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Friday, August 29, 2014

Nanach light in the dark

Only one thing will help

Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem Only one thing will help. 1) Send Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and 2) ask the Nation of Israel for complete cooperation until Russia is wiped off the map! The Ukrainians are not dealing with Pharaoh, they are dealing with Amalek!

As Russia widened its invasion of Ukraine this week, with the aim of tearing the nation apart, the West and even some of Ukraine’s leaders refuse to own up to the six-month-old reality that this is war and that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a threat to global peace who must be stopped.

Russia’s invasion started with its troops taking over Crimea on Feb. 27, and has widened with a mix of Kremlin-armed and -financed proxies, as well as Russian special agents and troops working inside eastern and southern Ukraine in April and May.

When the proxies started losing ground to the Ukrainian military in June and July under Russian leadership, Russia in August started seeking to regain lost territory and erase the hard-earned gains – paid for with the blood of more than 2,000 Ukrainian lives and counting – of the nation’s military and civilians.

And still the West is looking away as if this has nothing to do with them, preferring to ignore the new reality of Russia as a rogue state.

The astute Timothy Ash, head of London-based Standard Bank emerging markets research, was right as usual when he observed on Aug. 28: “The reality is that many Western governments, with strong business links to Russia, would rather prefer to ignore the awkward reality that Russia has changed, and the West needs to adopt a different approach. Surely this can no longer be business as usual when Russian actions are threatening peace, security and economic stability in Europe.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s five-hour stopover in Ukraine on Aug. 23 symbolized the aimlessness of the weak Western response, for which all nations of the European Union will regret soon.

Merkel’s policy is to adhere to an outdated NATO-Russia agreement whereby the Western military alliance does not station large numbers of troops in NATO-member countries on Russia’s borders.

This may have been fine when Russia was not an adversary and before it violated international law by annexing part of Ukraine, but Putin’s Russia stands today as the strongest threat to global democratic values. The Kremlin dictator’s stance requires strengthening NATO through a significant build-up in the three Baltic nations and Poland, four countries that already have reason to doubt Western security guarantees.

Not only did Merkel in Kyiv not offer any military assistance so that Ukraine can better defend itself, the chancellor went a step further and said Germany – and therefore, most likely the EU as well – is not contemplating further economic sanctions against Russia. This was a double green light for Putin.

Merkel, often called a realist, is living in a dream world by offering a 500 million euros package to rebuild the Donbas. Rebuild for whom, Angela? The Russian Federation?

By Aug. 25, Ukraine had its answer, with the capture of 10 Russian paratroopers caught 30 kilometers inside Ukraine as part of an attack force. One of the detained paratroopers said he thought the group was on a military training mission and had no desire to fight against the Ukrainian people.

Meanwhile, on Aug. 26 in Minsk, the crazy man in the Kremlin was continuing his usual lies and misdirection with the gullible West and the historically hapless EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton. Putin has sized up many Western leaders, such as French President Francois Hollande and Merkel, as money-grubbing, weak-willed hypocrites who only require a regular stream of Kremlin prevarications to pacify and paralyze them.

President Petro Poroshenko, while a vast improvement over any other president in Ukraine’s history, is not yet up to the challenge. He spoke too softly and demanded too little in his meeting with Putin. The Kremlin mass murderer (though not on the scale of Josef Stalin yet) undoubtedly regards Poroshenko as a weak counterpart deserving of the same contempt that Putin gives Ukraine. Poroshenko compounded his hesitant leadership by declaring the situation under control on Aug. 28. No, the situation is not under control.

So what to expect?

Ukrainian forces are in danger of losing the ground they gained – and more, potentially the entire Donbas again. Some volunteer and regular army units are nearing revolt because of the poor strategy of Ukraine’s military leadership and their lack of arms to fight Russian forces.

Two steps are required.

Firstly, Ukraine’s leaders need to put the nation on a war footing. This means massive mobilization, rationing and, even if the West won’t help supply the resources, militarization of society.

Secondly, the West needs to deliver on arms and massive financial assistance, impose tougher sanctions and sever all possible trade deals with Russia. U.S. President Barack Obama, one of America’s weaker foreign policy presidents, needs to take a tough stand on behalf of Ukrainians by leading the Western response. For what does America have the world’s strongest military if it cannot help a good friend fight for its survival?

This war can still be won by the good guys fighting on their home turf. But victory will come only if the West – and Ukraine’s leaders—awaken from their spring and summer slumber.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

on my way to connect the head with the feet

Gush Night run, Allon Shvut Gush Etsion.  In memory of three bachors murdered by Amalekites.

