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Friday, February 5, 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

The first earth alter

Hi guys look at the maftir alyia, you "you shall not make from me gold or silver"  and yet Moses makes silver trum.ets that only Cohens lay and that cause Josef's tomb to lift and Moses to order G-d to chase away our ennemies....for  fourty years of wandering.

BUT in the holy land...this no longer a..lies.  So Bibi, it's OK to kill the Shekel and the Dollar and all other currencies.  Got ya covered, now, come n get me.....

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Stick goes to Yehoshua

.arasha Yitro...short but highly significant.  Everything for the redem.tion seems to be covered here,and it is named after a foreign man of G-d.

All .riests need to be res.ected by Jews.

Did Moses need to heed the advice to delegate his authority? No.  But he did need to ste. down and take care of his own family.

He and Jitro could have become advisors to Joshua without decentralizing .ower.  G-d would have continued his dialogue with Joshua.  Moses and Ahron would have given the .riesthood over to their sons.

The final act for Moses would have been coming down from the Mountain and Joshua carries the tablets.  Joshua also would have been the one to s.eak to Gd when the tabernacle of Josef would rise after the blowing of the silver trum.ets.

Moses knew the generation that had to be hit... the new generation were free men and needed to be addressed differently.  He eventually hits the rock instead of s.eaking to it.

Had Jitro been res.ected in this way...not just obeyed, but understood ..  the two advisors to Joshua would have ensured the nation enter Israel, without wandering through the desert.

NA NACH is the song that re.laces the silver trum.ets.......Today anyone who sings it is the first law...not USING THE NAME OF G-d IN VAINE.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

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What's so great about having light when eighty .ercent die?

And there was light in all the houses of Israel...hurra...

Those that dro..ed (fell] were those that lied and believed in lies.  Amalekites that had no life, and were among us.  Truth is life and the lack of it is Amalek.....

Why would IOOO flee from one this by SIX HUNDRED

What WAS the miracle at the sea, in other words.  Why did we cross it?

The logical thing to do was to conquer Egy.t.....

The genius of Moses is he took us away from there and that..

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The bracha went to Josef, but where is his tribe?

Efraim and Menashe were be kept by an angel of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (hopefully the angel of truth (tribe of Jehoshua))

Josef was blessed to be kept by the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

What is the difference?

Moses could carry the bones on his own and Yehoshua needed a special minyan to do it.  Only the people he chose could be successful for this mission, he himself could not do it alone.

Rabbi Nachman COULD bring the Messiah on his own but it was more of a victory that the minyan came into existance!

The minyan we are referring to is the tribe of JOsef.  The Na Nach!!!!  (only those that want to bring the bones to Mt. Zion)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Kusari say,, then I say...

The Kusari bring u that Jacob's blessings went to the tribes not including Josef..because why doesn't he have a tribe named after him? They claim (according to my source] that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and that's it..

We already went over my insight that Rachel never bowed to Josef (she's higher-- but not than Rabbi Nachman] "what is this dream of yours that your mother and I bow to you?? ..." connect the letters together in another manner and you will see "Rachel is dead", in other words, Lea was the mother.  Why is this a secret?

Because ONLY JOSEF gets the Abraham, Isaac, Jacob blessing... which is NOT given to a tribe, it is given to the ones that have an oath and are able to carry his bones, in other words the students of Jehoshua Ben Nun.

Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser was no fool.  If he asked to bring the bones of Rabbi Nachman and the great Leonid Kravchuk met the great Hertzog and they agreed that Bringing Rabbi Nachman was a vital necessity...I believe only a fool would not do the research and make ludicrous false statements, making himself a mass murderer.

Monday, December 21, 2015

ten of tevet, hilloulla Rabbi Natan, so what?

Some cholek said that on Rabbi Natans' death he would have a feast...Rabbi Natan retorted..I'll make sure you won't....

Why is it there are no tefilot for the tenth of tevet in likutey tefilot???

The Torah codes reveal that tomorrow is the BIG revelation day...and many indications confirm this..but today the Messiah is not the issue, Na Nach is.  Eliahu, also mentioned there, has to do with the brit mila, so when do we kee our word to Josef?

The number connected to Dombas and Missouri and the US Greenback is also there one thousand eighthundred and twenty which is seventy times twenty six....

Tomorrow is a secial day for saying and singing Na Nach.  Do everything you can...

Saturday, December 12, 2015

nanach hannukka miracle

The ten got hit in the ten in the ocket of mr. NIR age 7O whose car was riddled by twenty eight bullets in a TERRORIST attack.  The golden art got knocked out and a silver O for odesser remained.  The elderly coule survived the attack thaqnks to Saba and he left a clear message.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Saba said not one millimeter to give...Netanyahu not one meter...

Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Transfer ‘Even One Meter of Land’ to Palestinian Authority

NOVEMBER 29, 2015 11:45 AM 2 COMMENTS
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will not hand over territory to the Palestinian Authority. Photo: GPO.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will not hand over territory to the Palestinian Authority. Photo: GPO. – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Sunday that Israel will not hand over territory to the Palestinian Authority (PA).
Speaking to a meeting of Likud party ministers, the prime minister denied recent reports suggesting that the government planned to transfer 10,000 dunams (2,500 acres) of land over to PA control as a confidence-building measure.
“There will not be any transfer of land,” Netanyahu said. “Not 40,000 dunams, not 10,000, and not even one [square] meter.”
Israeli Science, Technology and Space Minister Ofir Akunis also denied the recent reports.
“After the delusional idea of transferring weapons to the Palestinians,” Akunis said, referring to remarks to the media by an anonymous IDF officer who said the IDF would recommend easing restrictions on the Palestinians to calm tensions, “we are hearing about the initiative by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories to hand over 10,000 dunams. We cannot let this happen.”

now that Arieh Dheri is fighting to get some Sfardis on the Shekel, an old letter...

Mr. Scheffer,
I am just reading a book called "Ha Melech" about your amazing grandfather Rav Israel Ber Odesser.
The attacks against Israel are so numerous that the Iranian nuclear threat is only the tip of the "Nazi iceberg". All types of attacks have been launched, economic boycotts, changing the people on the Shekel bills, targeting individual citizens in great numbers for harassment and imprisonment, especially settlers and others that can influence the public. As you know, besides chemical weapons being stockpiled in Syria, are also biological weapons, these can be used like anthrax to target individuals or entire buildings. The anti-semites are no longer hiding like before, and they feel emboldened by their "successes".
Neither economic or military miracles can save us from this boundless hate. The only way to remove the hate problem is to remove hate itself. Genocide of all the haters if it were possible, would not solve the problem because more haters would come from somewhere else. The simplest and only solution is to address the problem of hate at it's root and remove the source of all the hate.
This is why I am begging you to take your grandfather seriously and to address the three tasks he began with the intention of seeing them finished after his passing. The first is bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion, the second is spreading the "petek" to the four corners of the world and his commentaries on Likutey Moharan which are President Zalman Shazar's book "Ebay Ha Nachal".
Humanity as a whole is fighting AMALEK, and Amalek, like Haman MUST confuse the nations into attacking the Jews because this is the only way he can survive. Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion is like Esther revealing she is Jewish to Achashverosh. The Messiach doesn't need to be Jewish, but he must be a real Hassid of Rabbi Nachman,
Today Mr. Arie Dheri has once again lashed out against then Israeli economy and in particular Rabbi Nachman. He wants Mrs. Flog removed, she is the one who has maintained your grandfathers friends on the Shekel. Mr. Dheri is the single biggest Israeli hurdle to bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, I suppose he is funded by President Putin, but of this I have no proof, only the halachically inexplicable and violent opposition to the project. President Putin is also preventing Rabbi Nachman from leaving Ukraine and is very involved in corrupting Israeli society which are two sides of the same coin.
Your grandfather knew all about Hessed and this is the single biggest Hessed that can be done.
Geoffrey Max Spiro
Copy to Minister of Finance, Mr. Yair Lapid.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rachel didn't bow to and why??

Bereshit (vayeshev 37:IO} " hachalom hazeh acher chalamta..." connect the words and you get Rachel meta...
Ani ve imcha...and Israel is referring to Lea.

No Rachel never bowed to her first son, because she was greater than him, so much so that she demanded a second better son...Rabbi Nachman outclasses all of the above.

Monday, November 16, 2015

What's with the first and second born, huh?

Cain and Able; Isaac and Ishmael; the sons of Judah; Esav and Jacob; Efraim and Menashe, and even the two first sons at the Seder Table (imagine telling the first born he needs to lay the role of the second son instead]???  Why the role reversals...(chamber of exchanges RN Tales]?

Razal says the husk comes out before the "seedling".

What's the secret?? the real secret only a true Na Nach knows and of course no one else (&Ari Zal/Rabbi Shimon]....

Rachel's second son is NOT Benjamin.

Greater than Josef of course, it is only Rabbi Nachman.

Do not use the term Messiah anymore, for every true NaNach is like the Messiah.  The one you are referring to is Rabbi Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman, he brought us the "Note" and only he is Rabbi Nachman in the flesh and after having been born again from a well.

