mentioned some other rebbe who they say of him he has "broad shoulders" i.e. he can support and help them through life or their needs or whatever. Like the people who go to the Ch---- rebbes who give them life advice or business advice etc. So R' Nachman made some joke about this, and told the story of the Fifth Day, that there is a level so much, so much higher than this, that he can support someone even to beyond space, so the previous kind of "broad shoulders" becomes entirely ridiculous! !Que ridiculosos son los "hombros anchos" de los otres!

Similarly the background of Day Three (and Four) is given in the beginning of SH #151, regarding when his grandson was on his sickbed and he had great affliction from this..

  Na Naj!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Kill with 2, establish with 3

You can kill with two but need three to make permanent!
Two witnesses can accuse of murder and it is considered truth.  Three times in a row and it is considered permanent.

The two temples are enough to establish the truth but the third shall not be destroyed.

Mila to mila in 8 days...word to word in 8 days

From Brit Mila to Brit Mila.  What is first in creation?
The word "in the beginning" a word! The eight day is also a word "brit mila" circumbcision.  One could be called the word from above while the other is the word from below.
The word eight in Hebrew is SHMONA which litterally is "his name is Na (please)" the latter Noun or Na is also the fiftith gate, the gate of Kingship which is above nature.
Jacob was a man who was ALWAYSE true to his word the diametrical opposite of Laban the swindlerer and sorcere. We call Josef "the simple man of truth".
Josef who represents purity of the circumbcision is the father of all priests (including the priests of Egypt).  Josef is on a higher level of truth than Jacob since he is the legitimisation of the wealth of the whole world.  Jacob and his had to worry about making a living, not so Josef!!!
Saba is like Josef.  If his son starved, it was because of the stoning of Breslevers and his own negligence of the material needs of his family, who were not Breslevers themselves.  The Levites were ordered to put to death any idol worshiper including their own kin (none of which were put to death).

The first word before creation is Jacob.  The eight day is Joseph "malava malka" escorting the King, a "Levitical" function.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

That last post was really hard to understand so I will try to do what Moshiah will do: make things clear and simple for everyone to understand.

The princes of the tribes and the Levites had the responsibility of gathering the tiths, in the Parasha they bring private gifts and offer specialized services to the tabernacle.  10% was in keeping with the promise of Jacob the man of truth to Gd because of Esav the man with the blessed hands.
If the word of Jacob to Gd is not kept he is not a man of truth, a person who keeps the oath will see that Gd keeps his side of the deal as well.

Shavuoth is like a wedding.  It is about a contract that gets written down and absorbed or "the mountain falls on our head" if we betray it!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Shavuot in a nutshell

What does the "silly" or fr."sotte" woman the nazirite and the sin offering that can be compensated on Yom Kippour have in common with the offerings of the princes of the tribes and the administration by the Levites have in common?
Apparently nothing right?
Try again.
All this comes just in time for the 50th and 51 st day of the Omer the highest gate when we receive the book of laws. Still no clue?
Notice we have two ears, two nostrils and two eyes but only one mouth? 7 yes and 7×7 is 49 and the brit makes 50 which is King or as the Monarchs would choose 777: 354 = Na Nach Nachma Nachman.
All men of truth must give the tith.

Everything about the law is based on the voice of Jacob and the hands of Esav.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Is it SAFE to be a Breslev?

It is safe to say that when Breslev becomes a safe subject to study, there will be no more Breslevers in the world.  Like converting to Jusaism AFTER Messiah. The doors will be locked.

Being a Breslev is like volunteering for the first wave of the Normandy invasion.  Saba said he wants those that will go into the attack submarines and go first into the fire.

Understanding the two clowns

Why and How dare the Gemarra claim that the highest mitsvah is not the man hiding his identity and working as a prison keeper to allow the Jewish Community to save Jewish captives.  The choice says a lot but the conclusion that two market clowns have all the merit of the market, a bit like the two boys covering up the Torah on Shabbat morning...needs some explaining.
To understand this you need another fact from the Torah:
There were only Magicians in Egypt both before and after Josef.  It was enough for Pharaoh to "know" about the existance of Josef, for these same Magicians to be called Priests if Egypt during that same period.
Saying Na Nach is the ultimate cure for sadness while a happy market is a market that praises the Tzaddik and praises Gd.  The leadership of the country needs to appeal to that market and they must therefore know the happy clowns.