Message to John Baird (Foreign Minister of Canada): "You are proof that great men are identified by the type of enemies they have.  You have every right to be proud of yourself.  Look at the creeps that hate you!"

Letter to the new French Minister of Economy- to bring Rabbi Nachman

Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Industrie et du Numérique

Télédoc 151
139, rue de Bercy
75572 Paris Cedex 12

Téléphone :
01 40 04 04 04

Attention au Ministre de L'Economie,
Mr. Emmanuel Macron,

Je suis tres heureux de pouvoir vous felicite aujourd'hui pour votre nouvelle responsabilite.

Je vous ecrit de Jerusalem la capitale mondiale du monotheisme avec une proposition qui vous permettra de prouver a toute la France comment un ministre peut encore etre un entrepreneur examplaire.

L'objectif: Amener la depouille de Rabbi Nachman de Uman en Ukraine a Har Zion Jerusalem avant Rosh Hashana.  50% du project sera assure par La Federation Mondiale du Judaisme Maroccain.  Mettre la depouille du Saint sur un avion du Virgin Airline me parait une tres bonne facon d'augmenter le tourisme et la securite, meme la vente du chocolat.

Tout le peuple d'Israel sera eternellement reconnaissant a celui qui rend cette operation possible.  Je crois que la guerre avec le Kremlin en Europe et au Moyen Orient et ailleur pourra etre evite aussi.

Merci d'avance pour votre consideration,

Geoffrey M. Spiro
chef de project


Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman
Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres du Canada, Mr. John Baird
Ancient President d'Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Strange Dreams

     I've figured out that before a big change in my life, I have some really strange dreams. Usually these dreams are somewhat morbid, and otherwise odd and filled with confusing messages. Sometimes they're upsetting, or I wake up thinking about how weird the dream was. It's common knowledge that when we sleep, our souls literally leave our bodies and Hashem keeps them until we wake up. It could only be Him who is giving me these strange, upsetting messages.
     The most common themes in my dreams are that I'm somewhere that I don't want to be, I'm being chased by someone wanting to kill me, or murder is taking place and I'm trying to stop it.
     There was one particular dream that stood out from all the other wacky, confusing dreams. In my dream, I found out that a company was killing people and making profit off of them. I figured that I was the only one who could stop it, so I tried to investigate. There was a mean woman from the company who came after me with a knife, and If I didn't kill her, she would kill me. You can assume what I did in response. For a while I didn't want to consider what this dream meant, but when I did I was very glad. Usually death or murder in a dream means that you're letting go of a part of yourself, or a part of your old life is ending. If only I had considered that earlier! The past few weeks have been painful, because of all the changes. These changes aren't vain, because they're helping me to change. In the Talmud, Brachos volume 2, Daf 33 Amud A, Rabbi Ami had said; "If someone does not have understanding, it is forbidden to have mercy on him". In the side notes, a second statement of his was mentioned in which he said, "One should not have compassion for someone who denies that his suffering is meant to stir him to repentance." Maybe the truth about why I am suffering right now is along with the changes that are happening, the suffering is to push me to change in other ways, deeply in my character.
     The problem is that a lot of people don't look deeply into their dreams because they assume that because they're "not real", they don't have "real" meanings. Well, they certainly do, and Rebbe Nachman kept a dream journal and interpreted his dreams. The Zohar tells, "A dream uninterpreted is a letter unopened".
     When people complain that G-d doesn't respond to them when they pray, I tell them that maybe they're not listening. Since we're not on a prophetic level like Moshe, we don't get to hear Hashem speak. But He is indeed "speaking". Some people I tell this don't want to listen. They get frustrated with me and say I don't "hear" anything; sometimes they say that I just imagine He's responding. B"H that He gave us dreams, because with these He sends us messages we otherwise would not receive. Dreams aren't to be taken lightly! Since I've been having these creepy dreams I've been recording them on paper, and I try to interpret them. It's been helpful to "hear" these messages. Don't ignore them.

Zwischenzug Zugzwang Zigzag Nanach Special for Ellul

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Letter to MFA John Baird before Minsk

Mordecai Geoffrey Max Spiro
World Federation of Moroccan Jewry
42 Jaffo St. Jerusalem
Kikar Tzion

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mr. John Baird
2249 Carling Ave Suite 418 Ottawa, 
Ontario K2B 7E9; 
Tel: 613-990-7720; Fax: 613-993-6501; ..