Rabbi Nachman is the "WALL" of Jerusalem

Friday, November 6, 2015

Turn you six days into Shabbbat

When you do hafatsa all week, the accomplishments you reach by Friday are a bit like the conclusion of Shabbat just before Malave Malka.  So your week divides into 12 sections, six are night six are day with the 13th being the eigth light...the light of Saba the King of Truth

Monday, November 2, 2015

Putin is using Habad as an excuse for not sending Rabbi Nachman...

meanwhile in Israel: 
‎שגיא יוסף‎'s photo.

Rabbi Joseph Eisenbach
Chief Rabbi of Russia, Chabad's Rabbi Berel Lazar, receiving the highest medal awarded ever in Russia.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Praises of Rebbe Shimon and the Zohar

  • "This man uproars the land and upsets governments" Bas Kol [11]
  • "The supernal holy light that the entire world must welcome his face" Rabbi Abba [12]
  • "From the day Rebbe Shimon emerged from the cave, the supernal mysteries were open and revealed amongst the Chavarim as if they were given at that moment from Mount Sinai. After his passing the streams of the depth and the channels of the sky became sealed and the Chavarim whisper the teachings but they would not remain with them" Rebbe Yossi[13]
  • "A place of fire, the flame of Holy One Blessed Be He and the entire entourage of the upper realms are here and all the souls of the Tadikim are there." The Holy Ohr Hachaim when he traveled to Meron[14]
  • "In the future he will be the head to all the tzadikim sitting in Gan Eden." Rabbi Yehuda bar Ilai regarding Rabbi Shimon[15]
  • Just like Shabbos is holy to Hashem, so to Rabbi Shimon is holy Shabbos for Hashem. Rabbi Yehuda bar Ilai[16]
  • The holy Arizal gave a tikkun to a baal teshuva that each day he should recite five pages from the Zohar.[17]
  • "It says in the verse 'All males should go see the face of the Master Hashem', who is the 'face of the Master Hashem' this is Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai." Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Yossi [18]
  • "Hashe engraved the form of Rebbe Shimon's face in the Upper Realm." Rabbi Yossi[19]
  • In all generations when people occupy themselves with the holy Zohar, they awaken the power of the souls and the power of the Tzadikim along with the power of Moshe Rabbanu who all participated in the creation of the Zohar and through this they nullify the power of the external forces. The Ramak[20]
  • One who attaches himself to the book of the Zohar gets away from the Sitra Acher and does not need to go through the birth-pangs before the arrival of Moshiach. The Ramchal[21]
  • "Even though a person does not understand the Zohar, just reading the words is auspicious for the soul" The Ramchal[22]
  • "And there was light" this is Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai"[23]
  • "The merit of Rebbe Shimon in the Upper Worlds is greater than all the Tzadikim" Rabbi Yackov Abuchatzera [24]
  • "Rebbe, Rebbe, you are the large tree and strong in Torah. In your branches which are holy limbs, many birds dwell there, which are holy souls, representing the Upper worlds as it says "in its branches will dwell the birds of the sky[25]. Many people below will attain sustenance from your work (the Zohar) when it will be revealed below in the final generation, at the end of the days. Because of it "freedom will be decreed in the land"[26]A melodious voice from the supernal tree[27]
  • The Baal Shem Tov commanded his followers to study a teaching from the Zohar before each prayer[28]
  • "Studying Zohar is higher then all other studies, even if a person does not know what he is saying, and even if he mistakenly reads it wrong. It is a huge rectification for the soul." the Chida [29]
  • "It is know that studying Zohar is very, very auspicious. Know, that through the study of Zohar a person receives desire for sorts of other Torah studies." The holy Tzadik Rabbi Nachman of Breslov [30]

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Na Nach vrs Noach?

Noach had many many grandchildren and great grandchildren in the arc...considered animals! Everything born before the flood except for the three sons is not worth counting as descendents of Noach...even those born on the ark?

Ham and the rainbow? Incestuous gays are not considered animals?

What makes Noach different from Na Nach is the NA. (please)
That is what Rabbi Nachman told us whole thing is tefila (prayer) [prayer=please]

The two legged animals that came out of the arc were very technically advanced and probably found out how to colonize the x-garden of Eden (Sdom)[no doubt destroyed by the flood and now unprotected] and how to build the tower of Bavel,(tree of knowledge).  These people had learned from Noach but not from Na Nach!

Please G-d that we do not repeat this mistake

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why Rachel and Esther are only interested in the far future?

Women are seriously handicapped by the original sin.  In fact they will be happy only when the curse is removed and the 70 labor pains are no longer.

Of course it is possible.  Rachel not satisfied with Josef knew someone similar but better needed to be born from her tears.  Esther knew that without the bones of this son of Rachel the redemption of women could never take place.