The direct result of which is that the magicians of the country turn into priests!

(Look at the paragraph above).

If you wonder why the one spy is compared to two clowns it is to show that each individual clown has more merit than the single spy, and if there wete more than two the rule would still apply.

Monday, June 3, 2019

This is about time and place...never too late!

On two occasions Moses had to ask Gd.
One concerned location. One concerned timeing.
Could Moses give original family land rights to a family devoid of men?  Could Moses allow a second celebration of Passover for people that could not be ready in time for the first Passover?
In both cases the innocence of the parties was established.
The same way Gd had chosen to give no sons to one man, he had chosen to invalidate the ability to celebrate on time for the others...did this mean he was ostracizing these families for ever?
If every generation has fallen past the 50th gate of uncleanliness how dare any of us celebrate the regular Pessach?
I believe we can do this only through the power of the formula uttered when burning the Hametz.  This renews us completely like the innocent uncircumbcized child.  (By what merit can a child be circumbcized?- because it takes more than innocence to be trusted into such an oath (but this is another lesson)).
Why did Moses have to ask Gd on these two occasions?
The difference between mortals and divine creatures are the dimensions of time and location.  Moses was a man!
The answer that came from the immortal sources shows:
The rebellious angel will be defeated by humble mortals who are loyal to the creator...not out of interest, but out of a will to fulfill his will.  Na Nach Nachma Nachman destroys the spirit of contoversy and rebellion which is fueled by sadness and bitterness. 

By singing this song we are able to keep the oath and fulfill the promise...pakod pakodeti. Meir Baal Ha Ness whose 

Jerusalem or Liverpool day?

What do Jerusalem day and Liverpool football have in common?
Head and foot!  When the Tzaddikk who is the head of the household was sold into slavery for shoes, the exile had begun.  The difference between a son born from tears and the brothers born from the man of truth was to wide to fathom.
Jerusalem is when the feet gather with the head of the household which is the act of lighting the 8th light (look at our kippas).  The letter L (n in Hebrew) looks like the letter Reish turned on it's head and the two letters spell "ner" which means light.  If you come and light a candle by King David it is as if you came TWICE to Jerusalem!!
Liver Pool is more like kicking the head around. Liver in Hebrew is "caved" which sounds like "cavod" honor (from the word heavy). 

All these things do have a lot to do with honor.  On Jerusalem day the world screen was polarized by two cities using similar hidden vocabulary. Both were a search to connect with the different other side.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Az yashir Moshe, MOSHE dayka. Namely they will sing the name of the Moshe-Mashiach NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN. And the proof is:
Moshe 345 + Az 8 + 1 KOLEL = 354 NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The two goats

The two goats
Equal goats with a very different destiny.  Saba calls the non Jews goats.  These goats atone for all our sins, on the holiest of all the days of the year.
Saba says do not try to deal with them.  What this means is that the only way to prevent the abuse would be to stop sinning. 
All Jewish sins are the result of "dissagreements" and these are the work of the angel of Babylon.  Saying Na Nach very frequently obliterates all vestige of saddness and gloom and thus reject any influence this recalcitrant angel can have on a Jew.

Soon Rabbi Nachmans remains will be brought into the holy of holies and the non Jews will no longer be associated to goats.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Mimouna from Moses to Moses

The Mimouna: from Moses to Moses
What is a 7 day holiday, all our week long  holidays are 8 day holidays? Could it be that we were still struggling to really get out of Egypt until Moshe ben Maimon got into the picture and gave us the concluding 8th day?

No you say?

Then why is Pessach followed by a long tedious counting period? Gd forbid one forgets to count just one out of the 49 days which is; you guessed it 7 times seven days. The 50th or "8" of these two sets of 7.  Unlike the other two pilgrimmage holidays and it is not spread over 8 days it takes only one day.
So what was my conclusion from the Mimouna discussion this year?  (The Mimouna is the third of three Rabinically ordained national holidays: Purim, Hannukka and Mimouna)
The subject was the sentence from the Tanach:
"Great is a skill which honors its owner"
Mr. Josef Vanunu said the snake didn't work hard at all and easily found his nourishment in a dissrespectful manner, the great consumer (me: rolled in oil).
He added that eating from the sweat of your brow allowed you to have an upstanding position ei "honorable".
As I was going to the Mikve as prescribed by Saba Na Nach who considered work a sell out and and self imposed slavery, I felt I was "toiveling"(also means to toil is some language, yiddish?) in my own sweat or even in Gds sweat! Then I noticed the words for forehead and mouth are similar in Hebrew. Then it made sense that eating bread for breakfast is a garantee for being happy all day. Yes when you eat a full meal after Mikve and Prayer you are no longer under the curse because eating bread from the sweat of your forhead becomes a blessing.