Your Honour,

The recent deal between the financial elite in Germany and the emerging democracy of Ukraine poses a potential threat to Canadian interests in a nuclear capable country with a serious economic handicap.  

Richard Bronson will be in Minsk, he has a serious interest in flying Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.  If Canada doesn't suggest this to him and to President Poroshenko, Ukraine will be subjected to directives from those who have supplied Iran and are also preventing the destruction of Hamas.

Mrs. Merkel is now in the drivers seat of those trucks...and the only way to take the initiative back is to put Bronson in the cockpit with Rabbi Nachman on board!

Peace is possible...the King of Morocco is behind a deal in which no Jordanian, Israeli or Egyptian soldier fired a shot at another in over 30 years!  The Moroccan Federation will arrange the reception of Rabbi Nachman in Israel.

Wishing you health and success and a happy Rosh Hashana!

Mordecai Spiro
Project coordinator

Saturday, August 23, 2014

At Minsk the fate of Rabbi Nachman and the world might be decided!

Canada is deeply disturbed by today’s news that Russian vehicles have illegally entered Ukraine for the purported purpose of delivering humanitarian aid.
Canada calls on Russia to reverse its course and to negotiate in good faith with Ukrainian authorities with respect to any and all attempts to provide genuine humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.
You can read the full statement here:
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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Light - Updated

A new version of 'The Light' is now available for free download.

It is also available for sale at 10 cents each on

The Light
 English Edition
Publisher: Daven 613 
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Selection of parts from Likkutei Moharan, Likkutei Eitzos, Likkutei Halachos and Meshivas Nefesh that can be understood by all. Includes a Hebrew Tikkun Hakali.

[Soft Cover | ?]

Escape to Nanach - הפח נשבר ולננח נמלטנו

Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Week's Parshas - Re'eh

    This week's parshas brought up an interesting point. It was said in chapter 13 verse 7, the following; "If your brother, the son of your mother... Or your friend who is like your own soul will entice you secretly, saying 'Let us go and worship the gods of others'". First of all, the passage is talking about the people that are most close to you. In my blog on Facebook, Eliora's Emuna, I had spoken about being late to get to the airport, and I was worried that my suitcase wouldn't get onto the plane because I was checking it late. I wrote briefly about how close a person is to their posessions. I couldn't even imagine going to New Mexico without all of my belongings. It was almost a paralyzing fear!
     You could take this verse to teach a parallel lesson. A person is greatly influenced by the people that matter to them. A person is also greatly influenced by people who aren't as important to them. American society uses influence to persuade people to buy and do things that otherwise they would not. American society also teaches us to worship posessions and money through that influence. As a result of the influence of a person's friend or brother in the parshas, it was said that this should be done because of their sin, "You shall pelt him with stones and he shall die, for he sought to make you stray from near Hashem". American society's influence, persay, causes the same result! Though these are not the days when G-d would "sizzle" those who sinned grievously, there is a similar consequence. Those who are easily overcomed by secular influence, it has caused them to be greedy. Their spirituality suffers because of their greed; it is sizzled like Nadab and Abihu!
     A lady I met who grew up in West Germany, back when there was the Berlin Wall, told me how in Europe when a child's toy is broken, they fix it. In the United States, it gets thrown out and a new one is bought. This illustrates clearly the morals of American Society. If you cannot gain benefit from something anymore, such as a person or object, they are discarded! Then, something else is brought in, in its place. This is the most pure form of greed. As a side note, it's an even more greedy practice because the majority of goods imported to the United States from Asia are made through underpaid, usually abused, laborers. Because of human greed, other humans, animals, and the world suffer. It's not just your spirituality that will suffer; you bring others down to suffer with you.
     Moshe and Aaron worked together as a single unit. If one suffered spiritually, the other one did as well. When you are greedy, both your spirituality and the spirituality of others greatly suffers. When I see people who are very patriotic towards our country, the United States, I'm almost disgusted by their ignorance. The United States was formed because Britain was greedy and the colonists wanted to be free from such opression. Today, the United States is a world power, because of their own greed. Our government does what it does to receive benefit. If they help out with the situation in the Middle East and they're actually successful for once, they may gain allies and the gas prices drop. They don't do it for the countries in the Middle East; it's done almost exclusively for themselves.
     If a person frees themself from greed, it is influential and a mutually beneficial situation for the people around them. Just as if one person is corrupted by greed, others follow. Believe it or not, healthy influence spreads as well! A person's children often have similar faults and similar strengths as them. If you are greedy, chances are that your children will learn to be greedy as well. If you choose not to be greedy, your children probably won't be greedy either. Then, your grandchildren probably won't be greedy. Consider this for a moment; if everone reading this chose to banish their greed, think how many people who wouldn't be greedy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sent to Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines)