Saying Na Nach corrects all of this.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Pu-tin Pow Pach 88 pow = 44 the tin blew up
Obama 44th PresidenT
 Shmona N 8 or CH   8 L (noun) 8

these are the three players

King of the North, King of the South and

The Tzaddik who is shmini atzeret and Israel Ber-Ashit (DROP THE WOMAN AND HER SNAKE

Rabbi Nachman and Moshe Rabbenu share the Parasha  Vayyikra for their Bar Mitsvah,  but Saba is the purpose itself of creation, happy are we!!!!!

Rabbi Nachman and Moshe share the parasha Vayikra f

Friday, October 9, 2015

If the Chinese can't have kids, or cars...

Let them have horses! Rabbi Nachman said every Jew needs a horse.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why walking beats flying (how being far becomes close!)

Rabbi Nachman now Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman repeats over and over again that the farther a person is from G-d, the closer he will be able to get to him.  WONDERFUL but do you understand this yet? or do you just believe it?

Rabbi Natan says he is jealous of those that actually walk to Rabbenu where he would take a coach.  Rabbi Nachman to console him said he had to walk a lot to get the money to pay for the coach.  I worked with environmental issues and it is a known fact that a bicycle is faster than a car if you do the math, including insurance, gasoline costs etc...

The real issue is that if a person is really far and the only thing he can do about being Jewish is just saying Na Nach, he will be doing something greater than walking to Rabbenu in Uman, he will be correcting the error or the 600 000 that refused to help Moses find Josef to take him out of Egypt.
That correction is what will bring the 70 years of life that King David took from Adam, back to Adam and will even make death disappear from creation.  He will have done all he can to Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem!

An easy question:  What gives more merit? Walking from a house in Mea Shearim to the Kotel or walking from Sfat to the Kotel?  Taking a plane to Uman or dancing every day of the year 24-7 and singing Please Rest in Peace Nachman from Uman.  Learning in a colel or teaching others to say Na Nach on public busses?

If Aharon had asked Pharaoh for the bones of Josef we would have entered Israel within 3 days with a big celebration and the Canaanites might have even repented for all their sins! If ONE SINGLE ISRAELI out of the 600 000 had helped Moses, HE would have carried the bones until the age of 120 or more, FOR Moses!

Think about it, and use YOUR OWN G-D GIVEN BRAIN!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Dominoes Nanach

Get the kids involved! Send their Nanach projects, photos, illustrations etc. to and B"H they will be posted under the NaNach Kids Category.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sun Connect NaNach

Get the kids involved! Send their Nanach projects, photos, illustrations etc. to and B"H they will be posted under the NaNach Kids Category.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Plea from a Na Nach friend

My wife has been unemployed for sometime and looking for a job... we have had very little money barely enough to get by at all. We have 5 kids already and now due to a personal problem with my sister we have now taken temporary custody of her two children bringing the total number of children in our care to 7. 9 people in our house including ourselves... we have only my small income.... to live on.... we are in the process of trying to get state help but it takes time... if you can donate even dollar to help us get through it will not be taken by ungrateful hands..Anything helps..please help...
You can send charity through paypal to
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5810 nw Galloway Lp. 
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Why do we know the Messiah will only be attentive to two "mitsvotes"

He will be careful to wash his hands before eating bread.  He will test the Shabbat bed of his guests and even fall asleep in them a short moment.(I think)

King David was the King of Kavod.  This can be seen because his whole life he would turn Pyramids on their heads. (The Magen David)

Messiah will be THE TRUE King of Truth. He will conquer the world without shedding a drop of blood. Ebay Ha Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma! I am the river that removes all blemishes and stains. Nachmao Nachamo Ami "Consolation consolation, my people"

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Na Nach joke #2

Ashkenazi are gold and Spharadi silver, what would you rather be?

Answer:  Silver like the trumpets Moses made for the Cohens and they had to play them for him to ask for G-d to rise and throw away our enemies from before us.  Gold the currency preferred by Vlado, Iran, and the teeth robbers in Basel, in fact the stuff they print is worthless and anything they touch is worthless and the Greek Statues are worthless as will soon be demonstrated.  The French word for gold is "Or" the French word for hard is "dure" the French word for garbage is "ordure", ask Rashi, he is as good an Alchemist as they come.

Important note:  All the Israeli bills had the people that made the book Ebay Ha Nachal on them including the 10 which is Odesser (the author of the book).   This is called Kessef or silver or money in Hebrew.  Also the song Na Nach Nachma Nachman is single double triple quadruple which in hebrew is pashout cafoul choulach rouba first letters spell "like a shofar".  Rabbi Nachman is at least like Moses!

Na Nach joke

Better to be in Heaven and complain or in Hell and not complain?

Adam: "in Heaven and complain, because you can get everyone else to get so much merit".

Wednesday, September 16, 2015