This is my lesson from this years Mimouna, the new year of the Hametz!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

How to rise above the angels? (Maybe you must)

In Babylon Esther (easter) the genius asked for all Jews associated to Mordecai to fast for her for three days.  On the second day the King was ready to give her everything "on the spot" and very wisely again she asked for a similar day.
Between the two days Jews celebrate Purim and Non-Jews celebrate "Easter".  Well that's how I see it.
Ester and Mordecai "fathered" the nation: "holy, holy, holy" since the three day fast completed the raising of the Jews above all the charnal lusts of money, sex, food, which are handicaps for fulfilling priestly obligations and tasks.
Inspite of the genius of Moses and Ester which Gd duely rewarded; the nation as a whole did get purged of these lusts, but not on their own merit.  Furthermore angels can say that Jews do not really have more rights than they do.
This is why Pirkey Avot says that the highest trait is a good heart.  Angels follow orders. Jews do not, they must make the right choices throughout their lives and not abuse of their "advantage".

A humble person who fulfills the will of Gd will eventually deserve a good heart and will then be "good, good, good" which is to say....way above the angels.

The Petek is "good, good, good" and is the source of "Ebay ha Nachal" which also is a plot of Holy Land mentioned in the song of songs.  Connecting to all three of these will make you good good good.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Iran: I Rabbi Nachman vrs Ayatollah

 happiness is un-Islamic anyway: “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” — Ayatollah Khomeini

Friday, March 29, 2019

Real Breslev are unique individuals here is why:

Each person has the obligation to find the divibe spark within him/herself because it is absolutely unique and absolutely infinite.  A person who has not achieved this before he dies has not become a student of Rabbi Nachman.

Rabbi Nachman considered torah that does not renew itself to be dead.  He says his students are like healthy branches on a tree that bloom and give fruit. Dry wood are never Breslev.  If you make 0 torah discoveries doing your research 
Please check your pulse or run to the tomb and start begging.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

nanach seal 2

Monday, March 25, 2019

Today at 3:00 sharp President Trump and the Highest White House dignitaries

Were up like Breslevers for the Mitsvah of redeeming hostages.  3 North Korean gentlemen that have suffered enough were received by the Trumps, the Pences and Secretary Pompeo.

Wine maza bread

Wine on Purim. Maza on Pessach. Man in the desert. Shabbas Hallah on our own land!
I speak English, so what is the relationship between these three forms of nourishment?
Whine like a baby.

Gobble food down like a kid.

Get subsidized like a Bar Mitsvah Man.

Provide for the Kallah as a free man even if all you have is the land you stand on
Last but not least ... The long day of rest!

Only Shabbas is permanent

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Head of the children of Israel

Head of the Children of Israel.
"Rosh Bnei Israel" (Rabbi) there can only be one? What if someone is completely nullified to the Rabbi does he become an extension of the Rabbi? If this is his choice and he has successfully proven his nullification then yes he can be one of many Rabbis, you can call him/ them Rabbi Na Nach.
Each proven Na Nach can hold this title.
Previously there was a King in Israel that earned that title in the plains of Gush Etzion by defeating Goliath.  Then the High Priest of the Jews under King Achashverosh was crowned in Sushan.
Nanach received his credentials in Tiberius.  Where did you get yours?
Rabbi Nachman of Breslev being the second son of Rachel is really above and beyond all the others, except that the student is twice the teacher, this being the will of the teacher (LM).

So you are a Na Nach?

Friday, March 22, 2019

nanach seal

Friday, March 15, 2019

Special insight for my readers:

The Satan did not retire as we and Gd would have wished...he dissobeyed and stayed on the job.  Did he do this out of loyalty or dissloyalty?  We can now offer him to justify his "mutiny" show it was out of loyalty...the time has come for him to betray his team of nasties by allowing holy joy to spread on the earth and even his instruments be used for this purpose. 
Since the priestly nation was formed and he felt this decision was not fair to him, he used it as a justification to focus his special power of division on them.