The Ukrainian Government and Virgin could make a killing by carrying the remains of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem in time for Rosh Hashana. Only VIPs that pay good money can be allowed on the plane. The Ukrainian currency will go right up if you put for example the grave of Rabbi Nachman in Uman on the 5,- Hyrv. bill instead of the monster who is currently on it, or hey why not put President Petro Poroshenko and Richard Branson on it! the value will go RIGHT UP! For more details on this important and serious project (facebook) Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Missouri & BIS

missouri compromise and newspaper prize from missouri relevant:

1820 times ykvk in torah etc.. reason:  slave-drivers last stand against abolitionists (missouri compromise 1820).  Abuse of this clause caused the civil war...the greyback dollar and the greenback dollar.

This year Kyiv Post received first prize in Journalism from Missouri.

Missouri Again.  

The tears of Karduner gave us Odesser,  The laughter of Odesser can give us Moshiah.  Putin wants slavery, Basel wants PERVERSION.  Therefore, Ham (black) can not win this war only SHEM (Na Nach). Nachman can not win this without Moshiah, WE MUST GET RABBI NACHMAN to Jerusalem.  That is why the Petek needs to be revealed...I think Lapid can win the H$$arts of the Egyptians (black), but the ministers need to keep Bibi in check.  

Obama, understands the letters I write, but uses them for his own lusts.  I don't know if Bibi is just as messed up, but I know the people that can influence his son...(not that they would want to listen to me $$$).

Norway (laban) is going to stop their funding of Hamas?? They are not to blame as long a Jew can be blamed for leading them down the wrong's all his fault obviously, they escape guilt.(that's exactly what they want).

Ukrainians are on the side of the guys in the streets of Jerusalem.  The "value" of the BIS is going to CRASH!  General mayhem will follow, which does not concern people of true faith.

THERE IS NO REASON FOR RABBI NACHMAN NOT TO COME IMMEDIATELY.  BIBI is NOT cooperating because he is following orders from Obama-Merkel-Putin (BIS).  Goodby BIS! Heinz(hinds)-Kerry and J street (J-ale) stripes!  

Hope Bibi will feel liberated enough to do the right thing. BIS is already planning to make a killing on the financing of the orgy of spiraling violence. (no local boys will be sent to the slaughter, like the last time).  BIS Moshiah Ved Kommen!

Love Breslov - Rosh Hashana by the Rebbe - Nanach

HH --- hit song produced by Nekuda Tova in Uman!!! NNNNM!

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Mitzrayim

     I'll admit something personal; I have lived with the title "depression" for almost my entire 16 years of life. People sometimes ask, "What's your Mitzrayim?". I don't even have to think before I answer. As I write this, I feel especially afflicted by my Mitzrayim. The word, used to mean Egypt, can be translated as "narrow space", as in a narrow space in between. The fact that the Israelites were in Egypt was their Mitzrayim, a space between who they were and who they were to become. I'm in a space stuck between a life I could have and the pained life that I have. Hashem doesn't help people who don't help themselves, so I try. We all know that isn't easy, and no one wants to hear cheesy lines about how it'll get better, or how hard times don't last. Give me a break, I think, they do last. Hard times do last! But don't let them last forever! You don't have to let your Mitzrayim, your narrow place, hold you captive and trap you where you don't want to be!
     A narrow place in the middle of something "good" and something "bad" is one of the worst pains of being a human. It's not bad to feel "good", and it's not bad to feel "bad". Feelings exist for a purpose. The Israelites would not have remained the Chosen People had they been given the easy road with easy feelings, because they would have become spoiled right off the bat. They had their times when they rebelled against G-d, but my point is, there is no such thing as good or bad feelings, because they both can elevate you to heights far above anywhere you ever though possible. Happiness keeps a person going, but sadness allows for a person to learn to become happy, and to keep themselves happy. If Hashem didn't create sadness, we wouldn't even know what happiness is.
     On the note of these so-called "bad feelings", I once read an article by a Breslov writer (I'm sorry to say I do not remember who) who made a distinction between sadness and depression. Depression, he said, was as if a person denied that G-d had a plan for him, that He wasn't even there for the guy. Sadness, he said, was a test fall for a person to trust Hashem. This rings true. There are times when I want to walk away from Hashem. I've learned that whether you want Him following you or not, He's pretty much stalking you, in a good way; and it's all because He cares! You can't walk away from G-d. When I was younger I tried, and it was an "epic fail", as secular teens call it.
     Good things come from hard times if you only try. Look here; I'm a living and breathing example! I begged Hashem; find me a life that I want to live. Give me something to hold on to when the pain is killing me. He gave me Breslov. This sounds like one of those cheesy coming-to-faith stories, I know. The faith Hashem has given me to fight my Mitzrayim has kept me trying. People ask me how my faith even works, and why I still follow by it, if it's "not working", in their eyes. The answer is that because of my faith, I can stop myself from giving up. When the hard times hit, I put out my trusty faith to fight the battle of depression so that I don't lost myself to it as I used to. Remember, Hashem promised to Avraham and then Yaakov, "I will make of you a great nation and I will bless you", on the condition that they followed Him with faith. This is a promise that stands today for the pained people in the world, and the ones who are not so pained, if they so choose to live by their side of the bargain with Him. Have faith, because G-d keeps His promises, on the condition that you keep yours. Make it so that you deserve for Him to perform a miracle for you. The Sforno Torah commentary said that there are two kinds of miracles; natural miracles, and nature-bending miracles. If the miracle that you ask of Hashem is the natural sort, keep trying and have faith. If it's the other sort you're asking for, I think you're out of luck.