When Gd fearing men of truth decide to unite around their priests (Jews) they will become Israel and the angels will have to obey the King of the Angels (Gd).  The magic formula to participate in the Exodus this time around is to say "Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman"

Thursday, March 14, 2019

How POWERFUL is a JEW? On OUR birthday, TODAY!

Today on the birthday of Moshe, leap year 7th of Adar, 8 days before the second Purim which is the day of the covenent of Moses (his circumbcision, if he had had one).  I would like to underline that calling every Torah Scholar "MOSES" has deep significance and is the genuine truth.

Today is the birthday of all real students of Moses.

When a person is so passionate about his teacher that he follows his footsteps, he becomes "one" with him. 

Moses not only took on Haman/Amalek, the servant of Satan, he also took on the Satan himself by uniting the 12 tribes.  The task of Satan being to divide (as I showed in the previous blog).  The punishment of Amalek is to be split into 4, Agag gets split this way by Shmuel ha Navi.  Destroying Satan is not an option for God, as I demonstrated through my little hypothesis "How could Gd punish the angel that saved him at the Tower of Babylon?  This angel does not want to retire, Gd cannot force him to".  Jews have a valid mission which is to unite in spite of this supernatural adversity being spread between us Jews...and it is only fair since Gd has eliminated the three animal passions from us Jews, and not from others...Being Holy Holy Holy means we have to challenge Satan, which is an assignment on the scale of Moses.

We have all become Moses and today is OUR birthday everyone of us.  Don't be surprised that Rabbi Natan has more prayers for this day than for any other in Likutey Tefilot, if so, this confirms that today is more significant than all holidays except Shabbat.  The most recurring holiday (every week) and the one that happens every 3 or so years and is not even on a fixed schedule, let alone official.

If all serious students are like Moses then our mission becomes to solve the problem of the recalcitrant angel; Satan.

My Proposal:

Since Satan produces music that is enjoyable to the ear and is not directly harmful, but can be very pleasing... I suggest we use this very same music to unite instead of divide.  He can be credited for making people happy that otherwise would remain depressed, it is enough to sing Na Nach to these tunes.  Satan no longer needs to retire and we can convince Gd to let him have this new mission.  This can only be compared to Haman who did us a great favor by UNITING Am Israel and the whole world behind Mordecai, by saying "Am Mordecai" and in solidarity condemning all of us to suffer the same fate as him.  Mordecai was the most "Chutzpa" Jew of them all and we also have turned this bad trait into something useful and even necessary to be an efficient priest.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Why Jews need to say NaNach

A big key opened a lock in heavens gates this 6 of Adar B, the year of the gallop.

This is the explanation of why the dischord exists within the priestly nation known as the Jews.

It is common knowledge that before Babylon, we were sinners committing idolatry and slavery, after Babylon now having become a spiritual nation, these sins no longer applied to us...A new, much more dangerous foe was now upon us.

This foe is probably Satan.  He did Gd a favor during the tower of Babylon episode, but refused to retire.  Gd owes him one, so he has probably promised not to punish this over-eager angel. 

Rabbi Nachman says: " why worry, I go before you? Just be stick together and I will be with you."
Does this statment make any sense?

He came out of a well in Tiberius around 1880 and announced around 1980: "what? You still don't know who I am? I am Rabbi Nachman, Head of The Children of Israel, Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman."

If this is the case, then Rabbi Nachman did come before us. If this is the case, HE is the 12th Imam (Shiites claim he will come out of a well, I would call him the 13th because he leads the 13th Tribe.. which is from Rachel ONLY).

Like Jacob he needs ALSO to be brought to Jerusalem in the Holy Land by all the elders of the civilized world.  To avoid conflicts with the Socialists, Communists and Seculars, these leaders need to enter the land and participate in the funeral, just as they did for President Peres.  Participants will all merit thereafter to wear the title of leaders of Israel.  All these respective nations will be Zionist Religious Nations, protected from Idolatry and Slavery.

Jews are in a live or die battle with Satan and Gd is keeping out of it.  Nations of Ninve need only to seek the truth with all their might to understand that bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman, like they did for Jacob, will allow Michael to slaughter Satan or convince him to ask for, and receive, a more benine mission.  These nations will become the united 70 of Jacob, the man of truth, Israel.