Friday, August 15, 2014

New on

Four new books added to

Sefer HamedosPocket Edition
Publisher: Kulanu Chaverim
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[Soft Cover | 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches | 11.5 x 8.2 cm]

Siporay MasiyosPocket EditionPublisher: Kulanu Chaverim
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[Soft Cover | 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches | 11.5 x 8.2 cm]

AshreinuMid EditionPublisher: Kulanu Chaverim
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[Soft Cover | 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 in | 16.5 x 11.5 cm]

Ohr HaOrot Pocket EditionPublisher: Kulanu Chaverim
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[Soft Cover | 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches | 11.5 x 8.2 cm]

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Word on Repentance and Apologies

     Today I would like to say something on the two subjects, repentance and apologies. On average, there's at least two or three people that I apologize to each day. It's not always for great failures on my part, but I've recognized that even for the smaller things apologies are sometimes necessary. Maimonides had said; "The true repentant is the person who faces the same temptation again but doesn't sin." It's not so easy as just being sorry. However, if you're not deeply sorry, an apology, whether accepted or not, means little. An offense to G-d's creations is an offense to Him Himself. But if you really are sorry, whether you apologize or not, G-d sees that and He will want to help you to make an apology to the person you offended. Rabbeinu wrote, "Anyone who confesses has a portion in the World to Come".
     In addition, Rebbe Nachman had written in Sefer Hamidos on repentance, "It is fitting that repentance should be done through the very same matter (wherein one sinned)". So, if you rectify your sin or fault by correcting it with an alternate action, it is almost as if you had not ever committed the wrong. Nevertheless, you merit for this correction because you are no longer burdened by your wrongful action. When a person feels the need to apologize, meaning that they confess their wrongdoing to Hashem, they have a portion in Olam Haba (the World to Come). Confession is a very good remedy to begin with. Furthermore, when a person has thoughts of apologizing, this world sings. When the apology is said and accepted, the world sings a higher note.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Expert conclusion: a magician needed by the government of Israel

Attention of: Internal Security Minister,
Mr. Aharonovich,

Your recent article on Y. News indicates "a magician is necessary at this point to solve the security problems facing Israel". Correct you are.
We are facing Amalek today as usual, the public wants this eternal war to end.
The promise (brit mila) to Josef hasn't been kept yet, that is why Rabbi Nachman needs to be brought to Mt. Zion. Then Amalek will cease his attacks.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Want to light a light for Rabbenu?

As I explained before, we couldn't go through Gaza because we didn't help Moses with keeping our promise of Pakad Pakadeti to Josef.  Like Pharaoh we were ready to forget about him (sounds familiar).  Each one, his own tribal leader (so we got 40 years).

When the three yeshiva bachors got butchered 20 000 bnei Israel walked in solidarity something like three kilometers to the graves.  That connected the feet with the head, the Noun (L) with the Reish (R) (you can flip one Hebrew letter on its' head and you get the other) the two letters connected spell 'NeR' or light.  When we go to Rabbi Nachman (the Head of Israel) we are connecting our feet to him, this is lighting a light!

At his highest level, just before dying Rabbi Nachman referred to his trip to the holy land and said:
"what do you have to worry about? I went before you. Just strengthen yourselves together and I will come to you".  For those of you who don't know Josef is just a reference to Nachamo Nachamo the second son born from the tears of Rachel, (LM Tanyana 67 last lines).

By running together for these boys, we are connecting these many feet to the head (the three boys who died in kiddush hashem).  This helps us to fulfill our oath to Josef, destroy Amalek, become nanachs and take Gaza!

Bring the wagons to the RUN.... press the link.
  Gush Nigh (light in the dark)

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Why does it end with "ish lo needar" (no one will be missing)?

The whole issue here in Nachamo and even in Vayitchanan, is Jerusalem.

Imagine coming out of an egg.  Very hard to do for a little bird trying to be free from the Amalekite curse. (The 88 Pach or Heil Hitler).

One word repeated again and again like the tender little beak hitting in one place can break that husk!

Little would it help to win WWIII and receive the love of the whole world after G-d proved himself through miracles 5 times greater then the Exodus from Egypt, if we don't get the main point.  It is all about one single MITSVAH.  until we understand that, it is mercy that G-d did not heed Moses prayers to enter the land.

It is merciful of G-d, not to allow Moses or the Messiah in until....

(I hope someone out there got it?) "ki mitzion tezeh torah (ok) ou devar hashem mi yerouchalayim"

Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Breslov Books in One

New on

Five Breslov Books in One only $5.25
Includes Siporay Masiyos, Sefer Hamidos, Shivchi Haran, Sichos Haran and Kitzur Likutay Moharan. It also has the Petek and Nanach.

5 Breslov Books in 1 
Regular - Soft Cover
Publisher: Kulanu Chaverim
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[Soft Cover | 7 x 3 3/4 inches | 17.5 x 12 cm]

NaNach Kipas for Soldiers

A week and a half ago donated $500 (250 kipas) for the distribution of NaNach kipas to the soldiers fighting in Gaza. Aside from this, many other Kipas, Sifarim and Kimayot were given out by the Mafitzim. Many tanks had entire sets of Sefri Rabbanue inside, many Nanach stickers were placed on guns and ammunition.

Thanks to all the brave Mafitzim the went to do Hafatza and spread the light of the Tzadik.

As one of the Mafitizim told me last Shabbos....

"We were 5 - 6 guys in a little mini van (Shivti's), we left our families, work and lives and headed down to the war zone to spread Rabbanue and protect our country. Civilian cars are not allowed in; when we got to the police checkpoint, our driver put the pedal to the gas and we ripped passed them, are they really going to leave their check point to chase after a car of Nanach's?

We got to the area, there were diverse groups of soldiers all spread out, 50 here 50 there. As soon as each group saw us they ran to us. We all danced to the blasting Nanach music.  We gave out Kimayot, Kipas and books, as much as we had. Even those that never wear religious items, grasped at the kimyot and kipot to don them. Soldiers were taking stickers and placing it on their guns and ammunition. This is not allowed in the Israeli army, but this is War, no one really cares about the rules now.

We were with the soldiers for a while. We had long meaningful conversations with them; about life, about Hashem and about the Tzadik. These are guys that would normally be by the beach or a club on the weekend. Now the guy who just stood next to them is dead. Tomorrow they are entering Gaza. They are thinking about life, maybe there is more to it then what normally crosses their mind.

We go from group to group. We meet other Mafitzim, they too left their lives and came to the war zone to spread Rabbanue and protect our country. All together we came across 10 other Nanach vans but their easily could have been more.

Our little jalopy mini van shakes up and down as we pass across the rough terrain that was created for jeeps and tanks. Each bump seems like it can take a dangerous toll on the deteriorating vehicle. I sense the stress of the driver, it his personal car that he uses for day to day activities. He can not afford to have it break down, but we continue going anyways. 

Often we are lost, roaming endless dirt roads and terrains, with no directions. Sometimes an hour would pass, were we would not see anyone. We are totally lost and have no idea where we are going and are a few kilometers from the border. Any moment our mini van can break down. I heard in the past Gaza war, a Nanach van got stuck in the mud, in middle of the night, right near the borders. Even the soldiers refused to come and rescues them due to the danger. Finally a fearless local came in his pickup truck and pulled them out. A few times Hashem openly saves us from driving into quicksand.... We continue moving forward to do Hafatza. Saba said if the entire border was filled with Likutay Maharan the enemy would not be able to touch us. We advance trying to do our part..."